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Full text of "Atlanta Constitution Newspaper May 1st, 1913, Georgia"

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V6L. XL V.— No. 320- 

ATLANTA, > GA. . THU^SDA^C 'J&OmgpSG; VM^; :: ^,'; 3S1& 

^^^Wiatfe-- ■p^^^. t ,ypK^- r jE^^^^|^: 



All Depositaries, Beginning 
June 1, Must Pay 2 Per 
Cent Per Annum on All 
Government Deposits. 


McAdoo Says With Banks 
Paying Interest Govern- 
ment Deposits Will Be In- 
creased — Other Changes. 

Washington. April 30.— The fiscal 
E-ysti m of the United Statea. governing 
dep'iMLM or fedHral funds In national 
banka w-ns revnlmtonlzed today hy Sec- 
r^tniy McAdoit, of th+- treasury depart- 
rif;n*. 'with an announcement that all 
^ovftrntrtpnt dwpasl taHee, whether act* 

1\'k or Inactive, would be required to 
pay interest at the rate of 2 per cent 
pt annum bejclnnlnpsr June 1 upon d — 
posU* of the #overn merit. 

HlniuitaneotiHly T^lth this action thi: 
SHcr»tar>- ituthorizc-d an immediate ]rj- 
cr»E.xe- of 5Jff.O0O.OQ0 In povfirnment de- 
posits in the. national banks, making 
total S5i,«4S,9 64, from which thrt 
f*!ii*-ral treasury will tart}, under the 
new Interest order, 31.053,000 annually. 
Th^re urn Indlrattons that Secretary 
I^M^Aritio intends to release stfll more 
surplus money from the treasury 
Vaults and place Lt In g-iinera.1 circu- 
lation thTOViffh lner-ease-d deposlta with 
*Ua national banks. 

Statement by McAdoo. 

In :l stateirifliit tonight he fcald: 
"tvith the banltH paying interest on 
F7r>vernment deposits the secretary may- 
i-tf Ju-stlfleil in keeping larger balances 
1n the national banks, thereby Increas- 
ing- the volume of money In circula- 
tion and to that extent reducing- the 
ftmejunt locked uj> in the treasury," 

Mr. .Mr Ad op also announced a radl- 
■eai change in the character of securi- 
ties which the treasury department 
"would accept for government deposits. 
Instead of requiring that tiia natJonai 
', hanks securp treasury deposits exclu- 
sively with the United - States or pro- 
vincial g^'ernment bonds, they will be 
alloWEd. in future to secure 70 per cent 
with government bondu and the r -*~ 
maining 30 per cent with high-class 
State, city and county bonds, accept- 
able to the secretary of the treasury lo- 
be taJcen^g security at 75 per cent nf 
their mai^tet value, but not to extieed 

^- This Is the m-Rt time in hhjtory-«rar 
the treasure department has called 
itp*>;n the banT^a to pay Interest on Whit 
are" Known as. active tfepoalta or ac- 
cepted, except Mn periods of financial 
etresa security bther" thun- government 
."bonds. Active depositaries are thosr: 
Jwhlch conduct a checking account Z*tf 
'the government, caching checks of th> 
disbursing officers .and replenishing 
their authorized government deposits 
from rastmns and internal revenue r-?- 
e-e*pts deposited with them. Thpre are 
900 inactive depositaries, each holding 
Jt.OOO of government funds. Upon the^e 
depc-alta which are not disturbed by 
checking- accounts, tho grtvernmeat hsu 
drawn 2 per cent Interest for the pant 
five yt> Thee*e are the only govern- 
ment accounts which ever have earned 

For years there has been agitation 
in and out oi congress, to assesn the 
national bitnka interest on thetr gov- 
ernment deposits. Thi slnvarlably has 
b»*pn by previous a c. ml n* St ra- 
tions on the theory that the banks, 
with acctyunts. performed much clerical 
work for the government. Th* ".muse 
committee an expenditures !n the 
treisury department, at the last ses- 
sion, investigated the question and rec- 
ommended that tbe secretary of the 
treasury he required to charge interest 
for the use of the rfjovemmenffc money. 
ftnpkfi lVill Wot ft^Hlirt. 

Secretary MivVdi/o tonight de-clared 
he dl^l not anticipate any seriouE re- 
rtoug tefiUtutl<Te on. thi; patt cf the 
bankfi. tt? th« new policy. It any bank 
was a"iflpose4 to surrender its account 
by reason of the wrder, he said, there 
were many others to take it up. 

The - per cont Interest charge wil 
bt ba-H<?d upon the average monthly 
balances of. the govtrnmeai'd account 
In each depository, payable January I 
and July 1 of each year. The $10,000,- 
0(MJ today ordered transferred from the 
treasury vaults to the national banks 
will be dlstrfbutefi over the country. 

The free balance in the general fund* 
including 1 money In the Philippine 
treasury and in the national bank dc 
poyitorlea amounted, at the be^inins 
r>f buslneBH today, to ?I41 r 02B,263. Of 
this. $75,781,4(56, which will n&nv be 
acLicased by 510,000. 0<Hi t constituted 
money lyinB 1 idle in the vaults ot the 
trtasury or sub traeasuriwa. Treasury 
•-•■"s^crtE esclmate that the minimum 
upon -A-hich th^i governmiJiit can tranp- 
a<:t Its dally business la 5lo,000,000> and 
that a substantial portion of the worfe- 
Int; balance could" with ease' be defoe- 


S&. Scenes and Leading Figures in : ; _ /&. -.f%c^tfn- ' ^ An^msf--' ;S^ 

Fftmm TmEB ix> flirt: ;> : 

WITH MUI93£Reb 01RL 



Four Members Say They Are 
Satisfied That the Evidence 
Does Not Sustain State- 
ments of McClelland. 



Two Whites Slain and Many 
Wounded by Negro . Who 
Attempted to Assault a 

TRurrr indicted 


Larceny After Trust, and 
. Cheating and Swindling 
Are Charges Made Against 
Prominent Coal Man., 

Hampton. B. C, April 30. — Two 
prominent Hampton county whiter znt-.n 
w"erft Jellied and several wounded lia/ ^1 
a pitched battle this afternoon andi ; 
tonight With Richard Henry Austin, 
a. negro accused of ajlteniptiuE tq or-lnv 
liially aEsaU^t a ^-w^allo **niais p.%: Jja- 

Frahli Bowers, e, Hampton county 
planter and n^a^istrate E*. H. Haerflel^, 
Blclaji, and tn'asJetrate F- H. Ed'ehfle-ld, 
of Allendale, S. C The wounded in- 
clude Dr. 3. C. Moore, George Hanna, 
McTeer Bowers and an unidentified 
white man. Hanna, Dr. Moore and an 
■unideJitifred white man probably fa- 
tally injured. 

Austin la alleged to have gone to 
the home of a : prominent eitlzen of 
Ltiray and attempted an assault upon 
a young woman about 4 o'clock this 
afterncon. Cries or his Intended vic- 
tim arp said to have attracted pasa- 
eraby. The negro escaped and sought 
refuge In a thick "woods. He was 
armed with a ehotgrun t a bag filled 
with shells?, a. large revolver and a. 
belt filled with cartridges. 

When the purauftrs apfiroached the 
negro In the wotnie he opened lire, 
the neje;ro penetrated further Into a 
nttle bay nearly entirely surrounded 
l*y heavy ■enfierffro-wtb- A^ attempt 
was made to follow by the- white men 
arid the ne^ro opened fire. In the 
first e^c-hftT^e of Bhota X Franlc Bow- 
ers waa killed. Dr. 'M'oore wounded, 
and George Hanna waa sbot In 
the haclc. 

,JS* «Z a ^Zf"T^ te %^ h .°l f,*~ WBsbinston. Aprii 3(,.^M GI lcan con 
tance ana fee^t up a acnttBired fire stltlltlDIm , iBtB at S an Dlmas have 

t» t,, fr?" ^t? W T » un l ,n ° n<1 J lorccd Americans there to pay raosora 
from Allerflale and Hampton ana btowj or laooo Mcx i can dollars and have ™„- 

*!! . W «° r ' ! - f r V r . , ^ , ilacated their arms. Qtticla) reporta 

., A *? ut * °. cl " fc ^"'Fm* ""'■'"'■"ate tnday from Mlzul ,„ Zy Ereat uaresl 

^ , , * ?n AlUndal, who prova i, s among-. American residents 

■ ad joined the posse, attempted to \ t]1Br „, „ tK „ H *eriB. forces are Ha ia t„ 


One American Who Refused 
to Pay Is Murdered by 
Mexicans — Other Foreign- 
ers Put to Death- 

lend a dash into the swamp. He was ■ „rVnmimel ent to protect property, 
fj— .,*M. "* t _ a, "L"^ k J!! I ^ a L.?! ,d .._ B 5?..^- I I?°"lsn msrenants la Plearaa Negra, 

are aiarmed over a proclamation by 

d"ntlft^d man with Mm was probaoly 
fatally wounded. 

A i.-ordon was drawn araund the 
ft-etion of the swamp inhere the ne- 
irrc wfis at bfty and relnforcftmeuta 
w-'re KP.-aited. Shortly after ■) o'clock 
the ncerc made - ^t' '*tt*E*f tor liberty. 
Fully flfiyr shots were exeban^red, but 
hf broke tlhrousb the cornon and es- 

■pVodtitflinflB aro beln^r rushed to the 
_._*no 'f*m Barnwell. S. C, «nd from 
the 5HJe penitentiary. Governor 
Flease ,ifso has been requested to send 
troops ij the swamp, hut at a sate 
hour no 'action had been taken by the 



L"ad \r. caps and growna, th& grlrba 
f™m Mllledg'evnie u-re in Atlanta to- 
day. i=-0 atrong. They are the senior, 
class of the GeorRla Normal and lav 
dumrJat eoliege. and, accompanied -Py.\ 
Prepldeut Partes and the faculty, tlrev,. 
will be royally entertained while 4^ r ^ 
Tbclr trip is an annual affair, ^adgflti. 
two days they spend in AtUu '*?%/$&■ 
brimful of excitement for thti f™- " 
Eradustos who comprise the pars?,.-- 

Automobile rides and visits t*^,'ltQ^ 
federal prison, state capitol b^tiaJnj 
and other points of interest art ca» 
euJated to consume much of their, time, 
anct arrangementa f*r a banquet a! 
the PJeflmont hotel are now ande-C^wa" 

Young Coachman Drowned*} 

Cle&rwa-rter. m^ April 30. — &. 
Coachman, Jr., of this city, son 
Judg* £» S- Coachman, was drowue 
this afternoon." Jn a small pond whe; 
a rowboait which he and hlg S-year-ol, 
brother were hailing out_ wyerturnedi 
Both noys went down, but" ta^apiinseAf 
was roauacltated. 


.nta's city council met at lo 
Wednesday morning; adopted 
'solution appropriating- 51,000 as 
■a*<d for Information which may 
to the erreat and conviction of 
"S-u'ty or parties responsible for 
B 'fleaSi of Mary Ph&ffan, and tm- 
LCdtatelj afterwards the atdcrmantc 
.td m^t and approved th* action of 
uncil- I 

The r-eaolutlou w^ent to Mayor 
Wogdw«d before noon and be im- 
m.fedlatc^r attached hJa signature to 
^t gri vIn f HoffJclal approval. The 
hioney r a n<rw available. 


PbJtade^pb-ia, Pa.-, April 30, — Mrs. 
Q-eoreo w. Ocbs, editor of The Public 
Ijea'&er. di?d today at her home at 
Elttna Fails, after a bri&I iJlheaa. Mrs, 
Ochs tfs.s the dangiiter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Aaran GatiB aildr-Waa bom IP this city 
35 years ago.-.' She l& snrvived by her 
TJfuflbarrd; on? son. aged 3tt years, and 
In Infant 9on. 7 dity» old. 

Governor Carmnsa, cblef o£ the 9tat 
troops, authorizing an interior debt >Z 
&,O00,00O posos to be guaranteed by th* 
constitutional Iflts. The proclamation 
Bays persons refusing to receive or 
circulate any of tho money will be Im- 

The manager of a- Britl3h-0wirert 
mine at Matthuala, San ILuls Potoat, 
and HeVftral Other foreigners have been 
put to death by 3TeKlcan rebels because 
they refused to contribute money \s 
the revolution. 

N"e1ther names nor numbers were 
driven in the report received late to- 

Amerfcun la Hunl»r«d- 

Merlco City, April 3*.— WjUlam B. \. 
Dlnwall.. an American citizen, thu 
owner of a foundry and director" aZ 
the Santa Maria de la Paz Mining' com- 
pany, was killed b>- tho rebels In their 
attack yesterday, on Matehuala, stat-a 
of San t*uls fotosi, accordSng to reports 
which have reach e<3 here. 

nt&wall, who I? said to have bflen 
one of the "wealthiest residents of the- 
district, was killed owing- to hla refusal 
to ffive up money to the rebels. 
K*freln Ihmuc Paper 3I«aey. 

Eagrle Pass, Texas, April 30. — A de- 
cree Issuing- $5,000,000 -worth of pap?? 
currency waa made public today by 
Governor Carranaa, the constitutional- 
ist war leader. The paper fs. to be re- 
deemable after the const! tuMonalist* 
obtain control of the- national govern- 

Any person refusing this paper jr 
trying to enforce It« acceptance at a 
discount Is decreed liable to imprison- 
ment. Three Mexicans, claiming to 
represent General Vega, of Mexico City, 
as peace emissaries, to Carranra, were 
imprisoned at Pledras NegTas last night 
ahder Carranza r s orders to arrest all 
persons claiming to be peace emissa- 
ries. _ 

Hnertn to (tult Jnarvie. 

El Psiso. Texas, April 30.^-Pefier'al 
forces, are to evacuate Juarez, the most 
Important pore of entry on the border 
and terminus of tbe Mexican Central 
railway. Ordere to hasten to Chihua- 
hua City, the state, capital, were ra- 
received late today »y Colotiei JtianN. 

Charlca I- Truitt, of a M. TTuttt * 
Son. wholesale and retail coal dealers, 
■wtrs indlcteij on three counts yester- 
day afternoon by the Fulton county 
igrandjury In.noan.«ct3on..with tha re- 
ctnt QhaUfftfitf ^«f e^v-inB- -sltoTtr voUgrhtaf, 
made ftgainat hint by City WelEh-t in» 
sjiector "W. T» Buchanan. 

Larcehy after truat is tine specific 
■coarse In one of the indictments and 
the other two aro baaed on charges of 
cheating- and swindling, Mr. Truitt 
waa haled into police court recently 
by Inspector Buchanan and ea-ve a 
bon<3 of |10fl for his appearance. When 
the case waB called on April 18 he 
failed to appear and Recorder Na&h 
II. Broyles ordered the bond forfeited 
and -declared that should another aUoh 
charge bo brought against him and 
he be convicted that he -would send 
him to the stockade without tlhe al- 
ternativei of*, a fine. 

According- to the testimony of two 

Austria Sending an Immense (orm " drivers' for the firm and of 

■ ctLatomera who claim to have been de- 
frauded the jrfvlnff of flhort w^ig-htn 
has been jroitLg on for four years. It'-a 
claimed that wben coal waa weighed 
on the city scales another wag-on 
would be subatltuited for the one that 
ha ' been weiafbed. When the coal 
was not thus weighed It la claimed 
system of double 

1 00,000 SOLDIERS 


Army Against Montenegro. 
Last Effort for Peace to Be 
Made Today. 

London, May 1. — One hundred thou 
sand Austrian troops are- moving: in; that "Truitt uaed 
the direction of the Montenegrin [.tickets- 

frontier, according- to an Antlv&irl dls- j *t Is claimed that in sending out 
patch to The Mall, T-hc majority o£ one-horse loads of coal ttiait the loads 

would be from 440 to 5(M> poundg 
ebort, while on t^po-horse loads the 
sborta^e is asserted to have amounted 

these are from Btyrla. A large num- 
ber of Austrian troops atsv are pro- 
cecdlnsr to Antivart by aea. 
- The Austrian ambassador had a 
prolonged conference with S*r T5dw«i*d 
drey, secretary for forel-grn affairs, 
who wae also consulted by the Rus- 
sian ambassador. 

Both Austria and Montene£-ro,_ ,afl- 
cordlns to Vienna advices, are con- 
tinuing- their military .preparations. 
Montenegro has d.ejpatched . 5;03Q \ phort weight, 

troops drawn from - Bcutart ■ towards I 1 

tie Austrra-n front!#r and {laa ■ mount- ' 
ed Iteavy S"Uns above Cattaro. 

Great ministerial and diplomatic ac- 
tivity prevails in Vienna, where a 
council ol ■ war w-as beld at tbe for- 
eign office this evening, 

Lust Pefltt Effort Toflny, 

Rome, April 3 0. — It t& considered 
Jiere that -the last hopeof avoiding the 
grave&t coWP^-tiatloris in the SalKan 
situation lies in the meeting of am- 
bassadors Iti Lrondoa tomorrow, when 
the question of united action by the 
European powers Ib expected to be 

Tho general fear In Hpm-e la that 
Great Britain, France and Russia, not 
because they desire dEecord, but ba.- 
cauae they do not wish to bad? Ana- 
tTla \n tnfmedna.te action against 
M^ntenegTO, maS" procrastinate, tnus 
forcing the. Isola-tlop of Austria, In. 
such case Italy, f6r the protection -rt 
her own Interests, will almost ceEtain- 
ly fnterveno to ensure order in -Al 
banta and enforce there tbe declaluna 
of Europe. 

lb team SOD to 9fle pounds. 

In t&e indictment for larceny «ft*r 
trust it is charged that Truitt sold ap- 
proximately two wft-gon loads: of coal 
from a car.^pf the fuel which be was 
supposed to deliver to a caatomer- Tile 
cheating -and swindling charges are 
based upon allegations of ordinary 


What Do You Need 
For Dinner Today? 

There are many good 
things to be had eheap if you 
know where to buy. And 
you'll know where to buy if 
you read earefully the ads 
in -The Constitution. Take 
these items, for example : 

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New'Pititatpes, 3^c peck. 

Compare tjliesfe prices with 

Vasqucz, the Juarez .ffarrJQtni con 

The projected moveaf^nt is in- keep- . _ _ 

ing with th^eeneral orderlsaueft abme 'what' yOU mUSt paV'to jaoit 
daya affo that all federal.' forces lnV;j. '*-'£.■' 'ttt- . . if ■ ■ : - - - ■ >v . .-;.^ 

the state . mobilize at cijihuaTma. cuy.' LaeBiere, .Figure ttne Saviiiff 

threatened by attack tcttja the w>u*l>..!Un''-hnA' Hsixr'iX. .'KtmnAiiijMfeDfti' 
Already constitutlftnallBta'-are Jhreoatng ' 5xJ™?.' ™H^% fiHJWJF^W^ft 
close to Juarez tasja tlie - telaitory. JovflSiffeT What y^DJltiClBli" jSJEp© 


Near Beer Dealers Declare 
They Lent Spratling Money 
Out of Friendship and Not 
for Protection* 

The probe of charges of allied graft 
nnide hy AldernLan Jc-hn E. McClelland 
against Aldermen F. J. Spratllns, 
Janiea W. Madd-oK and 1. N 1 . Ragadale 
waa oonclnded at 11:30 t/clock last 

After "hearing" all the Wltneaaea sum- 
moned by the i*<Mmtttee throUg"b As- 
sistant District Attorney "W. D. ELIlla, 
Jr., and tbofie summoned from a flax 
furnlobed the committee by Alderman 
McClelland, four members of! tbe com- 
mittee of five declared that they were 
satisfied that the ciiar&eB were not 
sustained. The committee will maJie a 
report to council Monday aftexnewn, 
recommending the' abaci ute vindica- 
tion of the three accuseds 

Candler Irj Noncommittal. 

*'I won't say anyth 1 g until T have. 
: carelully gone over all the testimony* 
again/' declared Judge John S. Cand- 
ler, when he was aslf^d lor an c/pln.lon_ 

The charges agrafnat Aldermen Sprat- 
ling and Bagsdale were taken, up at 
7;S0 o'cloofc. In hla communication to 
council, Alderman McClelland charged 
that Alderman Spratling borrowed 
i«.rflre sums of money from near beer 
dealers; that Alderman Ragrsdale, aa 
member fft the firm of Lfl-whcn & Co., 
dealers Jn tnulee, ' speculated with tbe 
city, and that Alderman Madded used 
hla influence to secure subcontracts 
from eontractora eneaped by the 
city , tos public IntjcrpvenieixtB.. JEne 
^a^d&oSf^cl^geH^ weTre^yhcl'iidTe u^S &a~ 
i3ay afternoon. 

THoft to £dJUhcbw ftpx«tlln8r. 

BrleCly there was little evidence of 
a Htartlins 1 nature adduced at the 
hearing- except a statement made by 
Alderman Spratling- from, tbe atand to 
the effect that Alderman McClelland 
called at hia office during' the crema- 
tory fig-hf and tried to influence him. 
(Spratling) to vote against the tearing 
down of tbe old S36.00G crematory 
plant to make room tor th* erection of 
the new J3?6,b00 b-uildlng. 

"He told me that he would guaran- 
tee that I would set any chairman- 
ship that I wanted provided I voted 
ajcainat the contract," Alderman SfcJrat- 
UnE" said. "He trl«d to urge rae to 
leave the city wnen the vote was to 
be tafiien." 

Albert SteLner, president ot the" At- 
lanta Brewing- and Ice company* told 
the committee that he loaned Spratling 
5800 in. October. 1910, He said that the 
loan wae made before Spratling ^acam* 
a member of the city government- He 

Mary Phagan Was Growit^"^ 
Afraid of AdtVanqes {]t\fl^^fe ^ 
to Her by Superintend^^.,- 
of the Factory, ",Gieb^^^ 
Epps, IS Years Old, Ta^; 
the Coroner's Juryv " ^J^A 




Newt Lee, Night Watdt^oia^p 

on Stand De^ared" j|i^K§j_. 
Was Much Excited oit§a^^^' 
urday Afternoon ^:3$eiw|fe^' ■ 
Robinson Testifies for 'Ar^ ' 
thur MuJUnax^^Two M^» J ;V'Vj 
chanics Brought by Detect^|^ 
lves to the Inquest* ^ -J~Ah$ 


TO r>isct:ss KTFlOENCWi:- 

"WTien a. ConatStutlon _ roppifltr^ai- 
saw Leo M. Franlc early thja. ttQ?xJ0 
ins and told him of th«/te*rabttg^ 
to the effect that he had a^noyrecl- 
Mary Ph&erati by an a-tteinpited^niT*! 
tation, the prisoner said thk'tiijBteS^ 
had not heard of t-hlS| .accusation! 
before, but that hie did, iiit ; wjsiit to^ 
talk. He would neither &*f!irm 'ittfr 
deny .the negro'a accusation .that 
never before the night of thi 7 
tragedy had . .Frank "phoned to; inf 
quire if al) w^aa w«ll. at the.'ita'c^- 
tory, as he did on the night .o-f - tfta- 

JSviaenee that Lied $&. Prank, superitf^ 
teixdent of tbe pencil factory in wiitt^", 
the llfeiesa body oi Maty FhaB&n .IffjGU^^! 
found, had titled to flirt with/ n.«r; ^d 'C 
that she waa growing afraid o>f htar -tta-tl-l 
vau<rea, was &ubtnltted to the coronwj!*^ 
iury at the tnqi yoeterday-. rfi&rfy^, 

noon, a abort txne before a^ib^^ 
w^ae. taJcen until 4:30 o'clocfc -taAe^.Tayj: 
Qeorge W. Epps, aged 16» 'a 'c&riq^ig£,i 
the murdered victim. ,. ;. ".; '''-.T^.f~S> 

George rode with Mary io \U«J ; a^n. 
^Lturdajr morning an hour X 
jdisappeared. at noon. He tea&&l^vl#£0^uj| 
Wednesday afternaou that fch* L git#il&i&$ 

TtfadS* tS^flirt with h.BtpkbSn^i^lf: 
'eri-t h ftdVaJttcea in ■ wUsicri^ H* -^^0^" 
enrrtrtng' holfler. ""' "■ ' - " t "i 

"She cold she wan getting ijfcfTa 
he told' at the inquest ."She "avail 
me to cbnie to th^ t&a'pary eveity|, 
ernoon 'in the future and esoorJtjy 
hoone. She 'didn't like the v^.'t 
^FraAKc waa Acting towaxd hfi*-/' • ".^ 

Waited Two Hoorrs JC- r ^'— 

For Girl. ; ' -Bp| 

George had an eneagero^;fc : '*fr"Smt 
.the gin Saturday afternoon^at^'pfM^ 
he aadd. They were acnedtiI«&^V^ 
the Memorial parade, and tottliffi 
f tu.Te ehowH. He waited tv^^dra^jii^i^^']', 
her. She had digappeajed.^ - - ffiliyt '^ : tVt;l? f . 
known of her -eras j&beti ^pj^itmi^lifi''^ 
form was found in the fflctftrabStiijif^^'i 
m en t_ : v " fcS^^j^^ 1 '^ 

Frank waa not present Aiajem|^i^^ 
inveBtis-a.tIon but once, I>«^#ip^eBR 
brought him befoj-e the jury" fo^4Ja*at-'I'' : 

tifio&ttan. by e> a. an 

wlib B»w tne myat«rlofue B&xji5p|pi^i- 

youths and ffirl j @d-turd]ay" L '. tklamiv-wi^ ^ 
aaLd that Spratling told him that he (Whitehall ajid Trinity* He ■ vv&S^K^' 
W8A la trouble, and he gave him the , but a prtome ,'" ■ . ^i^|^| 

money through frleirdahlp. Prealdent ) Sen«a,tional devedbpmftftta'.TnBr«^S-^ 
Stelner eald that he did not expect pro- J dieted shortly , aft&r . /the initteaVWjJV'^ 
tectlon; in fact, he did not lenow Sprat- { r£aU ancd at 2;11T o'^ock, wnert^G^FoSflr:'- ^ 
ling was going to be on the police irjoiteboo ordered de4(^Tea^tjfe®i§jW^tv 
committee. Jpolioe headquartera the two fOwdiafljS^^'ii 

liosn Made Tbzvngli PrlenJIanlp. I vrho wens i a the factory taUldin^S^^sy^* 
James Lynch, a vrholesale and retail -Frank during the early' part^ bt'v&M^Si'^ 
beer dealer, told the committee that ' urday aJbernooh. . ^-^^?j^ 

he loaned- Spratling $S00 on a note oa J. They are Harry Dfinham j^^rCwS"^ 
Jiune 37, X910, LonK hetore gpr ft t!Ing wa=f f white, two youthHwfho taar^en'^M^^ 
Q yeu nominated. He saEd that he made , ne ct*d witn the plant tor "sev^-eil- y^^S'^- 
the loan through friendship. bec*u3 3 Detective Scott found thftn -^/wfi^lc^- 
Sp-ratling represented to him that he ) ln ^^ factory aiid es"M>rtedrI%h««k>5^^ = 
waa In need of money because of Home t the Inquest They left t1»?bja^le»aaEa^ 

hqueet They left trie^Slie*.- 
tlon krimedlately aftqr-b^^^eabaBS 
A myflXifying pbaao 'Infatf^i&iutti 


trouble he had- T- O- Poole, of the be 

firm of Poole & McCulIough, tD.d th^a _^ ___„ f ^ s ^ ,™ -«*ua 

committee that he loaned Spratling i^" progress of the inauest ~'w&e& 
$250 in July; 1910, and loaned him |S00 , - - ^ --ft 

in August of the same year. ' He SfcilN 
that he considered the loan a persona] 
matter, made through friendship, he- 
cause, he wanted to help Spratling out 
in a time of trouble and need- He de- 
nied that be was promised protection 
in his business. On the contrary, he 
knew that Spratling was not connected i 
with the city government, and had no 
idea that he was going to be elected t<» 
council. ] 

Charles 8. Jones and "Lorenzo Jonas, 
beer dealers, denied 

loaned m &ney to Spratling. Captain 
James "W. English, president of tbe 
Fourth National bank: J. K. Ottley, 
vice president; Charles Ryan, cashier, 
■and. W, T. Ferkerson. assistant cashier, 
denied that they had information of 
transaction*' he-tween Alderman Sprat- 
ling and near beer dealers, ' as was- 
Charged by Alderman McCleUand in a- 
statenifint before the committee. 

Frank ML Berry, aasiatant caenter 
and - paying teller at the Fourth Nft- -= 
Clonal,- and . the committee taht Paul! 



<agorgim Fair J 
lladbt Tarriatble w 

Lowest tempJktuire -- T * -V.i,-^*| 

HJg«Best tenarfrature -„ j. N>'^i 

. Mean. tenrpeFature ^ . . - '"iiJ'^Vf 

RoinfalJ iri jMis* 2i hoerrs. lnote»^,MS 
Deficiency since 1st of mo., Inchakl&g 
Deflcienfiy since Jan. i, inohca. -i^Sal 

Bqwb Flpm vman Stations 


Atlanta, clear. . 

Baltlmpee, clear. 

Slrmln^liain, elf, 

'HofTton. el«Ar , . 
.jEuffalo. «leari. . f 
SmUli, a beer dealer, now deail, asKed ."Charleston, clear 
him for advice as, to a loan fee' contem-' ' Cblcag*, ' clear/; ' 
plated niaklne SpratllBB, He said that | Denver," cloudy. 
lie advieea Smith whut to do,: am* '..Galveston, .' ciear, 
shortly afterwards he tthb accosted J>y4 Ha-tteras, clear , 
Spratllns and was Informed by htm', JaJckaonsllie. elr. 
that He tlld not ttHofc « was becpmtBg 1 - < !KiujBi.*^Cgy, ' ilr 
for. an officer ot the bank to dMcuaa , noEville,. clear- . 
banic buolneBu- . I Louisville^ 'clear 

. '"apratllng told me'- that he. had' a [JM^niplUs,; cleoirv .. 
rlpnt to borrow money from ■beer['.jita»3ir i ra.jn V*"^!, 
dealers,'" Berry . tola - the committee, IJHtobKe,' clear ^ 

Alderman. Spratling stoutly aeMed.^'sicrijtKoniery, "clr. 
tne above tiaWinf.Tit when he went "ion--. Mdorhead-;'' W'q'ar 

the standi.^ 

"., , " BpMMmar r «r7tke stmt*.' i 

jc CoSoellmanlW, ©.Hlinrphrey " toIB^ the 

-aoojHU , 'ttee?'th*i ho did not aeefci.^he. ... 

chalTinfen.tiirJv.of 5the. »ollce cot 'clear. I 

'Steybt-ilftinn isettt^for ■hiin;.»ni,t6M^Wm : j',^(ltI*ke 1 tGty<"«lr ! 

^Ta*: prieanS, ,-cIc-.l: 

■.NtwiiTorls,- 1 cleS£.'-L 
^kh^otnai.. oTear.i' f 

'■^t^hCE*i*mil'a-: itih^apj&itett.j Sldeiab^p^'Be^'HBC- : Pt, ' cldy. 
SlHiatllrig.^ o'ec^nM^ ^ot ~ the^xiinjo ra'-^ that \ : £fijf*y^P9'r1i ^l^T-' 
r§Scliieft!;SiiBi; ?,-»Mon«Jernfa^; :: -'.' t'Be/'ios^'f.l^rSiW^elc'ar ' V ' ..'■ 

';;Irm. l vatoBer^Jona;Jof| / taBJ.;8iocipi^a"m - e ?5f' : 

- CoBiimitdoKPiigeFpu- I 5rir ™«£§«' 



Ej 1 -*ar Ji. Sentelt, a clerk ID Kamper'8 
^-; * grocery. 4eclsjed posttlvely that be 
!iV J * had seen Mary Phogran with ii-thm 
% , Mttllinaiat mWnleht Saturday as thay 
^ ' craned the? uoimer oJC Hunter and For- 
^^ ^syth streets a Tew yards distant from 

the Deuel! factorr. 

fentctl had known the dead girl since 
eartT cnlla&ooa. Ther were Intimate , ftpr. Then I 
friends, he sajd. Amercing that he 
had spoken to hep, hs stoutly maJn 
tataed that she had answered his 

Erecting i eol through with tny f^erB 

Ct' J U Wattlna. a neiehboT to the hadn't got baclt- The CalKs 

home to which Mary lived, also teeti- f looking for her 

^^d that he ha.d seen her Saturday aft- 1 "When you and Ma.ry^ were rifllns ti 

crnoon when she crossed A»h!)y street, towt! did yon talh any 

^ ■* at Bcilwood. she presumably was on , Sfee Wanted Money 
4 - J her waj- home, he slated Mio-htu Barl 

; V Qeorse Eppe Is a bright, cnlck-^lt- ' ^^.J^"?' 

■ J ted chap and" proved an eager witness " K vaJ 

^ He wfta brought bflTore the lnqueut 

>Hi following the examination at Pfiarl 

RohtnaOG. the sweetheart of Arthur 

aftilllnax, who testified ^n that youth a 

;' fiow old are you atm*"' was the 

first qu&fltion aaHed him 
^ Fifteen — solnff on sixteen ' he an- 

"^ fiWered with alatrlty 

'■Do you work or go to echool^ 

"I work at a furniture store In the 

afternoon I -Bell papers " 

'Hia aniTEru were eJear and brlsC 

Ke made a trteastns impression 

Lives Near 
Phagan GirL 

Tiow far £a you Hva from 1SS 
JJndaay street — the home of Mary 

Just around the blocfc ' 
T>ld you know Ma.ry7" 
-rt_ Yea air I certainly did Wi wira 

^"' good friends ' , - 

i" 1 Wh™ <Jlu you last spo her slivs- i fttttnttun He »«M 

j tvatorday mornlns. Just before din- i stralKtit at her she 

U „ f r when we came to town together) «■ ill amll She cillnl 

A on a street ooa | 

\ Did you a.rWLnge to meet her that J 

; afternoon?" brmisjht up' " 

We were to have met at She told me sho wanted 

2 o'rfocfc In Blkln & Wafson's drus «me Sown to the tactory when she work upon a- laUrt«r machine nearby ^TjEj1£} XAX IS PROPOSED 

IrZZ ft Five Points. We were so- got o« as often as I could t» escort the nuUIng; machine of Mary's My I 

store at Five ™= l * ? * ter-hnme and 1 Inder protect her" hands Became tangled with I*nfr batr. I 

ine to see tha Parade_ and SO to the .^^ fllfl ^ hear ^ WM wn _ p, ckwl ^i a a^.^ ^^gsT or more. 

m °H^ ^ons dtd Ton wait for her "id''' , , They were Moody JL nnoher «t the 

how ions qui yoB ~ "Sunday " slrls tune and Identified them aa 

W ™1i% o-ciock * "e afternoon I Positive that ft* had »,. Mary PSa- aaving: "come trom M-rr* fteaa." 

stuTt around lt« hours waltins for San at mldnlerht Saturday Bdgai: L. "Was Mary a ,Uiet gltlf 

stuct arouna t ^^ Sentell offered to swear that It was "Exceptional™ qalet, and a very well 

^ n«i „, B ^ pretty Tlctlm whom he encountered behaved one." T 

PS ?n^ „„ i.nulrc for herT ' with the suspected MuJHnax at Foreyth Did anyone pay, or attempt to pay, 

Did you^noulre « r r ^^ w ^ a j ana Hunt „ 3treet3 H e wa« the first attention to her'" 

Ye* 1 

She witness durlns the arternoon sesalon. "tftjt ot^ my knowletfee. ITo one did 
were 'I met Mary Fhaealt aotf Mulllnax aroaud the factory" 

at Hunter and South Forsyth streets ' How targe was the spot of blood 
eithter between 11 90 and i2i or- s lit- . you lomul near din machine at whlcn 

| tie later I am not positive which. ' 

i he stated ^ 

\ ■ Were they standing together'" he 

I Was questioned 
whole lot. She aald i ifo They were walking alone " 
she was going to the pencil factory "Are you confident you anew both 
to draw the waeea due her She said Tn u iK naJr ^nd Maryr" 

she dldnt have bvit *1 60 eomtng to I -^ knew Mulllnax at the car bum 
her but wanted that nilehty bad," [f Had Known Mary all my life. I was 
r How wai she dressed v * born and raised wHb her" 

-She had on a blue dreaa ana a dark' When was the laet time you saw 
blue ha.t I remember that hat her -r' 

mlg-hty well because I asked her why 0ne wee k previous to Saturday 

dSdnt she buy a atyl sh lid'' TJmph' l nlKllt . 

she said. I m no stylish girl I don 1 1 Dia you B u ea K to her?" 
need one. " 'I did I said "Hello, Mary."" 

Tjld you both get on the car at tho ) , j-,^ 6lle raply ?• 
same tlmeT * She did She said "Hello. Edgar'" 

No Sbe wfta On first. 'When I! , W"ere her parents accustomed to 
E-ot on ahe montloned far me to come leUlng bf . f eo w jtn dovb' 
and sit beside her VThlle we were 

coming to town Bhe began talkine; [ Amaze( j to g ee 
*bout MT Frank When 3 Je would „"'„"'„ 
leave the factory on some afternoons rler Uptown. 

she .aid Frank would rush . out In { , ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ 

front of h-r and try to flirt wltn n ^^ j ^ ^ uptown at such an 

"* She fold 8 me that he had oft.n'hour with a man She looked like ahe 
She tola te m9 ajii , trl(?a la p!iy hc r.»ai tlrca and faSged out- 
look hwrd u:d 
l^alfl and th 1 
him Mr 
Irank It happenfd oftrn she aairl 
'How was the subject of Mr Frank 






Hanan's Latest 

A Smarter English Last 

It's Fashion's LAST decree; the FINAL word 
in correct footwear for men. And with ali the 
Smartness of the lines and the strict adherence 
to the new London Cut, ihe guaranteed 
HANAN quality is there to back it up. This 
combination assures you absolute perfection 
in every detail 

The price in all leathers is 

Six Dollars 

Rubber Sole English Oxfords; tan only, 

Four and Five Dollars 

V^tiat did 1 she wear' 
' A lighL purple dreas, bl&Cl* shoea 
with a ligrlit b]ue ribbon tied In her 
hair She iJUfji it have a hat An um- 
brella wab In. her hand 

Can you avear that *t WttB ^1**"^ 
to ■ Phagan j-ou saw r " 

\ I can and will T am swearing now 
thai It was Mary Fhaaran t saw 
Ca.n jau s^ea-i" it was MiilUnax"* ' 
I am not so positive about Mm I? 
It HiHjit It waa hli splt-Etnd-fmaSfi" 
Did vnn know Mai 11 1 nasi e TiELme' 

• 1ni> Not at that time I hnS seen 
him so muth around the car oarna, 
thousrh I learned hla n^me later" 

When rtld yau Elrst hear at Wary'a 

'Sunday morning on an EneHsn ave- 
nue trolley car 

Mio did you first tellT' 
Mra Coleman tier mother " 
TUd the paper tell who was killed?' 

Went to Mother 

Of Girl 

No 1 heard m*n at tn^ car barn 
sal the erlrls name was Pha^an I 
immediately rememhR<-«d seeiirff Mary 
at mldnlgrit 1 wont straight to Mrs 
Orjleman and learned that It was her 
stlanp-litpr ' 

Where $'H yf>« worfe "before b^coin- 
Ine connected with, your present *m- 
pLoj erg"* * 

1 was In thtf navy " 

WTicn did you leaver* 

* April IS 1913 ' 
' How long had you been there?" 

Three months " 
'V0h> did >ou |eave'" 
'Becsmae of rye affliction 
crmldn t r^ad^ the targ-ela on the 

n vour eye sl^ht ordinarily 
fected 17, 

Nut particularly bo" 
"Are jou sure your eyeg didn t fall 
y?u when you saw this girl Saturday 
at mldnlKht^' 

T am p^HH3 they dJd uot •* 
Dn Vnu drlnh n 
■ OtcHslonallj" Eut I never get 

V^^vc yon drinking Saturday 

^ot a orop" 
At thi^ juncture the Morhlnp worn by 
iht mmdnea ^Irl wh.b h«ld to the 
iim stltmtd II1LLI1 h « aE * 

!■■, this thi dr*-ss she woi-c when 
j ^11 •in-iv her Saturday niEh.t'*' 
It ia 

Bloody Hairs 
Are Found. 

ahe worked?" 

"Abi^Hfc six fnehe* Jn dfam^tor. There 
were several smaller Bpota.* f 
"What floor 1 *** 

"How near the elevator?" 
41 At the e^tr&tna end — SOD or more 
feet. I -would judge, from tie lift." 

Girls Afraid 
Of Frank, 

"Did you ever Tct)0"w of famUiarlty 
which Franlt tried wtth Mary' 


Declaring th.a L . lti his opinion, both 
of the notes found beside the dead 
girl a body were written hy the flame 
person, F. M. Berry* assistant oaahier 
of the Fourth National haafc, and a 
handwriting aicp^-t, ekld that the 
script In th$ myoterloua missives ro- 
a*mbled *tily Bllghtly that at the writ- 
lu^r of the suspected wratchroan. 

He toolc the stand at 3 35 p. m. 

"What experience have you lir^uiH- 
ttng-ulahlngf handmrltl ag?" 

"Only the experience that could be 
sained by my twenty- thr&e yeara of 
service with the hanh ' 

Fhe notes were ehown him Ha In- 
spected them closely In the Itebt l of a 
windo-w fronting toecatur street 

"TVere ths y written hy tue nmr per- 
eon^* he waa asltod 

*In my option., they wero" 

Was Factory Used 
For Assignation? 

Berry, the factory mechanic, waa 
recalled to the stanfl at 4 10 o clotk 
Sensational evidence was pained from I 
him relative to the uaag^e of the fac- 
tory build] ns n-E an alleged place of 
assignation for men and women 

"Did anybody wort In the plant dur- 
ing aSturdai ■ ? ' was the first ques- 

'No one of my direct knowledge. I 
h^ard. however, of two young em- 
ployees who were at work on the top 
floor ' 

"Do you know them''" 

J Kot (heir names ' 

1 Could you point th*m out to the 
d-etectives 7 
I could ' 

""then,' from Coroner Donehoo ' J 
wSH send a man after them You go 
with htm ' 

"What la the usual pay hour of the 
factory *** 

'At 12 noon on Saturdays ' 
'Have you ever heard of the build 
ln£ being used for Immoral purposes'' 

'Yes Frequently A. Mr Aaljury 
Ca.lIowH.y, connected with the Seaboard ' 
offices near the factory bujldtn 


Tampa, PIa_ ( April 30— A "head tHt" 
Is propo&ed in tha state revenue meas-' 
lire to be placed before the legislature 
Representative Goldstein* who hag tne 
meuBure tn charge, proposes to. have 
the state place a tax of 2fi cents per 
man on cigar factories employing more 
than ten. cigar -maker a It Is esti- 
mated that about 23,000 
are employed In the factories at Tam- 
pa and Key West The proposed tax la 
a; new departure \a Florida revenue- 
ratalne tefflslation and will be fought. 

Arouses tha tint and purfflu Hi* Stood 

The Old & BnJaiftl general uintnpthBniBgr tonic 
Often E a TASTEIvESS chill TONIC btmbw 
tha lLTef to action drfr«* malaria oat oi tha 
fckwri »q<i builds, ui> the syetnm Far adm» 



Ftattk Net Apparently Mervoixs 

Say Last Men to Leave Factory 41 

-3? ~ 

Following Mechanic Barrett's "oecla- he was going to lock up and advised 
ration that there were two men at her to leave the building He atao 
work Saturday at noon oil the top asked us If we didn't think we'd bet- 
flour of ttie factory building. Coroner i told him we weren't through When we* 
Donehoo ordered detectives to aceom- told Mm we wern't through, he saM 
pany the mattUnist ro th* plant and j for us to stay la the place until he re- 
bring the two employees to polleo , turhecU as he. was goine; out oh tli. 
I headquarters- street. He came hack at Z US and w. ■„ 

, They were braught Immediately Into | punched* out at & l& oelocJc " 
the luiiueat- Their nam^s ware fflyen "When did Frank leave'" 



Stenographer for 1-eo M. Frank 

seen "Wfe were discussing; the question 
qI whether of not frolics were secret- 
in held In thp place 

Thought dlirl "W a» nary. 

E B Skipper, of 22^ 1 2 Peters streer 

has I testified that he saw a Sestet of men 

told hie that he has often seen men land women reeling drunkenly up Trln 

and women and glrle btoIhe In. and out l jt y avenue from WTiltehalt street Sat- 

i>f the building at night." | urflav night shortly before at o clocV 

Had you heard atieh nunoru from 

{the Inside of the concern- — by that Is 
meant from attaches to the plant?" 

"No " 

' Don't you aunpect that some of the 
Rirls of the factory have filled clan~ 
destine appointments in the buIIdIne: ?, " 

*1 don t think so T believe e\er¥ 
feirl in the place is straig-ht — abso- 
lutely ■ 

Gantt Smiles 
During Quiz. 

J M Gantt the Marietta youth who 

One of the girls he said, answered 
the description of Mary Phapftn 

"What did you sec at Trinity an i 

Three men two women and a cflrl 
dressed like and resembling the deal 
girl «hom I £aw at Btoomfield s The 
girl was ^Gcplpg and trying; to breat 
awaj from the party She was bein^ 
led up the street " 

"Did cither man answer the descrip- 
tion of Frank"" 

I fiiven t aeen Frank ' 
At this juncture the examination wa-a 


Thirty-Six Whitehall 

WYATT'S G. 0. D. 




bioodv IcentJfied by ber Bister 
Vs*>ikors ag that of the murdered 
mirl p was related by R f Barrett, a 
TiihChinlc in th« pencil plant viho mad« 
the find 

Hi was placed upon the Stand dl- 
Tpctiy after It bad been vacated by 
Pollr^man Liaeseter 

Vv hat Is your employment? ' 
1 am a machinist with the ^Tatlona 1 
"Ptticil L-ompajiv 

Ilf>w long ha\.e you been with 

Spien weekfi 
'Illd $on know Mary Phagan"'" 

"its Sh ran & nulllas machine at 
Llie factory 

When did you see her latff 1 " 1 
' Tuesday one week, ago She didn. t 
work after that because of shortage in 

liow far Is her -machine from tho 
dressing rti-om Bhe used 7 ' 

AbtJut sirt feet 

Was ataythlns «ti usual found around 
the machin at which she workttl*" 

Of Blood. 

ThL girls at the factory told me 
Monday that Mary had been murdered 
They fv^re dim, and looked as 
the floor at the base of her machine 
I l-jimcl eeveral dim, and looked as 
thoug-h whitewash had h«$n spread 
over them It looked as though the 
floor had been swept Carefully 

"Was anything - else found on the 

'Tes Monday morning, I started to 

Is held a* a suspect In the Phagun stopped Frank was Drought down from 
case was nut through a gruelling &s- b the detectives quarters and put fac rt 
amlnatlon He never ftinr'ned through to rare with the witness ~ 

tht ordeal, answered tht ciut-stioaa | "That's not the man " -Skipper said 
promptly and eifticiselv and. smiled i * When you saw these drunicen dipp 
during the entire procedure and women leading a reluctant girl 

He «ai put on the rack the m&ment I didn't yini think It your duty to call 
his sweetheart. Pearl Robinson had. , tfm police 9 " 

been excused Tie remained under ex- s "I gee scenes like that on the streets 
aminatlon probably longer than any | ever> Saturday n!ght" 

Step- Father Tells »* «Trlef. 

J W Coleman step father of tb* 

murdered Elrl told graphically of the 

grtpf In thy little home on Lindsay 

street over the death when he took th* 

™ Harry ^aehh^n* and **- Arthur 
White. Penham was first placed on 

the stand. Bis examloatlpn began 

immediately upon arrival. 

*T>]& ytfu see the blood oft the lata- 

\ae machine^" 

"I saw It Monday H 

*^Were you on that floor Saturday* 

"No T was on the to^ Eloor " 

"T>ld you se« Franii at any time of 

the day? J ' 

••Yes." ^ „ 

Aafeed When Xh*y W<mW «"lnt«i«, 
"Did he offer you holiday as the 

others had been given'' 

"No He canne up to where we were 

wording and aslted us If we would be 

through by 1 o clock, 

**Dld you ever know Mary Fbasan"* * 
"I knew her only by Bight," 
"Did you see her Saturday*'" 
"No I never left the top floor" 
"Were you aware cf every thing; 

which transpired !u the building dur- 
ing tbe t3me you were within it*' 

"No A person could have come Into 

the plant And we never would ha^ e 

Itnown anything about It.** 

"How long: have yotj workfcd with 

I the pencil company?' 
"Three years " 
"Have you ever heard erf couples 
going into the building at night" 
'No ' 

"Hla^e yOM ever heard of complaints 
of that nature?' 
"No r 

"Have you ever been lp the parti- 
tioned room in Frank's oflice"*" 
"Wo ' 

ApliarefttlT Wot Nervous. 
"■When Frank came to wftere you 
were working at 3 o clook Saturday 
afternoon io teU yop that you could 
quit, did ho seem nervous or agitated^ 

'"Hot that I noticed Be didn t ctftne 
all the way He came to the head of 
the steps and called to ub 

'Did you go dawn with him"' ' 
Mo iie went down ahead of us 
Was he in his of f 1 "e 
'Yes V*hf»it 1 went down I bor- 
rowed $2 from hlro 

Where did ypu leave hfrnT*' 
■Writing at his aesk " 
TV as anyone else tn the factory"*" 
"No One of whom I .knew, except 
b rank ' ! 

'How many rooms arft there In. 
Frank a office* ' 

Only two— 'hie and tho stenogra- 
pher h ' 

Can you see any one in the private 
office from the Etenograpber'S room*' 
"Yes if you try to '* 
'As you left the building Saturday 
afternoon did you notice In Frank s 
office any change from the customary 
state In the condition of f urnltureT ' 
'No ' 

•Who uses the office beside Shrank " 
"Mr Darley. the assistant superin- 
tendent " 

L*ft Dalldln* ffc* ■ WMIe. 
Arthur WTiItes story coincided with 
! that thld by "Denbam He was eXar - 
ined mostly, though, along different 

"Who waa in the building besides 
you, Dunham and Frank?" 

"My wife came up shortly after xtocn 
Mjr Frank came to her and told her 

"He left right away' 

"*T>o you know where be went*" 

"No He looked us In the_buUding 

though " 

"la thare a closet In Frank's office"" 
"Yee there is A kind of wardrobe" 
"Did !t look bJg- enough to hold a 

human body 7 " 

"Yes It *rau about nine feet high 

and four feet wide * 

"Where was it located'" 

"Behind the door of hia private Of 


'Was the dnor closed?" 
I diiln t notice ' 

The ductal er> of a dozen strands of other witness except the negro, Newt 

Tjpe The time, was an hour 

Did you know Mary Phagan'*' 

1 did I had known her since she 

was a little tot ' 

Were you ever employed with the; stand at dusk 

MAIN 4926 


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pencil factory? 

"I was* — up until three weeks ago '* 

'"Why did you leave them?* 

"I was discharged 

"Why were 3-ou discharged"'" 

Allied Shortnjse the Trouble. 
Because of personal differences 
with Sir Frank, the superintendent 
What were the differences'' 
'Tuft dclts-rs short in the pay roll 
>ere you in charge -ot the Pa-y 
roll ? ' 

I was paymaster ' 
J D|d you ever aeo Frank, with Mary 
Fhagan 1 * 
No- ' 
"You always paid off the employ eee, 
did you not?" 
■1 did 

rlow were they paid?' 
* With the envelope method " 
'Did you ever pay Mary Ptiagan' ' 

%Vhal did she make 1 * 
■Presumably fiOfi a week, judging 
by the wage scale of the plant 
' Wti&n dit? you see her- last' 
"the day I quit the pencil company ' 
Had you seen her since'" 
No ' 
' Where Aid you go on 3aturday?" 

Went to the Factory* 
"I went to the p-encl) factory about 
G 30 o dock that afternoon 

*pid you see Mr Frank there?" 

' Did he apsear exeited agitated 1 *" 
Yea He seemed nervous j 

Did you. ever hear Mary Fhagan Bay I 
she couldn t trust Frank — that ahe 
feared him In any manner?" 
No ' 

How long were you in the build- 
ing Saturday afternoon 7 ■ 
No longer than ten minutes 
What did you do ? ' 
*I eot a pair of shoes I had left in 
the place when I autt Also, I tele- 
phoned my Biater, Mrs FV C Terrell 
what time I Intended coming' home 
that night, I ueed the phone in Mr 
Frank s oEftce " '. 
Th«n what did you do?*' 
Went to a poolroom, watched aev- ' 
era! games of pool Ana*" went home { 
What time did you arrive home* ' 
10 30 p m ' 
r Were you th#re when, the police , 
rcame"'" , 
Mo ■ I 

D-ld your aisfcer tetl oi their visit 1111 , 
■■NO- ' [ 

SihnttA l^brJt StnmiL 

Other testimony relative to the ru- 
moied Immoral reputation Of the fac- 
tory building was sained from V F, 
Shank, of Shank Bros., whose eetab" 
liahment Is on Forsyth etre**t, near tho 
ppneir >iint. 
^ Shanlc was called Immediately afte/ 

How old was Mary Pha^an^' 
*3he would have been 14 next Juna ' 
"'"When Aid you last eee her alive" 
"Frldsv night. She waa at horn 
carlv a.nd waa helping her mother with 
the houEe^ork I left for work to^ 
earlv to ^ee her Saturday momiriK 
•When you rrot home Saturday aft- 
i emoon wis "Mary there^ 
t 'No My wife came atn3 said "Mar-, 
has not come home What do you suo 
j pose le the trouble'' 1 am edared t' 
I death ' T couldn t eat supper Her ab- 
sence aff eetefl me "Mary WTLg never 
I known to b e awijy from home at nlEb" 
1 I came to town and visited all th^ 
1 picture shows staying 1 until they all 
I had eloaed When I returned my wits 
(and I speculated on what could hav 
\ become of the child We nev e r slept 
ftnj, that nlg-ht At dttybrealt Hele'i 
I Fei'S'Jfaon, a elrl chum of Marys cam-* 
I oiei* 

! The moment she rang the door bell 

my wife jumped from her seat 'Oh 

Liord that a bad news from Mary,' she 

| said The FergTJEon irirl came In 

'Mary has been murdered ' ahe told ug 
My wife fainted and she has been al- 
most unable to walk Hlnc«" 

The coroner then adjourned the in- 
quest until 4 30 a clock today 



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% &arrett bad left tha stand 

• Do you work at nighf?* 1 

■ Have j-on over seen couples euln-3 
Into the pencil factory?** 

"I have as em no couples I have w(~- 
neased girls end mem Going singly Into 
the place after dartc - " 

"How long" has H been rdnee you'vf 
seen this?" 

summer some time/' 

r on make a statement recently 

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J " THE CdNSTITlf'HON, AOjlkN't- 


1: ,lpp 


- - I Pag» ^Hixjs* 


"W"aa the man who flrat assaulted 
and then brutally killed Mary Phagan 
last Saturday night hiding In the base- 
ment of the National Pencil company 
when the watchnsn. N>wt Lrf>£. came 
down and discovered the girl's muti- 
lated body early Sunday morning? 

This Is ihe nUfsiion that rnste to 
everyone's mind, follo-wln^ the testi- 
mony of the negro rirttwatclimaii. at 
the Coroner's Inqut-^t ^"^dnes^lay Tn 
direct contradlrtlon to rhe *vidpnce of 
*"very police man who had lirpn fin th** 
scene, the negro d^lari'd that hf 
found the body. lyJnsr Tixrt* up, with 
the head towariJ the wall. When the 
police- arrived, th** body w-a^ lying face 
down, with the hL'ari pointing toward 
the front of the hulldlnK. 

The moat sevtrf cr^ss examination 
could not shake the r\CKro- Hf; stuck 
to his story, jievvr .scr-mlnp tn waver 
for an Instant. S<» mnvlnsiiig mb Tila 
air that it boram'. ih*- wen^rfi] Idea 
that th« muflTer mint h:i-. r- been In 
the cellar »t the time. weiI'Itimt tn tu-rn 
the body of hla victim. Nw'm roming 
down Into lh.r> cellar may l^v^ fruiht- 
pnM him a-A-fLv. 

He declared that when he r*-pnr\^6 
for worTt at 4 o'cjnt'k fin the aft^rn^an 
before the tragedy, Me employer told 
him to go homp until 6 o'clock. F*rank 
looked nervous and excltr-1 at tiie lime, 
h^ f-ald. Hf alsn wald that Frank had 
cal^d Him ii ;■ laLcr in thf 1 night, to 
fine! If r>vr»ry thing was all rlirht, some- 
tfllHK that h*.' rnul ivVer done h.-fnre. 

What was thm-ght earlier In the day 
to h«> dan-i.i (flni? to the nfpro- his 
due in rat I on that lv wa.-t positive lha.r 
it was the hotly (.>T a whit-" ^ Ir I as aimn 
as hf- saw it — was liruah.-ri nxkl-j when 
he ». K plained that ht s;jw r.l>- diZTt-r^ 
enr-' btTH'JS« ijf thO hair, whlr-li iv:i:- 
j'tnipht and brown. Totally unlike that 
of it r.t'Bress. 

Thy yam*: jury I hat wtiv U."<<]- tjy 

rrn'On.T Donehno Monday morning wjb 

reim-i.Liii'led .i L !1 r* r i'lnrk ^Vi-dnr'sdiiy 

m'H-nl-is, when thi: l:v;msl r-'^iin vcjud. 

ln<iU4--ftt at I'ollee MpqtfqiiOT+er*. 

Thr* itK|U>-st whs tvid .u ugI1<i hf'+id- 
f\u - -i ru-r*i. ^ T . h" -^ mlcTfi'jn. ;l r- r iil uT- 
fl -r ..n tlv pollrt: To !■*■<■. « h n Tnnik 
111- i:f bi-'i'h mrsSiiL-i . wh'ii It ^ ■ r*- p i: r Lf <1 

the finding of the bo&y r was the first 
to tesElfy. 

He described the body as h« found 
It after the negro had led him _ and 
other officers lo It. Ho stated specif- 
ically that the head pointed toward 
the from of the bunding and that the 
body was lying fac* down. 

Mlnutcis', ho gav e all of tho grow- 
some details at the dead Elrl'a ap- 
pearance. He told how evident it had 
be*<;i that she had been In a atrugpie 
to the, how her stocking *m 
mrn, ^i^r s!j<n» mJsHlng 1 ami her whole 
face discolored by brul&es and grime- 
So shockinft 1 w;i.h her atatp, hei dc- 
claicrd, that he did not know at first 
whether she was white or colored- 
He HaLd that her neck wa& knotted 
around with twine and a piece of 
ninth, evi-detitly torn from her under- 

He doclared that the staple that had 
been used to iiold the door f irom the j 
l--fis*:ment closed had been drawn. 

P&yhlcJau Dovk 4ne«<iciulUB'. 

. Dr. J. W. Hurt took up ihe n^ 1 
U*jninp at thEs point. 

' + Cou^.d the nesr» have Been a body f 
lylnff 20 oTf 30 feet a^vay frtim where! 
h« w;is standlnE". by the light of ths 
lanU-rn that he carried?" he asked. 

"He could not," replied tho police- 
man. "At the mrnst he could have aeen 
fo- 12 or IS fe^t. His lantern was very 
old aTKl dirty." 

S^-rgvant R. T. Brown, who also 
went \<i the scene of the crime, was 
next tailed before the Jury. He cor-- 
rot-orai'ed the other policeman's testi- 
mony. In regard to th^ ImpoBalhMlty 
fur anyone Id oJatlTipuish thf race of 
tlie .ulrl without t\\^ nioKt m'.nlitt rx- 
;inil nation, l!-t also declared that thf 
n^Ero i-oii:d hnvp Sp^n nothlne - . stanfl- 
iiifi l l S f^ft away from the hody r "It 
v\ J .-is very hurrl u> b^p. with i.'iir reRUfl- 
tjihn po'll-re flash tlght3.' + he ?ald, "s nd 
f ho nc-pro only had a very weak lamp. 
I urn surf that h^ c6ulfl n«t have set-n 
anyihltiEr at a distance of 25 f^ftt." 

"Thi? \b nothing but a child." hft 
lestflfd that ho exclaimed when he 
flt^t saw thp hndy. He Bald that he 
i-ould nol t>-l] her color until he rolled 

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down one e tonkins" and looked at the 


He went over the revolting details 
at the girl's condition- Hla testimony 
did not conflict with his' brother oE- 
flcerB' in any way, bttt he told of some 
matters which, the other had failed to 
brine o-tit. 

Me sftld that there was dirt In her 
month even. The negro nigh [.watch- 
man had told Jilm* he said, that he 
rarely came down In the cellar, but 
that be had a special reason for dolns 
so on that nt^'ht- 

When he was questioned about the 
telephoning tot the news to Superin- 
tendent Frank that th& sergeant's In- 
formation became most damaging, 

""We called up at once almost," he 
testified, "but. although w told cen- 
tra.] that a ffirl had b#en murdered 
and that It was of tne utmost Impor- 
tance that we get the number, we could 
not get In communication with Mr. 
Frank until much later In the day." 
B I nctd- stained Garments Sbonn, 

ft was then that the most dramatic 
occurrence of the whole day took 
piaao. A one-pfece purple silk dreea, 
dirty nnfl torn and "blood -a tallied, and 
a sun metal allpper. worn by Mary PM- 
gf&Ti nn -the nlg-ht of tho murder, were 
shoitji to the jury. 

Br-n Phagan. the dead girl's sailor 
brother, rose Trom hts seat and looked 
down or: tho little heap of clothes with 
eyes that tragically Btared. For a 
moment he stood bo, and then -walked 
out, hla head bowed, his bands over 
hla ej-en. 

Upon, helng reee-lled, Officer Anfler- 
son testified that the body of the gtrt 
hs.rt still been warm irhen he came 
there and that blood was flowing from 
Home of the wounds. 

j Police Ser^ea-nt L. s. D^bhe, who 
was npxt called, Iderrttfied the notes 
that had hee-n faund by the sJrS'a 
I:ody. Mp il^olared that, after a 
minute: examination, he had been able 
t'- a ay with authority that the horly 
whs t hat of a whl-ta gi rl. External 
api.peariinf.Bs, lie said, tenrjerj to show 
that th*> body had o«en dragged arid 
thrown into the corner. 

Hf. 30,1(1 that after c^ammlnGr the 
buay he turned to th« neffro watch 
man and accuser! him of having either 
I'ommltted the crime or of knowing 
something r>f It. The negro, he fluid, 
denied all knowledge of the affair. 
Read Xat* to Pfegro. 

Hen said that he then readl him. thf" 
notR It) which the girl Is purpor-tieLrl 
to have written: "Tall, black, thin no- 
£ri> did thla. He will try to lay It 
on nieht — " The negro then replied. 
h' 1 declared, "That means me — the 
nLght watchman," 

Other evidence elmply corroborated 
the tftfitinipny of hie "brother officers. 

N'ewt Leo, the negro night Watch- 
man, was calLed on the stand at 1X:*5 
o'cloclc. He te-itJfle-d that Franlc had 
especially inetructed him to c*>me to 
worlc two hours earlier than uaual 
that Saturday, because of itB being a 

"Go out and havft some more tun,", 
Frank told him When hu came to wort 
at 4 o'clock, he declared. He explain- 
ed that de made a round of the build- 
ing every half-hour, only going to 
tho basement when he had an. unusual 
amount of time on his hands. 

He said that Frank was atllJ In the 
building when Gantt, a former book- 
keeper, came to the door and asked to 
be allowed In to get an old pair of 
khaes that ho had left inside. The ne- 
gro declared that he had told Oantt 
thn,t it vt-aa against the rules, but that 
Ixv would ask his employer, 

Krepk l,cM>heil ITrlccbteued. 

i_>ee detiKrad that Frank looked 
rilfi-htened when he told him that 
Giintt was liown.ttalre. He thought 
that this might havi? been caused by 
l-nink'H fc-nr that the othu-r, whom he 
1 1 d-d vi-tjciiLly q.uarifleU with and dis- 
*.hni*jjred. might "do him dirt.'" 

jit- 3*id that tJantt s^t th^ ahoes, 
-vriipped thf-ni up and munV an £n- 
-ii^Hirimit with sonifion*? ovi.t the t « I ■_' - 
phonfl for o'rlook th;it uijacht. The 
i.^gro wa.s unable to Hav wlio I'iantt 
had talked to, but he said that it wiu 
h lady. 

"lti}w i11d yon Vn jw?'' he wfljs ashut 
"Hi' th*-- name." he n-pli^d. lift couht 
not rfiiTifinbnr the name wlitjn further 
n\i estlo aed. however. 

H*? said that he saw Oantt leave. 
paKHlufi on dLuwn tho street He aald 
that he did not know when Frank 
left, however. Ho explained the super- 
intendent mlg:ht have come back at 
any time, anyway, ah he had a k^y. 

Tie Raid t.liat he went down Into the 
hasrment at nhont 7 o'clock, aflei- 
rrjMkln^ a ruund tvf Hie building, lie 
<ir-rlarerl that the p«.s jut. which he 
had left niiniin^ when he left beloro, 
ihat moi-rjins:, *-jls not burning aa 
brLghtly as before. 

Frank t'nlta Ip, 

Ho said that »-1'.ortly after thie 
Frank called up to find If everything 
wh.e all right. "It Ls as far as I 
know.'" he deelar-ed he aiiswflrt*!. 

He ariLd prank called bi-fflrn j.t 

When he declared that he had found 
the body lying with the face up, the 


wsy" by TrhJch.tbJtr girl ^ouJdlJiii.v6 le£c 
thft^nctpry'.ani vtaoV ho-w ea.iily.amaa 
coilfd haveth|dden behtnd the railing, 
which la clDsn-lr boarded vp.* ' 

-The toul- clmiiiaJ," they ^tAte. *^Enew 
It trafl pay day. and as tt was Mem'.- 
rlal day, the place would close early 
In the " afternoon. He coal^ have hid* 
titan at the foot'' of the stairway and 
when the girl came dawn the steps 
with ,J*er money In hef puree, selie^i 
her and thrown her into the hole which 
leads to the basement to the left of the 
elevator shaft. It could all have be^n 
done so swiftly by a strong-armed man 
that the girl would have had no time 
to make an outcry before she "was In- 
sensible in the baaetnettt, 

"Then the criminal could have Quick- 
ly followed on the ladder that atooJ 
In the bole a-nd lea from the first floor 
to the basement. Down In the bas-a 
ment he had ample opportunity to earrv 
out his hellleh put-peaes- His exit wad 
easy, as haa been shown In the news- 
papers. No one cotdd ' have hewd o^ 
aeon the crime committed who was 
passing In the street or who was on 
the seeond or third floors/* 

"We are not advancing theories In 
the defense of Mr. Frank," states S. S. 
Sellg, who wbs ,-\ir<otig those who mad. 1 

an, inspection of fAOtorjr . L fNdMa^' 

day. '*f or he needA^ff- fle.f eiMe»^Bh^:jW*:' 
theory wurnaTanee is^'sd plBjiiwn>l*T*Dfl'i 
fits so well into" the' xilueff-'th*^^*?^.- 
been found that it & remaHctole ^*:pN-;. 
fleets "ha * f e not "worKed atnnij ll thfct: UB^i.^ 
The slrle parasM was. tou'nd at ...thr» 4 
foot of the ladder r where It MCtd".h*tf!ft"^ 
fallen when she .was thrown- tiit^-.tb'jf/ 
hole. * That the pu>se and mopfljr w;#if l «.^. 
ntlasFng 1 shows that* thet;e . wbb iepb*»ry^ 
as well as assault and murder," ■" : :< i.'-\r? 

Waycross Tax Returns* 

■Waycro&s. Go., April 30.— tBpafelxLi;^ 
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been accustomed to In recent yeir*»hut . 
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Ptioto by Francis IE. Pi-ice. 3ud! Ph0t*gTBDb*r 
The two mecfr<a.n.ics w'ho wore the last 
" workmen to leave the National 
I'encil company on Ste-turday a.fter- 
noon. Lieo M. Prank was in the 
h ii.ll fling when they went out. 

coroner directly asked him. "Why did 
you turn it ovar"*" 

"I didn't," stoutly averred the n£- 
gro + 

He declared that he had punched the 
time clock every hs.lf-ho\ir; that he 
hlmHelf bad put In a fresh slip with 
Frank, * 

He said thait when heflrat He-w the 
body In the basement it had looked 
very ague In Its outline, and tha-t he 
thought that boys had put It t'nure to 
frighten him. It was only when he 
aaw the bloody fai":^ and straight hair. 
he aaid, that he r&cosnfzed it as the 
body of a white woman. Me then bs- 
c&mi; frightened and called up the po- 

He said that he had been told oy 
employers on Sunday following 1 his 
arrest that he had punched the clovk 
regularly Saturday night. 

He emphatically declared that hla 
lantern had been cleaned Friday and 
that It was in good fjoi:dltlon. He »aid 
thj,t a negro fireman fKnollya) prob- 
ably had a key t"> the back door ot 
the buildln-g. kept open during the 

Thinks He Saw Girl, 

J. <!- Spier, of Caj-ter^vllle. testified 
that Saturday afternoon at about 4 
o'clock he passed the. factory and saw 
lr. front ot it a. tl-y^ar-nld girL and o. 
man a-bont 25 yeara old. both vcry : 
much exrited. He said that he e.f*.m* i 
back nearly ar. hnur later ^nd not i red 

the same- oouple standing at the same 

He said, that he visited the body at 
Bloomfield'e undertaking establish- 
ment and wejj cure that the dead girl 
wftB the same ono that he saw Satur- 
day afternoon. He said that Frank 
had the same "outline" as the man ho 
saw, but would not identify him posi- 
tively. Mr. Spier'H testimony brought 
the morning session to a nloee. 

FriendH of L. M. Frank, .'superlntena- 
ent of tho National Pencil company, 
gavo out yesterday tor the ilrat tlnn 
their theory of houy Mary Pbagan came 
to her tragic death. They visited tha 
scene of the clmc, and. claiming 1 that 
Frank has been. unjustly held and 
questioned by the police, they are 
pointing out how the girl could ha,v-? 
been robbed, assaulted and murdered 
■without anyone connected with the fa - 
tory knowing anything about IL 

They point to the foot of the stat"- 


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A Great Autograph on a Great Piano 


Let One of the Famous Stars of the* 
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A Hardman Piano autographed by Enrico Caruso. 
A Hardman Piano autographed by Riccardo Martin. 
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These are the instruments that 'were taken from our 
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Phillips £? Crew Co. 

Established 1865 

82-84-86 N. Pryor St. 

Atlanta, Gm 



*E^j -» 



;%g^g$!!$*'3 s . 




\-y? \'\ \';W m ..\ 

. '-■_ 









■ ■"■rV P» 

. ■=.'.?' 

' ■ l !?'rsJ'"' ; '4. ,: 







Attack on therStreet Car Barns 

at Ashcville Is Frus- 

AaJievj tte, Jj, C-, April ao. — Folio x- 
Ing a. comparatively cfutot day In " the 
strike situation a mob of three or 
four hundred prien and boys tonight 
attacked th«. '-urns of the Ashevilte 
Fewer and Light company, whose mo- 
lornten and conductors ivent on strike 
for an advance- i^vwaeea of 3 cerdts 
an tLour Last Saturday: a f; ejI ioon. Sev- 
eral windows were broken by volleys 
of brlcko and oionea. 

Th& police charged the crowd -on 
several occasions, maKlng- twelve ar^ 
t-eats oZ men alleged to ,h»ve be*sn the 
rln^-lender-H. Extra policemen and 
deputies ww« hurried lo the scene ami 
at midnight t«e crowd ha^ practical- 
ly d^Pet-fied. 

The street car company ^perBied six 
fihru today with strike-breakers, the 
first car ^ln% over the Blitmort 
lin^a under heavy gaard at 11:30 
o'clov'lt thla TTiiirnlnK. 

The ?ftrfl muved all day without 'n^ 
terriiptioii, th.u city police rigidly 
enforc-ln-g; the "move on" ordinance 
with & view to preventing the forma* 
tlon of mobs. Additional cars will he 
operated tomorrow and It is rep-ort^d 
tonight that In the- evc-nt of further 
trouble rrpTn atrlke sympathisers 
Governor Craig 1 will be aske-d to send 
ata-.e (roopa to t'nis. city- 

Kepresentativea "f thn street car 
■workers and the company slaved co- 
nls^t chat the' atr'.ke situation was 
TinihanKcd and thai there was no 
prospect of settlement. 

Girl Was Dead Ten Hours ]1W£ 
Before Her Body Was Found ONCOM 

Mary Phaffnn had b#«n dead teri 
boars or more bef atelier body wan 
discovered In tba basement darkness 
of the factory bulldlns. 

This la the opinion of expert ero- 
baldklata .of - BtoomfJeXd'a mi denoting 
establish me^t*- Ttfhb naade> A. thorough 

examination a* the corpse immediate- 
ly after it had heen removed to the 
shop, leBs" than thirty mtnutea follow- 
ing the dl&co-very. 

Tbta disclosure may shift tfie In- 
vestigation of detectives to ne^ chan- 

A Year's Prescription 
for Perfect Health— 

f»*ar of Matttii Mcdica, T&** 1 *- 
p«^>tLc*, and Clinical Medic In « »t 
tbe*7n***««T of tfcur City o£ New 
York, In nrfereaee to pur*, tnrbuH- 
•Krolinrf, rc2ft#Kiad. nfid *h»l«0«e. 

'^ mimotfl dlfftxtiaa, ma ^clp 

r WAffte -product* from *bs 


1VH.%.1.EH4>.\K THEYH. 

notes TOUR PlATfi FIT I 1 / 
II not, ct>m» to our OUeb juiy tiT"* mi 
let u9 mak ^ jau on* or our ' Vttajeboae" 
«v«T«llck eiirt Ian e*r.*. Ooe* not driver Ch* 
entire roof or tti-e mouth. , \ 

Sei of teeth. .J. 43.041 

Gold e-rownp*, £2-Je J . 3.0U 

firtdfe work <*s.tra heqrr) 3,01) 
Brill ilher filling* 25 


3**Vi Ppnvhtrcv Si. 
(Half Blocfa. JTortft *>t Flv*- Point*. 1 


Through Service, Atlanta to 

Franklin During- Summer 

Season Arranged, 

PasHBiiecrd to Tallulah Falls, Frank- 
lin. S. C.r and other points on the Tal- 
lulah Falls railway will have the ben- 
eflt of' through coach service between 
Atlanta and Franklin during the com- 
ing- summer, arrangonaenta having been 
made by the Southern railway and thp 
TalluJah Falls railway to operate a 
through car, which will leave Atlanta 
on Southern railway train Na. 12 at 
6:65 a. m., arriving Cornelia at 10:40 
a. m. and leave on Tallulah Falls rail- 
way train No. 12, arriving: Tallulan 
Falls at 12:10 p. m. and Franklin at 
2-30 p. m. 

Ketnrnlnff the through car will leave 
Franklin on Tallulah Falls train N*o. 
11 at £:&0 p. m., leave Talluiah Falls 
at 4:3G p. m.. leave Cornelia on SoiTth 
ern railway train No. tt at 6:50 p. m., 
arrlvlnp; Atlanta at 8:30 p. m. An 
noMncement of the new service, which 
will he effective Sunday, June 16, ■■ 
made by Assistant General Passenger 
Agent J. L. Meak, ot the Southern rail- 

The Talluiah Falls railway will again 
operate, during" th*> summer, trains t^ 
connect with Southern railway trains 
2 3 and 10. 



■ ■ t 

Rival S. S. Teachers, 150 Strong, j 
Gather at Supper and j 

Love Feast. 


LIQUOR ad4 PILLS will «*fMtnflIly 

Alfred A. Baker. 

Alfred A. Baker, affed 6 7. of 2 40 
Jacltson street, died Wednesday morn- 
ing at a local aanlatrurn after an el- 
tended Illness. He came hdre threeo 
years ago from Canada for his health. 
He is survived by on*? son, R. P. Baker, 
and a daug-hler T Airs. J. A. Alexander, 
with whom ho made hla horoe. The 
"body wa-s taken to Bleomfiald's private* 
chapel and fune-ral services will be 
he-Id o.t it o'clock thte morning at Sa- 
cred Heart church. The Interment 
wlU be at West View cemetery, 

John Heybach. 

John Heyhaeh, a^ed 57, dfe<I Wednes- 
day morning at the residence of his 
mother. Mrs, Maggie Heyhach, 12 Har- 
den strflet. He. also leave one hroth^ 
e.r, F. J. Heybaoh. of Baltimore; two 
sisters, Mrs. Eugene S ftary, of Ath- 
ens, Oa i and Mrs. C. A. Spear, of At- 
lanta. The funeral will ne hold at 3-30 
o'clock thca afternoon from Et. An- 
thony's church In West f£jid. Inter- 
ment w^l be at West View oemctery, 

Hugh T. Edntondson. 

Hiiffli T. Edmondson. 35 years old, 
died at the tesldenee, S33 "Rast CeoT- 
gia avenue, at 10 o'clock Tuesday 
nig"ht. Funeral services will be from 
the residence at 10 o T clock this mam- 
Inff. Interment will he In West View. 

William J. Connatly, 

William J. Connally. G39 years uld, 
died at Mllledg-^-vllle Wednesday after- 
noon, and the body will he brnupht to 
Atlanta today en route to Wondstock, 
fia,, for burial. >3r. Ctttinnlly lived at 
4 1 "Oak -<Jr6vf avenue, P3a&t Atlanta. 
He Is survived by twv daughters and 
two BOnS?. 

[aEimmatory Rheumatism soon relieved by 
usinj* tKe Liquor ; and persistent wr a? the 
l';.H_3- Prtvrtita recan-mE attacks, pamphlets 
giving full miormatitm Sent Ire*. 

E. FGUEEBA & Cq, Inc. 90 bueUman St, Haw York 

To Restore the Alamo. 

Austin, Tejmis. April 3*l — .t'ermlsston 
to restore ruln«?d portions of th£ fa- 
mous Alamo at San Antonio. was 
^ranter! tii<- Kovi-rnor of Tt'xas today 
by tW atitti.- suprtrno court. The res- 
toration pluns hart been blocked by an 
Injunction a^c-urod hy lh« Daughters 
or the Rrpuhllc. who claimed that as 
custodians of thf Alamo, the-y had pji- 
cIubIi-o ritflit to make any ch-ang-es. 
The cuiirt dissolved this injunction. 

"This ta truly a great occasion;, for 
It reveals thfi fact that when men and 
women are working; for the Lord 
through a great Bunday nchoal contest 
like oura they can work against each 
other and with each other at the same 

l?r. X*. O. Brlcker thua crystallized 
the- noble spirit ot fellowship that 
overspread th« gathering in the First 
Christian church Wednesday evening 
when the teachers of the two contest- 
ing; Sunday schools aat down to sup- 
per together and discussed Sunday 
school methods. 

There ware many other methods re- 
counted and the meeting proved a rev- 
elation along" the line of Sunday school 
development and organization. Talks 
were made by the two superintendents, 
John S. Spalding, of the Second Eap- 
tlHt. and C. V. Lepra*, of the First 
Christian. Dr. John E. "White and Dr. 
Brlcker, the pastors of the two 
churches, sat together at the -slipper 
table and" were given the ^opportunity 
of a few minifies" talk. 

The ladles of the First Christian, 
who prepared the supper In the splen- 
didly equipped kitchen of the church, 
served it In the large dining-room. It 
was in the nature of a r&feurn courtesy, 
as the First Christian Wiia entertained 
In a like manner hy the Second "Bap- 
tist Tour weeks ng'D— the first of these 
unique suppers ever held In Atlanta. 

Plana Were discussed for the joint 
auditorium meeting of the two Sunday 
schools next Sunday morning", begin- 
nlnK at 10:45 o'clock, ana an entertain- 
ing program decided unon + 


ci A Butterfly on the Wheel/* 

CA* th* Atlanta^) 

Commencement exercises of one of 
the colleges prevent Miss Billy Long 
* Co., from appearine; in "A Butter- 
fly on the "Wheel" tonight, and they 
havft gone to CartersvHle for the day. 
Tomorrow nlg'ht, Saturday matinee 
and nlg-ht thay wISl Vive this eenoa- 
tJonal divorce play, however, and 
crowds are expected to prset the fln&l 
three perf ftrmances. N«rt week the 
company will play "The Girl From Out 
Yonder," which Is aure to achieve a 
big 'surcflss. It la a comedy which 
gives MIs& Long and Mr. Vail, as well 
ae- others, fine opportunities, and 1-s 
certain to score heavily. The C»m- 
pany's reception thlG week makes It 
certain that success has been found. 
Seats lor next week go on sale toflay- 

Keith Vaudeville. 

_ (At tUt Forsjth.) 

There is everything- on the bill at 
the Foray Eh this week to crowd all 
flt/ors at all performances- Delight- 
ful and pretty Sophyc Barnard, with 
I,o\i Anger, thn comedian, und the com- 
P^ny pre-s&tit'irig "The .Song- of Heart," 
sharf: the honors with dainty Misses 
Hurifd and l^r&nrlg; Chris Richards, 
the romedian, and the other excellent 
acts on the bill. Next week the head- 
line act will be Gus HWwarda, Kid 
Kab&ret, featuring Frank 1j Htanton'a 

Alleged New Rates Will Injure 

Cotton Planters — Plea to 

Southern Congressmen, 

New Orleans, April W-— T^e cotton 
schedule of the democratic tariff Ire- 
viBion bill now pending In cDiiKTesa 
will rcnult in hoa\-y financial loflses 
to the cotton planters and: cotton man- 
ufacturers. acCOrdinE" to at&temcnts 
made by repreaentatlvfts of these. In- 
terests, today ftt a special hearing being 
conducted here by n. committee repre- 
seDtins Ube National Farmero" union. 

J. D. Brown,, member of; a spot cot- 
ton firm of New Orleaas. stated that 
the pending: hill already had resulted 
In a decline of nearly JH a hale In 
the price of raw cotton, representing" a 
Itfsa of millioDH Of dollars to the 

Slpmund Offenhetmer, president or 
the Iiane Cotton mi Us, who yesterday 
told the committee that th* Ameri- 
can mills, could not possSbiy compete 
with the English mills In the manu- j 
facture of the finer grades Of cotton 
goods, -was recalled today. He gavo 
further detailed Information regarding 
the bad effect which he claimed the 
passag-e of the "Underwood bill will 
hav« upon the cotton industry- He 
declared that If this schedule la adopt- 
ed in its present form It will result In 
serious loss to the mills of the United 
States, many of which, he said. Were 
not now paying profitable dividends. 

The committee telegraphed senators 
fi-om the southern st&tes to refrain 
from pledging their support to the 
Underwood b)I] until the testimony 
which it is securing can he presented 
to the senate. -The committee Is com- 
posed of offltrerB of the Farmers' union 
of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, 
Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Okla- 
homa. The hearings will continue for 
several d&ya. 




Continued From Page One. 

German Aviator Killed. 

"Darmstadt, L*er many, April 30.— Lieu- 
tenant Von Mlrbach v.-as killed an! 
Lieutenant Von Rrunn badly Injured" K 
an aviation accident here this evenlnp. 
Iri F.n attempt to land their biplano ct>l- 
lanaed only a few fet*t ahov« the ground 
and fell upon the avla-tora. It -s 
thTJUffht Von Hi'utin will recover. 

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Daniel Bros. Co. 

Clever Clothes for Men 

3 ' 

In the Atlanta Brewing and lee com- 
pany, denied that he loaned Spratling 

X R. TVe&tley told the committee that 
he made an. Investigation of the ru- 
mors that Spratling 1 borrowed from 
beer men, and found them -to bft true. 
The committee would not admit what 
We alley s'ald others toLd him. West- 
ley admitted that he Is not friendly 
with Spratling. 

Alderman Spratilns told the com- 
mittee of the conversation he had with 
Alderman McClelland on the crema- 
tory project. Jle ' said that he went 
to Alderman M-cOtelland recently and 
asked him if It was true that Charlc-s 
T, Hopkins wna going to make public 
his transaction with the beer men a-nd 
made a frtmK admission to him <if 
4iis affairs. 

"All my affairs have "been honeat 
and above board, '" he said. "I went 
to those ^ntleme-n before I was con- 
nected with tha city. T felt that T 
had a right to appeal to my frlojid'S 
for help, I was in. hard lines. I Tmd 
trouble and they assisted me." 
he has never been able to take Lip the 
notes for the reason tha.t he lost 
money In his' business during the paat 
ffivo years. He said that lie owe-d 
|12,0fl0 and has paid up neariy one- 
third of tt in two years. 

Will Pay HI* Debts, 

"I lost clients because of my finan- 
cial condition," he explained- 'I am 
w-orking harder than ever to pay up 
al] my debts, and I will do so In a 
few years." 

The charges? apalnat Alderman Haga- 
dale wtre probed at great length. 
Nearly every stockman from the na- 
tiunal yards wftro called and exam- 
ined. The substance oT the testimony 
was that while Alderman Raes<J ale wa» 
a niemher of tlie firm of Lnwhon & 
Co., still he refused to sell the olty 
stock. Chief Cummlngs, of the fjre 
department, and Chief Jnhn Jent^en, 
iof the sanitary department, test! Med 
that Alderman RflRarfale made the city 
money hy purc-haslng freeh slnclc for 
the city and dlRposIne; of the old down 
and out mules at hiph prices. 

J r R. Lawhon said that he sold moles 
to thf- city despite Alderman Raga- 
dtUe'8 injunntiDii because he believed 
he had the right to enter into a legiti- 
mate transaction with anyone. 

Most of the witnesses summoned 
from the sti>ek yards testified that 
they preferred not to deal with Alder- 
man Ragadalt; In the- matter of stock 
purchased for the city bfi^airse he grot 
the hotter of them. Among the wit- 
nesses were B*ranH Harper, of Harper 
Brothers: 9. "W- Herring, C G. Turner, 
Councilman Claude L. Aghley, W. C- 
Harper, 3. A. Latta, K- Hall, X P. 
Oglcabj'. T-V, B. Jernlgan. City Veteri- 
narian Jolly and the representatives of 
mercantile agencies. 

The commJtte will meet aSturday 
to formulate the report to council. 

Georgian Will Be Confirmed 

Director of Census — Wash- 
ington Post's Tribute. 


By Job* CorrlffBB* J*- 

, Wasnlnetpn, April SO.— (SpecHil,)— 
Opposition to William J. Harris' nomi- 
nation to be director of the census haa it fallen through. He was to- 
day given the almost unanimous In* 
doruement of the census committee, 
only one vote being: recorded against 
favorable action, and that was cast by 
Senator Townsend. of Michigan, which 
la the home state of B. Dana Darand, 
the incumbent. 

There were never atiy charges filed 
■against Mr. Harris or any argometu 
that he was unfitted for the position 
to which the president appointed htm- 
Tt was simply a case vf the fncunsbent 
desiring" to hold on, «ven thoug-h not a 
trained statistician. Mr. Harris' friends 
Insisted he was a splendid adminis- 
trative offLcer and painted to hla suc- 
cess in orKanlslnS" an insurance com- 
pany which now emnloya TOt) ag-ents 
and Es dolneT a large business- Such 
man was needed, they said, to direct 
the ■work of the statistical experts of 
the bureau. 

The Washington Post, In ah edito- 
rial Indorsement of Mr. Harris, today 
had this to say: 

"Those who know Mr. Harris ar<» 
aware of hl3 especial fitness for th a 
office to which President TVITaon hi? 
appointed him. Ha has demonstratsd 
unusual ability tn his own business, 
and It la not to his discredit that he 
has displayed ability, alao as chair 
man of the democratic state commit 
tee of Georgia. He la in Hympathy 
with the alma anfl Ideals of President 
"Wilson, and the president Is entitled 
to have about him men in whom he has 
confidence, who are in sympathy wltr* 
hint, and who are anxious to- malte his 
administration a success. 

"Mr. Harris is entitled to prompt 
confirmation by the nenatCn This is 
the president's desire and In the ah- 
aenc-e of any reason for holding 1 up the 
nomination, it la hie rlc;ht to expee 1 -. 
that the senate will act favorably at 

tntf t«n!«ht of .tBc Amirtsan. Sel^t. 
Paaee- lea«ii«t. the .ls*t : or.the.rPRoliBrt-, 
lUiir '.Hr&W- *t fSn tavtth: An&Ac*? 
Pc»ct conSri!iii : «B«'tin"I-- The Hrst?»*S- 
Blon of the cnnSR9> will lis held . to- 

'plase .tfn?' the, jitfflidt at U»fe'"ce'i^monle3"; 
at <i.ej3icaiti6u for m« JeCemon mivao-i 
riaL.' ■-•'.- 

It is one thing to make soda 
crackers that are occasionally 

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make them so that they are 
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Chemicals. Cameras, 93.00 to B=5XIX 

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"Write for catalogue. Quick mail order service. 
»A Good Pmc Siwrt"— (Two Aforei) AtlanCa. 

These Dealers Sell 


Silver- Leaf Brand 

Pure Lard 


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Barnett Bros. 
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J. T. Bell. 

M. W. Bradford. 

Bradford & Lanier. 

T. a. Brooks & Son. 

Barnes Cash Grocery Co. 

Brooka Grocery Co. 

J. F\ Brown & Sod. 

R. A. Broyles (6 stores). 

C. M. Bryan. 

Buchanan-Shelton Grocery Co. 

L, M. Bnrel. 

W. H. Burrongna. 

W. A. Byers. 

B. F. ByBeld. 
Brooks Bros. 
L. J. BenUey. 
X Roes, 

Cowan & MoaJey. 

Cash Grocery Company. 

Camp Grocery Company*. 

C. P. Cann. 

L. P. Chapman. 

Pink CheTry Market. 

W. W. Chiliiere. 

K, H. Comer. 

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T. F., 
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known aboe sales n 
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h!io« business and 
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Stewart Co., B5, 

. •'■^..i^.j*.-*.! 



So President Wilson Is In- 
formed by the Senators and 
Representatives From This 


President Wilson Will Take 
Ko Further Steps at Pres- 
ent — Bryan to Remain in 
California Until Settlement 

WashiTi.g"ion. April 30- — Inquiry at 
Lhn whlti: ho:iae today us to wha: 
inl^m ii*) President Wilson's attitude 
toward the: Wfbb Mil with ltd alCirrna- 
llv« oLaua*; pevmlttlnsr 'alt H-lions cllgl* 
bit tu c-Uizu-Uirtiip" to acquire land In 
OaJlff-irniiL, on whlc'n California feitfa- 
ta.tiv«; lt=H.dors ure now 3tU4 to t>e 
agrtcl. bruuffht the information thut 
the prvsldeiil iU'.-ithm! it yr-Jdem not to 
tflscn«s *;t rhlM lime tS^ nexoiiati£«J.H 
towfir*! ;lh (LiijUHtniRiit i>t t^ie con'r»- 
vn ray. 

In a Dt>li(->ale Statu*. 

The TfretfiMHrLt let It bi known th-"U 
l h i- eiitirt- aubjtu-t wm in a. delicti*; 
»t^i.tLLs iiind. thiu it wd» n^epriHary fur- 
thei" tn.1 sfudj' trift pruiJoaaJs of the Oa.1- 
tfor:]!;i l^frislativ*! lea-dcrs before the 
poaiiiii] of tin; nailotinl sowrnment 
could he fir. 11 uunc •■■<!. K Is believe*! th*j 
Jaf>H>i>*Hc H^nbusandor will bo sounded 
•>u: as tu the prohablf: r^<--:-ptloji of the 
Webb but in J ii pun sunt tin- L^al offi- 
r^m of the stiilo dvpartmo-nt may rt-n- 
ijcr w\ opinion a.s r^> whether the hut- 
Kiia^: tiow t'm|iii)v t H.| cdmKI be eon- 
atrui-d s.s a tl}ncriiiiiiia.ii*>ri L-r hi con- 
flict o_ treaty obllpii'ious, 

Thprn Is no liispuHitioii h.1 the white 
lions'? to rtiKdrd iaecn-tary Bryan's 
mlsftlun a.* havLnp hwn v:rpm.T>L«'c:cd. ilr. 
lirya.n probably ivlll stay on the ground 
until :hi; whole matter Is tJeflnltiily 
H.-L*-nrHtl Up. 

i.K riL'ini^ hen 1 cemmented today on 
th<- Ji-ip'Lrfrit 'net that anti-alien asi- 
tiLtiiin. suddenly bYiing-tit into proml- 
nerif*; ihrtjufch th> L p-rui-t*e ding's of the 
CiLjiturnii lf^slutnri-. is not L-onfin«d 
to ( '^ilTnmiu, t»Lit extends aver the 
whoit\ I'liciJ-lc ooiist and RocKy moun- 
tain arf'.-tiou Bvtii us far north at 

^oulfa«rp <!icn»^i>ni Back California. 

It iti«o WAS pointed out lhfl_t reCetiL 
utti-mrn-os of southern t^nn-tors and 
i't'[>rps*-iitiktlvt;H in congrfua indicated 
that thv sympathies fif that Section 
wi-re Hti-on^ly With the l*alll*uriils.iis hi 
this lasuu. 

It In rpffaraod is probable that thj 
Siresltl^n t* irumt-ijia tely upon Lhe return 
of Secretary tiry llr. will begin conul'i- 
feration at a, st-nera.1 policy for the 
tr*-:! t.iiL-nt of thfr Important question 
Qf l fir- extent to which the national 
g-ovvrniTient may or should so toward 
tnfr>rclnR- the treaty rights of aliens 
wlililn tho Htaies. Th* 1 nesotlatioTid 
wliii the Jfipannafl g'ovi'rnment, whlcfi 
art* Hxp^cletJ To follotv Ih^ aiitS^n In 
California, probably will be the means 
\>f >\ Avtiloplnft thin policy. 

The r^rpfllnont may deem it advisable 
to undi-rtiVkfj the nt gotlati^n of a new 
treaty of tradf^ q.nd ['ommerce wltn 
Japiin. and. truutrh it is realized that 
aprfrment on auch a. convention, sat- 
Itfj^Lng to pridD yet perma- 
nently suardfn^ against a Japanese 
"Invasiun." ■wciuld be fra.Light with 
^rfrat dlfflciiHy. Boine of the aftlci&ls 
are Inclined to the belief that tho thins 

Sli-iinivhll*; beyond speculating upon 
the possibilities of developments in 
Sacramento and perhaps quietly ndmon- 
lahlnn" the territorial authorities of 
Alaska ta abstain from any such ac- 
tton In the dlrpcrtson ot dlaortmlnatlnr: 
a,irnln^t Japanese fishermen, as wotiM 
arid to Its dlflSculty, there is little th4t 
i-a.n "be dOnp 111 W^sh'.nKUiU Until Sec- 
retary Hrynn returns to th.? capital. 



Sair^rr.OTito. r'al., April 30. — An ojitm 
rifi'ht nf w-d.y t<?r final action In the 
senate tomorrow rnomlne on tlie "Webb 
ant:-:ii^n land act was prepared to- 
d*iy' by floor Icjidora in tho upper 
h-junF. S7i6 before iomorro# rtij?M .i 
cuncrete expression *Jf the It'Sfiala ti:rp'p 
atltturir' toward -Secretary of PtiitO 
Hryan's dlplo-matic visit will be at" 
hand in ttu- shape of a vot^ on the 
niLt^T ds-aHtl^ land-holding act y^-l pi-o- 

Sfvrftary Uryan yp^nt thp day in Pan 
Vrftnc'.sca, not roturntng until late to- 
riiLrht. It -wart-nut lciH/W:i wh^t.niT In-: 
1" i*i r' | t , 5 - ;%"C l (i fi.:rther tr.striier iops frcm 
rir?:d'iii Wilson r^sriirdiiig: his prono- 
aiiii'ris tc A**.- !e crisis turf. 

■ K ft-w aiii-'iulmeii :s may be offered, 
Hu" thr'y wl',1 be resisted wiih tiie ful'. 
fiv\ t - of the administration leaders, 
\v ha st;Lti-d toiilprht that they expected 
{;:.• .*l'» to b t - iw^PPtl In 3ts prrsesjt 

Th-T' ivus wid.- d.i^b.tissicTi of th» 
n--w b;iT todiiy. aLthouph but littlv 
("iii.iH in whs forth ^om:i".er "fro m th c 
Pt.uidi'Oint of CalifurnU. Tn coTnparl- 
ph.l wUh various drafts that' pr«ei.d^d 
li rhi- Webb act Le ?aid to be more 
i!:.!;*tl<- mid effe«.!tlvi- in reaching 1 the 
,;m -i.iTit.\-ie fiirmpra ftf lh« static than any 
Olhui" propc-'sed mea«ur*J. and *t lh« 
Mi ni t ' lIith l^ast obj^ctic-nekble of all 
j"ilp::j an iiitf-rnA t lonal point of view. 

s**:unor Tiiump^uii d kc I arod tonlgrlit 
th;i t thr bill provided fut- '"tlit; imme- 
dJiii^ mid direri sohrtic-ii of the Japan- 
a-*- probb ni." iLiid to ttiiw ^xteni. |i is 
rhi- :no>t r'.Jild ;t;irt '.m-'oraproni^lrii! 
niLasure thitt Iih? b^-en sUffBTcstei J>en- 
a;or Tnomrson denied that the word- 
ing 1 uf the act f*r any part of U t-an be 
taken a.s a cono^s-sion t</ th«j objertlons 
<vf Secretary Uryan. and Governor 
Joh:ittf>n stated today that frt>m what 
he uTiderstOud nf I tie situaLloii. Ihe 
meiis'irt' did not h»ve the approval of 
President Uilson, 

Will Bar thf Japanese. 

A eiowe study u f the. Webb bill shows 
Ihe full r\te*i: of the restrictions 
plact*2 iifiOr. niirnr: wh<j are n-ot per- 
mitted to bufOniH citizens, although the 
limitations ai"p pr+>cl^*d>- tht^e- imposed 
tn the existins" treaty bet-ft - een the 
ITnlted States and Japan, China and 
other nations whose subjects ar* :n- 
pllS^lblie. In the ran« of the Japanese, 
the/y are prohibited entirely from ac- 
qtilrlngr or holdins 1 land for farming or 
a^ricuitijral purpasea t and it Is declared 
the passaS* 1 of the a<?t will j>ut an end 
eligible. In the caa& oT the. Japanese, 
farming colonies but ^i-^ntually to the 
colonies themselves. 

This purpose ^ f *' k *.' (-"at (s effeo-te-^ 
lp two ways: 

H *l- On the death of a,n aLi-sn lan^- 

avruGT tUft lilll p-tovidee . tfcat ftte 
oTPnorshtp coases abd. that the jwoj>er- 
ty must Iw talftn over by the probate 
co-urt and »old to the < highest bidder- 
Under .Its terniB an alien cannot be- 
queath re*l property except to a citl- 
aen. The procefeda from the flale of 
(such lend are dlstlbuted to the heirs 
by the court, v 

"2. No leases whatsoever are per* 
mUtetf. Orlg-JnaJly it was planned to 
permit leases covering 1 a maximum 
period of three to five years, but the 
Wehb a.ct denie& this opportui\lty for 
colonization by aliens and provides 
that any l^ase of agricultural lands u 
subjee.t to escheat to the. atatft on the 
day It. is beenn. To make this more 
effective the "bill provides that wh:n 
suit is besun to escheat auch leasaa 
tnc court aha]l appraise th« leaap, 
sell tne property at a forced, aale and 
ysy the value of the lease to the state. 
The remainder of the proceeds shall 
■tfo to the citizen owner of the land." 
Will Prohibit Lraae*. 

It Lb held that this section of the Act 
will b« ttbaolute-ly prohibitory upon al] 
li.-afi*>fi of ^E;rlCuItural la-nda whether 
for gardening purposes or otherwise. 

Ac^orclin^ to Senator Thompsnn, 

who baa made a. study of the bill, the 
theory Is as follows: 

Only tdtLzertn and those *fll£lbl^ to 
hecome citizens muy be proprietor^ or 
land. They may employ Jftpiineife and 
Chfneae, but they cnimoi lease jr 
otherwise E lL- e such aliens 3-n Interest 
or share in their proprietorship. Suc'h 
land a* la now held by Japanese and 
Chinese f-annot fan br-QitPii.the/1 to thofr 
alien heirs. It mu^t be aol<l. 

"T.he practical r^ault if the bill." 
said Senator Thompsp.- . "will be that 
all further acqutnit' jfs will be pre- 
vented, leasing cr-onies will be ex- 
terminated and at the end of the pres- 
ent generation niOHt Of the I&.nil now 
lield by Ja-pe-nea© and Chlneso Tvili be 
owned by citlzen-p-" 


Tlit; buur<i ot directors of -,fic U*ry 
National bank has s-dontttd resolutjonss 
GXTfreBelns sorrow over the death of 
former Vice President JoaHph T. Orme. 

IiTp resolutions yta.te that hi? char- 
acter Inspired conffdence, his Infiu- 
cncij \vas of value to the huslness eom- 
n^unlty and that the banking lnteresits 
nf the country, a^ w^ll as hip city, 
have suffered a 3»vere loss by hl$ 

Copies of the r'.'soiutlons xkctc nent 
i hi?? family and a page of the mln- 

r* fit thp board Hot ahavt as a ner- 
maTient record of the same. 



But It Is Only 2.8 Per Cent for 

Belt— Georgia Shows a 

Small Decrease. 

New York, Aprtl 30. — (Special. > — 
PrelminO-ry estimates ol acreage, the 
amount of fertilizers used and the 
eae-lfness or Jatenees Of the season as 
ascertained by The Journal of Com- 
merce and Commercial Bulletin 
through 1*000 replies of special cor- 
respondents of an ; average " dart.e ot 
April 23 indicate an Increase In acre- 
ase over last year of --S per cent. As 
many correspon'dent5 regarded H as 
too early to take definite estimates 
this result must he reprard^d. as ten- 
tative a-nd subject to revision In our 
next monLh's r^porr. A year ago no 
estimate waa attempLed owlnc; to the 
lateness of the season. 

Acreage inc.i-ea.MeK or decrea-soB and 
daya late or eaiiy are shown by states 
in the flccanipanyirvg Lable: 

L,a.te or 
Tnf. or Dec. Early 

North Oarullna PJua 1-3 21^ 

Boiit.ii Carotin*. °-° Tlj 

Cftorgla Minus 1-? ^L 

Florida Minus fi.2 8L. 

Alabama Minus 0,S 31, 

MlsHtsslppl nua S. 5 

Louisiana ^ Plu» 200 "** 

Texas Pin* 3^ tflf- 

Arkansas PImb 4 -3 

Tvr.nessee Minus S.3 

Missouri Plus 0.0 1L 

Oklahoma -■ Pluj 9+0 1L 

Avera-Se nlns 2.6. 

Important increases are shown in 
MlasisaiPTi! with 3.& per cent, Louisiana 
with £0 per cent. Texas with 3-S per 
enr.t. Arkansas wLth 4-'i per cent and 
Oklahoma with 9 per rent. Decreases 
are noted In Georgia n'Uh 1-" vo/r cent, 
Alabama with OS per cent and Ten- 
nessee with 3 ptr cent. 

The lessened fear of the boU weevil 
bay induced many farmers to heavily 
increase their cotton acreage, which 
iF. particularly notLcealite In Loulsia-ns. 
hut jiart of" t-hia Ls due to sugar land 
goin£ Into cotton. Fertilizers arc 
more libyvally us^d In nearly all see- 

Too much rain vrith low tempera- 
tures early * n the season, left the 
ground cloddy and hnjrd; this Was fol- 
lowed bv dry weatner, preventing 
germination and neeepsltatin^ con- 

Fine Silk Shirts 

\^e are showing" a won- 
derful range of patterns in fine 
Silk Negligee Shirts, with 
French cuffs, in new and 
unique color combinations, 
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silks, but colors that are guar- 
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The popular demand for 
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Fancy patterns and plain 
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shoes k^m^^ 

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lljAU I IUH mMum m« hum. 


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onita diner cm mc f&CKTr uid wrv ,h* middleauui'i 

L pniat. Stio« for owtay nmnber or tb« funllr, 
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V Write far ttlimCvntBa' CialalaK. tt 

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Pretty Young Sioeeiheart^Goines 
To the Aid of Arthur Muttinax 

Pearl Robinson, the pretty 16-pear- 
old Bweetheart of Arthur Kulllfltuc. 
jama nobly to his defense with teati- 
money that corroborated that suspect's 
alibi. She was placed on the atand late 
In the »fternoon. 

"Tta you know Arthur Muilinax?" 
"J am well acquainted with him." 
"Do you go with him?" 

"Wei-e you with him Bs-turday?" 
"Yes! At aupper and to the theater." 
"What time did you get lioiriG?" 
"About 10:30 o'clock." 

"Wis he wirti you at that time?" 
"He wag-'' 

"Did he so l -i when you returned 

"No. He leif tor his howc" 

"Dtd yon know Mary Phagan?" 

"I never saw her.* 

"Had you ever heard of her? ,r 

"Yen. A lot." 


"Sh* was a topic of neighborhood 
praise for her appearance In the Chrla^- 
roM performance In the Jefferson street 
church last year. She played the part 
of "Sleeping- Beauty/ " 

slderable replanting, stands where ob- 
tained were generally poor exeept in 
Texas, and moat states are badly 
needing a good warm rain. 

Compared with a year ag"« prospects 
are much more favorable, when rains 
were so excessive a-s to make ' tfae 
season two to three weeks backward. 

Miller to Assist Lane. 

WaHhlnE"ton, AprU 34. — Secretary 
Lane late today announced the selec- 
tion of Professor Adolph C. Miller, of 
Berkeley. CaJ., to be ftrat aaaiEtant 
aecretary o£ the interior department. 
The nomination will ho Bent to the 
senate In the near future. He naa 
been 'a proiessor at thtt University t>T 
California since 1303- 

Manages Cliftoit Hotel. 

Carrolltort. Ga,. April 30. — (Special.) 
H. D. WilUams, Jr., farmer manager of 
the Charles hotel of Weat Poit t la no* 
In charge o^ the Clifton hotel here-'Mr. 
Wtlliama Is an experienced hotel man 
and the traveHns public will "be de- 
llg-hted to kriot^ that he no whafl 
nharge -t>f the ne^r hotel at Oarrollton. 
The CliCton, reeenQy completed. Is in 
every respect aji up-to-flate bote]. 

Pomp Ehafer^ alao of West Point, 
Will assist in the management. 

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Goodrich Tires 

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Goodrich Tires 

The tread of a Goodrich Tire* instead 
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It Is of tht tire— not merely put *n ft. 

This Ls one reason why the thick, tough 
Goodrich tread does not peel or strip. 

Unit molding is the great principle of 
construction in Goodrich Tires* It whs 
the way we mode the first American* 
diQcher tire t sixteen years ago. We 
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In our forty-three years of snccesaful 
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The whole Goodrich Tire— layers of 
rubber-impregiiated fabric, strips of pure 
rubber! extra strips thickening' and rein- 
farcipjr the sides and eliminating chances 
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lively, integral structure — a unit. 

No weak places — no dead spots because 
of over TuleanMnff. 

The result Is long, satisfactory, uni- 
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"We'll send yon free our folders telling 
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Your tire dealer will supply you with 
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The B. F. Goodrich Co. 
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BrtlKfiea and Barrtce Stations la AIT 
Frtnn]p«l Citlia. DmIht. EvOfywllare. 

Write tat Oomlrfcti 
Route Bo* omtitu 
lb. »nlo tool loo k- 
itA Tbe» book* are 



Faicbury, Neb., April aO. — John Meaj. 
of HasUnss. "Neb., ohot. and Wile* his 
wife and himself In a bearding honsi 

here ', earJ3r "toaay.r;"He -™'^ ^*P*j . : 
.for a harvester eom'-oanr. ..Se i p l ^"<f.^?*'. 
yaws of a«e and his wife waa **^ It 
is bollevod that tha 'traBeoly';'!!** ( *WB .. 
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Be good to your feet this time; Ij 1 

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a. step 
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P.M. He* Sho. Co,. Matrrt,*i*&al*r, HnHwtdtn 


ao $350 44. for 


17 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Conducts a General Banking Business - 

Capital and Surplus . §600,000.00 
Resources . . . . . $1,600,000.00 


Acts under authority of the law as Executor, 
Administrator,, Guardian, Trustee, Registrar, 
Transfer Agent, Receiver and in all trust capaci- 

Operates modern fireproof and burglar proof 
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uals and corporations and compartments for filing 
wills and deeds, also storage department for val- 
uable packages, in which space may be rented for 
three, six, nine or twelve months. 

The officers and trustees solicit your banking 
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at our banking house. 


W. J. - noRMSOV, President GEO. S. LfittVOEM, Vle*-t*rea. 

J. SCOTT TOUD. Jr., S*cr*tary toVlA'S. SFEtfClfl & IIOOEE, 
T. C TRIPPER Tre«siirer 


HELNKV Hll^f.Vl^ll, Ch^ii-uimi of &M*d 


Jaek J. SpfitdliiB: 

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^ * 'Page Six 

mmpr*.','l .'i' iuj; i«..i p«"' 

THE C0NS3T|DWGH. ATTiaK'&A^ , <JA.- !J?miHgrjAY^ MAY 1, 1913s 

J,;,»l:^ : l #M»M!*fWp^ 


EMablUard !«•» 

Pabluhni Da3y. SnnJay. Tri- Weekly 



Editor maJ Gtacrml MuHtfir. 

Dtnctti*; Clarfc Howell, H&by RaMnno. 
Albert HowelL Jr, H- R. Black. H, W. Ormdy- 


Entered - t»e postofAe* at Atlant* ■* 

second-class ib*-ll ma W"*- - ._ 


Onufcu ftutto* ud Al ex i n * 

tO to U-P"B* p*|^e*-,-- .--.--.-... — *--* * 

IX to *i-JI»ffe pape* '* *.- -^ 

»4 tu tttt-pafe >«p«r-.-*- . .. ---■** -.--■-• -T 

uw to B d-tfmg-r pager.,- ».■., ...-■ "^ 

ATLANTA, GA., M ay 1 F 1913. 

*Lii*a^.Hi**' ■■■**"*» **k fti* li» 

jJalT »««» .Daily 

«-«u. •££ **£ 

Hi SfSiV— sU'^ui" »i^*» « ««ti»..»j : us 

1IU- « KtJii-l. «m »*»* - - • - - - • ■ - "™ 

UAiL.1 j«J«u Sns«*A». tor «*r»ler rfcllr- 

B«» »e. Meek l» »■!"» ™ 

p«r duiiUU •*• 

CBta, ile oJ Alfaaln. 1> ** »wk. - * - ■ "• 

t**r iMItll • - - • «• *"" 

J H. HOi*L.IX>AY, ConatlLutSoa Bultdlns. 

auisldu ol Quanta. 

The ttHdredo ol Wia Wa*mnHton Burfflu at 
Tim ConsUtiitian la No. 1121 S atreot. N.W.. 
«r. Join Uorrigsm. Jr- «taff correajWidMU. 
In ehirBe. 

THE CONSTITUTION In on malm in N*J« 
To'k dlj by 2 J>- >»• tta di l' ader Ibbuo. " 
can t'O had ai HataHne's New "I aIldB t ^VS, » 
iai and Forty -second street Times buliaina 
Tori!") Thirty -elltQtn street and Broad- 
way and Twenty-ninth street and Bro ad way. 

notice: to subscribers. 

Our tr*v*Ua« representative* are *-**. 
TAX.ROT and C. Q. SMITH. Be sura that 
you d» not o»y anyone els*. _^_ 

Not rtssponaible for advanced payments 
niad^ to oat-oi-town local carrier, dealer or 


Ttia traditional Hospitality nf Atlanta 
faces a uniaua opportunity in the conven- 
ing bere on May 15 oE the executive bodies 
of every branch of the Presbyterian churcH 
in America. The event la an epoch in the 
world o£ religion. Between 1.500 and 2,000 
visitors "*-itI be in attendance, diridert be- 
tween delegates and others attracted by 
the historic importance of the occasion. 

The Presbyterians of '"Atlanta do not 
ask a penny for the entertainment of the 
guests of the city. They have subscribed 
the funds necessary; but they do ask. with 
confidence, that the homes of the city he 
opened to theee guest?-, without regard to 
denomination. One thousand homes have 
been offered by the Presbyterians of the 
city. It ia estimated that 500 additional 
homes will be needed. Feeling that the 
unprecedented, nature of the event lifts it 
far above denominational significance, those 
in charge of the gathering; iaaue an invita- 
tion to Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Jew, 
Ajiscopalian, Christian, Congregationalism 
"Tartarian — 'people of all creeds — to co- 
operais in the housing of the city's visitors. 

Thern is no doubt that Atlanta will 
^.prompt!}- respond. The Presbyterians were 
Invited as Atlanta's guests, all denomina- 
tions, the chamoer of commerce and other 
civic organizations participating in the invi- 
tation. As an instance of the readiness 
■nith which the Atlanta spirit is already 
meeting the situation, action taken yester- 
day at a lady's luncheon at the Piedmont 
Driving club and, reported elsewhere, ia 
significant. Here the scope and purposes 
of the gathering were stated, and in short 
order the guarantee of a large part of the 
homes needed] was forthcoming. Plana and 
an organization for the canvassing of the 
city were perfected. Response should be so 
prompt that by Saturday night the list 
should he oversubscribed with the same 
spontaneity which has now for four times 
oversubscribed the grand opera guarantee. 

The unprecedented character of the 
gathering itself, bringing together repre- 
sentatives of every branch of the Presby. 
terian faith the world over, in .itself should 
guarantee full response to the call. For 
the first time in sixty years the executive 
bodies of the church In America meet at 
the same time and place, holding in sev- 
eral instances common sessions. 

If this were not enough Atlanta's obliga- 
tion to itself simply in the matter of hos- 
pitality should open every home that is 

The Presbyterian element in Atlanta 
has. ever been in the front ranks of those 
giving freely of time, brain and money to 
the advancement of the civic, religious and 
material interests of this city. If this re- 
quest for the opening of 500 non-Presbyte- 
rian homes had no stronger a basis than 
that of merely expressing- reciprocal appre- 
ciation of the splendid public spirit of the 
Presbyterians of Atlanta it should meet 
with quiet response. 

The Constitution has no doubt that by 
Saturday enough homes will be registered 
to accommodate every prospective visitor. 

It's up to prospective guests who do 
not approve of Secretary Bryan's wineless 
dinners to fold their tents and plead pre- 
vious engagements. 

The vice president's utterances indicate 
that his private and public opinion is that 
the president himself is not "tie only one." 

Cheer up. it hasn't been cold enough 
to snow under one picnic train this winter. 

, ,. j ' With regard to Japan ; HobBon hasn't 
\'n$ tad the I-told-yon-so habit of late. 


pf "a..;ji»rt' with the general indictment 
of HUcbcockisni^and its ruinous policy of 
"parsimony" fa tn,e brant denial by the rail- 
ways — backed by proof — of the claim of the 
former posttsaster general that they are 
hidng overpaid for carrying the malls of 
the country. They declare on tbe contrary, 
substantiating their claims with figures, 
that they are actually underpaid, and that 
Hltchcocffi allegations are based on delib- 
erate Juggling of figures. "Whether credence 
ia to be given to Hitchcock or the railroads 
is not an lesae. The statements made by 
the latter are so circumstantial ' that, in 
common fairness, it Is likely congress will 
give them a full healing, especially since 
Hitchcock has practically admitted the in- 
justice of his course. 

It is impossible to give the technical de- 
tail of the railroads' contentions, but their 
chief points, summarized, are that Hitch- 
cock's claims were based upon figures of 
railroad cost and revenue tn November, 
1909, which the railroads say Is que of the 
smallest months of the year, or at least 
thoroughly untypical. They show that they 
are at enormous expense to build, furnish 
and maintain speclai postoffi- cars, and 
that the transportation of the messengers 
brings them nothing, contrary to the regu- 
lations applying to the transportation of all 
other classes of individuals. The point is 
made that Hitchcock based his charge of 
overpay largely upon a remuneration to the 
railroads of "coat" of transportation phis 
6 per cent, malting no allowance whatever 
for the cost of value of the property, nor 
even of the cost of cars. That principle 
applied to any business would, it is de- 
clared, bring bankruptcy. Htohcock claims 
It cost the railroads (2.676,503 in November 
to carry the mails; tbe railroads' claim is 
$4,009,184. He made this reduction of 50 
per cent, tbe railroads say. by "kiting" ex- 
penses between passenger and freight serv- 
ice, and regulating the estimate of floor 
space used to suit himself. In a subsequent 
letter to Senator Bourne, written as he was 
about to leave office, Postmaster Genera! 
Hitchcock agreed to make substantial 
changes in his first recommendations, cov- 
ering many of the points above alluded to. 

The allegations of the railroads are suffi- 
ciently serious to Justify their thorough in- 
vestigation by congress. It is due not only 
to the people of this country, but equally. to 
the railroads, that they be paid a fair price 
for carrying the mails. The main witness 
for the railroads' side is the known ten- 
dency of the former postmaster to innld 
facts and figures to suit his "economy" 
policy. If he has done so in thlB Instance 
the injustice should be repaired. 



Councirs favorable consideration of the 
re co aim end at ion of the board of education 
looking, to the introduction of penny lunches 
in the school system of Atlanta would be 
well received by tbe city. The board of lady 
TieitorB to the schools, at tbe instance of 
Mrs. V. TT. Kriegsh after, inaugurated the 
movementj and it has been tried with great 
success at tbe Inman Park school. For a 
penny the pupil is sold an appetizing and 
nutritious lunch. Tbe manner In which the 
enterprise baa been patronized in this one 
school Is an indication of Its need through- 
out tbe system. 

The sum naked of council will simply 
provide the equifimant needed to extend 
the movement to other schools. It will not. 
of course, purchase food, pay cooks or pro- 
vide for other indispensable incidentals. The 
lady Tisitors, In co-operation with the 
Parent-Teacher associations, hope that once 
the plan is thoroughly launched they can ob- 
tain enaugti subscriptions to greatly broaden 
its usefulness. Already public-spirited mer- 
chants have given freely to the movement. 

The citizen unacquainted with the rou- 
tine of school life scarcely realizes the part 
the penny lunch can be made to play in 
the betterment of the system. It Is a 
common practice lor the children in all 
grades to carry lunch to school with teem. 
Classes open at 8:30 a. m., and from that 
hour until 2 p, m., when school closes, is a 
long interval for pupils, especially the 
younger ones, to go without food. In many 
of the cities of the east and tbe middle 
west the penny lunch has solved the prob- 
lem. More than one municipality considers 
the matter of such Importance that it sup- 
plied the lunches gratis to the pupils. 

The board of education has recommend- 
ed that council appropriate $3,500 as an aid 
to get the movement on its feet in Atlanta- 
Money applied to that end would be well 

They celebrate the anniversary of the 
birth of Shakespeare in New York, but 
seldom do they stage his plays. 

Even the spring garden man has failed 
to bring down the high cost of living to a 
reasonable basis. 

The aviators are evidently bent on mat- 
ing big business for the m Dnumen t 1 uc- 

As soon as China needs to negotiate a 
loan she asks the reat of the world to pray 
for her. 

Hunger strikes are not new. We've all 
had to go on them since the high cost of 
living struck us. 

What a great congress tt 1b— willing to 
work all summer and not charge overtime 



Althangh perfection beyond us lies. 
Grand is the worker who dares ana tries! 
Who greatly darker ehall greatly do. 
Unto Mm sometimes his dream cornea true; 
Who- ao lets wisdom control hia mind, 
JSven through f&llurfl success may find. 


Tn the imperfect hid often lies 
Beauty, seen bat by an artist's eyes: 
Patience the master's work must fulfill — 
Say, when you fait: "I am IcarntnE- still." 
■— CHAaa^lS3 W. HUBNfiR, 

Maralaar tn -the World. 

The cold has left the country, the winter- 

flagB a.ra furled, 
Brig-bt light from the hilltopa sayfl "Morn- 

* io.g 1 to the world t" 
Joy Is blithely Bineine 1 a Bong from star 

to star, 
And atl the bells are ringing "Good 

morntns." from aJar- 


And let Joy sing fore'ver until the heavens 

And Happiness In all the world Is reading 

her BrVfiet name; 
Singing on the- highway — Love In a- dream 

.m pearled — 
Brigrht light from the hilltops, and "Morning 

to tfafl world." 


Here Is a note of sympathy from The 
Houston Post: 

"ains"-Ging--Gopphnfl of the RprlnffflftLd 
Union, is In a Springfield hospital, eurreund- 
ed by pretty nurses who are pulling; his 
tee*- Hia rlg-ht leg; Ho broke it while try- 
ing to board a Springfield street car. From 
which we <3en3ue** that the car had. a high 
step and that Glnf? was wearing the Bkin- 
tight trousers which are said to be the 
fashion Jn New Knslandl- Here's hoping 
that the nurses are as beautiful aa we hope 
they are, and tb&t tbe physician nreBcrlbea 
milk punch, re-jrularly. Also that the claim 
afient of the struct railway company does 
the rljrrht thing." 

l Lltrrary Note, 

"That poet doesn't wear long hair now?" 
J *Xn; he made enough out of his recently 

pnhlieh-fd volume of poems to have his hair 


Tfcr Jnlpp'M np 1he Wbt. 

Tline will not turry — swiftly does It fly; 
If we freeze not in December we'll not melt 

In July; 
Winter's always dreaming of meadows 

sweet with May. 
And: when the sun Is blazing the Julep's 

on the way. 

Fine world, believe us, where a fellow loves 

to stay. 
When high the eua's a-tllmbfn + — when the 

Julep's on the way; 
Joy of the aurnmer la stilt beyond all price 
"When you g-llmpaa tha juicy Julep — hear the 
clinking" of the ice. 


Hcud By the- Wuyftidr:. 

Wisdom doesn't remain In some settle- 
ments long- enough for the people to make 
Its acaualntantft. 

Dftn't malfe a tilflce for Troifble at Life's 
fireside and hp'll keep his toneaome way to 
the rainy woods. 

It's folly tn stay in the dim valleys vriii*rt 
th*i hills are beckoning anil shouting 1 halle- 

lula to yon. 


Take Wl»* Prophet. 

In winter saying that the summer 
Will bfi a mighty earTy comer; 
And when nld Wlntf-r'B on the go 
And summer burns the world below 
He's always prophesying snow. 


XTe suits the seasons, day hy day; 
I^c's welcome where the weary stay; 
A friend to Ufa In storm and strife*, 
So-eing 1 rosers where the thorns are rife — * 
The O'pttmiat-'Of love and life. 

HIh Limited Infer-in at J on. 

Out at the TSurnB Club cottage recentlr 
a -visitor, pointing to a portrait of Robert 
Burns, eald to the old colored caretaker: 
"You know who that is, don't you?" 
"Well, suh," he replied, "all I knows i# 
dey calls him 'air. Burns ;' I hear tell h« 
built die house." 


On the Happy R«mfl. 

An long- as a streak of sunshine ■ 

Is lierhting; up your soul 
Thank the Lord you're living 

And let the old world roll! 

What Is the Remedy? 

Editor Constitution: A social condition 
and atmosphere that would produce a desire 
to commit a crime so horrible aa that of 
Saturday night shouTd claim the considera- 
tion of society, The condition of a heart 
that should find pleasure a, id satisfaction In 
subjecting GocTa fairest and purest creation 
to such horror is beyond picture or descrip- 
tion. What's the remedy? 


April 28, J913. 

Has a New Explanation. 

Editor Constitution: I notice with Inter- 
est the reward/ your most worthy paper Is 
nfferlng 1 for the brutal murderer of Mary 
PhttEwi. To say words of praise for you 
would only be adding to "what many others 
have said, and tt would only be another 
testimonial of your love for your city and 
state, which you have always shown, and 
which you show now in trying to avenge the 
death of this pure girl. I truly hope the 
murderer will ue caught and convicted, and 
in that way we can help to wipe the stain 
from oar slate as much as la jiow possible. 
But, what about the future.? 

The oauEQ of this brutal murder Is 
whisky; the murderer formed his holrith ■ 

New News of Yesterday 

How Calttnei Fellow* Happen*! t* 
Settf* la Nerw TT»«p 



At the democratic national convention 
of, 188* the two conspicuously brilliant ora- 
tors were Bourke Cockran, of New York. 
ahd John R. Fellows, at that time assistant 
district attorney of New York city. Of' great 
local prominence before this national gath- 
ering, they gained national reputations by 
reason of their brilliant oratory. After- 
wards Colonel Fellows became district at- 
torney for the county of New York and, 
later, was elected to congress. He died while 
serving as a representative in the first part 
of Cleveland's second administration. 

Mr. Cock ran was also elected to congre&a, 
where ho served , for several terms. Shortly 
after the democratic national convention of 
1884 Colonel fellows was - asked how he, 
who had served In the 
confederate army and 
after waras practiced 

law in Arkansas, hap- 
pened to sro to New 
York and begin a new- 
career in the metrop- 

""Welt/' said Colonel 
Fellows. "It was all 
owing, I suppose, to 
Horatio Seymour, who 
was a democratic can- 
didate for the presi- 
dency !u 1S6B. Some- 
what unexpectedly, cer- 
tainly without any so- 
licitation On my part, I 
"was elected as a dele- 
gate to the democratic 
national convention of 
1S63, representing In part my flt&te of Ar- 
kansas. I was no.t particularly anxious to 
spend the month or more which would be 
required If I attended the convention, for at 
that time It would have taken the greater 
part of a week to get from my home In 
Arkansas to New York city, where the con- 
vention was held, and, of coutbk, a similar 
period of time for returning. Th^n we would 
have to be upon the ground a few days be- 
fore the convention met, and nobody could 
tell how long It would be In session. 

"I figured that it would take at least *the 
beat part of a month. It so happened that I 
had somfl Important law matters which were 
coming to a head In that month. However, 
I was able to arrange these, and I thought- 
the crp«rlcnce would be worth whil*>, bo I 
attend pd the convention as a delegate, 

"i was immensely pleased with the per- 
sonality of Horatio Seymour, who was the 
presiding officer of that convention. Person- 
ally I favored the nomination of George H. 
Pendleton, of Ohio, for president. 

"T think It was the second day of the 
session that a friend said to me: "John, 
Harotio Seymour has been asking ail about 
you. ffe was attracted to ynq Oy your per- 
sonal appearance and by the reputation that 
hue reached him of your abilities as an 
orator. lie says that you strongly resemble 
In personality Stephen A. Douglas, for whom 
Horatio Seymour had unbounded admira- 

- "I said that 1 bad* been told before that 
my short stature, robust bulkl and the size 
and shape of nry head had caused other peo- 
ple to (*peak of a fancied resemblance be- 
tween Douglas and myself. ' 

"My friend replied that, anyway, Seymour 
thought he discovered a resemblance, and 
that he was very anxious to meet me. 

"Well, at the Erst convenient opportu- 
nity — T think It was just after Seymour had 
been nominated for the presirl^cy — I intro- 
duced myself. Ho took me aside and we had 
a chat which changed my entire career. He 
told me tha.t Arkansas offered no fcufnclent 
opportunity at that time for a man of my 
abilities. He urged me to give up my resi- 
dence in Arkansas and to open a law office 
In New York. He aaid he would speak to a 
few of bis Influential friends in New York 
city ahtiTjt me- 

"Well, I was delighted with the idea of 
opening a law office In New York, and now 
that Seymour had given me assurance that 
he would help ma until I got started I felt 
that It" w^a^-safe to.- make the venture. 

'"Che governor was as good as hia word, 
and he interested friends In me so that I 
was able to/secure a comfortable income un- 
til T wag tfalrly 7 launched in law practice. 
From a money point oE view, I should have 
done bette/r If I bad stuck to my practice 
instead of accepting political office, r have 
been almost constantly in political ofiice 
since I removed from Arkansas to New York, 
1 might have had a political career if I had 
stayed in. Arkansas." 



Appreciation Is tbe Salt that savors the 
work and life of tlie World. "Without Ap- 
preciation for what we do and without Ap- 
preciation for what Is done for us, the 
rnei-est task would become a burden and the 
Sunshine would go down out of the Hearts 
of People- 

Express your Appreciation. 

Appreciation 1b often' withheld for fear 
of an advantage being - Laken of it_ Nothing 
could he so foolish. Such a man takes ad- 
va.ntag'e of himaelt. Appreciation acts like 
oil on the dry, worn parts of a machine, it 
starts everything to runnl-ng smoothly. Con- 
tinued Appreciation keeps things running 
smoothly, Also it saves wear. 

Express your Appreciation. 

People waste away, render but half serv- 
ice, and finally drop back In the race simply 
through a lack of Appreciation. Apprecia- 
tion ie not only one of the most powerful 
Tonics on earth— it's an actual necessary 
Food. And without it no one partakes of a 
Balanced Dlet- 

Express your Apprcclation. 

If you are an Employer and one of vour 
Helpers doea good work, toll him so. And 
If you are a Helper «nd your Employer en- 
courages you on. tell him no in thanks and 
increased! service. Appreciation stirs and 
stimulates. It ^oe« to a man's soul as an 
electric current to the sensitive nerve cen- 

Express your Appreciation, 

Appreciate the chance to Live. Appre- 
ciate yofir Health, your Home, your Father 
and Mother, your Friends, your Opportunity. 
Some of these you may not have. But ap- 
preciate what you do have^ — and greater 
gifts will hourly be added. 

plot while under the influence of whisky. 
Plead as much as they "wish for a dean city, 
until you rise in your might, and crush this 
liquor evil from the stat*. never will your 
city be free from the black crimes that dis- 
grace Georgia. Whisky and alcohol are the 
root and foundation of 00 per cent of all 
crime. Some years ago we-^ banished! the 
open saloon, where only a man could drink; 
but as a substitute you have the saloon that 
is open, and not looked down upon, where 
mere children can be aeon, where pure elrls 
of tender years can be carried for suppers. 
and drink. There la the cabaret on your 
streets to Inre the unsuspecting. 

"Write one more edltoMal. Indorse your 
offer of reward with a pica for a cleaning 
up of tho places \that ruin, that operate on 
Sundays when the platuro shows have to 
close, that K» on all day when the church 
can only run an hour. 


Albany, Ga^ April 33, X^lSi 

the Worid's Mysteries 


Of no one who has figured prominently 

in connection with the early history of this 
country is there so little known as there Is 
regarding Hendrlk Hudaon. He was bora- 
no one knows where and when. He died — no 
one knows when or how. Historians first 
present him standing on the quarter-deck of 
a small ship hound for the North Pole- They 
draw the veil over him at the moment that 
he took to the small boat In Hudson's bay 
with eight other sailors, all of whom were 
completely lost to the world. 

Hudson was the discoverer of the mighty 
river and the bay that are named for him* 
He suddenly flashed before the republic, re- 
mained a prominent figure for four brief 
years, and then disappeared as If the sea 
bad swallowed him up. No one knew his 
age at the time ht made his discoveries. He 
was barn somewhere in England and some 
time In the sixteenth" century. His father 
and grandfather are vaguely supposed to 
have been London merchants and interested 
In tho Muscovy company. 

Hudson first appeared in history on April 
IS, 1KG7. In that year, with his 16-year-old 
son, J^hn, and ten mariners, he sailed from 
England as captain of the Muscovy Com- 
pany'e little sixty-ton ship Hopewell. His 
object was to discover tbe North Pole and! 
to sail across it to China or India. He be- 
lieved that he could reach the Orient through 
a sea passage somewhere In the frozen north. 
He was frustrated by the ice and returned 
home with this first voyage a disappointed 
man. He made a second attempt with the 
same result. 

It was on April A, 1G09, that Hudson sailed 
from Amsterdam in the "Half-Moon" and 
entered Delaware Bay. Finding this bay 

was not ilia transcontinental strait he Bonght.'^ 
he sailed nortnwarfi along the coast and on:'' 
September 3, 1609,'reacthed lower Mew York. 
Bay, landing: at Coney Island. From there 
he pTooeeaod to Manhattan Island ana sailed" 
qp the river -which now bears his name. He ' 
no doubt thought that this might bo the 
Jangr-aought « "e trail" for which he was 
searching. He went as far as the stream 
was navigable, and, heartsick at his dis- 
appointment, he returned again to Holland. 

It was the report that Hudson made to 
the Dutch that decided them to settle New 
York. He called! what we now know as Hud- 
son river, the "River of the Mountains" <m 
account of the high bluffs that reach up 
from each bank almost Its entire distance. 

But Hudson was not satisfied and In 1610 
he again set sail for the new wodld in the 
hope of eventually finding the passage, for 
Which he had worked so earnestly. He 
steered his course further north, and sailed 
along the Inlet until he camu into the wide 
waters of what La now known as Hudaon 
Bay. This bay, it Is thought he mistook for 
tbe Polar Sea, but after learning his mistake 
he continued to push onward In his insane 

Finally hia ci-ew mutinied "because tha 
food supplies ran low* and th^y djecided to 
return home. So, on June 25. 1611, Hudson, 
his son and seven of the most diseased of 
the seamen were set adrift In an open boat 
This wae the last that was ever heard of 
Hudson or any of his party. An expedition 
was serj,t out from England to search for 
them some time afterward, but no trace of 
the boat or occupant could be found. 

No one has ever been able to learn the 
fate of the miserable little boat-loafl. It is 
not known whether they perished in the 
waters of the bay which bears Hudson's 
name or whether they rpached land and 
kept themselves alive by huntinc; and fish- 
ing. Perhaps thoy joined some friendly In- 
dian tribe, or, more likely, were they killed 
by a savag-e and unfriendly one? 

r For mi^iy years rumors were plentiful- 
The quaintest of these reports is told In 
legend form by Washington Irving. Other 
unverified stnPies speak of a queer settle- 
ment of white men in the north country and 
of Its gradual merging with native tribes. 

It was reported that a document had been 
discovered among the archives of the Hud- 
son Bay Company which is a confession of 
one of the mutineers, but this the company 
den'es. Though it Is generally supposed that 
Hudson and his followers either died of 
starvation or were murdered, there Is abso- 
lutely no proof or Indication aa to what be- 
fell the castaways lifter the "Discovery" left 
them to their fate in the open boat on Hud- 
son's Bay. 

Cerebrospinal Meningitis. 

(The flrfct of a nerfeB of ltulletliLs- by the 
ntate board ot health. I>r„ S. C Rem-aUct, 
president i T>r„ £". K. H«prf«, #*cr**nry- Other 
bulletins; of timely Intercut will npi»e*r In 
The Constitution tr*ym time t* time.) 

Cerebrospinal meningitis, spotted fever, 
or as U Is more commonly called, simply 
meningitis, is one of the most terrible and 
fatal of all the diseases, the mortality run- 
ning no to as high as 100 per cent In aome 
local epidemics. 

Although fiie cause of the disease has 
been known for a number of o years, the 
exact method hy which the fferm that pro^ 
ducee it spreads from man to man was 
until quite recently unrecognized, and even 
now it cannot be said that the whole mat- 
ter has been demonstrated with scientific 
exactness; notwithstanding this — in T.ew of 
the fact, that' the disease has recently ex- 
isted to a considerable extent In .Atlanta, 
and has apoeaftd In a number of the smaller 
towns of Georgia— the state board of health 
deems It its duty to furnish to the people 
such information concerning the malady as 
may be .thought to be of value in connec- 
tion with it. 

Character- of the Dloeiuic. 

Cerebrospinal meningitis is a dLsease- 
whlch is produced by a minute vegetable 
organism known as the Micrococcus intracel- 
lularia. It is very fortunately a germ of low 
vitality, as it develops only at about blood 
hf-at and when expelled trout its normal 
dwelling place In the human body It dies 
very quickly. The germs get Into the skull 
and Bpinal canal and produce violent inflam^ 
mation of the coverings of th<a brain and 
cord. These membranes are called "menin- 
ges" hence the name "cerebrospinal" menin- 
gitis." WUhln tt short time after their en- 
trance pus Ifl produced and the condition 
becomes practically one of abscess around 
the brain and spinal cdrd. 

Course of the Disease. 

It Is not within the province of this arti- 
cle to go' Into detail concerning the symp- 
toms of this disease, space only permitting 
a brief statement of the principal manifesta- 
tions that occur In those aEfllcted with the 
malady. In almost all eases the disease is 
preceded by a silent catarrhal condition of 
the nose and throat, the symptoms being 
those Of an ordinary cold. The symptoms 
that point to the covering of the brain being 
attacked com* on with sreat suddenness; 
there Ib usually a chill followed by Intense 
headache, vomiting, restlessness, with great 
dread of noises and bright light; in many 
cases reddish spots appear beneath the skin, 
these uein^ usually quite tender oh pressure. 
Tn some cases the muscles of tha neck become 
very stiff, and contract so that the head is 
drawn backward. The temperature ia some- 
what i'—egular, but Is always above normal 
In the beginning, and sometimes goes very 
high; the pulse Is, as a rule, normal, or but 
little accelerated. After the patient remains 
in the condition Just described for from a 
few hours to several days he generally be- 
comes uaconsctous, and in a comparatively 
short time dies. In some cased the symp- 
toms, after starting off very violently, quick- 
ly eubslde. and the patient makes a compar- 
atively rapid recovery. In other instances 
the disease begins more mildly, the patient 
having more or less of the usual symptoms, 
l>ut not ao severely as la ordinarily the case; 
In such cases the patent may die, after lin- 
ger! nff weeks or months; or may make a 
protracted recovery, with frequently partial 
paralytic conditions that permanently re- 


There is reason to believe that thlg germ 
first attacks the mucus membranes of the 
nose, and in many merely causes tha symp- 
toms ot an ordinary cold, and goes no ■ 
further. However, ■ in those with weak re* 
slsttng powera to the disease the germs 
spread from the nose Into the skull by th-e 
hlood or by other means, and there set up an 
inflammation 'with the resulting symptoms 
described above. So It Is Been that it Is 
important during epidemics that persona 
with colds should' he very careful not to 
allow other people to became infected from 
them- As - cold and wet are undoubtedly pre- 
aispoging causes .to colds tt is well for every 
orie to shun such, exposure : di.rlns" periods- 
when meningitis is prevalent. .Pcbllitating 


Author of "At Good Old- SIttoaIl" 

Thunder la Nature's favorite and greatest 

It Is, the most tremendous and Impressive 
of nolaea. A robust clan of thund&r can be 
heard for twenty miles, and can sour the 
milk In, ten thousand refrigerators. Few 
things inspire man with more awe than a 
i>eai of thunder, roiling majestically from 
clourd to cloud, and grumbling slowly out or 
hearing, like a. titanic Hon who has had a 
mass meeting for breakfast and Isn't natis- 
fled. Many times a year thunder fills the 
closets of this country with frightened 
women, but it has never hurt anyone. No 
one can bo blamed for paying attention to 
a dog's bark, because In that case the noise 
precedes the danger, but It is foolish to 
flee from thunder. By the time an adult 
thunder cla-n has crashed Into the conversa- 
tion and hast Jarred the chandeliers, the 
lightning, of) which it pretends to be a 
warning, has Already messed up th* vlciuUy 
and retired tdvports unknown- Thunder Is 
the great "I tajjd you so" ot tho elements, 
and is as useful as a whistle) on the rear 
end of a train. 

Thunder is ve^y impressive, like cam- 
paign oratory, and 5s tbe only thing which 
exceeds it in grandeur. Thunder le jsto^*'" 
duced by vast quantities of air rushing Into 
a vacuum, -while campaign oratory Is usually 
produced in exactly the apposite manner. 
There are many points of similarity between 
Nature's greatest noise, and man's loudest 
remark, however. The man who can fill an 
auditorium with ponderous reverberating 
phrases, which do not mean anything', oven 
when .they oca be heard four blocks, is 
usually more feared than the speaker who 
uses the swift, scathing, simile la a quiet 
voice, and does not wilt one collar a week. 

In order to make a single clap of thun- 
der, it is necessary for Nature to employ . 
several million volts of electricity in burn- 
ing a vacuum in the air. This Lb 4 great 

"Sonw milk la 10,000 refrljrcrafonf,* 

waste of power, and also of noise* if tha 
electricity cannot be wheedled into captivity 
by scientists, our Inventors should take up 
the task of canning the thunder peal and 
working It up Into jury arguments and - 
stump speeches. 

Influences, such as alcoholic excess and lack of 
sleep, should also be avoided. Those ex- 
posed to the disease should be given three 
injections of the so-called haenlngo-bacterliis; 
these bacterlns are believed to create an 
artificial immunity against meningitis tn 
very muclt^-the same way that vaccination 
protects a person against smallpox, Tn addi- 
tion to this treatment those exposed should 
use several times a day an antiseptic mouth 
and nasal spray. 

It Is needless to say that those suffering 
from meningitis should be rigidly quaran- 
tined, and every precaution taken to pre- 
vent the spread or this dreadful disease. 

Unfortunately we possess no sure cure 
for meningitis. It is believed, hxywerer. that 
the present method of treatmeht haa very *'■* 
materially lessened tha death rate. This 
treatment consists in th e Injection into iho 
spinal canal of a serum which finds Its way up 
the canal and into the skull and. attacks 
directly tbe cause of tho disease. Under this £' 
form of treatment It Is claimed " that the '-'.'l 
death rate has been lowered froin 70 per * ' 
cent to about 40 per cent For the aernm. '^ 
treatment to be of any value, however, It'v-V-' 
is highly important that It should, be ^gaven^K^ 
&arly In addition to^this treatment' it is 
Often also, necessary to keep the patient^- '' 
quiet with anodynes and to control- : - other .^ 
symptoms with remedial measures asi- ^h'eV'v?* 
may be indicated. - ^ - . -d 

; The state board of health upiri rcqueaVJ 
to its office at the capttoL wlii gj^ 
■furnish the ant! -meningitis serajn and'., 
HUsJilC£a--bacterin.H tree .ot charge!' ;\ 



H i w«^ »ii ; 

""" •*fc?!l' 






»! : ^JIPP 1 !B|HM.".* »- ^ l! SE||i|gpg|p^3p^p|^s^pp 

THE ^IKTJTUTION, 'iflSiJ3SftiC : ? fl^';?!EnHWA*i'- V MAY - J,- \iSi&?j 



Page Seven-; 



Committees Named at Morning 
Session — Educational Asso- 
ciation Meets Tonight. 


Three Bessie ns were h«>Jd yesterday 
by the convention oT county school o'- 
" ^ticiala of Georgia, at Taft hsJi aiirf thfi 
att*ndaj*c* "was much larger than on 
Tuesday evening when the openSns P3C - 
rfSes took place. Tht feature of tin* 
day waa che masterly address tsy 
United States Commissioner ot Kdu- 
catJon Clapton on the need of public 

At. W*dnesriay mfirniTiS'H Mission th" 
■first thins done wj«j thr, appointment 
oT speci&J committeea to consider thi- 
va-rloua matters which were to t:onne 
up for dlHcrjBslon. 

After che commJtteeB had 'ifen arp- 
pclnted several imereHtins &.nd in- 
structive talks wtr* mad*, 

"The School as ^ rromnrmnlty Cen- 
ter." v/sjfl the subject <->f ^.n H-dilresy 
by T. E. p. industrial a^i-iir. of 
tha troutliern railroads w-tid Uie mil- 
ter Tiras -discussed by Superintendent &. 
T. Sneed. of Carroll tounty, and Su- 
perintendent C H. Cox. o£ Pick 0113 

^upormtezideni J. O. Martin, of New- 
ton no'-inty, spitlte t;n "Th« Standard 
School." and the discussion was led by 
C F- B&rn&tt, of .Morgan lOiniy, and 
SupericttjniiR^ Henry MUilio, ui EJar- 
tow county. 

"Thft County of Education" 
was the subject nf :l talk rnad^ by J. 
J. .VunB.lly, o ffWiLlton county, and the 
dlacUBSJon -wia led by Dr. W. W". Fil- 
mier, of W'arren county, an! ^upHrin- 
i«T;d" i "T] t J, O, 0'Qj-ain.Hi of Ix>wn r liOB 

Prfifrstan-r J. T"*h»ll C#.7rtpbHl raadft a 
ra I k on thu Com 1 1 u h u >o r k. and t ho 
discussion of the* *nlijr*i;t was led liy 
H. Cf. H;i3tinK»>. of the AUitn'tH ^hiarn- 
ber of commerce, and Superintendent ^. 
J'-. Jon*a, of Chatooj£a county. 
Thr Afternoon S^BniuD_ 

AT r.hfl afTwirmon s^awUin the folioiV- 
inif R.r$dreHS"t 1 S wptp mad*. 1 - 

•Adult llllti-r^cy," by .Uuipr Frank 
Fark, of Worth county; dismission l^it 
by fiupt-rlrir.fndiTil Walter i<- ^imm^r, 
i'f Worth county, and riLip^rlTit^ndent J. 
VV_ McW"h.ortcr, uf Oron-fii.- county. 

A n add r fan wad itui da by Hon . P. P. 
l']Rjctu:i, United Statfa rU-minissiutiL i r 
wl" education, of Wiuthlntinn, U. <"'. Mr. 
<Tlnj(toii ypolto of Uie firi^at n^'-d of 
Ir'^.Jrt puijljf schools Ihnju^out th^' 
cunntry ^nd of ttic national ffovum- 
ment l^ndlnff its aid to the- statoa. 

Th« evening so as Ion way devoted to 
a discunalon of th« work that In to-Aiig 
donp In the Mtat^: by thv: women's 
^.I'.ibs, a-nd tii« following -iil.dr*f»it<;g TA'crti 

'Tne Woman's Fltih antl the Pchcwl 
ImprOT^mfnt Work." hy Mrs. V,. T. 
Fi tzn^i-rick, prc-wMant of tlie Gl-ot^Ii 
Federation of 1Vom«n'i. Cluss. 

"Tbo Woman's Worlt in Tift Coun- 
ty," by Mrs. N. I^tlfrsfJti^ chaif-mati of 
the wIu.c-g.tioriH.1 work i-^mTnltffe n£ th^ 
^ieor^ia Federation of Wnm'-rTs elnbs. 

"Co-Operation- Bftwr^n the Women's 
Clubs! and the Coumy Kdiu-ationai A.\i- 
thort'tJusg," by Miaa C. rf. 1'and.Hh. ai.atti 
H-chr>ol supervisor^ 

Thiers will bo tws sessions o-f tbo 
Convention today, onr ;it 9:30 o'lTliwk 
this mornlnp. and th*« i-tlicr fit S o'^look 
t-hils afternoon. yevc-rai interesting 
l^Jkjc will b^ jnari« or, loptc^ re-latins 
Tt> school and av-hOnl Work. 

Tne sessilons of tht? is^urgria convzy 
miti&Arl officials will Ljf inimpdia-toly fol- 
lowed by tint meucirifi of the G;.-or- 
Xla. Educational assOCiiLliun, whi<-h 
holds Its flrs-^ st^?J.iL this I'vpumg 
n,t aft afill 2.1 S ■■ cKjjk. h^ wpi-fi.i!ifr of the it3HO<-iatinii ■will lit- ;ts 

Invocntlon- liyfv. R. O r Fltiin. Ni>ri.h 
;i venue Fit- shy te-vlau ohnrrh, Atlanta, 

Ad'lr fs n[ lWlcome — Governor Jo- 
^•■ph - . Lfriiivn, Atiiinta, iJa, 

Adilii-rfH of Wel<"Cir,o— Hon. Walter R. i'rt3id' j nt c-ity 'sH^ird of education, 
Atlj.nt.i. Oi. 

Address of Wi li/oiii*" — Siii>*»r3nteiii.lpnt 
\V. \f. ^itn-in, s=MporiiitendLnt city 
schools, Atlanta. d*i. 

Th<- Fri-St-ni Tn-mi in Th,< Hdtn ■:irion 
iif Womi'rt — l*r. F. >I. Cruinca, Prt'sidi-n l 
AffHfa -Scott (.-Lill^se. iJffutur, Liu. 



A oltit w.ts madn tti tht' rrovornor 
yrslenlnv morning =nr ;tif pLttvlon ■>■ 
I^^. « r . J. McNanslHon, ^ho is undur 
Mnienct' of death fr>r th> ^illlnj;' >f 
^red Flandflrtt. ot f?«ai nshory. 

Jiidj^e- Fru i]>; fciaf fnrij, al" Sw« Iji.s- 
bnry, nt torn e-y Tor :lif iTindcntne.! 
nrian. arP^^ffd before tin- n^vvrn^r 
W'tidnoKdyy and siar«d Itiat llr^. Flnn- 
di-rs. who is he Ins twld for ih^<- 
vrimr, would not be trir-d until in^t 
fall and In-. MrXa'.^'iitnn i-^ senl^n. :-.\ 
to be hwr^'ri in M«y. )!«■ cki; m^i 
That the Evidenrf had no: bivn sufi"i' J i- 
>nt to convict i^T. McNiiu^lttnin. 

L»r. M^NanshtoH h;is hft-r. rosnil.-il 
already throe tltnpp -brranM.. of th- 
tOHtponcment of tl:c ' of his. n\- 
l(->red a.c«fio*npIic%'. Mi.s. Flar.Ll, r y. 

^ipnor Ilrnvii look I hi.' nriit.-or 
under advisement. 

In response to a. csai IrorO the B^ujx- 
ville Ministers' assoclajtloiv I>r. Dunbar 
Ogden. pas-tor dI the Central Presbyte- 
rian church at -Atlanta, n*jll znaJca an 
addr-e&s in that e^ty next Sunday aJt- 
erniion on the subject of Atlanta's vice 
crusade. Dr. Og-den's addrees will be 
made at an Interdenominational mass 
mfeetlng in Stanb'a theater. B**lnK a 
former Knoxvllle paeton hai'lny left 
tbe-r<? f<ir Atlanta iour lears affo. Dr. 
Ogdcn w^s ached to mike the address. 

Hov. W. EL Hill, pastor Of tne "West 
End Presbyterriun cJiurcJi, w-lll oc-cupy 
l_>r. Opd«n'a tjuipit at both o-e-r vices 
ftundiy. and the pulpit of Uia West 
f^nd churcn -fl/ili b^ filled by Be v. G. 
Tl, Baford. 




Unusually Large Attendance at 

First Meeting- Held in Baptist 

Church at Brunswick. 



R- W, Massey and Family Hurt 
Near Valdosta. 

Valdosta.. fia., April 30. — (Special.)— 
A Bllty-hfi-rsn po"w«r tovirinp ckt, he- 
longfnK to Rhdiard ~W. Masstsy, ot Bir- 
mlni^hLim, i u whi^h wt-rc Mr. llaasey. 
his v.'! f t: and (liiiishtiTS and ihti cliau:- 
feur, "W. H. TjHWHon, tMmi*d l^irtl*5 at 
A DOlnt two mill's north or hfrc, on the 
national highway today, Mr. ^aesey 
was palntniiy hurt ar.d tbo other occu- 
pants of the car badly shaken up. 

A nesro boy ran across tha road in 
front of the <•%:■ and to prevent run- 
ning over Mm \hr- cft-i:if?rur made a 
sudden tdrn. which overturned ttie ma- 

The party in tV- car was rn route 
from nirminerham to jarhFonvtli^. Fla. 
Tim ^:^r was badly d.imagM, 

$196,002 IN DAMAGES 

A tf\i T .t for SI 9 B. 002. 16 n^alnat fh<? 
TfKae company, a corporation under 
^tn- laws n£ tht- Lone state, fllod 
a t>w Wd^ks a?:o in thp Fulton bu i** 1 rim- 
con rt by T K. T^nrcpll, of A tlHnta., 
nmna^nr oC a gr^raj^e. *as yesterday 
transferred tn tiio r--d- ral rfi^-.rlet 
cfturt i*-i fiwalt Trial. The plainllffa 
Papers sItjvi* that T.Ik' T^x^h cr.nnpan?" 
is r njafii^'-d in flfjiin&r Fr.asiijjnc, oil and 
Himllar product and Iho piaintilf. pro- 
prli'tor nf PurCfll't prarasre. ontr-ifd 
Into si contract -wi'h lh« d+jf^ifidant OH 
March -3. 1 C'12. in whtrh the Tfiafi 
conrpH-'iy asrpivl tu drllvfr ty tn- - - plsiln- 
tifT S0.00O hHrrfI« ol" motor flrnaolln^ 
in <7^a nil \U-x of fifty (T r . 3. > ^'nlJong 
(■arb as it wiis roiinested. It la dc-- 
rlurt'tl thnt nnly 4I>,97^ RaTlons ol such 
psgollno hag lipe-i delivered hy thi> 
dftendant. IfavtrrR- th" NalanCft duo nn- 
Jrr thi' rontract "f 2,451,027 pnllunfl. 

ThpuwL rhr- Tc^aa company bod been 
nnirfifd, fiiiys thf potltfon. to deliver 
mor* 1 Ka«i>llne uiidc-r the contract. It 
hnrj fiiil^-d to do ho. The Petition showa 
that, the price o' Oi<-- contracted gaso- 
line hit s inorfaaed eipbt cents a gal- 
lon irfld afti^r aw^fTtinfi the} wlllltifi-ness, 
rfadlncss and ability of the plaln- 
r.ifi" to comply with Its part of (fie 
ront~act it ask.-; for a verdict afralnat 
thf- Texus cfifi-np»ny in the stini Indi- 

Huhr Arnold and Hill &. Wrifrht ap- 
pear a» cpunsrl for tho AtLiima plalii- 
tlff, while Slat tin &. rhlllin.s Q.rn loolc- 
in;s after the interests or the Tcxaa 

Bruuswlclc, Gil, April 30. — (Special) 
The Kind's Dauarbtera ol Georgia 
opened their seventeenth annual con- 
■cemtion In Brnnawiclt today with an 
unusually Iar£e ittendancw. The first 
session was held, tonlg-ht at the First 
, Baptist OLiurcti r the piroBrum ln^ludine 
| the apcolAs exercises- 

| The visitors wiare welcomed to the- 
ir-lty by rtev. R. T. KoykJn on behalf 
i ot the ministers of the city; by May- 
! or Hopkins on behalf of tihe city* of 
]flTWnswick. and by Mrs. T- a Epttnjir 
on behalf o-f thfl local *rhaptsr of the 
q r«xan I sati on . 

Thee response t-o the welcoming ad- 
dressta was deHvere-d hy Jdra. T. Fh 
Broad v^ at et, o-f N'o-roroBS, 

Included In tonlg'ht's program -were 
greetings from council members, by 
Mrs. B, L, WcLaurinfi, of VIcltHburg-, iilas.. 
and Miss Kate Hall, of Jacksonville. 
former leader of the iocnJ circle- 

Various committees tor the coming' 
year we-re appointed, aftesr which there 
was an Infiformal meeting 1 of de-lejc&tea 
with the state officers and friends. The 
niBBMnfi then adjourned until tomorrow 
when the ladies wiJl get down to real 

Inlerminsle^l ivltJi the btiaineas ae3' 
fllona are a number of social function^ 
arranged by Hid ladles of Erttna-wtck 
in honor of their visitors. Chief among 
thee* will be a recwptlon to be ten- 
dered by the local chapter of th? 
r>au^ht,era of tho Ajmertcan Hevolutlon. 
Thfi convention -will continue tn ses- 
sltui uni.ll Friday uig-ht. 





At thi> Flo roil oc Crlttnnton home 
thi> lady board of managers yceter- 
tiny tendered a r*.*oi>ption to delc.ft-atea 
to 8f>cioli>^ical confircas remaining 1 in 
the city, to Ihu city coundl and coun- 
ty rommis.slorirrs iind oth^r frlends. 

Th" delightful reCi'uahments wftre 
prr pared at the hoinf:. Hot rolls and 
h!i*ttT, ssuch as Tv^rtj dc^r.rilj^d hy T\Tr?i. 
R;i~ri L tt In lifr renfnr iLddrt^ss on thf! 
ho:n--. met th^ rxpcotations raised by 
hi'i- fn^tiiisiiiHTri. '['lit-' (^t-kfl and l^+i 
crpjiin 1113 fif thrre, a.lso «avc evidence 
■.if -.he vhIli'-- o£ thf training given the 


A p-ize of Sl r, aau bt'^n offered hy 
p AtliiritM. cl-.^nibor of f'oinihOi'Cc for 
c lnHt aniclo on th^ "1'revuntf nn of 
t- hr.-^dliiL;' nf Piles." All s^linul 
1 t: may enter tbe- contest ar.d 
f iirtlidi^M uiiiv t.-o as lua^ or h.s short 
f] t->i i y i-d. Th ,i I i me Tor (he close 

the: i--n7iti^t will br aiinuij nefd l.-t.tfr. 
Tl>*^ piizr ^v:if» n ST i^reii by lY'llmer 1^ 
ivnro. proBi*ifnt of th^ chanibi-r of 
TTini'rot*, :m>l T*i-. (■"I-ljiIl- -V Smith, 
: y bno to: I oil 5rl a t. It Is bolle vrd t hat 
<■ contest ivill cr- ;it« much ltner*-yl 

,l \ cry vilill Mubj'Tt, and mny ft:- 
l[ in i. ~m \\^r u.i flics bWrtfr carried 
l nioi'i' vigorous',}- thl£ suminvr. 

Underwood Type-writer 
office can furnish high-grade 
stenographers. Phone Miss 


: ^\ 

Solitaire Diamond 
Engagement Rings 

prom time immeTn^rial the 
diamond Has been u^ed as 
tbe proper Betting for en- 
gagement rihgs. 

DlamondB are the 1 supreme 
symbols of value. Tbey tiviii- 
bollze tniiocem'e. They con- 
stantly increase in value, and 
are as enduring ^ 5 ttme iT- 


"We specialise diamonds in 
Tiffany style mountings. 

Grades and heights are 
guaranteed, We sbip dia- 
caonds aaywhere f>n approval 
- — sll express charges paid — 
and ^ell for cash or on at- 
tractive monthly payments. 

Lowest net prices are 
quoted in our booklet, "Fa^ta 
About Diamonds." Full de- 
tails regarding <iur liberal 
plans axe given. 

Write or call for trds hooK- 
let and our general 

Maier & Berkele, Inc. 
■Oold and Silversmiths 
' 31-33 tthitehail St 

Established 1S87 


This will \ t f v'.sltfnp d^v at the 
O-e^r^iK iL^MOClxtion Tor tht^ Blind's new 
plant. "K<3 ^Imiisoji aircot. 

Th-= (.ffl'J*T^ of tlu; Georgia asso^ 
(Million for the Blind, cordially ltjvitt; 
the niil->l tf. to \\ai\ thi'ir new perman- 
ent honit. The bi oom factory fur the 
idlnd is one of the moat interesting 
institutions of Atlanta. 

At 5 cj "clock n. Koelal gathorlng 1 wllJ 
be held. In the ilomltory and yard 
(if t!i<? home. The jcoPO of thf.! worTt 
of the association will be outlined by 
Hf.v. P. F~. Bau knight. 


Giivi runr Brown held yestflrfliiy. In 
rpvh'wins tli+.- petition of Ri-iry Can- 
non, a lift- t* rui coTiv^ct, that ill health. 
vas ni> prO-aniJ for ^St'i^liv? clem- 

Cannon ts*aE eji ven a life sentrncf 1 
for a murder committed in Johnson 
county. Recently his health, it is 

claimed, has been fa'.lln^, and his 
friends have sought a pardon or [ia- 

Zimmer Loses Auto. 

vv'nule watrhlnK a hit of rn^ladrama 
at tht? I^yriL- theater Tuesday nisrht Will 
V. Zimrner, same ivarder of Fulton 
county. wa,i? a vf^tlm of rvAl life melo- 
drama on the outside. His ttuick car 
\"o- 126D0 (3o. j Tvat: s-TO-lort by someone 
and had not yet be&n hea-rd frt>m- 

Bent one of our special 
visible model 10 Iteming 
tons — latest features — the^ 
you*ll know what f s best. We 
also furnish good stenogra- 
phers. Remington Type- 
writer Cdmpany. 

Memphis, Tcnn., April JO. — Relatives 
«," Tveo T^sSfr, tht^ mlsslnjg - prewldent 
uf the Lesser- Ely Cotton cr/mpany, of 
Memphis, and the Bank of Tunica, of 
Tunica, Miss., both of which have 
tailed, declared today no word has 
been received as to Lpsspfs wijere- 
lihon I k. I-p.aacr tvas eJt Pt-ll ed from 
■iTifmhrfatiip In the Mpmnkis Cotton 
Kit' - hang« yeytflrday. 

Supplementary to ihn Viankruptcy 
proceedlngrs Instituted la-et Saturday 
agatnat lhn two concerns. Involuntary 
petitions In htinkruptcr have been 
riled in Memphis and in Mississippi 
^igatnat Trfo Lesser an a-n Individual. 
J. A. "Sly. junior Di.mlier of the cot- 
tun firm, also was named in a peti- 
tion filed late yesterday before Fed- 
eral Judge H. C. Miles, at Koe-ctusko. 
jVllsfi, J. "W, RrrJWn, receive r for the 
1-iesacr-Ely i-onipany, was authorized 
by tho court to act as ancillary ra- 

It was stated today that the Ii*aser- 
jEly rornjvany has advanced approxi- 
mately $tfl0.000 thla ye»r to fannerg 
and the formation of a corporation to 
o-perata the plantations under con- 
tracts made by thfi cotton firm aro be- 
ing considered tiy the creditors. 


A ug-usta, Ga., Atirll 30.— < Special. 1 — 
The- first intimation that there will be 
h. Iwngr drawn-out flgrhL In the trial o* 
the street car murder cases came to- 
day when Judge Hammojul announced 
from thy brneh the postponement of 
the case agalnat W. E. (LJuddle) Ken- 
nedy from to day until somo da>- nrxt 
^■cek. It* explained that a murder 
nasi; hraa been set on the docket for 
n**t Monday which hr s a prior rlRht to 
trial, and if the Kennedy c^i^e fehcAilii 
!»£■ rntcri-d Into thiH week It prol>ah]y 
wiiiild fXTpnd ovfT into next week and 
itisnipt thi>?e otli«r arrangenifints, 
Thla will mean thiit the case will not 
be tried before Wednesday. 

Th^ caae a^iilnat Marshal Shedd for 
ttir: mnrder L>f Edward Collins is £et 
for .Monday, and it I s expfiCted that tht; 
jury will he secured in less than a day, 
uvhlli* thf trial of the case will tonsumi! 
twj day.H, 


MJfs Billy LvOngf's reception follow- 
In^- the m-attrif-e p^Tformancc at the 
Atlanta tlit-at<-r yesterday proved a 
trt-rnendou* isuccesE. Of the large 

crowd 31J xvent back atag-e 
to nifCt Miss Liong and >Ir- aVil, the 
U-jidli>K man ot the company. All 
wvro delight I'd vilth the little actrf&a, 
Ik-t charming personality maKlus 
frifrids of each and every One who 
carrin -jfjon thy sta^e. PhQ r^c^ived 
several hug-o bouin^ts also and evi- 
denced fc. popularity thatls houn-d to 
matte her en>raE"enjent a success. 


The annual commencement -of the 
AUanta School of Medicine wnas held night in the Atlanta theater, 
whfln thirty-five young phyElciane 
from twclvedifferf:nt states received 
their deereea from the hands of 
Bishop C. K. Nelson- 

Rev. John K. White -delivered th^ 
annual oratLon and the benediction 
was pronounted hy Hov. A. K. Hol- 


Vitltiosta, Ga-. April 3ft-^ISj>ectal.> - 
A northbound pa3.scnE"er train on th-- 
Oeors"la Southern and Florida railroad, 
from Jacksonville to Valdosta, wra? 
wrecked this rnorntng" between E3lth 
and Baxter. The engine and foui 
Ciiaches were turne dover, but It Is r« 
ported that no one was killed!. £«■/ 
^ral of the pasaenprers sustained m.Lno' 
injuries and the fireman was more ne- 
riuiisly hart. Little Information has 
been given out and the cause of th-? 
wreck is not known here. 

Organize Scout Council Today. 

Citizens who aire 'Interested in th' 
Hoy Scout movement will meet at nooi 
today In the Y\ M. C. A. boUdtne tr 
•organize a ewoti! council -t> In Atlant: 
and wicdnlty there are 14 Soy Seoul 
troops, comprising 5D0 hoys, and. th^y 
are headed by' scout masters. A scout 
masters' association was recently or- 
g-anlKed with the object trf hringrlng 
into closer unlaon the Isolated txoopt 
about the city and today's organiza- 
tion of ec scout council la In further- 
ance c>t the twajSTam to EtiTnulate en- 
Ulua-Jasm in th^ movement. The sco-uj 
council will serve as a governing- .bosurd 
for^the scout ajasterfl' urooiattoEL. 

Carters viil^, Ga.. A.pHl 30. — -{.Spe- 
"lal.) — Thomas Lyeria, afreEtefi. in CaJ 
hoan by Sheriff Smithy of Bartow 
county, as the suspected, perpetrator 
of a murder three years ago In Pun- 
datr, TH.» was rftl«agei5 immediately' 
upoto hla arrival in Cartersvllle. He 
proved himself not the tnaa wanted. 

Lyerla la "well known la Bartow 
county, and he and. his friends are loud 
in expressions, of indignation at what 
they term, a false ana" unjust arr-sst. 

1-yerla was arrested t the instant* 
of Bob Jones, a cltlsen of Cartersvitle, 
and a relative hy nnarriaE^ oi the al- 
leged suspect. There aeema tt/ have 
been bad. feeling between Jones and 
the eratwhlie prisoner, which la- said 
to be responsible, with the" large re- 
Ward offered, for I^yefla'a arrest. 
X#j'erla le satd to have dectared hlH in- 
tentiong r>f maklns it hot for those 
who caused his arrest,* as well as of- 
ficers who brought him tv Cartersvllle. 

fjyer3a has lived iji thijs part of the 
state for eight years, which fact 
proved him clear of the Illinois mur- 
der charge. The Pontac officer Who 
was here today prompt*/ declared thaL 
the wrong man had been taken. Lytfla 
dtclarca ho will bring action aeainft 
those who cau&nd his arr&st and Hu- 
miliation, and aeneational deveiup- 
ments are to be expected. 


Columbus, Gfl_, April 3d. — fSpeclah) — 
JaAibs-tantial Liriprovemcnta ar* being" 
made In the Colujubus. waterworks 
system a.t a cost said to he well up In 
six flffureH. 

ThB new o-wneTg, Blrtnlnirham people^ 
who formed a nety corj.iora.Uott, the Co- 
lumbus TTa^ter Supply company, are 
now laying mucih larger pipe on va- 
rious afreets and avenues, and Plan 
1o replace the greater part ot the 
present dlstributlne - system with larger 
and more adequate pipe. Jusit now 
lfi-Lnch pipe Is rcpi-ac-ing ft-lnch Pla>a 
on Fourth avemie and 12-ln-ch pipe \» 
helns ls\d on Eleventh street, an im- 
portant thoroughfare which heretofore 
has had no pipe line ot its own. but 
hua been supplied from the avenue 
plp*e. In the aouthern seotlon of the 
city a number of doad ends will be 
done away with, all pipes being" wjn- 
jiected r and this wi?l subfitantla_lly-3in- 
croase the water pressure. j 

A settling basin and rosorvolr wltt 
be. created north of Bibb City, near ttfti 
Chattahoochee rlv*er, a-tid a 24-lnoh 
piOe w-ill he laid to the reservoir. Ait 
present three !I2-Inch pipes uaert 
In brinprlng water to the city. Greet 
w*aLer and river wat&r are both used. 

Srfl* Car load of "Tntm 
Columbus, U-a., April 30. — (Special.) — 
A. A. Hendry, a Marion cuunty, Geor- 
gia, farmer has just marketed a solid 
ca.rload of sweet potato*** in Columhus- 
Thc cas-loaJ of sweets weigher! ex- 
actly 12.30& pounds, and' Mr. Hendry 
fit^ld tlio potatoes, at wholesale, a-t J5 
cents per- hiiflhel. , At retail he could 
have sold them at the rata of 90 cents 
a bushel. 

Demorest Wins Debate. 

Demorest. Ga.. April 30. — (Special. )— 
In the drcbata at Demorest, between the 
piedmont College academy and the 
Ninth District Agricultural school, Fri- 
day night. Piedmont won. The 0.ues- 
dlon debated was: "Resolved, That the 
judges" of the Bii-perior courts and the 
judges of the courts of appellate iurle- 
dlctlon of the state of Georgia, should 
he appointed by the gc^vernor." The 
speaker*! for Piedmont were Fred 
Tucker and Oscar Orlffln, for the Ag- 
ricultural and Mechanical school, 
Cosby Hubbard and tester Slack 

Almost Escapes Again. 

Huntsville, Alj*.. April 30. — (Special.) 
'WUl Lafy. a ynlln^ bbtcltsmlth who es- 
caped froni the city prison several 
weeks ago itnd was recaptured In 
IJlrmlnEham, has been sentenced to 
sis months at hard labor ar.d fined 
¥1,000. aftj-r a trial Iti ths* city court 
for deia-cing public property. t^acy 
came near breaking" put ot the ctty 
pri 3i>n Oo thH flrst night that he %vas 
brought hack frrj-m. Birmingham. He 
had sawed out of his cell and was 
elimblnK out of a window when the 
police got him. 

Grand Master" o£ Grand Council 

Is Elected Grand High 


Macon, Go., Apr!l 35.— (Special,) — 
, For the firat time In the history of 
Georgia Masonry one man now holds 
the offices of grand master of the 
grand council. Royal and Select Mas- 
ters, anfl g"rarni high priest of tfie 
grand chapter, .Royal Arch Masons. 
r>r. Joe P. Eowdoln. of Adalrevill*, who 
waa yesterday -elected grand master, 
was today honored with the position Of 
granci high prl&st "by the grand ohap- 

i' ter. As grand high priest he auccae<Is 
Dr. "W. B. England, of Cedartown. 
Tbe foll<yw1nff were the other offi- 
cers elected today hy the grand chap- 
ter, Royal Aroh Masons: 
1 Deputy gnanti hig-h priest, F. O. MU- 
[ lor. Fort Valley: jcrand kine 1 , "W. 'W. 
i Hill, Atlanta; grand shrine. W. A. Sim- 
[ mooE, Ttoysta'n: grstnd treasurer, S. H. 
| Griswold. Macon; grand keeper of rec- 
| ordff, TV. A, "Wollhln, Macon. 1 grand 
\ chaplain, J. F. BelK MUledgevUle: 
ET-und captain of the host, Thomas H. 
Jeffrlea, Atlanta; Krand principal so- 
journer. E. Vf. Parrlah, Rome; grand 
sentinel, R. B. Hall. Jlacon. 

The grand chapter. Royal Arch Ma- 
sons, and the grand chapter of the 
Or<der ol Eastern Star, were both in 
session today. 

At the latter 78 chapters are repre- 
sented and over 100 members are In 
attendance. The morning session waa 
talcen up with addresses cf welcome 
and responses and the rendition of a 
Program by the children of the Masoiiit; 
home. In the afternoon a business ses- 
sion was held at which th« work was 

At the [hwetlng of the grand chapter 
this evening the moat excellent anil 
royal arch degrees were conferred oi 
several candidates by Mt. Zlon chapter. 
No, 14. of Atlanta, and Georgia chapter 
No. S, of Savannah. 

Tonight the ladies oi the Eastern 

Star- tendered the visiting Masons nn 

j e]ahorale at the Y. M. C. A. , 

I and over three hifndred guests were ; 

["seated at the tables. Robert li. Cold- 

Ing, past grand master of the grand 

lodse of Georgia Mascrns presided as 


The banquet was the closing fea- 
ture of the grand chapter meeting, 
though the Eastern star ladles will 
conti mie their meeting through to- 
morrow for the election of new offi- 
cers and the transaction of other busi- 


elegance, locatect in 
NewYork's social centre 

Easily accessible to 
theatre and shoppimt. - 
districts ^-^ 


Single rwjHBW(lil»4(hj -"*34?ft>*59? 

VaSic now mib haUu -*5£9fe«89a 



Wetherbee E^Wood 

FifiK Avo. $f Ttfir-ffih St 


Dahon School Census. 

RaltOiJ, Ga., April 30.— (Special.) — 
Under superx-lsioji ot -the board of 
education, T. C McBryde has 3ugt com- 
pleted taking the achotol census o? 
I>alton, with the following result: 
Whites, male, 643; female, »9S. Colored, 
made. 144; feniale, lBt, aggregfi-tltig 
a grand total of 1,644 school children 
in the limits of the city of Palton, be- 
tween the a^es of G and lfi years af 

Using E as a multiple which Is the 
magic number In statistics. It would 
Indicate a papulation for fJ&lton of 

The per cent of Illterfites 1« remai-fe- 
ab^y small, there being only 34 chil- 
dren In Dalton of school age who can 
neither read nor write 

Inspect Brunswick Harbor. 

Brunswick, Ga.. April 3d. — (Special.) 
Colonel Dan C, Kingman, engln&er In 
charge of this district, together with 
a number of steamboat and Tailrcrad 
offlclalst spent today in Brunswick, 
the guests of the hoard of trade. Be- 
side Colonel Kingman, those in the 
party were: Captain W M. Tupper, o£ 
Jacksonville, of thu Mallory Steamship 
Line: J. B, Brand. of the Atlantic 
Coast Line; II. E. Pegram, t'f t :e South- 
ern railway; .1. B. Duffg, o£ the Atlanta, 
fJirrhiugham and Atlantic, and A. de 
t^ola Mendea. of the Georgia Coast and 
Piedmont. Colonel Kinsman came to 
Brunswick Cor the purpose df taking 
a look at the harbor, at the invitation 
of the hoard <ft trade. 

Examination for Teachers, 

^vtamLnabiona fr>r teachers, both 
whttp and colored, in th^ city public- 
schools witt be held Friday' morning 
at th*i Boys' High school beginning 
:i.l 3:3D o'clo-ck. Tf the e^amlziationb 
are not completed Friday they will be 
otitlnucd through Saturday- The ex- 
,i.rti [nations will bo givt-n by S-uperin- 
lendent Slaton tjpder a-uthority ■>£ the 
board ^jf education. 


Blisters Broke. Would Inflame, Itch 
and Bum Terrible Sores. Had 
to Keep Hands Pinned in Towel. 
Used Cuticura Soap and Oint- 
ment. Face Entirely Well. 

West Foliit, Mis*. — " When my little boy 
was three months old & Uttlo blister c*me on 
Ida face on the right etaft. Wnen tbe bUriera 
broke they would taHam* 
and itch, and bum tturHl he 
scratched It so bad that lu 
mode tcrrlhle so ran and I had 1 
to keep his hands pinned 
down 14 a towel bo he could 
not ralao. them at an. Bach 
day It became wmn, Hfl 
had a terrible c**e of eczema 
and had not been abto to 
deep at ail b* Buflared so 

*' We tried two tntttmenta 
utd boUi failed to cure ft. 
By tins time ft had covered the whole side 
ot his faco, fanning dfangnrflnwnC and had 
eaten out the whole tdde to deep 1 could lay 
a pencil In It* I saw Cutfcur* Soap and 
Otntment advertised ao highly we= twean the 
treatment and Jt beg«n to gat won right 
straight and stopped spreading, I used tofl 
Cuticura Soap to baths him once a day and 
the Cutlcursi Ointment about three h^h^ 
a> day. In abouc quo month fall little face 
waa entirely well and be toe not bean both- 
ered any more with. It." (Signed) Mia* 
Bpencn Murphy. Mar. -10. 1913. 

Outkrura Soap 25c find OndcmmOlatmcilt. 
eOcar&ooldaverywhtret liberal mupia of 
eacb mailed fteet with 02-p, Skin Book, Ad- 
dress poet-card M Cutlcara,i>ept.T, BtatanJ* 
Jt9*Tender*niced men abould use Cnttem 
Boap Bhavius Sttalsw S6u Bampiairea. 

Address to Jewish Women, 

Fa^ton Htbben, director of the bu t- 
reau of education of the pro-sresglve 
national service, addressed the Coun- 
cil of Jewish Wairmii in the veetry of 
the temple y«aterday afternoon. Hla 
subject was "The Sufficient Way/' and 
he epoke nf the relation of politfcai 
action to social service work. 

Three More Days 

Left to Join the 
Xmas Saving Club 

This Club was opened April 2 1st FOR 
TEN DAYS. So much interest has been 
taken in it, however, by young and old. 
that we have extended it a few days. BUT 

we can't extend it much 

We w£U be open every day this week 
until 6 p. m. to receive these deposits. ^We 
urge you to come not later than Saturday. 


Travelers Bank £? Trust Co, 


Peachtree at 'Walton 

Branch 297 Marietta St. 



A.II \ftfoi-tc oua> r anta*d. 



$1.00 to $35.00 





77 Whitehall St. W. Z. TURNER, Mgr. 

Established 1 86S EISEMAN BROS., Inc. Incorporatedl<02 

The Immediate Appreciation of Styles! 

— can be thoroughly attained by making this store 
the best test of hig-her standards represented in our 
SEVEN SUPERB MAKES of Ready-for-Service 
Suits. They are ready to try on and prove their m-erit 
instantly. You do not have to wonder whether this, 
that or the other "cut" is going to become you ttiost. 
Try on a dozen if you wish — and we've more versions 
than that, really ; yora can see how you look, and 
what you look best in, |ust in a few moments. What 
fabric .will you choose? What color suits 
you best? Do you like the severely straight 
line effects of the ENGLISH vogue — or are 
you partial to NORFOLKS? Or maybe you will "de- 
cide that neither of these suit you as well as one or 
more of several other models, different in style, yet 
all stylish. WE HAVE "A-L-L" of the styles. It 
only remains for your personal tastes to select the 
garment that pleases you best. Men's and Young 
Men's SUITS— from $15 to $45 and from $18.50 to 
$35 — we easily boast the most brilliant values shown 
in Atlanta. 1 


You must come in right now and select your 
STRAW — the weather is fixed. No possibility now of 
"looking ahead of the season" with a straw on your 
head. We have 50 styles to choose from. Every braid 
that's popular, all that's new, every shape that's pleas- 

SI and Up. 

Skuftuuselt, CUttwi 
f HESS! Oxfdrds 

The ENGLISH iast you'll probably pre- 
fer—most men do. It especially har- 
monizes the alert styles of the moment 
in Clothes. All leathers— 

$5, 36, S7 

Eiseman Bros., 


11-13-15-17 Whitehall 

The Largest and Most -Complete Men's Clothing Store fn theSoftiftt/; 


Newspaper!"! fi C H I V 1 


ym^^W^^^^M: } '!>!Wf ! 


THE CdKSIiCFiraiOH ATLA3S3?A, GA. - ^BJJBSDAS/ MA# ^ 1913. 


Thv weddlne at Miss Annie Mae IsoP 
and JTr. Jamea Doyle Butler was a 
pretty event of yesterday, taltlng pltwa 
at hig-fc noon at Che Ja-ckaon HJ1J Bap* 
tlat ciiurcb. 

The church was artistically decorat- 
ed with palms and. ferns. 

MIbs Nell Wynah-».ii was MLss laon's 
maid of honor, and M-isa Winnie Ison 
was bridesmaid. >fr. E.. S. KoMnscm 
waiS b&st man and Mr. R. P. ^Dicks-on. 
Mr. Roswell D. Ison, Mr, F>ank leoa 
and Sir. F. 1* laon were [tie ufchefr-e, 
l>r. J. J. Bennett performed tae cere- 

The bride was charming Ina-eownof 
blue Satin "brocade trimmed In old gold 
eatla. and sold lace, with hat 10 match 
trimmed In French fin were, and she 
■carried white tweet peas and lUles -of 
tbe valley. 

The maid of honor and bridesmaid 
both wore white voile gown, wfhits 
eatln. Their larg-e black hats were 
trfnmigd in white plumes and their 
flowero- were pink swetu ppa^ 

The bride's mother.' Airs. W. I*. Ts-on. 
was gowned in black charmeuse satin 
■with black but. 

After a wedding trtp Mr. ana Mrs. 
Butler will b« at home at. 6+ Ketine- 
iaw avenue. 

Miss Rokr to Lecture. 

Tbe Ihzheld Park Students' club Will 
meet at tbe residence of Mrs. H. £3. W. 
Pilnwr, 64 Cleburne avenue, Saturday 
morning at 10:30 o'dorfi- WJas Flor- 
ence JfcL So>hr -will lecturw to- the cluh 
and. all members axe urged, to be pres- 


i' The marriage of Misa Virginia Crane 
and Mr. Horace Prince Heevw toolt 
place yesterday afternoon at 3:30 
o'clock at the home of the bride's par- 
ents, Mr, and Mrs. H. B. Crane, on Mer 
\ rltis avenue. Palms, ferns and snow- 
balls decorated tbe apartment^ 

The bride wore her ^aing-aWay gowa 
or bine Bedford cord -with blue hemp 
hat and she carried bride roses and. 
lilies of the valley. 

Mr, and Mrs. Reeves left for a trip 
east. They Will return to Chattanooga 
where they will be for several months 
returning" to AElanta in the fall to re- 

Parent-Teacher Club. 


The Parent- "learner chib Of Lee 
Mreot school wii) hold Its regular meet- 
ina" In tho auditorium of the school 
on Friday. .M#i' 2, n-t 3 :'1Q o'clock,. 
pmmijL T?il j third lecture of the s^- 
rltrs will be given, the name of the lec- 
turer tu be ni] n minced 1h,1pi*. 

MlSh Zuln-r h ;hij fnjpLiiit.1- urid nfricifnl- 
1> l- i in.- i piil. extnids a. cordial welcome la 
nil frifiirts and mothers of tixo school. 

Mothers IfltOi't-st^d In thn welfare <jf 
Trtt^iT i-hlMr^ri aro Ur^iitl tu r-i.>nie. Th**y 
ivj JJ ;>r(7ii t by the J'-i'mrt* and enjoy 
thi-r six hi 1 ii-,i;»*M. 

To Miss Wilson., 

Miss Katharine Ellis will mtertaFn 
at luncheon today In compliment t- 
Miss Htlen Dargan's guest. Miss rtuth 
TVllson, of New York. 

Dance at Brookkaven. 

?l Huhscripticm danfie at Brookhaven 
club wJl! ha an enjoyablo event of th-*» 


To Mrs. Oscar Johnston. 

Mrs. Oscar Johnston, of Charleston, 
left far Angnata yesterday, after a 
vl^it of twn we^lcs with Mrs. DeL>?H 
Hill, whlnh was unn,r"kflfl bv a. aeries of 
entertalaTn^Tite In her honor. 

A last sroup of courtesies Included 
"Mrs. £1. A. Hclbroolc T 3 inatlnpft party 
find tea on Monday, when she enter- 
tained ipn (ifuests. 

On Mojidny evening Mrs. "W. M. zjr- 
kTe K^x-e an enjoyable brfdsje party o^ 
three tables. 

On Tu?sd,xy morning Mrs. Tohn M 
C*oop?r Invited her brldgrp cluh aiifi sn 

! extra table of players to meet Jtrc ' 
Joanaton at bridge lune&eou, 
Cta Tuesday afternoon. MlsA tr«n« 
SmUie Invited the* Hevlewera to meet 
Mrs- JoJuKiton. and entertalnad thorn 
delightfully at tea. 

Oil Tueeday evetiln^ Mr- anfl Mr^- 
Uoward McCall entertained thalr brlag^ 

F*"w (yClockYea. 

Miss Helen. Dargan en tertaEaed 3e- 
llffhtfully .at £ o'clock tea yesterday 
on tb,o terrace at the Thriving Club, tiio 
occaalon an informal one, asgerahltng 
a few young women to meet her su^st. 
Miss Rutb TClIson. ot New Yorfc, 

In the party were Miss Constant 
Knowles. Mies Anflle Le* McKeaalo, 
MUs Mary Helen Moody, Miss J« 
D. Harrla, Mlae Sarah Rawaan, M^i3 
Ruth Stalllnffs. Miss Marjorle Brown. 
Miss Harriet Calhoun, Miss MarlOr. 
Atchison, Mlae Katherlne Fills, Mlaa 
Ma-g^aret Hawkins and Mrs. Echpla, of 

Miaa Dargan wore a becoming cos- 
tume In old hlae.,. the gown of Canton 
crope wfth hros.<I sa»h girdle of btaelc 
charnieuse worn with, a brocaded eoat 
Her black hat waa trimmed with 
EYench flowers. 

aiisa Wllsoji Trore a smart Maok 
cropc meteor sown with black aaah, 
and ]ier black net .hat was trimmed 
with bliio ribbon and a plnlc rose. 

Japanese Lawn Festival. 

The Junior Auxiliary of All Saln.:^ 
church has planned a Japancsa lawn 
festival, to be beld on tho church lawn 
this afternoon at i o'clock. 

Japan has been the subject chosen 
by the auxiliary for etudy thia year, 
and tbe members will bo dressed [n 
Japanese castuntta. A. goc»d time 53 
promised all -who attend. There will 
be j-rames ot all kinds, the crowning of 
a May queen and delicious refreshments 
will be served by attractive lltlJ-> 
malda. Tickets, Ifl cents. 



just as there is a 
fashion for dress, 
there is a fashion 
for corsets. The 
dress is the 
outward ex- 
pression, but 

-^ the corset is 

the hidden cause* and the daintiest 

dress hangs limo and shapeless if the 

-corset is not in harmony with fash- 

ion's lines. 

If your corset is 'a Warner's, you are 
assured that your figure style is right. 

Every Warner is kept "up to the 
minute" in style. Your merchant has 
no Warner corset that is not in keep- 
ing with the season's dress. 

Of course they are comfort- 
able— we do not recognize one type 
of figure only, but every type of form, 
and each design is tested on a living 
model. We guarantee your Warner's 
to you not to rust, not ^o break, not 
to tear, and to Wear, to Wear, and to 

Are you ready for Spring? It is time — War- 
ner's design^ are out and you can buy your 
corset now. 

Do you like a Brassiere? — Warner's Brassieres supple- 
ment the low bust corset of today — dainty and perfect fitting, 
j* ^^^ ^ they are Warner qualitv 

^yig>*7 J*f}£>Y* ^ throughout. That is why 
jMyy/ / t*^* ' *-* they are so pretty and fit 

V T^ust -Proof 




For Miss Thomas. 

Mips Ruth Hirtman will entertain 
■Saturday afternoon Jn -oinpllmetit to 
her Rueat, Mies Marjorle Thomas, of 

Mrs. Hinman's Lecture. 

Mrs. George B. Hlnman. will not (rive 
her art talk this gvenln^, Ne^tt Thurs- 
day waning Mrs. Hlnman wJn con- 
tlmlfc the deUg-htfal aeries of lectures 
and her subject will be "Leonard! <ji 
VI nci." 

Dinner Party. 

Mr. and Mrs. William II. Con^lln 
fare «. beautiful dinner last rJg-ht, thfc 
pcti" as Ion a farewell courtesy to their 
mother. Mrs. Schmidlapp. who leaves 
soon for Home, Italy, where she has 
a home. 

In thfs party were: Mr. and >Trs. 
"Robert J. Lowry, Mr. and Mrs. Edward 
P. Ehney, Mr. and Mrs/ Wflward H. Tn- 
infln, Mr. and Mrs. Hoberfc A Smythe, 
Mr. and Mra. AlManflfir Smith and Mr. 
and Mrs. Clark Howell. 

The table was set under a bower of 
roses In the illnlns-rnnm, the rose 
vine running' ou a trellis of smllax 
with tiny sloctrle lights ehlnlng 
through the foliage. 

The table renterplec? was a lake 
wJth a fountain rising out uC the cen- 
tre, and on the rostvllnod bank were 
i tiny marble teraplfs, souvrnlrs frnm 
! Romo, whlrh were afterwards iiresent- 
. ed the ladles. 

Cooking School. 

i Cooking 1 school will bft held every 
afternoon at tb e Y r M. C, A- from 3 
to 6. Menu $pr Thursday: -An^eJ 
food cake and -caramel layer cake. 


$1.00 to $8.00 


The regular monthly meeting- of the 

Woman's Relief corps will bo held at 

ztw home of airs. Jay KJIncr, 2S0 Lake 

aveouo, Inman Park, Thursday, May 1, 

,. at 3 o'clock. Take Itima-n Parle oar 

'. to Lake avenue, 


\ Tbf superlntpndent of ChHfltian Cltl- 
: zenship ^vlll ennduct the service In the 
1 Interest of that department for tho At- 
1 lanta "Praiicea WiHard Woman's Chris- 
{ tlan Temperance union at £h« meatlne - 
to be held Thursday afternoon at 3 
o'clock In the R\:m1ay school room of 
Trinity church. Visitors are cordially 
' Invited to be Present. 

The Shelter-Inn; Arms association -will 
]hold a regular monthly mcetine on 
JThoraday. May 1, at 10:30 o'dook at 
j the homo, lfil Walton atroot, 

; Th e n nxt rog-ular mon thly meet ins 
ot the Third T^ard Civic club will be 
ihfeld at the reHltience ot Mra. Lewis, 177 
1 Kidney street. May 2, at 3:30 o'clock. 
]A full aitendaiice le renu^Btetl, as the 
i annual election of officers will be 

l A rneetltiff of the Atlanta chapter. 
: Ignited Daughters of the Confederacy, 
1 will be held at the "Woman's club rooms 
, on ThurEday afternoon at 3:20 o'clock. 
\ After tlifl tiualnces s&Eslon of the chap- 
ter Mlsa Mary King 1 will play and Ut- 
j tie Miss HeLen Trankel, a pupil of Misa 
i Eaatlak, will recite. T"he ^chapter will 
I also have tho great pleasure of at ad- 
I dreea by Mr. J, F. Sharp on "Lree at 

IAppomattojL" Mr. Sharp -was a pupil 
of atonowall JaelLSon at the Virprlnla 
Military Intuitu to and was with Le* 
I at Appomattox, The- confederate vct^ 
crans are cordially Invited to hear Mr. 
Sharp'a address. The executive board 
of the chapter will meet at 3 o'clock. 

The regular monthly meeting of ths 
Woma.n'B austliary to lods« No. 20, 
Knights of Pjthlas. will bo held in 
the home of Mrs. J. E. Oxford, 310 
Hemphill avenue. Thursday, May 1, at 
3 o'clock. 


Dallas. Tesa^, April 30. — <Speclal.) — 
Miss Lois Freeman, d&ng-hter of Mrs. 
Mary D. Freeman, of Cartersvllle, Gil, 
was guSotly married here today to Mr. 
IL O. McLean, a prominent young 1 Dual- 
ness man at Dallas. Tho ceremony waa 
performed by Dr. William M, Ander- 
son> at the rifst Preab;-terlan ohurch, 
in the presence of a few frlendg aum 

Mr. and Mrs. McLean will bo at 
hom* Ln Dallas. Mr. McLean is con- 
nected with The I>aIJa3 News. 


Falrburn. Ga.. April 30.— (SpeclatO — 
A e-urprlse weddlns of much Interest 
quietly occurred ^'edn^eaay nlg-ht at 
tho residence of Rev. C L J- Short, on 
Payetteville street, Falrburo, when he 
Said the ceremony that united for life 
as husband and wife Hon. Bob Tatunt 
&n« Miss: .Florence Ja^^son, ot Pal- 
i melto. 

IMr. Tatuni, who is, one of tho besi- 
know-n and generally popular of the 
adA-aac-ed, farmers of the state, la f&- 
, eelvlnff tho DCut^ratulatlona at lite 

High School Alumnae Rally 

To Social and Civic Needs 

To disouas a plan ot study or other 
activity which would secure the com- 
mon interest add co-operatton of the 
Alumnae a^soclaticm, GUJEf iilerh 
school, tor a largv part ot esMsb year, 
wan tho purpose ot an Informal graih> 
erln^ of class, chairmen yeeteraaj with 
Mrs. Hartwell Spain, president of the 

*Thlrty of the Alirmnaa, IncludtnK 
chairmen and a (e^r other mambera, 
wtra preaesnt. and a sohemo proposed 
by Miss Jessie Muse received a hearty 
Indorsement, every member of tho JU- 
tl e company exprcsBlnff themealvea in 
fayor of tt. A praotloal course of 
atudy In sociology, to ho forwarded 
throuig-h monthly meetings. Ijeglnnlns 1 
in the fall and culmin In the 
spring; with a oo-urse of lecturers 
(probably by -Dr. Edward Howard 
Greg^s, waa the program Huggc-ated. 

The many hundred women compos- 
ing the Alumnae, It Is understood, 
whether they arc married or single, 
whether they are women Of b-usinefis 
Or J-elsure, are moot Hctlvely Inter- 
ested ln some one or mora ot the 
city's numerous hiimanaltarla-n naove- 

A course of study then, which would 
consider eoclaJ conditions and needs 

from & scientific and practical stand- 
point, it was shows, woald. bo & unl* 
veraal basla of appeal to the Inter- 
est of the members. It would ba at 
both cultural and practical valtio In 
ttaeliF, and would hold out a good Jtne 
of BUKgeatioaa to many woman who 
sockfl BDmo leisure direction for their 
mental activity that would be of ab- 
stract cultural Interest, and point at 
the samo time their desire to take 
some part in the welf-ara of the world- 

Thls kind of study, exceedingly ben- 
eficial In Itself, was taken by the 
mooting to promise an ideal means 
also of bringing the Alumnae more 
closely and more frequently together, 
and to give them through personal 
contract a keener appreciation of the 
association's other lines of work, hith- 
erto handled actively by only a limited 
number of the membership. 

This plan, it was proposed, should 
be given over to the executive board 
for consideration at Its ne*t meeting; 
the detalJe to be worked cut by a 
committee and formally submitted, and 
as the gathering yesterday was one 
well representative of the Alitmnao 
to ody, it Is qui te probabl a that their 
plan will be favorably acted upon. 


Miss Hightower to Wed 

Mr. Gustave Beauregard Sisson 

Mr. and Mrs. 3"ohn Bedney TTts^i* 
tower Announce £ha approacbing 1 ffiar* 
rlag-o c-f their daughter, Sarah Fran- 
ces, to Mr. G-Hfltava Beauregard Sis- 

son, Saturday aitornoon. May 3, at 
S o'clock., at their home In Druid Hilla, 
Dr. G. T. A- Pise officiating. Only the 
Immediate relatives of both families 
will be present. No cards. 

Do you know what it is 
to walk out of a shoe 
store in new shoes that 
(eel exactly as easy and 
comfortable as the old 
ones yon have just dis- 

If yon wear Queen 
Quality you do. 

The new models in all 
styles at $330 En $5.00 

Sole Afftttcy 
M. Rich & Bros. Co. 

"A Department ol 
Famous Shoes" 



Athe-ns, Ga., A-Prll ^0. — Ope-clal.) — 
Ijicldfcint to the resignation of Profes- 
sor R. J. li DeTjoaoh aa professor of 
Crftban Inquetry at the Georgia Sta-te- 
Colleg-e of Agriculture, In orde* that he 
may aconpt the directorship of the 
Stats lSuperlment station, some changes 
have been made In the collegia arta-If. 
The dHparunent on cotton Industry hae 
been made a Part of the department or 
agronomy anil subordinate to It, thus 
putting It under the Olrertlnn of Fro- 
feeeo-r John R- FaJn. 'Professor L. "E^ 
Rast, vfiio has been ina'tructor In 
agronomy, has-e been made adjunct pro- 
fessor in charge of cotton induatry. 
XI. H. Childe succeeds hlrn ae Instructor 
and L. S, TVatson has been added aa 
Instrucior to the staff. 

These three younff men are all Geor- 
gians and graduates of the Georffla 
Statd Collp^^ of Agriculture, Profea- 
aor Ras~ la w«ll known over tjhe etata 
by reason of Ms cxtfinslro work among 
tho farmers. Mr. ClilHs Is caking his 
masters desreo thia year, -orhlle Mr. 
Wai-wi Li a £xadnate of thl& year. 
Their duties begin on July 1. 




Dallas. Tex., April 30. — The three 
days' cotton convention called by the 
Southern States Cotton corporation 
here closed today wltn the prediction 
that by September 1, 15 eent cotton Is 
a possibility. The corporation proposes 
to try to secure this price e-enerally 
by a system of holding- cotton back 
from the market and keeping in move- 
ment to the market distributed bo that 
tha JG-cent level will be readied and 
maintained About EQ0 persons attend- 
ed the convention, most of them from 
Tftjpag and Oklahoma. 

Odd Fellows at Cairo.^ 

ThomasvlUe, &*., Aj>rJ] 30, — (Spe- 
cial.) — The annual convention of Odd 
Fellows of the second dtstriat was held 
In Cairo yesterday and tada5\ and 
repoTtft froJn ther« how that there 
were a large number of dele&atea and 
visitors In attendance. Among 1 those 
going from ThomasvlUe, representing 
the lodge "here, were S. \v . T>avls, 'W. 
P. Cox, B. M. Zangwill and M.. Suarez. 


Watch the Folks Rush- 
Tonight's Spaghetti Night 

You never served a dish more 

welcome — irtore appetizing — 

more nutritious than Faust 

Spaghetti. There's practically 

no - end to the ways Faust 

i Spaghetti can be served — all 

h* savory, relishable and satisfy- 

*y ing. Far cheaper than meat — 

/ much more strengthening and 

| 1 easier digested. You should 
11 give the children a whole 
ll lunch of 

% „ - : ->m.- 

#"■■' :^^i--i 

* ■■■-: -.-^^*^^.- ■ ■; 
■!-ji ■ .-.. -'"?SS^5' ■"■■: 

'■ a- ■' ' • '■-;£&%'£,-< 

.--."-. "•■ji'S-si' •- js 

-- fa '"■ -" -■ ■ .***%?■-" < 

- • ^$r % 

;*?"."'■ / r 0% ' t 




at least twice a week — it's a mus- 
cle, bone and flesh builder. Ask 
your doctor. Faust Spaghetti 
is made from Durum wheat, 
which is extremely rich in gluten 
— the food content that makes 
for strength and growth. Write 
for free recipe book and learn 
how many dishes you can make 
, of Faust Spaghetti. 

At all grocers' — ^tT j^S^i 


A. Matter of Judgment 

A right appreciation of material values is 
obliged to be a matter of cultivated judgment 

And so out Diamonds appeal to the best class 
of patronage— purchasers who are looking for abso- 
lute integrity in the stones they bay. And we 
secure to them also the most advantageous prices. 


Jewelers 47 Whitehall St. 



Today an Opening or the Foremost 
Sales or the Season 

The Great May Sale of AA^hite 

— wc begin this morning, the great annual May sale of under— 
muslins, which alwaya jl»»m« tne attention ox smart shoppera— 


Bear in mind, please, that every garment shown here is oi 


Every Piece Suitable For Present Use 

Makers of undermnslina, like their brethren in the costume 
traces, must conform to the styles of the moment, the correct 
vogue, the dema-ntis of the alert women of fashion. 
The popular demand is discriminating in its choice of lingeries 
as in its selection of outerwear. 

A Thursday Sale of Rignt Sorts 


—of nainsook and muslin, newly designed; 
treatments in chmyor val laces, also embroid- 
eries. Nearly all are beading and ribbon run. 


— new lingerie and crepe garments in clinging 
and dose fitting effects; beautifully trimmed 
in lace and embroidery styles. Beading and 


— « line of sheer garments, light and. shimmery 
in texture. Beautifully and daintily trimmed 
-with shadow or val laces. These are 
select styles. 


■—this is the sheerest, softest and most dainty 
assortment of Boudoir attire that -we have ever 
shown. Each piece is a marvel of attractive 
delieaey and elegance. 


K.eely Gonvpany j J 


— ™ Ne 


TBT? fTOWR Ti ' l ' tlU' l O KT ATriWA? OA THTTRS 



■Page ^Sfine, : 


Hla* EUcra Chapln, ot Richmond. Id 
the gueat of her brotfter. Mr. "W. 1L 

Chopin. »t the Geo'r^aB Terrace. 
Hr. «nd Wra. C A,' Wood arrived 
Tuesday from the east. 


Mfc. and Mrs.' J • -ttoII Fayna to- 
otled -cv-rde atmotiiicln? tho marriage of 
theEr daughter, Helen Hill, to Mr. 
Charles Thomas Hopfctnfl, J'r. r on Tues- 
day* April 26, 1913, at Atlanta, Ga_ 

Mr. Vatr Afltor Batche3c/r. who baa 
been In Aahcvlllc, N. C-. for the past 
TFeak, will return home toraorrqw.- 

MloB Katnertne Gills will entertain 
at a luncheon today In compliment to 
3HSb Wilson, of Ne* York, the guest 
of Mtss Hel^n Darsaa. 

ITrs. Dan. Denny, of Harriman, Term., 
16 the gTieat of Mrs. WUSl&m Learned. 

Mlas Virginia Abercromble, of Mont- 
ffornery. is the E^eat of Mre. Spalding 


Dr. J. J. Hall left Tueoday to attend 
the fourth American Peace congress In 
St. Lou lg. May I to 4. 

Mrs. Harry Alexander is vtisting her 
mother la Richmond, Va., far two 


Mrs. James R- Little has returned 
from a a- art visft to Heflln. Ala. 

Mr. W. J. Morrison leaves Saturday 
for New Turk, 

Miss Jane Stan-field haH arrived from 
Richmond, and la the E"u.«Ht of her 
aunt. Mrs. John W. Moore, 

Mlso Rowena White, of Athene, Ls in 
the city. 

Mrs. Pat Lynch Is desperately III at 
iht> residence at her daughter. Mre. L. 
Signers. 52 West A]<?xi*nder street. 

Mrs. Gladstone Craipr. of WasMng- 
t.on city. 13 In thtt c.ity f 

Miss Ada Turner win go to Savan- 
nah the middle of May, 

T>r. TV, A. Carlton, o-f Athens, Is Jn 
the city. 

MJss Ruth TrJbbjff, of Athens, frill 

spend the week-end with. Mrs. S. K. 


p P . TroV Eoatty has returned to 



MiBo' Marion BloomOela, oT Athena, 

Es En the cltr- 


MfL Hugh Rows, of Athens, la at 

the Fledmont &anltorlam, where she 
underwent an operation yesterday and 
is rentlnff well- Mr. Rowe accompan- 
ied her to Atlanta, 




J. fi. Mathews, of the eradus-tlng: 
class Of Emory colics*, and president 
of the Sudent Government association, 
has been Invited to address the Atlanta 
alumni of the college at Si30 o'clock 
lOnlght at Che University tlub r vherc 
the- subject of Intercollegiate athietlca 
Cor the college will be discussed. 

Over 100 of the alumni In Atlanta 
have already Hlgoed a petition to the 
collage trustees, asking 1 that the atu- 
denta be allowed the same privileges 
as are granted to thos-e Jn other almi- 
lar Institutions, and Thomas ~W. Con- 
Tia.lL* - . secretary ot *he alumni aEsocIa- 
tion and One Of the most enthusiastic 
workers for Konory, states that In cir- 
culating the petition not a alng-le man 
to whom he went refused to say that 
he was in favor of the plan. 


British Delegate to Celebration 

Attacked by Irish, Labor 
Unions and Women. 

London. April 30. — The British dele- 
fc-atSoji n&w on ltB way to the TTnlted 
States for the celebration of the Anglo 
American peace centenary may en- 
counter some hostile demonst rations. 
Certain leaders of the extreme Irish 

Walters, Held for Stealing Dun- 
bar Child Once Under Charges 
at Brunswick* Ga. 

Jack Johnson Again Indicted. 

Chicago, April 30;— An additional Ija- 
atctment _ ameJid&tOk-y ot ft previous 
charge, . wu ratnni;Cril tods^ i/y tb& 

federal ,,«i^nd ^Jnryi = *w=cuainir "Jack" lljur^ ■*> CWca^q, Octoh+r 4S.vW.lfr -fat.- 
Johnson, the nepro prt»*. flehtar. of J-ijinoDTBr Dtiurpoae*/" -and tn 'r>r#B^pa>^ 
violation ot- th* Waunvwhit^ sVav* act. ? iloii at a h*Hdub crltoe." ^Toottiioa- *n^ 
The' lndictB»h.t an*g« that JOhn-iw) t»t«l a p3aa of not cnitlt?: ^-HliT trlH 
brouKht , Belle BchTfltber ftftftr PltU- j 1» Mt tor. next J^QiUJiy. J , : -■■,■■.. 

New Orleans, April SO.- — Fear that 
W, C. "Walters, alleged kictnaper of 
the Dunbar cftUd, has "made away" 
wl th her child, Bruce was expressed 
here today hy Julia Anderson, ^IP 

and labor movements are advising t North Carolina woman, "who wS^ 
their American friends to express op- j brought ir> Uoulfiiajva to see if she 
posEUon to th« British mlesJtfn Su f' j could IdentLty as here, the child which 
appealing to, Mr ^^ ^^ ^ p i>u n har. of Opelou- 
I firaa, have claimed as their kidnaped ; 


Appointed Maid o/ Honor. 

Eastman, Ga., April 30.— -{Special.) — 
.Sirs. T. H. Smith, of T>uhlfn. matron 
of honor of the Eastman brigade of 
ConCederate veterans, has appointed 
MJeb Hortense Herman, of this city, 
as maid of honor from Eastman to 
attend the Confederate reunion, to be 
heli] In Chattanooga on May 27. The 
appointment, which confers upon Miss 
Hwtrrna.n' a- very distinct honor, "has 
been accepted- 

Miss Daniel Wins Honor. 

Eaatmau, Ga., April 30. — (Special.) — 
After an examl nation of the class 
grades of the aeninr class of Cox col- 
lege, of College Park, Miss "Resftfa 
Mae Daniels, of this city, has been 
elected as president ef the 1913 senior 
class of that Institution- 




It won t take long for you to 
discover the reason for our immense 
shoe business. Just one visit to our 
Shoe Department, a no! youll knew. 
All the preferred styles, with a com- 
plete range of sizes and widths, and 
salesmen who know how to fit make 
it easy and pleasant to buy your 
shoes here. 

The pictures show three of the 
pretty styles that women favor this 

The new Colonial Pump in Dull 
or Patent with ligHt turn or 
medium welted sole with small tongue 
and covered buckle, Louis or Cuban 
Heel nothing prettier has been de- 
veloped among new styles $5 pr. 


e new 


us season a models in 
pumps now so much sought for may 
he had here in all the popular leathers 
and fabrics, with light or medium, high, narrow or low broad 

Leels $4 pr. 


A smart button Oxford, another 

favored style this season that makes 
an attractive street or semi-dress shoe 
for afternoon wear, is here in all 
leathers — ICicL, Gun Metal, Tans 
and Patents, "with high or low 
heels $3 50 pr. 

This is but a few of many ne 
styles. All worth seeing. 



eeiy s 

frajrette left-ders 

American women to denounosh Any 
friendly dealings between t&o two 
countries until England El ve a thB to1b 
to women. 

Opponents of the T>e ae e mission pre- 
dict that Ita nubile appearance will 
provoke outbreaks such as occurred at 
tne peaco meeting at CarnegMe hall 1n 
December. 1911. In support oC the rati- 
fication of the arbitration ir^alJes 
pending between ' tlie United States, 
Creat Britain and France. 

Because Lord Weardalo and other 
membera nE the delegation are con- 
nected with the Carnesle Peace foun- 
dation the lahorites call It "the Carne- 
gie mission." 

Enffll-ih labor unlonfl will hold 
meetings, as |s their custom, in Hyde 
Park tomorrow. 

Representatives of the German un- 
ions will parade with them for the 
first "me anfl Doth English anfl Ger- 
man speakers Intend Id denounce "the 
Carlisle mission." Their ground la 
that the mission Is designed to foster 
an AnnMc- American alliance a.nd alien- 
ate American sympathies from Ger* 
many, whereaj, they argue workers of 
all nationalities should stand together 
far their own Interests. 

Benjamin TII1«M. secretary of the 
dock, wihart, riverside and general 
workers' union ot Oireat Britain and 
Ireland. will send a cablegram to 
Samuel Gornpers. president of the 
American Federation of Labor, asfc- 
1ns him to oppose the British delega- 

■•(jeneral" Mrs. Flora Drumroond, 
one of the leaders of the mllltajw suf- 
fraBoUcs, who was arrested today 
succeeded tonlsht In smuggling out 
of the jail to !T friend s. message ™r 
tile Amerius-n suffragettes. This mes- 
sage which later was cabled to the 
Women's Suffrage union of haw 
York, was as rollouts. 

"Cs.rncBle's so-called peace dele- 
E-ates are nearlue i'°u v shores. Nono 
of them h».» raised a voice ag-alnst 
the tortuTe of women In English pris- 
ons The lory members of parlia- 
ment, anions them won their s^ats on 
a slnk-the-Germsji-navy policy. They 
have all voted against home rub*. 
Suffragettes, Irishmen and Germans 
organize a national boycott against 
these war provokers." 

Miss s.-ott-Troi'. the Ban Francisco 
suffragette. sent a cablegram to 
Senator O'Gornuin at Washington say- 

"If the senate will Investigate Car- 
negie's pea ce fund they may flnfl on 
ollvo brancCi wrapped around a sworJ. 
■We hope that the senate will not at- 
tend these functions clven in honor 
of the peace delegates who dictate lo 
Americans that they must rewrite 
their history to Entrust] fcellnss 
anfl eully the fair name of George 
WaBh.1nigrt.on.' 1 

son, Robert. 

Julia Anderson said one of the pho- 
tographs of the child, taken from Wal- 
ters, looked like her boy, Bruce, but 
she was Inclined to believe the boy 
Is not her'3. 

Sh e will take a loolc at the boy at 
Onelousas. and If she fails to Identify 
him as Bruce, It is very probable that 
Governor Brower, of Mississippi, will 
grant the requisition for Walters, who 
is still confined m tne Columbia, Miss.. 

"J. am afraid Cantwell Walters has 
made away with my boy. and that he 
took the other boy because he did 
not want to face me without Bruce. 
There 1 B not anything much thiit Cant- 
well would not do." 

S..e said Walters Tvas once eharjjred 
with, murder at Brunswick, Ga-, and 
that he had been a tinker and tramp 
for years. 


Liawrencevnie. On.., AprlJ 30. — (Spe- 
cial. > — Albert Duran, cl.&.rg"efl with 
public indecency, vc-as convicted In the 
city court flf Euford and sentf-ncfld 
j io frv^lva mojiths In the chain 

by Jufiee I- 1^ O&lEeg. 

] A fe-w week-H a&o two Little sirls, 

japes II and 13 years, were ratux-iifnur 

home from school and ovc-rtoolc Duran 

in a wagon, and he ftfeteed them to ride 

■ with him, When about hiLlC a. mile 

S-'out from. Buford. on n. lonely part -of 

S thfl roa.d.. the children testified that 

|j Dunn made lmprope radvancetl and 

|tnleci*nt actions toTvard them. and 

, tb^y jumped Jfrpm the wagon and r*n. 

| They reported tho matter to their 

! father, who went In search of 15 u.- 

* run. armed with a heavy Sttck, and at 

once began flogging him, but the 

m-ulea ran away and Duran escaped. 

.He was later arrested: and bound over 

to the city court. 

I Duran 1s a mLddle-aerfld man with 

| a family. 


Auburn, N. T., April SO. — The 6E0 
employee <it the ^UteriULtlonal Haf- 
T^stt^r cotriijanlea* tvwii^fj mills, who 
went on a strike on March 31 in sym- 
pathy -with the Btrikera at the Colum- 
bian ItopK company mllly, latf* tOiia-y 
voted almost unanlcio-usfy to acc&pt 
the terms offered hy the. company for 
a settlement. Work, in the twine mills 
■will be resumed Monday. 

Edwin P. Chapman, personal rc^ro- 
e-entatU-e ot Governor Eula^r, today ad- 
dreeHrjcl a mass metting 1 of the strikers. 
He told them he had been authorized 
by the Tnt^rnatJanal Harvester com- 
pany to a Usui's thflirj that the twine 
mills would he reopened, the machin- 
ery that had /tie en packed for ship- 
ment to Germany would he- brought 
back, and that all those who left the 
employ of the < would be giv- 
en thetr old places without discrimina- 

The terms of the agreement among 1 
othor thlnp.s provide for a 54-ht»ur 
week, minimum srsgA of JS per week 
for femalpu anil J&.72 for males, antl 
all rilg-ht work to be cliacout.f nued tor 
thfg wason; the company ta provide 
work for nicjht workers who cannot, 
he placed on the day shift, by m.akitig- 
placee for them In other branches 
of the plant + 

Spring house-cleaning rc-[|l 
veals numerous things you 
don't need. A little want ad 
in the classified will turn 
them into inoner- Phone 
Main 5000, or Atlanta 109. 


"Th* B*»tFini-. _ 
roc Tlwt Can Bs 

ffflritmaa FJInu *dJ ojtu- 
Dlole Stnck itnotenr Bui>pl!«B- 
vLaa for nqt-or-town enmtomfn* 
Send, foe C«tatoi£ nu*l ^riee lAnt* 

A. H. HA WHES CO. £"? 

14 TVTlt«f>«H St.. Alhili. fi«. 



Begins Today and Continues Throughout the Month. 
Entire Stock Offered at Extraordinary Reductions 

For months we have been preparing for tile greatest sale in our history. We have 
bought an avalandhe of linens, magnificent values, from the best importers and mills in the 
country, for this sale. We will add to these goods our entire regular stock of Table Linens, 
Towels, Bed Linens, Bed Spreads, Fancy Linens and White Goods, at substantial reductions 
from regular prices. We list a few specials below. 

If you have not received one of our 1913 May Sale catalogues, caif or write for one and 
compare prices upon equal grades of goods. You'll save money in buying at High's. 

Greatest Bargains in 


60c German Silver Bleach Damask, 
64-inch, May Sale, yard 

65c German Silver Bleach Damask, 
72-inch, May Sale, yard 

85c German Silver Bleach Damask, 
72-inch, May Sale, yard 


$1.00 German Silver Bleach Damask, 

73-inch, May Sale, yard 

75c Grass Bleach Irish Damask, 

70-inch, May Sale, yard 

$1.06 Grass Bleach Irish Damask, 

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The PTieraeemeiit of "BIJ]j\ the Kid" 
I this we^lt wt. thr» I^rlc Is drawing 
1 splendid audiences to thfs populur Car- 
Ineglf. TTay theater. Thcj hlU is onr; 
j that n.i)peala to a]I clanse^ t>£ theater- 
1 poers. as In addition to Its intensely 
{ dramatic scenes, tho atory Is logically 
I told and the company taaa t)een well 
j selected. 

TbA announcement is that "Bii- 
! ly, the Kid" will ba the last reynlap 
1 thea-trlcal Offering 1 of the season at thtt 
L.vrlc and it Ig quite likely that a stock 
company will follow shortly, present- 
ing: a flerfaa of tiJg'Ja -class and popular 
pl&ya. Hatlneea will b«j given ttiia 
week on. Thursday and Saturday after- 



April kwiic to a close as the third 
dry est monih 1q ths 34 ye-aTB' record 
of the wpatJiwr Vureau Ln Atlanta, a-nd 
wslb ^Usq rema-rkable Tor the tool daya 
■ or *:ie last week. On Wednesday tiia 
1 teMnpenattire ha,d returned to nermal 
ajid Uie merc-ury eliiuhed up to 7G de- 

I For tho entire month the r&infartl 
j amounted to only .84 Inc-he, wh,Ilc last 
[ ye«-r April ha.d B.65 inches, and tht nor- 
mal for this month ot a-Jiowora is oveP 
5 Inphes. 
j The forecast for today in fair wea-th- 
;er with no paftJ«?ulr chang-e 3n tem- 
j jwrature. Tiic same forecast applies 
' In general to the entire state. 



Richmond* Va,, April 30. — The Con- 
federate Memorial Literary society 
adopted resolutions today protesting 1 
against sm Invitation to the Q. A, R. 
to attend the opening of the aouth'a 
"battle abbey" here on tha ft.nnlversa.ry 
of th^ surrender at Appom&ttoi court- 
. house. 

! Killed Self With Dynamite 

L&iiyamUh, Wla., April 3ft- — Peter 
flurti a wea-Hhy farmer, placing 1 a 
stlcte oC dynamite on the ground, light- 
ed the *ua* and lay on tha charge. 
Ho waft blown, to plecea. An alleged 

i quarrel with his wife was slyca 'as 

* the reason Zoc the suicide* 


rage Tea. 

•rius ''^''r^asTrrL'.ilu^/i'i-i'i - 

> i i , i .i n 1 ^. 1 ' i »n « ■ - 

Bj- wtaixdjif tiro (inn tram Van- 
d*rb(lt tfce V«IvermJ*T W Gnrgfti tefl» 
has clew title co Ac Southern Col- 
lege olmx TiJoDRblp^ 





A Severe Blovr. 

HARHt BAJLE1S absence from the 
■■ Hne-up of the Crackers ie a severe 
Mow. ' Wlen any learn Jfi deprived uf 
~* the services of Its beat run-getter, its 
clean-up hitter and the second highest 
batsman in the Southern league, it 
Is hurt morally. It lis to be hoped 
that Bailey will g-et Into harness short- 
ly. Manaffer Smith feels Bailey's loss 

Stealing "Thrtr Vim- 


re stealing Comiakey'3 

i the White So* were 

tless wonders. But thj 

thut sobriquet these 

in that r uri win thr^c 

.jth«r team hy making 

i) of th^ pinii-s and IWij 

certainly getting the 

n every gamp- but one 

Vols and the trackers 

Schwari.z.m*'n have flv-? 

■ rrcd f t 

Are. For years 
known a* the hi 
Vols Eiavf; grot 
daya. Any ro*j 
jjcames !;orn an^ 
three hits In Lw 
In the t^ilrd 3s 
break. Outhit i 
or the Ht*i-en the 
tinve pluyprl. the 
victories to the! 
Would Hat JtMO. 

fLATTON PK Kill ► thn Xasll vlll -J 
third baseman, wouhi bat .500 Sf he 
played at Ponri: d:: Lieon all season 
Kvery tlm« t'kiytun come» 1o the local 
Jot he hits IJke a demon. He'll go alon* 
Tor vrerkH getting: his nvjrase number 
of bingoes and when hid team come* 
to Ponee de Lpon he hfts like a WapriPT 
or a Cobb. Perry's bbj? stli^k had as 
nvjch to do with thn rouMnjr of the 
("'rankers as any one thing 1 . 

A Gn-nt pllcbrr, 

Eleven Crackers Hit Air; 
Bill Foxen in Fine Form; 
Barons Get Six in Fourth 


Bobrrbb 1 1. Nashville's run was made In the sec* 

April 30- — (Bpe-|ond on Perry's double, a sacrifice: an.1 
ela].) — "While the Barons as a bunch Lindsay's out. Both Summers and Case 
Outpointed the Crackers fl-s- a bunch pitched {rood ball. The game abounded 

By HoKh W. 

Birmingham, Ala., 

GEUIlliE BECK, the \:W\* -i£n '- 
liander of the. Nashville Viil^, la onr of 
the bp<u Tiltrhprn rh;tt has lu-^i turm'I 
loose against th»! Crackers In many a 
day. His work Tuesday was siin*>rlf. j 

In blm Schwartz has :hc bf.^t lm>kl:iir j 


J -.o. 

right-hander that htut wppeared 
this year. He work* cool I v. haw a nice 
change of p^c? and a baffl'.nE dre;i. 
VThfn vein lire Me'tItip; on the 1 parting 
pitcher of the Southern le.-nsup this sea- 
son. Reck is a frn*mlijnhlc candidate. 

.HOLKSis-'OiiTH i? havins trou- 
hlf-s Ray Boyd, tinf t>- hia .wlnnlm; 
i'.Lis-lf-pa last season, and a iormldjiblt: 
brjjcman TdT any club to htf.1t. Tn;i/ 
have to be given his outright ^fiinji 1 , 
Tloyd has n kn«L in hlw pitching af-m 
that win not answer to treatment, and 
It may be srveral weeks before H'j 
can hurl a luill. On tep oT this. Bob 
Messenger has boon n*ul«d honae fi^r 
seVfr:*! days by a d^ath lit hia family. 
Of her it'^ms be widest the Crftrkurg are 
ha villi? * l " UTI "-^ l3Ela luck. 



JOH^tY liixniiK can thank hia 
atars ihnt Ilrfi^ree ICyt^n had one of 
his aft TilphtS, sui:h ;lm r*-r*"'roe9 and Ii!\ 
nther human lie'n^H hjiv^ every now 
and then. II ow Kytm ■ -.i:td ^Lvo Din- 
,dee a draw with Ki]t*im«! aftwr on 3 
reads the ilKht. round by round. \n Be- 
yond us, A rally In thu final ronni 
does noi f?ive :i ninn ft draw In nin" 
rtplnlan. whp:! the edffe way yo marked 
In the other man's favor In the rest n-f 
tbf battle. It was just '"a drowning 
■man and ;t utr^w" V»n ran not 
sanely dgnre it any other n*ay. 

Aftfri* the Hnc. 

>'ASHVItLK will not be Satisfied 
with a iiriit division berth thin seaso i. 
Word comes from Nashville that Presi- 
dent HlrttlK m KOliif? to tonsen iiTt*hL:t 
liurs,' ttrlnKs. "IV a iLbout tlm* 1 fur 
Nashville to win another pennant, and 
^fa-na^er Sehwsirtz and I are dfti-rirdned 
to turn th*^ triek. if poaKibliV is th:- 
way he puts it. Th« Vols have a for- 
midable tey-m aw it now atandis, wlt'i 
v y. *pw i,iiMiift'H that at a filAnffl arj 
needed thry -,v!U require a Utt o* bi'at- 
In^ before they am lleked. 

Turn nu the S^nrchllEb'. 

M-1K.I5 DOS1.IS, the b.ill playsr- 
Thesplan. *vr tbe Thnsplan-ball player, 
whichever you like ht^t. may cause thr 
suarchliEht of the enn press! on fil proT)L- 
oii th^ baseball trust to be turned on 
fully. Mike claims that he is befn = 
burshlv treatt-d by the Philadelphia 
Natlouals. The T'hIL'iIes snld him to 
JlinpoftpoliP. The 111'lcrR wanted him 
to T>lay for Sl h 500 l-'Sd thar. Philadel- 
phia paid Jihn. This (Tail was made 
after the rhLlilea h>id hloeked his ef- 
forts to buy a hnlf Interest hi a Pa~ 
etne C7oast league clitb and managn it. 
Look? liltc Mike really g-ot the worst 
of this deal. 



Ti is aoss"ble hat you cannor 
get Cascade in vour town If 
only for medicinal purposes you 
should have in yc«ir home this 
pure ■ytfhisky of quality Physi 
cims recommend it 
CwKad* tv Mc.EH V 7<™ 

*UDplr roa <Ur=c; r F«m*T tuf qow: of UlL 
ric'b, pure. mcHwtr whietr ^n; hy aprcc 
ptiraid ti> tba i" 1 "-" tailToad tfjUicc ia 
B5.00 — or a caa. C« 12 fuL 1 rTKin:: «tv 
nr=paWfolS12 75 Ni»ro«d- ecirt C O. D 
ji// fAqtniett'a made in 
securely pavkzd bisx£3 
~" ' oft th box 


qpimii by United 1 
Sfofcs lew. 
OrifiialtWttllo*- bHOl' J Knlr'tlUt 

CEO. A. DICKEL ft €<L 

UistiUersi I 

J$ashvil3e. Tenn- » j 

DISTfi! Bt'TOTtS : 
Tlw ChnttiniMffa Oistirilng- , 

TIib Cfias. Bium OomjiaJij-. 

Ja Clean* []}*> pla. 
Fitil HeyiTJan. ChOttiDOO- 

ga. TcnB. 

njrmlitEbam. Ala 

Jn Lhe open1nj£{ ^ranie of the nerles thla 
afternoon, Billy Fmlth o.ulte proper]y 
attributes hie defeat to the excellence 
of William Foxeu. The fling-ins of 
the former Crackep lneLd«nta.Ily -vrsis 
rot the solti feature of tha game. ff>r 
th« serlmj^fl^e deveJoppd Bcime es- 
Ceptiftnally clever fielding 1 and base 
Muniingr- The bcot» was 6 to 2. 

The Atlanta, twirter, Musapr, pitch- 
ed a Tine game If the rea-der will 
eltmLnato from conalderation one In- 
nlitp, the fourth. In that round the 
Barons latched on to his tienders ho 
fearfully that even lo-ea-1 fans with 
difficulty, restrained their tearfl- 

The inning not only brought forth 
finiely hitting- but thriHinjE haae run- 
ning 1 , with the general i^euit thtut tihe 
entire Craelter team was Eivept oil Its 

Tbe BU? Hound. 
McBridv opened thn round ivith a 
srreamlttp: single to left, Kt<lllvray, 
with the hit-and-run sign -out* 
smashed the flrwt pitched Dall to 

risrht. >McBr!d« ?«ln ff to third, , afc&ll* 
vray flsrurec that be had time enough, 
to h11i> dCfWTl to tipcornl. H*! did gllp 
ind arrived hy rt splendid a3idH. 

Oarrol]. lit p^'rholoirleal mo- 

ment, other-ads*! known e** the plnah,. 
drove the ball screaTnlnp to center, on 
which MeBride and >fc<3llvray count- 
ed. Ell am flashed the hit -and -rim 
and rolled the pUJ to short, from 
which position Williams had Just ruti 
to second for the purpose of catrhin^ 
Carroll stealing. On the hit Carroll 
loped to third- 

Th** fa.hs 1n thej meanwhile were 
crying- with delight, and the Crackers 
aeemrd \a bo high In the rjsane- "But 
-MusH^r apparently settled down, for 
he fanned Mayjr, regarded as a hard 
ami tlmHy swatter. He then made the 
mlwtake of paKSlng 1 Foxen. ^vJucii filled 
'-he ha^s. >Iarcan hit to Williams and 
Carroll wis forced at the pl-ate. With 
the bases still filled and two down. 
Manager Smith breather a fd^h Of re- 
lief. But he figured without the ver- 
satility of his host. 

Herndon bent a slow one cut. on 
which Ellam scored- Muaser, who had 
covered fJr?t. onde-avored to hestd the 
ruiitipr at the plaAer\and tli<* ball got 
away. "Foxen cirfun tl jjjs; find runners 
moved up to tjilrd and second. 

Eodus then/cracfce-J nnu to deep cen- 
ter and Mnncati and Herndon counted. 
McTSHdi-i wXh at bat for th« second 
time In the" inning- when t.ho frol!^somo 
Bndus wenft out to awlpe the Keystone, 

The only whIk g-tvin by Fokch re- 
sulted in the llrst Cracker run. Lom^ 
drew the iiass and went to second 
when TTrr.yilrf Wright ruled that one of 
the Baron pitcher's ni:Ick throws to 
flrnt was a balk. WiHlSiius and Gra- 
liam mad*.' eapy outs, but Uunn. who 
iiluiic ef iill 1i!k teammatfR. cmld hit 
Tim flossy Foxen, smashed safely to 

ueiitr'r. Ijijnjr seorlnpT. 

TJip H+'eond Cracker run ftimo in the 
ninth, rimith, who prevtouFly had btt-Ti 
n-.i hf\ji\ca>i »s il l»Rbi:. singled to ri^ht 
and LuiiK' clipped luir sufrly to eentf-r. 
Both mnvod tjii on a pasted ball iind 
the firRt n.-iined m-on-l when Jvllum, 
after a fAn<- h;.irkwsird rur. ' Into left, 
cajiturf-d tht short fly of WilliiiniP. 

Foxcn'f woik was the future of the 
fjiiTnf. He h id exeidient control and 
tanned eli-ven nst?n. Two of the Craek- 
i'i' hits were vprltable acratches. In 
Tiie se-*i>ml Alperniann ma<je a ePe*;- 
Lacular cutrli ctf h drive by Me/Jllvray, 
whleh pr^ven'ed n. Damn. run. 

KllHin also had <t great afterno-on in 
th^- fU-Id. 

Tbe Box .Score; 


tn aparfelins fl^ldinE plays, Thr»5hoi 
and (Joa-lby making circtia catches. 

The box scOrO: 
CHAT. ab. r. h. po. *.! NASH. ab. T. *. po, ■ 

<F! Irk. % 
Street, c 
£oTTini>. p 

1 fi 

■£ 1 

Daley. )f 

3 Ooalbj-.£b 
1 Ca.rn.rf 

4 Perrv,3b 


'£ Nflyea. e 

t : Caac.p 

1 3 

4 I! 1 M O 

5 111" 
i ft O 12 

S 1 2 

3 O l> J 

•1 ft I o 

The Crackers 1 first string catcher, 
whose work this year has brought 
joy to the hearts nf Atlanta fandoin. 
Pat was always conelderedl & . good 
catcher when la form. He rounded 
into shape early this year, and seems 
destined to lead the league's catch- 
era. He has yet to make his ftrst 
error behind the plate. He is nip- 
ping would-be base-stealera galore, 
and is hitting: well over the .300 
mark. Fat is going to gtve someone 
a tussle for the title* "The League's 
Best. Catcher." 

John Morris Hurls "No-Hit 
Game Against Vanderbilt; 
Georgia Claims the Title 


T)(3Jb 2ft S 4 27 l-*i Totals 1'7 1 4 X4 f 2 
Hcoro by Innings: H- 

Chattanooga. 0G2 000 QO-k — 2 

Nashville , ., + . .010 OO 1 ) q00 — 1 

Summary: Errors. Goalby 1. Noyes 
1; stolen base, Callahan; sacrifice hit, 
Schwartz; two-base hit. Perry: doubt -a 
play, Elstnn to Coyler on balls, off 
Summers 4, off Case 2: struck out, by 
Summers ?. Time, 1:30. Umpires, "ErHt- 
enBtein and Kerin. 

Turtles 6> Pelicans 5. 

New Orlefl-ns. April 30.— Swindell 
wai batted for three puns In the first 
inning of today's and Mempiifs 
added three more off "rui-mmy" Taylor 
1n th* gucefteding" rounds to win from 
New Orleans fi to 5. New ton" 3 ^up- 
port was laxirelv re^rponsibl^ f-or his 
success. Butler played nHlHajitly at 
shortstop. Ahattdn grot a three-base, 
two- base and one-hase hit in four 
tlmea at bat. and stole a ha^e. S^ian- 
ley beat out a hit tn short In the first 
inning. He stole SBCund and alter 
Ba,«i-wald h»ud been re-tlred, Fchweitzer 
walker and Ward's; single seor^-d Shfln- 
ley. "Ward was thrown oiit at sec- 
ond. Alistein's double and Ijovu'a sin- 
g:le netted two more runs. Taylor 
was hit ha.rd In the eeoorid and j 
Kn-aupip'a error wna e-ostly. Abstein; 
scored what proved to be the winning! 
run In the third on hla triple and an ' 
fnfiold out. Hendryx:"fl grwtt catch oft 
Shanley's fly In. the fourth was n. fea- J 

WEM, tin. r. h. pn. b.' N. <y_ ah. r. h- P"- a. 1 

Staff rtioIngrBpiiffr. 




•* ■> 





Vi s\ 




1 a 





2 4! 




1 1 




i> <* ft; 










flf.ndr , 3t,cr 



1 I <i 1 




1 1 




i ;i 2 




1 1 


dnedr. lb 



L.', I ^ 









X 7 -T 








i 1 2 

G 1 If 




fi 1ft 21 11 




l!> 27 13 

Hcol-f hy 




, . . .321 


000 — * 



aio — & ■ 

At the 

top, Pat 




to mate 

a peg to 



the bottom he V 





ready to 

lace out a 


Munrnmry: Krrora, Knfl.upp "; thre*: 
runs 4 hi la off Swindell Jn one inning; j 
a runs, C hits off Taylor In S Innings; [ 
three-baae bits, Abstefn, Knaupp; two- \ hrits, AbsteSn, K-ierwald^ Rnmicer, j 
Herwlryx: stolen "na-ses, Hhitnley, Ab- j 
H.t*dn; double piny, Miirmf?=h ti> i^nede- ; 
i'ur to Knau'pp: struck out, hy Taylor -, [ 
i>y Nowton X; biLses on brkJln, off Sivin-J 
dell I, off Taylor I, off Nt^vtor. :t ; hit 
by pitched hall, by Newton iStuvr-n- 
tfon): wild pitch. Newton. Time, 1:54. 
Umpires. Kuddurhiim and Hart. 



Miircan, 3b- 
Herndon, r.f- -- 

Bodns, e..f 

McBrtde. l.f. .. 
McGIIvray, lb. 
Carroll, 3b. 

Ell am. sk 

Meyer, c. . -^ - 
l^oxen, p. 

Totals 3fi 


A^lcr. lb 

Alperma-nn. 3b^ 
Welcbonce, ef. 
Smith. 3b. . .. 

L.011JT, If. 

IViUJaros. »s, . . 
Ciraham, rf. - - 
Dunn. c. . . * . , 
Musaer, p. 

h. ]>.o. 


? 2 

1 7 

2 1 
1 3 

New Infielder Will Play in 
Left Against Barons Today. 
Jack Kernan Gets Out- 
right Release. 

Finn Drops Pour. 

Mobil.-, Ala.. April ST. — The Mohlle 
Southern league eluh today rulcused 
OmtflelderH Tom TCaferty, secured 
from TVilfcesharre 1 . P^-, uneojidltlonHl- 
lyi Outfielder William McGlU. semi , 
protesslona] of Newark. N. J., to ppn-l Birmingham, Ala.. April 30,— (Spe- 
saeolft. of th.-: Cotton States le ;i ^iio; \ ^s.1.) — Tnfield^r Hlsknd, recently j*nr- 
PUchpr Ijirvfl Kirby, who <-jiiiip to M>- \ ? haiied hy Mann-s^T Billy Smith from 
bfle from the New York ai»nl*. Owt- ! pittaburs, joined th^ Afln-nta team 


fielder William Waloney. 


against Blnnlngham Thursday 

yfars: with Mobile, wLU he released to 
some club of the Western league, _not 
yet unnouncei TStehijr Al Furrhner. 
two years ujgn 1n the Western league, 
will he s' i "'' en a try-otit with Mobile. 

Gulls 6, Billikens 0. 

Mobile, Ala-, April 30.— Mobile easily 
defeated. Montgomery In th*- first gamn 
of the series todriy. fc'core,- 6 t<i j K j V en hte 
Cav#t was in fine form, while C. Brown j B( . n t back to Atlanta, 
was hammered hard. Br^en was T>ut Atlanta cltib down to 
out of the uame and fined in the third ; Harry 'Bailey, who Is 
Innlnff for protesting 1 a derision at sec- J i e ft f ri Atianta- 

ond bafte. .Starr Jind Wares furnished j _^ 

the fielding 1 features. j 

Thft Ijoj near*: 
MOB. Ab- T h r pt_ a.' MO?TT. 

D«ve« 2. Fhtllfeji 2. 

Boston, April 30. — Brstoii Won its 
third garaft of the season after, an 
el even- Inning pitchers' hattle between 
JaniHS and Brennan today; Boston 2 T 
Phlla.delph1a J, James, a recruit 

t wirier, has ivon two of the local 
team's tYiri-o victories, both, eNtra In 
nins iifffviiH. Bostfiii'a winning run 
was scored (in filaranvflle'a sin^J^, Cap- 
ron's wild throw, a sacrifice and My- 
LTa 1 slnsle. Maranvllle'a e,rror made 
Philadelphlit's only run possible. The 
viators filled the buses In th« eleventh, 
with only one out, hut James held th-em 

Score: R. H. E. 

Uostcn. . . -000 000 001 0L — a 9 3 
Philadelphia. .001 0Q& 000 00 — 1 7 3 

Batteries— -James a nd Wh^linJ?; 

Brennan and KJlllfer. Time, 2:02. 
Umjlres, K.l«m and Orth. 

C'urClajlla 4, Flrntea 1, 

PlttKburK, T'a.-, A.prll 30.— Pittsburs 
waa unable to lilt Steele (o any evtent 
the fourth Htraight 

here tonlR-hl. and wlil pet In the gama tyday and lost 

after- 1 same, St, Louis taking the flrst game 

" | of the series t5 to 1. Konetchy'a sln- 

„ , I ele, a sacrifice and ^TrLean'H afng^e 

Roland S ay S he \m i n &r e a t shapo * the vlaUf >r* a rUrt in the second. 

4iid g]*d to play tor th« man who * n erri>r b vi „ a walk to K C<netchy 

comes from his home, town, with whom 

h« plnyed last season. 

With th r arrival nf Blaland, Ja^ ; th]rd ' o'Toole relived Robinson In 

Kcrimn. Uie Chicago youn^ter. waa he f0urtQ arLd p i tch9 d rln« ball, only 

|Klven hte unconditional release anfl anS f rilp fte |„ Elrtade oft him.. Perry 

pitched the ninth and allowed another 
run. Miller's single and <\Tit and But- 

'.and singles by Mowrey, Gathers and 
. I 0'L.eary g-a them three more In the 
Jack ; iLi,.^ o't 

This cuts th*. 
fourteen men; 
Injured, being 

33 2 6 2-1 12 

Totals . h 

tfcore by Innings: 

Birmingham < . . - 0n0 S00 OOx — 6 

Atlanta 000 010 001 — 3 

Summai-y- Stolen bases, Carroll. El- 
lam. Two-base hlU. McBrJde, Lorxg. 
Struck out. by Foxen, 11; Muaaer, 4. 
Base on hails, by Foxen, 1 ; Muuser. 
&. W'lld pitch, foxen, L. passed ball, 
Mayer. 2. Sacrifice hlt&, McGllTray. 
Williams. Time, 2;l0. Umpires. Pfen- 
nltiE"^-" &rr<i Wrlght- 
LtOOkQUtS 2, Volunteers 1. 

Chattanooga, Tenn-, April SO- — Strents 
single, a ^ase on balls, Kljig'B out and 
Coyle'a single scored two runs in th'* 
third and won a pEtc-hers" battle, tor 
Chattanooga over Nashville today, % *o 








3 •£ 7 4 

rt \ 1 fl ti]< 

'3. Brp*>n,B*: 

3 Kpr? 


O 1 




i O ,T 3 
:i 11 t> 1 

4 1 I 1 4, Tarl 

Ja-nT 5 *n.lf t O 2 

i,lh 4 ft ff fl O 

t Donahue. c 
[ t^.H-rtrwn.p 

Tot aT* 31 

<\ O O 1 

Totals 30 6 1127 1& ! TotATa 31 fl 6 2* 14 

Score by inninga: H. 

Mobile 10+000 01x— fl 

Montgomery 000 000 OOG — 

Summary: Errors, Starr 1. O'B-eii 1, 
Grlbbena 1, Spratt 1, Sloan 1; thre^- 
base hit, Cavet; two-base hits, Paulet, 
fltock, Dftnobu«: sacrifice hfts. Star 1- , 
O'nell, C. Brown; stolen baaes. Stock, 
Jaccrbson: double play, Starr to Fatilet; 
struck out, by C&vet 1. by C Brown 1; , 
bases on balls, off Cavet I, off C. Bmwn J?*!? 
4; hit by pilchtr. by Cavet <Baj?rby);j 
left on baeea. Mobile 6, Montg-omery 5. 
Time, 1:50. Umpires, Flfteld and Stock- j 
dale. ■' 

Indians 3, Peaches 2. 

Savannah, <.hi., April 30. — Sa^annah 
inade a clean sweep of its merles with 
Macon, winning th^ third erams today, 
U to 2. The victory was also the sev- 
enth straight for the Tocal dub. Itob- 
ertiian was put In 1n the ninth to fin- 
ish up when Armstrong" apepared to be 
TViaverlnfi - . 

Vosg pitched g'ood ball, hut errors 
behind him Injured his Burns, 
a Savannah s^mi-prn, ean^ht credit- 
able ball Cor the visitors. 

Score by innings; R. H. E. 

Macon 000 000 020 — 3 4 4 

Savannah 11)0 000 20x — 3 fi 2 

Batt^rle-s — Vose and Burns; Arm- 
ong 1 . Robertson and Glebel. Time 
Umpire, Pende. 

ler's single gave Pittsburg Its only 
run in the ninth. It was stated today 
that Hans Wagner may be able to- 
play in Boston next Tuesday. 

Rcore: K. H, E. 

Ht. LQuis- - • .01R 010 001—6 10 1 
Plttahurp, . . -000 000 001 — 1 fi 1 

Batteries— Steele and Mvlie&n; R<?h- 
inaqn, O' Toole, Ferry and ^inapn. Time, 
I:45 + Umpires. Brertnan and EaSon. 

Empire State League Opens 
First Annual Season Today 

The Empire State league organized 
at Way crass last November and eom- 
j:oaed at Way cross, Valdosta. Bruna- 
wlck. Cordele. Thornagviile and Amerl- 
cus. will op^n Its first annual s-eason 

The opsn series c-t gamm? is as fal- 

Way cross in Briin&wick. 

Amerlciis in Cordeie- 

Thomasv'ille in Valdosta. 

Advance dope from the six' ciiles 
reports ereJi-t enthusiasm and there 
will &** record- breaking crowds in the 
three cities where games are sched- 
uled. Clear, warm weather Is prom- 
ised f-or the opening 1 . 

Great Interest centers In the race 
for the attendance trophy of the 
league. No effort will be spared by 
the citLes of the six cities to land the 
trophy for their team. 

The three visiting- cities in today's 
opening will be the home towns May 
5. The season will close Augrjet 12. 

The schedule is ao arranged that 
t!ver>' city will have a g-ame on Fourth 
of July, the operation of uome special 

trains ' mating 1 It possible far the* Is mfliBOff©r o£ Wftycroes- 

Scouts l y Babies 0. 

Albany, Ca + , April 30.— .Taelcaonville 
won the last prame of the series today 
by the scorfi of 1 tp 0. The features 
of the pame wrre the pitching- of 
Hartner and Ilorteu. A double and iin 
InfleU hit scored .Tac-ksonvlUe's lone 

Scnrc by innings: 4 Tt. IT. E. 

Albany .... , 000 003 000 — 7 1 
Jacksonville. . . 100 000 000 — 1 6 3 

Batt^rl-a: Horten and Smith: llart- 
ner and Wells. Time, 1:30. Umpire, 

■Foxes 2, Gulls 1. 

teams to play In one city In the morn- 
ing and. another in tbe afternoon. 
Efficient UtqpirFM. 

An efficient corps of Indlcator- 
handlferg have been signed and they 
win be backed by the, lea-g-ue officials Cnlunibufe. On., April 30. — MtConnkk 
In seelrp that no rowdyism results on held the Charleston team helpless, at 
the field. slowing three hits arid won today's 

Lamar Ham, Robert Carter and it j ^amc, '£ lo 1. The one run of Charles- 
J. McLaugliUn are the three umpirestton came in the 'fourth Inning when 
who will handle the games, Hoey hit one out o-f the lot t*>t- the 

,A brief sketch of the tiix raanag-ers) circuit. Coldiirrb'u.s scored on clean hits 
Ib as follows: h n the first and third rounds. 

Whitey Moree. formerly with At- s»ne oy mnines. H. H. E. 

l«nta, more recently of the South At- Charleston 0oi> 100 000 — 1 4 2 

iantle league, i* manafftr for Valdosta. * Columbus 101 000 00x — 2 5' 3 

Eddie. Reagan, former New Orleans i Batteries: OHcame ajid Menefee; Mc« 
player. Ms manaeer for Cordele. "lOormlek and Krebs. Time, l:30l Urn- 

Dudley, who caught for Augusta's 
Sally league team, ts in charge of 
ThomasvlHe'3 tea.m. 

Harry Webber Is ■with Americus. 

Bert Kite, formerly qf the Carolina; 
aasc-ciatlon. is at the head of the 
Brunswick team. 

Charles M, Wahoo, tha weil-knoirn 
graduate Of Carlisle and assistant 
coath for the "CnJversJty of Georgia* 

Crfrea filatta and Moran. 

Dod^iw 5. CHau^* 3 

Bruoklyn, April 35. — Brooklyn ea-m« 
from behind with a rally in tbe sev- 
enth and made. It two out oT three 
games in the series with New York. 
The score was fi to 3, New York lead- 
ing- by S to 1 to the seventh, when, 
with twu cut and men on first and sec- 
ond and two on CutshaW, the 
latter banged a long double to center, 
sending home the tlelne runs. Kite by 
Stengel, Wheat and B-aubert sent two 
more runs across. 

Both Rago& and Ames gave way to 
pinch: bitten- A fine line catch by 
"Wheat, Stengel's batting and the field- 
ing ot the pitchern were features. 
Manager McGraw was banished frenn 
the field In the ninth for protesting 
strike decisions. l 

Bcocc: ft. H.ET 

New York- - . .110 001 000—3 10 1 
Brooklyn 100 000 401—5 » 2 

Batteries— Ames. Crand&U and Wil- 
son; Ragon, Allen and ~Mlller. Time, 
1:52. Umpires, Rigler and Byran. 

Oubn 4, 11*0* 3. 

Chicago, April SO. — The Cincinnati 
"Reds," with the return ol their reg- 
ular playing paraphernalia, gave the 
local Nationals a close call In the sec- 
ond game o£ the series today, but lost 
3 to 4. 

Suggs And Pierce were opposed tcJ 
each other in what proved to be a 
pitchers' battle, but -with the luclc of 
the game in favor of the Chicago flln- 
ger. The locals were credited with 
two homers on drives which were mis- 
judged- Had these been played cor- 
rectly the outcome might have be-en 
different. Bftb pitchers were given 
sensational support In the field. 

Score'. R.BLE. 

Cincinnati. . . .001 000 002—3 .6 H 
Chicago 000 Qzi, OOx— 4 6 3 

Batteries — Suggs and Clarke^ Pierce, 
an a Arch er. Ti me, 1 .50, Umpires, 
Owen and G-ufhrie. 

Naps Drop Two. 

SiO lonrr a<* "VTm hliv tllP Cleveland, Ohio, April SO.— Cttteh^r 

ou iwg as you ouy me Pete ^^^ Cormer caP tain of the 

paper yOU ShOUld read Oil University of Mississippi B&treftall team, 

4-Vtn -ti^lttto rptrt l c^ft A vraiS released to the Portland* Oreg., 

tlitj UCWS. CiaSSineCt C ] u b b^ the Cleveland American league 

pages teem with news of in- club t<H3ay - a . nd i >T i tft *^?* r « ohariey 

i__l'_j. i fBotts was reJeased to the Beaumont 

terest every day* 

Athena, Gft.. April 30- — ( Special. ) — 
As a result o^f an a to victory from 
Valderbilt Commodor&s this afternoon 
and aa much as an even bre&lt with 
Tennessee and Tec-h the University of 
Georgia stands aa the undisputed 
champions of the 3, I. A. A. 

The -credit of the victory goes to b)g 
John Worrfa. who twirled the ablest 
ball of his eolioge career, letting the 
heavy hitting- vial-tors down without a 
hit Morris pitched masterful ball all 
through tho contest. 

There was fly one rap which could 
poealbly come under the category jf 
hits, This was from the bat of Mor- 
rison In the fourth period and was a 
short pop over .^hort, which Clements 
scarcely sueceeded In to-uching. AS- 
though the hit wis of th** Tesaa 
lefliguer variety, this was scored as an 

Georgia Hit Hurrf. 

It was the clouting of the local 
agEregatlon, however, which sent the 
Vsndy team back to Dudley field to 
tell of the wonderful bunch of ball 
playera Alex Cunntnjrham has rounded 
*.i p In Athens to defeat his alma mater. 
Covington, Georgia's crack third- 
sacksr, was out of the game on ac- 
count of pending action foncernmg 
his Qlleribtllty. but HaLden. captain of 
the Bcrubs, filled his shoes in nl-ce 
style, preventing a acore In Ehe second 
round by cleverly handling a hato" 
hit ball la his station. 

The fireworks at-arted In the initlaj 
round d-n-d before the second Inning 
had started every man on the team 
had appeared at the bat, four had hit 
sa-fely, five had tallied and the game plc**d on Ice from the very first. 
Luck twirled steady ball for the visi- 
tors after his tlret ascension and kuc- 
ceedHcl in strlkLng out eigtht of .the 
local 5. 

The division of the Commodores put- 
oute Is unusual, the catcher and first 
baaemu-n getting e.11 but throe. Left 
Fielder Turner pulled a pretty catch 
in the fourth, rubbing Clements of an 
extr^i base hit. 

(■eortfls !*tnrt(. 

Glnn got two doubles, Bowden three 

i**+a out Pf four trtfi.1* and Cleme-nta 
three stolen bftses for the Red &o£ 

Davidson was compe-lled to retire 
from the game on account of an In- 
jured side in the fifth innin-g. Only 
one ptitout was recorded to tbe Geor- 
gia, outer gardeners* The amieahle 
relation between the two teamij waa 
maintained at all times and the games 
of today and yesterday were free from 
all unpleasantness. 

The Tennesaeans played good, clean 
ball, but were clearly outclassed by 
the local talent, (he Georgians ex- 
hibiting the best article of ball they 
h'ave shoom thla season In every de- 
partment or play. 

Tbe Box 9f*n*. 
' VANDY— ab. r- P-O- a. e. 

Morgan, lb -4 13 a 

Lyle, 2b 2 4 1 

a. Turner, 3b. + . , T . . 2 

V. Turner, 1. f 3- 

Morrison, r. f 3 

Davldsnn, &p. 1 

HobbinR, ss., 
Brown, r- 
Luck. p. , . - 
Kvers, «R. . . 

and c- f- I 


GEO E1Q ! A— 
Olnn, 1. f. 
Harrison, 2b. 
McWhorter. c. 
Ilutchena, e. . 
Bowden, tb. . 
Unltien, 3b. . . 
Erwln, t. f. 

Morris, p 

Clements, as. . 

.. E 
. , 4 

34 12 
p.o- a. 

! 3 4 
L 1 

> 9 4 

Tot.Lls 36 8 3,0 21 13 Z 

Sco-i-e by InnlnKu: R- 

Vanderbllt 000 000 000 — 

Georgia 500 031 000—8 

Summery: Two-hase tatte, Glnn, 3: 
Bowden. Thri'e-base hit, £rwln. Sac- 
rifice hits, It. Turner, BrowDt G-lnn. 
Stolen bases, Hoiden, Qlnh CTementa, 
3; Bowden, 2; Harrison. 2 H , P. Turner. 
■Double plays*, Hutchens to Bowden, 
JMorriu to Harriaon to Hoiden, Hutch- 
ens to Hoiden. Left on bases, Geor- 
gia, G; Vandy, 4. Base on balls, off 
Morris. 5; pit Luck, L Struck out, by 
Morris. 1; hy Luck, S. Wild pitches, 
aaorrla. Hit by pitcher, V. Turner- 
Time at game, £:1B, Umpire. Buesse. 


Chicago, April 30. — In addition, to 
white uniforms which It has been an- 
nounced umpires >n the American 
league are to w&ar an special oc- 
casions, such as the presence of the 
president of the United States at a 
game. President B. !H. Johnson said 
today thax he had ulani:ed further 
dee.nrat'.nns for his arbiters. 

«.The latest decorative effect will 
serve a double purpose, of Ornament 
and showing; spectators how long the 
umpires have been in the service of 
the league. 

One braid on the aleev* will mean 
that he baa been in service for one 
year; tvro braJda two i't^ars azid no on 
until five years are .reached, when a 
gfOid star will reT-daef* the five braids. 
Braids will be added, to the star un- 
til ten yeara are reached, w-hen two 
stars will be the Insignia. 

Tom Connolly will he entitled to 
wear two Stars and two braids, indl- 
ciLtlni? that he has been . an umpire 
since 1901. a year after the league was 

Bernhard Cans Four. 

Memphis, Tenn., April 30. — ^Manager 
Bernhard, of the Memphis, Southern 
Lea.g/ue club, announced tonight that 
as part of his "weeding nUt" process, 
Pitcher Snelberg had been released un- 
conditionally; Otto Jordan, infielder. 
had been returned to the 'Chattanooga 
club from -which he was borrowed: 
Catcher Haigfii ba» been suspended 
pending tha consurnmatian. of a de*] 
for h1a release to a league of lesser 
ntandlng and, for the Lime being", Moul- 
ton. who was" Injured recently, wil!^ 
re-main on the retired list. j 


Los. Angeles, April 30. — WeErotlatloiia 
were begun to-day Cor a return match, 
between johnny KiJbane. the feather- 
weight champion, and Johnny T>tindee, 
who fought a twenty-round draw with 
him at Vernon last night. The co.i~ 
test last night was unsatisfactory 
ii* every way, according to the news- 
paper comment today. AUbovtfgli KS\- 
bane led easily on points; tihe draw 
decision »«.» commended - on tho 
Ground that Dundee wus tho aggres- 
sor and'rominE - In at all times, albeit 
usually covered up- 

Tom MeCarey and "Scotty" Mon- 
telth, manager of Dundee, expressed 
the hope of putting on the return, 
match in two or three months, pre- 
ferably Juiy 4. 

It wajj the concensus of opinion 
among fight frequenters today -pt t?i&t~ 
neither boy wratiJd make good a^alns±. 
a llffhtwels'hit — the often eipresaed: 
ambition of each. Kllbane ^!d not 
seem to have a knockout pun^ih last 
night arid Dundee, with his peculiar 
habit of leaping: a» he launched & 
blow, also locked steam. 

Boxing in Wisconsin. 

Madison. Wis.. Aprli 30.— The as- 
sembly today Indorsed tha Heddin boi- 
tnis bill. Which allows ten rounds no- 
decision bouts. A canvass of the sen- 
ate lndle^-t&g that, the measure will 
•pass that body. 

WHO FLOORED HIM Fr&nclsca, ApHt 30. — Ad Wol- 
^asl. forniBr Hfihtwel^ht cbaznjilon of 
the world, has announced himself aa 
manajger for Willie Hoppe, a. local 
bos fir woo knocked Wolgrast down 
durltie the latter'a last training sea.- 
aon as » champion. 

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BROWN-FDRMAN CO., Distfflere 







Is in Atlanta — May Manage 
Clarksdale, Miss , Team. 
* Is Looking for Berth 

Otto Jordan ex-Cra-cker second base 
man, captain, and man*Rer. is in At- 
lanta, today Hie arrived from Chat- 
tanooga last night. 

Jordan was s-eiit to Memphis by Chat 
fcafiooga, then turned ba<:k to the TjOoh: 
outs by the Turtles T-aberf^Iri save 
Jordan tils unconditional release, out 
Of courtesy to the veteran who asked 
for It 

Jordan Ja undecided wTia-t he will do 
Clarksjdale Miss In th*» Cotton State* 
leag-ue Is aire* - htm to manage ttuHr 
"ball club, and he has submitted *fts 
proposition H-E elects to heir ft-oir 
them cisifl mor-nlng 

Otto aleo has a. line olit for a 
with & Southern league club Jl 
woudd not announce Just which clu it 

Otto will close the deal -with Clarlts- 
dale or thia Southern league club today 
Ton can draw your own conclusions as 
to what Southern leafrue club it 1b 
and II he lands Otto will prove to Ehe 
Skeptical thai he t« Ca-r frt>™ all in 









p f 


, 14 








^■aih Uf 









„ . 


JJ-cy/ *Vltft[U 





Chnr. tan 0023. 




4otltI. Atlantic Ltiflgoc 

CJL.1 ES— 



r r 

5.i> anil ail 








< '-'lumbuu 

- . 








* haritMl^a 










n L T-^ — 




r hi a K o 




N* 1 ^ Yrtfk 





Frills JMrTila 









riC'PHwr K 




M 1 .njjg 














rLTBS — 



p r 

( J hl ^ f pi ift 



V " 

TViMf-h T i^iciii 











"E 1 * 

Tuesday's Results 

rfc,i n^OOtfa _ N^.hv51lo 1 
Mnhilt S ■MctitEoin^rr O 
■McmpMs 5 V*w Or^tjana 5 

South Atlantic League. 

Ja kM n lllc 1 Albany 
foKimhuH J M»m 1 


Brootijn 5 \ow Inrk 3 
^r Louts S PlttahuTg 1 
BDHtun 2 fbiladslphu 1 

Tlijutrm (1 \w Yorl 1 
■ftas^li^toa 2 -pniaJBJpMa. I> 
r-hlctgo S D*tr-jlt 3 
"St 4-Oule 2 Cloveland 

American Association 

MlDTieapnJH 8 rolurrbiw 4 
St Piul 1: Indianapolis 
Toledo ~ K*naan Clij 1 
Louiavllid 4. Milwnutca B. 

Cotton State* L^-afi-m-. 

Jack£fTl 1 Sol liln. 
TJurtBrtale 2 Fenaarola 1 
Calumbu? 10 aierldian 1 

CaFOJVnq. L«sjETtC 

EalftllTh A EreouFboro D 
JJurhsm T T^ I^Jirtn 9alem 1 

ninlimonil 12 PnrtJimoutli 1 

Enteraat lonal Lporti* 

3aHlmtn-* If TVirontn 1 
Iluflala IS PTavldfnte T 
^*»T3.rk 5 Tlor'^r^rp'r 1 
Montroal ft J*h*j CUy ■* f 

Collepfe Goiuh. 

■prlnnflinn 1 Coliimblu. H 

LnlTeteity Of Pennsylvania fi Lpnlfh S (14 

Army 3 Hwly CrasB 2 

Yale IS Tmfte 7 

Wa^hlDst^n nnd L*e 7 I. n'.vsrsHy of West 
Virg nld 
■' Daviil-MJE College 3 V P L 2 

A nnd H n[\ C 7 UnlT*T»tiy ct V C 6 

Tvlus League. 

TJei 14* lO HesuTnent 4 
Hnu^ton 4 TMrr Wnrxti 1 
Wnw b gun AIUOtiIu i 
CAltestou 4, Auatln 2 

"New IlATen Conn "Vpril SO — 

"Henry W«<Jland and Alexander Drum 
mr'u young - men oi Brooklj-n N T 
Muptureo" Ijat night by R. L. Divisan 
of Dajton Ohio a lale senior at the 
iKilnt of a sjiUer pencil while rQ-n^ack 
Ihh his room in "V anderMlt hall on the 
Tula catrapus were In the dt> couri 
today charg-ed witl' buFslar> In the 
ctim lls'ht o* the room the burgltfrs 
th^uffht tiro pencil leveled H-t them by 
Eavldaon ^-^ be enter&a waa a pistol 
At police hitedquartera In addition lo 
watcfifis and a quantity of jewelrj 
taken from the prisoners \\ edla.nd 
ivfta relieved, of a loaded revolver 

1'he L-as-fts were LtrratiJiued uniiJ 
Saturday to gi\e tluie for further m 
■cjuiri by the polLce who say the^. have 
evidence tending: to indicate that the 
rrn?n haie operated at Harvard and 
BroTTn universities 


hmtdn 3, AtUetleB O. 

Philadelphia, April 30 — A pitching 
aae] between Johnson and Flank here 
his afternoon rfiaalted in a victory for 
Washington over Philadelphia by 2 
to Both of the vial tor's nrna were 
made In the ninth inning; when, TFlth 
vne outt Sfllan on «e«o&d and QandH 
on first, a double steal was tried on 
the ball on -which Morgan fanned. 
Lapp threw to catch G-andlll at aec- 
ontl, but neither Collina nor Barry 
covered the bag When the hall wen$/ 
to the outfield Milan scored and G-an 
dil reached third The latter scored 
on Alnstnltha slnKie Pla.nk fanned 
twelve wtsmen to f en by Johnson 
and each gave only on*; base on 

Score K, H E 

Washington . .., Q0O 000 002 — 2 5 2 
Philadelphia . OfltJ 000 000 — ff 4 4 

Batteries JohnBon and Alnsmith 
Plank and L>ai>p Time, 1 62 Umpires, 
Dineen and Hart, » 

Red Sox S, YaJihai 1. 

New Tork April 30 — The Bostons 
showed real world's championship 
from today, and defeated the New 
Yorks B to I They batted Sehuln, the 
first New York, pitcher for tVprte&n 
hits and scored almost at -will* Hoff 
h-eld the vleltors tn the lost two In 
nlngs Bedlent pitched a fine ETatne 
for Boston and received great sup 
tort until the ninth lnninE" when Trtld 
throws by Speaker and Enffle prevent- 
ed the box man from scoring- a shut- 

Score, R H S 

Bofiton . . , 210 110 300 — S 14 2 

New York 000 000 0s)l — 1 10 1 

Batteries Bedient and Oudy Schula 
HolT and Goaeett H-weeney Time 1 42 
Umpires Connelly and McGrecvoy 

3. N»l»* 0. 

at r>outs April 30 — St IjouIb won 
from Cleveland, toddy S to Pitcher 
<jTcse w-aa unsteady in the early in 
nfnsi but alwaj a pulled out without 
beln# scored on St Louis won the 
same In th^ eighth J Johnston sin 
klftd to Ipft Wniiams sacrificed and 
v, as &U.1& \>i h.<yn Olson fumbli d tb^ 
ball "Both runni-rs ad van t: d on 
Tratta aacrlfi"-.o and scored On Sto 
vail ^ single to center 

^corfl by Innings R II. B 

<7loi.elj.nd 000 000 000 — -0 6 2 

St Lauifl 000 000 002 — 3 5 

Batteries Gre^g and Carlach 

R-tumgardner and Agriew Time 1 4& 
L/mplrcs OLoutchJin and Porgruson 

t* bite ^oi S, Tlpr^ri* 1 

T">*Trolt MlL-h April 3fl — t'hird^ft to 
fiaj SdiVr^ Dubnc cin^ of the worst be-a-t 
in^a of his Ica^uci cdre". r 
■ini3 d^fi^ateJ I^i^troit S to 3 C&nRla 
ttut harii tklLLIns coupled with lose 
finldlns and battery errori f-nabl^d 
tht. vl«ilr.or*i to -vi. In with fi^e Clcotte 
WAs alaq poundpd hj,rd but his hpH 
ball yfldom ig.ll^d him In tight places 
and hi- kctpt Detroit s hJta well scat 

Wooers wonderful fielding- helped 
tr> nut (Imn T^etrolta run g-ptting Tn. 
tho aixth h« lu>bbe(3 Crp.wrord of wh^tt 
jipjji^arud tu b<5 a clean single by a 
thrilling - step near second base and 
q.uictc throw to first 

Score by innings R. H E 

Chltrstffo 102 101 210— S 11 2 

Detroit 010 000 110 — ?, 11 3 

Batt«^r:cR Clcotte anrl *Schalk Du 
bir and Mc-ivce lime 1 46 Umpires 
lZvnn.3 and HjJdnbrand 

oat*™** a***^ COBB'S CASE US OVER 


Under this; 'head the sporting- edi- 
tor Trill endeavor to answer all ques- 
tions pertaining- to all praawbea o£ 

_. __ ^ __ __ „ Mtl . _«. eniieag-o, April SO — JaemlKirB of the 

TMc* jemiBon, Sporting Editor Th* Nat tonfll Baaehall commission who wore 
Constitution 1 la It a strike when ib session bjeretoday were unable to 
tile ball goes above tbe batter's reach Tyrua Cobb'a application lor ro- 
snouldera ff the batter te In a squat- 1 lnstatement and ffeveral other Impar- 
ting poaltlon ana If Tie had bein| taftt matb&ra that were to have been 
, ,, , , _ . . . I conaideredi. Roatihe b*usine3a was 

fl tandln S up it wonld have been be- . taJcen ^ and the ^^^^ ad _ 

low his B boulder»* ts tt a fair ball 1 Joiliroed ^m tomorrow 
when the bat alta It while aodglns,. j t WfljB intimated that Cobo would 
hitting it unJntentJonally^ J. H C J b* reinstated and that fala fJne it any 
t Yes if in the judgment of the I penalty at all were inflicted, would be 
umpire. It was the correct hf^tit 2 light. 
Yea fr- 

Dick Jetntson StM>rtSitE Bflltor The 
Constitution On What day last year 
did Al Demaree loac hia tlret game. ; 
and to whom* A- F 

NvAprll S& to Atlanta »n Atlanta, with 
Atkins pitching 1 after winning- eight 
Btraig-ht ff ames 

EHck, Jemison Sporting Editor The, 
Constitution 1 Has there ever "been 
eight teams in the South Atlantic 
league at any on« time* S, "W*oec 
place did Albany take'' S. J H. 

1 Ye3, two years ago 2, Augusta. 

rMtflt JemiBon Sporting E3dltor The 
Constitution Runner on second base 
batter hJtn hall to tnfiel-d, infielder 
throwa ball to first hae«, runner on 
second base g"oeB to third a-hd starts 
hora«, the coach running- with runner 
turns him buck to third base and does 
rot draw a throw from first. Ie run- 
ner out* 2 Ts it ag"&ln3ft the. rules to 
use rosin while pitching-* 

1 No S Wv. 



ilte wfCair* at thia cx»mpiw*y and. the 
flawthornft MTiata^ companies needed 

lila persobftl frttention. 

The offense for which. Freeman was 
cbnvlcted is" not extraditable. SRn tn 
ErantiPE" his application for ball th^ 
court Imposed strict conditiono that 
he Should not leave ttto JuriedictJon ot 
the federal court Tor the eouthern dta* 
trlct of New York. 

These restrictions will prevent Free- 
noan from visiting 1 hia home at JRam- 
eey t N J. 

Washington, April 30 — Secretary 
Lane today rescinded an order barring 
automobUea from the Yoaemlte Nation- 
al park. 

"This Xorm of transportation has 
come to stay, ' said the secretary In 
a statement explaining; hia action "and 
to dose the park against automobiles 
woud be aa abaurd as the fight for 
many years made by oid naval men 
against the adoption of steam In the 
Uavy 'Before we know it they will be 
droppInE Into the Yoaemlte by airship 
" Some aay the automobile is l&Sa pic- 
turesque than the stage coach he 
added M l think that depends entirely 
upon the Imagination and !be associa- 
tion of the stage coach -with romance 
After a time we will come to associate 
the automobile with it For further 
Justification cE this view, see Kipling's 
poem Romance Is Dead, tho Cave Man 
Said I want to malca our paries aa 
accessible as possible to the great 
mass of the people. ' 
I An entrance fee to be charged auto- 
! moblllsts will be added tr> the fund for 
tnalntenance of the park roade 

Locust Grove I3 t Dahlonega J. 

iLo^jst Grovei Ga, Atfrli 3D — (Spe- 

Locus-t Orove scored fV\e runs tbe flrnt 
a complete reversal of form today and 
defeated the North Georgia. A & M 
colli ge 13 to 1 

Locust Oroir? •'core five rirna the first 
Inning- and the Dahloneera. farmers 
went up in the air and whfn they got 
back at thf end of the seventh "Locust 
Grovo institute had 1^ runs Herring- 
ton started to pitch the game but re- 
tired durlnir the llilrd for paltnour 
Combfl ptuhed well and the north 
*>cargiii. team did not reach third but 
once ThL. entire !LociiBt Gro\e Insti- 
tute team hit the ball for a total of 
eighteen hits In the first 'nning with 
thp basea full Culpepper hit for a 
hume run The game was called at the 
end of the feevpnth to allow T^ahlonega 
to catch a train hut Locust Gro^e was 
still scoring making four In the Sev 
enth ^o^th G^orgria A *■ M- left for 
C "VI C tor a. serlta of gAiflWe 

The s c r»t'e R, H E 

Dahlone^-i , 300 000 0— 1 2 3 

Locust Grn^e 500 203 4-^13 18 2 

Batteries — Dahlonega Hex ring- ton, 

Pamour and Huey locust Grove in- 
atitutf; Comba and. McCorvey Tjmplre, 

Where They Play Today. 

Southern t-ensmc 

AUfl-uLa ir Blimiinsliaiii 
Mwntgomer7 In Mob^lo 
Mttlipli a En Ve* nrlwinfl 
\aslirlUe In ChattanMEn 

Sontb Atlantic Leasnei 

rTiiyleatciD Id Albany 
^nraTj-nnh in Cnlumbi*. 
Macau In Jatk&iaTlilc 

70a.tlonnl Lramic 

Bnaum in Efcolilj-n 
"Ns-sr York in Fh llarlelphla. 
"-: LOnla in PHisbUt^ 
CirKJnita'l In Chicago 



ClevolaQd la St txnlln 
Chicago In D^-frqlt 
Tft4*JilngtnH In S^s-latl 
Pblladelphln. in N«w Torh 

Ktaplr^ stntc ljeORTH- 

"n iTCfTVis in Bru^i-wlck 

Ttionnaevllk in ValdoatH. 

College Gfluin 

Vaii^ftrhllt t Mo ."pr tn WaroTl 
AlAbame v M!e5iU3lppl A and ] 

AuTium T Marlon Bt Auhurn 
SfTvancn t F'lirlda In OjilltfivlllB 

". [r 5 nl_i v Pr. l n elun In Prinfflton 

CldTnbtui t WofTorrl In Spartanburg 

WJWtiliiStau and L«i y Wejrt Virginift 

Tr n3ly t V V J tt Durham 

HarvJirJ v Vcrniont at Cambridge 

T« iidHH t C au.ipoopn.. a.', ChiiTnnooe^ 

M s ^'irpf ■>■' Ariiantaa at FAV■■^Lc^ tNe 

^ VI r v naJilonp^a si Ufll«idRwrj:M 

■^enh Carolina V "\ C A o^id M at Htl 

F Bll 

at Colum 


la Jjtrt- 




Daily Hitting 


T>. in {vJiltiKl fea 

ting ot I 

o Crack*-* 

clu'I rip t\e j?* ns \\ 


V T. 

Jh tSKmlBx 




1 Bfl n*fcLn 





• L^ng 



W ]<Jicac* , 






n i 



1 Dunn 





' 41 perm una , 









j ( i-titiaiii 




1 He ley 




























1 H| 

LaGrange 9, East Point 8 

I T.i.Gn.n£e G^. Aprii W — (Special) — 
I^aGrargc deEt^t-ed the East Point nine 

I hert this afteruoon In a hotly contest 
fd fiame that was finally won by the 

I score of 3 to S The tu. a teams play 

h^rt. agrain tomorrow 

Sewanee Loses Two. 

C-alneEsvllIe * la April 30 — (Spe- 
cial > — Florida def«a±fid the Bewanee 
Ttg'efB In double hcarlftr here tbls ».ft- 
crntum first game G to 4 second © 
to fi Florida played the best gama 
both at bat and infield and took ad- 
vantage o£ gpwan«HS errors The vis- 
itors tv ere outplayed Eggteston pitch- 
ed fi"t game for Tigers ana part 
of second being taken out after mak- 
ing three costly overthrows to bases 
J"irtt Game. 

Score by inning-s" 1 R H. E. 

ncrida - 013 010 i — * 5 3 

Sewanee 100 010 2—4 Z 6 

Batteries Davies and Tennoy, EJg- 
gleston and Dink.lns 

MeCbnd Gome. 

Score by Innings K-H E. 

Florida 042 210 Ct — Q 

Sewanee 000 30 1 — 3 

Batteries Shaw and Tenney, 
gleston, MeGoodwln and Dlnslna 

8 3 
3 6 

Vandy Plays Mercer, 

Macon Ga April 30 — {Special > — ■ 
V indorbilt comta to Macan Thursday 
and Friday for a two game series wLth 
Mercer This is the first time the 
\ aride-roUt team has been eeea here 
m at.veral eeasons 


Paris April 30 -— E3rnest V GuHIatlX, 
a French alrmaTj by hia aeroplane 
flight last Sunday -when he traveled 
from Biarritz France to Kollum Hol- 
land a distance of nearly a. thousand 
miles iv-an a priz« of $ 10 000 and the 
Fommery or single daj distance cup, 
■v^lilch decided at sundown tonight 

Competition for the Pommery cup, 
valued at %i 500 let open every sia: 
raanths and the prize la awarded to 
Lhe aviator making the longest flight 
In 3. straight line between Buni-tee and 
sunset oC the same day 

GaiiUttUT started from "BlarrltB, in the 
ixtrLmc BQuTliweat of France at 4 42 
o clock Sunda.y morning, and after 
mnklifg- two stops, at Bordeaux and 
Viilacoublay to replenish his fiuel, 
reached K-ollum Holiand 

Pierre Daucourt a Frenchman won 
the eup on the last occasion, with a 
flight on October 6. 1912, from Val- 
enciennes to Biarritz, a distance of 
530 miles 


St Philip's Team Given Sendoff 
by Bible Class. 

The Men a BIMe class of the S*. Pbil 
lip a cathedral held a baseball social 
Tuesday m^ht as a sendoff to the 
baseball team that will represent tlie 
chuieh this season 

* Vfr hen 1 I>ream of Old Elrln," class 
o/jartet <Clower, FhiliJlpa, Jos, Ever 

Ama-tenr Baseball ' J W HelBman 
Mine illustrated song, MJbs Jose 
phlne iRalnwater 

1 Swoet Eileen Aethore,* class guar 
tet fHargravee Chrlatlan. Henault, 

Easeball Yarns T Julian JuTurphey^ 
wFth hundred slides bj A W Brevrsr- 

*Sw^etheart Sue '* Alias Josephine 
Rainwater and class double quartet 
(Clow&r HargraT-ea, Christian Benault, 
Fox Phillips E^ejhaa-dt. Ha.rgraves5 
Baseball T)ont's' Tr T>icfc Jomlson* il 
lustrated elides, Lewis Greffs 



Now iork T April 30 — The- United 
States circuit court of appeals todav 
granted tbe application for release un- 
der $1 GO 000 ball of Albert W Free- 
mon, who was - convicted on March 11 
last, with Julian Hawthorne and Ttv 
William J Morton, off using the maila 
to defraud investors in mining stock 
Freeman wan sentenced to a flte yea- 
term In the federal penitentiary at A 4 
l.d.nbi but was granted a stay pending 
d.h appnal and since has been confined 
in thft Tombs 

In the prison Freenian has preHldeJ 
over meetings of the directors of a 
mining company of which he Is the 
head who called at the prinon as via- 
Itora t and in his application for re- 
lease on ball hEs attorney urged that 


■Washineton. April 30 — Th8 Inter- 
state eozninerue commission to4&y an- 
tiouooed the pftrsonnal of the board of 
engineers to assist In lormulatlns 
plans for the physlefl-1 valuation of 
r&JLrtf&as and to haTe direct charge of 
tho carrying Into effect of the Trtans 
The members of tile board are 

H. A. ThoiribBOD enengod In valua- 
tion work for the CaUIornla state rail- 
read corainlsslon and formerly In simi- 
lar serrlce with the Texas commission 

Howard M Jones, of N&shvlUe, 

"Ecnn., a 1 eonftdUOE an* brta«« .i*ii» 
Bineer, ' 

Trofcasor W. IK Penaa, chief '«n- 
etnew-ol the WlBconlin *allro*a and 
tax conunlsslona. 

J. a. Worley, ot Kaneae City. Ho. a 
eonenltlnB cDBinaer. 

XL F. -Wondt. al FittabnTE. president 
of tu« American aoclaty of Civil Eo- 

■ ' J»" S- 

Iff. JunWn ana -Kn- QrMW>»|*«iiw.^ 
and tlreir ouSaiEanTaBt WW *aap«»oaa ^ 

a tew monOsa airo. 



**ar|a, April 30 — Mrn Emily Hutch* 
inson-Crnno, of caiicag-o, widow of 
Richard T/4 Crana. phHsathroplBt and 

Iron master, and Franela T A- Junkln, 
general oouriaej for the Santa Fa rail- 
road, lfrero roarrietl here today 

The wedding: was the consummation 
of a romance dating- bade twenty-ftve 
yeara when Mfs. Cranet who then was 
Miss Emily Hutchinson, and Junk In be- 
came estranged 

After Mr.. Crane's death a year ago 

bitav MotorTnKklndMO»T»3taqr 

T But lUtimt 3 fc_ 

it.14" -i sliJLiJk*-** 


The Greatest Curiosity on Earth 
Can be Seen for 10c at 

75 Peachtree 

500 lbs. Capacity 


IF. O. B.Su ■■> 

IP you are an aver- 
age merchant, you .. 
vrxll be muddled l«r 
claims of competing 

One fact about our 
motor trucks ah*ay» 
remains unaltered. 
We sold more trucks 
last year than any 
other manufacturer in, 
the country and we 
still continue to do so, ■ 

It is inconceivable 
that an army of level- 
headed American 
merchants should be 
wrong in their sdec* 
tion of a serviceable 

You can afford a 
Chase Truck. 

Six Efficient Models 
Every Style of Body 

Capadtiei 500 to 4000 lbs. 

Johnson Motor Car Co* 

B48 r*eajcbtree atrcet. 





§ll31risi|all5pl5T i3lafll5irallgiai^ 




Why a Poet Quit Politics. 

(From the London Mail.) 
Ex-plaining why Be save up politics. 
W B Teate3 In a lecture in Dublin, 
said I saw that when yon try to 

speak hijrh and sincere thln^g and at 
the sarne time carry on a political life, 
sooner or inter you ^ive op the sincere 
ao<I high things and speak expedient 
thing's, ' 

This Season's Collar 

The most recent arrival at your 
dealer's, the newest, the latest, as 
yet the unimitated among famous 
Ide Silver Collars. The 


— a shape unapproached in other 
American collars — has the Eng- 
lish smartness. None dispute its 
newness, its distinctiveness. It 
is summer comfort. 


The SUSSEX — with its broad cui>a-way lines — may have 
competitors next season, but it's dictator in style right now. 

It has the Ide exclusive Linocord Unbreakable Buttonholes. 
They make Ide Silver Collars last longest, and retain their 
shape and fit. You may easily prove it lor yourself. Try 
the SUSSEX. 2 for 25c. J4 sizes. 

GEO. P. IDE & CO., Troy. N. Y. Makers oho oflde Shirts-Gocd Shirts 









JjFAypMj — Btnnunstty 

TABLE frpart rnarie a gpwiaJtr 


XlCFLr toratahcd rooms 

snsjfi H. G. HASTINGS & CO. 

I.ArT-GS front to a in fnntfariiBd] 

with dreiwlivg room una bath, in prTmte tanulji. 
Featriitree eCrwtt iTy ITTy J T 



Twsnty-tive residence lota in the 
Pea-chtree Heights subdivision of tbe 
K Rivers JteaHy company were sold 
at auction ye-ateTdav af terooon 

Tit** property br^^ht from ?11 tu 
J35 a front fool the prices Piping con 
Bidered extremely low by pract tally 
every one prnsr*m Hd.lf a dozen pur- 
cJfaapra at auction afire offered 
profits pf jlOo or more while the sale 
tv£_m atijl f ij j*rr>g , r&'*^ It Ttaa E'SH 
e rally preiilt-t^d that ev-&ry man who 
botig-ftt a lat ac thl=i safe would mate 
a tplendlil profit on ft 

The day w<vs a beautiful one and 
the sale uttractffi a. lars** crowd 
Tfrfre wprs eninc forty or flftj auta- 
rrtobtles at tht a.uct on bt>sldfc& large 
numbers of people v- b-Q en .me on. the 
atr&e-t cari 

Tbe [wef 12- fU e i<> : m <*0*d brOqffUt 
an A^sr^gtiLtK of .M"* tbo it 

The a.ucti >n w^is- r jn^vutf^r b> 
^t&\ e P- Ji)hn<rton thf- w+sll kno'y.i 
aurtloneer who Jtnpt u'vcriboclj in 
tfJ ft d h unoi 

The peach tr^e TIci„bta subdivision 
la t if- -oniy on** On 'he rl£ht hrf.n3 eltle 
or Fearhtre' - oaii bcWden *hc cftv 
limits a»ti Ti j k.)ifad which, has c q .t> 
■w-ater s^ytr, ami nihrr improve- 
menta Th^rr hut*- j.lrrady b*>*?ri ^orn« 
tw enty homr-s tiuilt hprp and "many 
others irf. prnjrLtftl te» be fcuHt with 
In tbe next fpw monubs 

The salt fn ,^111 In block 2 lot 15 
lacliLg- Farknini^ drlvi i,nd the park 
Thitj lot >Pith a Ipontan-fl of ES fct-t 
and 316 f>ct di f-p sold *or 526 a front 
foot or a tuta.1 of ?3 768 It "was 
bought lay H J rmr 

T^ot la in block - also- 6o f. t front 
by 316 d**ep tti-nt to ^ A Fi^ram it 
the Hamr- prico per fiuni foot 

IvOt lb^ In lilo k 2 tMIS ^"as 

boug-ht by J M, Chapmaij at 525 a 
toot total 51 675 

.L-ot 3 7 in blotk 3 wis sold £o Mrs 
ilAthllda Heg^nateSn tor 22 50 per foot, 
a total <?f Si 5f)7 no Its e**e Is S7s 

fn block t lot 5 facing Feachtree 
way and immodlajt&Iy ''baclc ai t\d 
fVuchtrce fromage S2 feet front by 
3;>!) deep ^ent to W H A^kine at Sa&l^ 
per front Eoot or total of 92 870 

LjA£G£ plciUHQL Ctorit rotKEt accolloat tab o ! 

■ fia«r<t, -;g.p flijro *;comnwi*» a f#ff- extr* ^ THE) ^ mo sertaon Car tattse 4irf Tlw It 

I t>La ijaard^TB. MrH J M. C^>Lenuut> 2^B Fcacli you start la tlraa jou Can tote- them down 

^r*_* V W« *yiTi7- a tu]i ]]q# of u*e Fowdans *nd Llquia 

313 FEACHTEEK TmvO c-luaBHiit fiiqnw "vil* HHi^£*H^ 

bath ode -withpnt glertrtt: lighta ens etc 

EKCtLJLKNT tabla Hod larfiv £rl>nL TOOHft. Wlta 

StosxItir room private fi»™i:v relerancn ex. 

ChHBgen S22 W e st Fgaclitrefl Ivy ML _ ._ _" 

QOAHDEHS fVANTED-— Men preierrtd Tftfnrenc* 

clon^ '.n Prf^V $* SO -veeb *< Velaoa. At 

, to Iilll line en b*hy chicks at»ol«t-ely darm 
I Jwis to ct&d 10 and 20 wmia 

r E rui-jiiahed rooms and boart HiLt*a «* 

™*nabl* 14V 3<%uLii F->rtytb At^ac'e 1307 7 

TO reflMtf scrapie roam and ba^rd nrlra^ home 

nTAA-nr.! iwarth aid* ijuli Tioc** -wlnlilTip BOTnfl[hllie nip* 

J-.Ot In th^ SS-me bliICK SO 1 10 nggd_ appl y Ivy T23S _ ^T 

feet by 327 tvas sold to S A Pegram pjj:^m j i.\t mam witb" bofird go. t^bTe~7«"- ™upia 

for f27 a- foot or a. total of ?2 1U2 67 | or i^g yo mia m vu TOft P^a^nep ivy 2TT4-J 7 

Lot 14 In thil hloclc 31 B 10 bj 

AV022) tosaea from ft-hit* dlan-acraa. JPnjp « 
tutlet of Prtttt B WlLtto DlarrliOBii. ILeMBdy into 
the drlnatnK Trater 

NOTEtrNG en the market -wtll mase elklckB Uirlva 
1 Ike l*ratt a Baijy Chick l"«Ofl lour pound* 


feet -w»>iit to Dr W E Qu Lilian far 
S22 50 a foot or a lotal of ?1 S40 50 

Lota Itt ami lb in bl t>clt 1 xv 1th 
frontage of -175 ftct and a depth, qf 
+00 w ere gold to F G Graham for 
532 per-f ront loot oratatal ot S& 940 

Lot 17 block- 1 82 3 f?ot front b> 
475 was &Old to f. A DaVla for J28 a 
foot, or a. total or S3 oS4 10 

Lot 17A block 1 9.1 3 9 feet T>y 475 
was boa-Bht b> James R Ora> Jj- 
for I«9 a front foot or a total of 
J2 b'7E "0 

Lot :S block J $21 10 feet by 2£5 
was Bold to JS it DuBoSft tnr 52B ^ 
front foot a tutal ">E $2 53 4 40 

rh<* f oll-oi* Ins P^ert; the sales in 
block " 

T^>t l B0x2(10 Mr*? Mathilda. Reffpn 
-5t(-in J- n0 v*?r root tot.i.1 ?1 3o0 

iot 2 6U\li"' 3fi^ Ma-thiliia Rt^en 
stein ST7 oO per fool, total S-l 0Q0 

JuOl ^ fcD^lG^ Mr* OU%e Lanj> Jifi 
p*!T foot tOLal 59^0 

- Lot * 60t_S 3 Ml 5 F L KjIc ircJ S fl 2 
O, foot totj.1 $1 S-(? 

ixit ^ soi2S4 w x Wilson s:""5n 

PBATT S DIEIKPSCTAVT aestroja- Karirifl lillls 
Ilea Bad ml lea and mak*)S tfrery thing awe** 
M>fl i-lcttTa. 3Jo quart 81 gallan 


ot Cypter'a TucatAtors and 

Win? roomfl wltli huarfl 3J fone street lialC 

tilOck Irutn ptHtorfl e Table boarders 0. ep* i 
c(a:ty i^ori^ lT76*JTJ 7 { 


DESIRH.yiLJ> ¥Oom wirti board 7fl Wmt Peach Itm j ' ^ — ■ 

Try 144& J I BTA-VDAJID sra*.T PPHP muds of florid brawi 

EUflrftnt^^rt ror itr y^aru pjooa for ivhltii- 
v>awhlns ajid dial n recti &b ** each 


National Cash Eegi&ters 

»35. W0 *W, tTa. *KX> ana np, fUTOS »*a7. 

60 North &n*4 flUMrt. t» 

FtHi 1SALE — S«cimd>naad oak matt cunnhiT 

FOB SATjW — 8Uam tabla for roitaQImflt Q**> also 

hrt. ot jTwtai dbatTa far s«la ftaotajn uaa. ^cuni- 

bPtifcor a Auctloa Haasa til Decatur atPWC FtMHl" 

Atlanta 21JS5 5*11, Main 143t IB 

FOR SALJE — lft pairs of ontaltuj blljada. 


UOLTIGlLArn OFEltATOH. nrUUi OWn «tulp- 
me^t, flealrflu to- mi LQ touob with BitTHrat 
CQiicortM -with -rioir of handltng Ui«tr renn let- 
ters and. addrc&aLliK I*tLciib naadudbta aod WO k 
EuanuiT*tnl, p o. Hoi 830. Telspbona 1*7 
7011 IB 

WAITED — Tcp scU below publishers prlw, aur 

bank: yon Eimu Fubllshera' Supply Co . Pe- 

tgrataurt{ _Va-_ ._. . _ . _ffl 

ENGINE F-OH SAl^p, — Flrat-=Jaai coadltSna, Alibi 
Cbfl-lmsre malca tyllAdar BQ la^bija dJ4UHot«r, 
■*3 IficS etrete *pood 77 a. P M tlj wbeel, 
LS IflaL dtamoter Furtlior partjiiulara, apply P 
O Box BB1 IB 

ONHI dumbl* a*«a B («m tililej 7 CQlwnu flat 

oh-avloa: macula* Barfiila. ConaUtutloik Pub- 

tlehiag Cnmpimj 1Q 

Ollji>0 T*^ T\ltehai[— «H SL BroKfl SL 


vrr^LT ruml&Iwid fCOlHS *iUi beBl Uf table 
board rvy_3157 I*. 7 | 

SOlLSCT CO-J.fT^t: t-3 room vrr bflard olth^T^et - 
B.lao ]>w table rjr.ari3eri north eldc cloeo in 

rcJeren ^g exchaaepd rhone Lvy 63144 1 


EXCELLENT board tlralrjitjl^ rooOHj (ltrae la roi- 
<4 HA 1^1 a N* 110 Stf-jLb J/ryor Atlanta phnne 




Rrtiji3 meals 
.c u a rn n i o da. ; ^.d 

Continued on Page Fourteen 

jnir rtil!>i> i. km 
tflbli. Lioar lsru 
Kirtlej -^O rfltchcr u 

\E\T1jI firiiitirl m -nilh gDod b&oril 4 

Irnjn CaU Tm ^^J I 7 

MILFLY rurnuliwl r hiiur Tablo board a Bjm 
■cta l-y N.irt4 ZsJd Ii.y J42S J 7 

MHS BL"11'S lisa cliuj-gfj n( Id East Ba^nr " itriit 
■.nil m-a 1 Hk« cojple or gcSTL^cicn lor taoanl 

u^ ^ana j _ t 

crs-siR^eLi from rvt,m t*h^ himni rnr^^Tro 
feXnt] in 11 Hi II r t r*ct T T > _>1S5 L. 7 

Arrival and Departure of FagBea- 
ger Trams, Atlanta. 

Ttie lollowlng scUedule fignree aro 
published only as inlormntioD and 

'J are not guaranteed 

•Dahy txeepi Sunaoj 
"Sunday Only 

Atlanta Terminal Station. 

Atlanta and \V*at Point Unllxoud Co. 


Arrive From — 
Teat PI 8 tfi ftDTt 1 


Depart 1 



If you can t bring or Bend 

ASK for Classified CourtGOUB oper- 
ators thoroughly familiar wl!b 
nies rules and oLisalfltiations will 
fi-u f you complete 1nf ortnatlon 
Ami If you wish they wUI assist 
you In wurdmfj your Want ad to 
ma kf it moat tffo^Llve 

W( ask iiiat yc*u do not unwlt- 
tin^ry Hbllip thla phor.e strvlct! Ac 
counts are opened for ads by phono 
■bi1?1v iu acrommod&tQ jou Make 
Daytncnta promplly after publica- 
tion or when bills are presented, by 
mail or solicitor and you atcummo 
djita ua 


1 luJict-tltiti IOC a linn 

3 tnmrrtinwx* Gtf a flar 

7 Inftcrtionn So n line 

Nq advertisement accepted for 
leas than t«o lines Count seven 
oriil«ary woruid to each line 

DWcontltiufl-nce oC ad\ tirtlairiR 
must be in writing It will not bo 
accepted by phone This protects 
your Interests «e well as ourai. 


[ WANT M*N In tint nllj aiid Ou: Lv I-earll 
Chi? ja.rb*" rrat|*j fJis nan- harhsr Ian- ifi*rFa«:#s 
rhHi rifimiTii far ctaan barburii lQO aiwdcd. at 
once f^c quellfv yau far goivl wa.z«n In Jp^ 
■^e^ks fcOrti= mr>icj e»m cl i mj 1a K-*ml^S cam 
pj«e rtutflt oT '.wis Bivp.ii hul-Jew or my dl 
(iloitiu ro ogiT s*j jperywhere my ft3T3ntaeF« 
i,<iittiqt Tja duplicated call or writ a al once 
Manapir ^Qle v lint br-r < t^ legf- _3S ^,UCkl»; St 2 
ID Ma.if ( I A^;. I \P.I tNTBHS AT (_>NCl " $, JO 

11,11 D IN Tr J 


] he Capitol Terrace 
a* *_at irr>L a^ l 

AX.Ij f^n cnleil^C* loir pnri-h»« b.ith. 
aid buj; Mfl^f Isrg 4 rj rPOiTii d 

b 16li)t!>t> hr^uprfl b IK I A£ m-* II COUpli"p. vV th 

out r iMr 1 (\\it uf io*n p*opi<; Li>mhifc, U At 
lit 111 j. for I mlnoM, or pleatum trarelir-fl galt-a 
UsTi Hi tl n^liK ■* B.-ii: flnl [hiii to bu Jual a n te 
tleap lianic lite pla U at rtaMinabie rat«s 

f »*4 TV eat P t » W aju f Jj N T <!wtVJ*ilW fl J 5*m 

. 18 Cfllumuw. 10 20 1 JL» Cglambna 4D am 

!1B Now Or 10 42 am ) ud M colliery V II) *m 

40 ^Jb* Or 5 2i pro 3» N**' OrloM* 2 0OW 

34 Montg y 7 05 nm 1 CoLumbita 4 10 pm 

20 Cojiimbtuj 7 40 [j m J j ( s« w orteaai SO nm 

, i6 New Or U 10 pul \ *L "Wo^lt Point 6 4& pm 


K T 

1 tl>Tl^ 

a; ChufHWonh. 
f'O t hat3W«fi^ 

to » 


ork In talc Tnlxivfl and 
or Utarblii Talc 


BOA.KDfc.RS wniiled Itwd 

fir* ?t uor wc«k 
i\ f>J LLVT trout room 

boanipra Itj Ss fi l, 

sfl:i ' 3 Jo^kaoDTllli 

Blgh: macoq 

J "■ aTannAa 
I Macnq 
T Waeco 

Central of OtorcUi RaSlTrnT- 

AtvIts BVwnj — _ No D*j^irt To 

fly ! Oca Led bimlI 



8 47 






1 » 




10 50 


4 appm 

1 to 


4 le 








J bcLo ravine 



13 JJO pm 

* 0U Dm 

* 30 nm 
■3 25 pm 
£ 30 pm 

10 If cm 

11 4Bpm 

white atit34 




V*A\Tfc_rj— At nnon goad r^llab 

r^rpireh pt Ivy Jl " L IOJ 1 Lai-liLn 
Vi AM 1- D— Klrm c!a*t> 00k with r*-Itr«nt:iHi yT 

La^i: Th nl u 

W \NTt D — Jlriglit yimilt, >.uifirtil woman Inr e-iodL 

s^^lilvn- Ruber son £sjnltarlu.m 172 Uii>[tol 

tTvnue £ 

WASTEn Eipcrloncod waiat lia.Ti.da Applj "7^3 

1h* Grand a 

earn mll-ltit.ry Heal trmio m (Mr a 
for a urornaa Paj-a f0H to fl^AU j. 
month Writ* lieai h«.hi^il of liljil a «rj l^JV^i 
TrVTiitebal atraat J 

V. -JiNTL.n — A c?M>k at flllk i'ltJninn!, Hvt'luuc t 

Sh I i \liLE tolarc I 10 fc out of tu\n 1013 

1 t tury bull Una 3 

7^. ") IndiM o( MJ* a^itft 'itaiil^ In ^■:]JHlTa for 

spuclai p uixj^lL tu lilt uql> [ r sht ^dvljr 
A&&r*s9 3 1 1.1 n \ -14 ^i 4 .y ,t 

a'ola Tree 


i AMFHr;-AN f'LAN 

^ _ _ . Southern Railway, 

aaa Lh« b«at hoard. '" all ' FUenaler tajfrJer o* (he South.'' 

distance rn y a Iepp Ar ^i vaI iT]d ^P^rLUM of PlUimtw TraJni Atlanta, 
p. tun* ffLiiowitiii acnedu'd QgureB &ro publl^aad 

43 lalormatlo.a Uiil £re not suarantatd 


: Icm.? or ta&ti chinas [4 oat 
rneal Lkkol *d 

i>r 7«M _" 

\ 1 F*W Hn*,lU>ERS Mm ed at 43" Houfltun Btrwt 

,9 J-IOIoT0\ 



If'WIITHH anl Al^xaiKlvr - rsPts Itmm to 

your f-lf \jiittt-i an S H jt> p r kmI; u p Eu 

0i? an j! iifi Ep'J -_,er'.l^ alghi a^ld dsy 7 

LAH&r In'lit rc> n with tni-J.rJ n » Hall rainlly 

14^ Hwl 1 tin h r^g |\y iY775 J 7 

£15 N*W Ynrti 
1.1 JneV, Tlllo 
*■> Wasb ton 
12 Shrsuflpoft 
J J Ja^Jj rJllo 
•IT Toctoa 
litt Heflln 
jjy vew Iforit 
8 (aintta. 

B 0U am 
C 30 om 
2ii am 
8 5u aiti 
(J 10 am 
fl 10 atu 
11 li am 
10 33 am 
JO 4U am 

\VA>-T3> "t> - Nine "Jr" ■ u7 

I raiafcii^ Ii. 

Sa fxr^llBiiL paj 

Ut pO^HIuia i>ttiLl)-| 

i.^ [ii 1,00 ( En 

FftVt. THE MIl.LJN3!wH aa ffoJasff it> naj*e t,^.m* 

ftau. gtt ru^r bat u^* 1 Stocii nujd a»t.urca ror 

ealf- llfi Ui lKt--a it a 

rraielijip * 1 Ju 

call Wi Ifi* ftfjibc 1 

'; < an 1 .! r lllrtg Atla t 

I Tft-sillfl.Ha aLlaa I ^ 

I to inalis t»:r "«! 

mill dlro t*l Ihcr 

Ajgell V oU~ < at I U_r c 

— (fc-UHbll* 

pr rttdb> iru atli 
L » l v, p o a i« 
h I rai anal to 

pcj.- J J » 

Lho innt-t^. i : i LI n a 
tfcelr b«mJ m ; 
LC ^heriJAb ^ 

d t \tIiiLa i 

rp- In ,1 
- -^ h* 
lea lion 


Lk^ic 14 

.ye C 


«Un lo- 


nil iaurI^"blJD 


L&r Un HaK! YOVU ALhLAiiis.— rta"%^a~^7T 

It QHllfy £. fton. HJld 111' i-Ourili Sin oa*l 

Liii> : ju U E Ma J^l t 2 

"1^1 hibbi 

aab pi-Ires for bau^cfiold sfeidfl" 
p furu tur? Onob adTKnc«4 an 
Ira! ^urtlnn r.ompanj' |^ £fi*l 
lell ^h ne Main J4-i4 IJ 

27 en, \aiL«j 10 45 »m 
^1 Lolumbua lb Bt> am 

Cincinnati 11 111 at 
40 Hir ham 12 40 pin 
JJ Ooliuuatla 1 40 ujji 
SO B r ham 
-131 LbfirlotLo 

S Haton 
3t Vew Yarlq 

11 Richmond 
J4 lCa/i City 
1*3 tnaatta 

3!* Coiwmbua 10 2rj "pm 
31 FL VeJliry w 25 pn] 
1* c nomnati l] 00 pm 
day Ocb. 

i iO pm 
A 5o pm 

4 l<J ptn 

5 00 pm 
7 50 pro 
S £0 inn 
S Sf pm 
B JO pm 

Sff \few Torti 1* 15 am 
20 Colnmbua 5 20 
13 Cluolaoatl ~ " 
32 Ft. Vallaj 
35 Blr bam 

12 Hlchmoud 
23 Kan city 
10 IlrnrLeiirt 
20 Elr ham 

G -to am 
& Su ajn 

4 AOun 

6 65 am 

7 OOfljp. 
1 45 am 

11 30 Am 

IS. Ch arta, 
Blr ti 

S3 Kew ran SI itl 
+0 LhotLoLl* 12 00 a n 
ft Macau l^ JO pm 

30 New York 2 dfi pm 
30 CultimbujB IS flu pin 
J fi O0 pin 

4 lOppa 
4 3D pm 
It) pm 
A 10 pm 
£ 'JU pro 
H 4<i pm 
B BOpaa 
8 45 pm 
80 pi 


22 Columbia 
j One unatL 

a& tn. vaibsr 

25 HcfLia 

10 Macon 

44 Waab ton 

21 Jnclt Tills 

Ii Shr*T»pnrl T.1 OU pm 

14 Jo^k utile 11 10 pm 
iarbe<] Lbim (."j rtsa JaJly eir»pi 3tu? 
- Irain* rD0 . daiJjr Central tima 

Cltp Ticket Ko 

1 Pooch, tree 8t 

I will f y men 3 ^13 »ho*« 

.- droy bLm a carr) j 

J^ld r^r Turn Hire ""ho£«* 

Taw. ibrokcrj, iattlui 

LO S_\T_ _ Or 13„*"*>V X T> 

L*u ST — B J rfl rju ■ 


P«arl ItvnlLIcr-e nt^klai-o 

ard Mra flfln.-ii'ft Pickjvieit. ACartmeE: 
IXv*.t Onn btj a cm hftt bftf ."oaUiiil k U t^i- 

,1 iSri^»jwH) It Ml «s Ura ^ Mprfffl- J-JDdfr reiunl 

to 164 Li-H 11 menu* Ub*r*l anfwa rfl 

F0T. J \D — W M Coi cleans all Elu-ls o* 

5i jMrr BTenW _ X \ 3ai a ta ^ Jl tlo^ 1 al Eanlr 3^ ■_ 

LOST Dv.r n 5 op.-ra wrt>k tt*\ la« ^ftP pearl ^^^ t Rlon D c m rect callH 

CALl^ i."* coniiiig Vt iapldl> Iparbpr^ 4hdi.|ig 

I «nrolt at 01 fo cut -2d year cetaul Hbnii jusy'i 

L ^at dtv ^ihorlrtan » Tea hera Ajjpnc.y '11>T 

l^nlJi— Dirta V Btltt L*# (vieenwooU S C 

U arl-nte ^ r _ _ 

r*t. \i UJjIiii "ii i f^hartl flfllc als 4 if iIIua ihe L.U 1 , 

raLiuno. rtKiMJtil uxi lis ^ ok arv urtlla 3y n ' 

%lca to fall AL our off! n ,.01 Ihlri \o ional 

Itapa. b^UdliE C^ctral lin-*Llon de^k =Tat!o #t-v i 

— — ^ i« fo.- ^ou.r cor.'tfpoftdMli:*) toaltri Itsa hrri 

'"Pf!!: H.f A tlaj Li Gjt J^ 

.„. . - T . . __ . A-gearaf ilM At 

Mil 1 II ft rpat 

bo I cl r inja 
niMirvr ash. 1^ 

I i I goo !h pi 
H..rt c I Dorui 
DBflP a 

ClOtUlRtf Tic Vcatlarp ISO li^atUr Bt 
^ \N TED Fl nltii-r houaifT-.old e n,>flB 

ATii n er Jbiinll.,! of a iy Una I nrTi^mki 
rv yiiiy i<_ niuPMir; .v^ X^-y B17 
^\ \NTl-D-V-t of renders Jor 1 ISJ11 

; M I- A-Mrr-JM I VT i Bca .15 


Arrival and Departure o£ Passen- 
ger Trains, Atlanta 

_ ; The following schedule figures are 

n .i wfl 11 brfne oftsii tor *£(»■ a^d I puliliblied only as Information and 

•Daily «c»pt Bundok 
♦•Buudar OtiIj 


Union Passenger Station. 

A (latitat UirmiaEtiniu 

— — — ~ — i5 . Arri™ ITraii- 


tsuni claim tojithw-o MoaJ in ' - - — -- '--" 

pborteT Milo 4S4B Atltnn 

'* .. ia 

and atlautic 

Depart TO — 

TTfi W?LlteP-aJ[— g?H 

PCJH 3ALB— *na tarje coal Taitaja two wardroliea 

untf oChflr hOuS«h0M ftlrnlt org paxty Ia«7|JQff 

city Applr 2fi-^ Ivy atrwt PIiodb Ivy £103 L. 

SBCO\D EUMJ SAFfifl all eIjwS taonJo ifatoa #1H 

up Hal] a hank anil burjjlaT proof aafea TaaH 

d(WH R J Partial 416 Fourth Ifftt, Banfc BIJa. 

NeTV rubber tlrcn put oa /our nabur carriage 

ncpaSrafl repainted and TaooTerad, Itt SOTS 

Holwn MUeheil 229 IMsnwood Av* 13 


lUraionia-rNQ repalntLna- 

and second hand oafeo 
Pbona Main 4fi0l 

repa.lrinap. tfaw 
50 Mftdlaou AYia<M. 

______pi J t, MBiua a as a huls'tbr st ib 


AN'D ill fertlKB^r materials C 3 nural and 

IiuIjB at wu-olcsile W £ McCalla^, A-tlnntm 

41J&_ Atlan ta S.ntional Banfc rrnlldJna UJ 

3AFT£S QI*a cabimts new and oteonrl" hajii 

Qoolcln Bank apd Otnce ^qiifp[n«aat Company 

]J.3 H 5 M6Kh Pr yftf arrest, m 

WE BELL. Car cobd. oal^ la Vray wai nail ah«*C 

Stratbern TVr«c!r5jja_f7fl iu 3 Poirarli 3t Iff 

P0H 41HOK SALtE — One ft loot and an* "jCVTaat 

Khow ens* tn aoocl co»fl!UDD J13 50 iflcb 
KAr^aQ Portrait Compaay 94^, V.u>iltohaJL St IS 

3U-DA FOUNTS — BargaJoja in Itav aad aacand 

haad eoda i nun tain eaay ternia Write for 
prtc« _P _0_ Boa 1033 Atlanta, da 

FO/H SAIJiJ — Won «alabllBh«fI millinery buainat» 

AiJdregs MUHlKr 1021 WeitOn i!t.. DiiaTfeT 

Cole -a do JS 


N139J MAN alicuJd baTB VAV EFFS" QA 


Jr-j lmimd THE HAHRt S OX CO Atlanta, I B 


OJT^ poTtablo gasOlInD wood aair la jxaodi ooniSI 
tlon H M Tmttt *; gap If. 




MJvxwiELi ■i-cjpHb.^Lbt rtnirtwit. nwd-ot *L aporta- TTAjrrEg>-<i 0Qi> ' to~~'feooQ aa Itoiireiaj™ " V^Ti 

ulia trp*, tail* equipped, •piandld. wmdHton, esuto first tnartgagc ^ r> Alstoo larn 

3>Bcial prtta for qdlck aalC. *63CL 1*, M. LUfflaHL Third, hat lonal juiilc butlrH ng. aa 

*arsa. , 5?s. , SLS ,, s st sr-ss-Sfe kalph o._c«chban go. 

]p aul-o parta arMraaH 24 patarg aatMat. 

» __ 

74^76 FB ACHTftKS ST 

CA0H1LAC 5-p*5B*u-er 1SJ2" Modal, elottrle 4 „^ HOKET P0R SALARIED FflOFL* ^ 

jJb^Ih ajin Mr »tartct Cully *q.ulpp&a. am ex * lWU otbara upon (beir awtl nam« th.«aj> rataa. 

oellent bajasfn tor »l 350 Oil Mr StoouThU!. _ "^ JESr* 11 !.™ « uotiridan «a I I> H T^imaft 

1-»T 1521 2» JtPPiB azo AnatfH bnlJ<3ri»g ^_ gjg 

FOR caal ettac* lciatm aae ~w bT Smrtb T03 

Fo ur th %atJOngl B an It buirdfng 
« PETt CENT 1LOAN3 cti AtlaQTa prOpcrtr 7~IL 
__N n»tng A Co H01 i Srnpfra 14^ 5,14^, ^ 


TOP? T*CPV*reil and rnpalrBd. Wnaala, arxlaa toA 
fptlca^ rtfuLcwL Htfii-ffrad* twk at p—j an- 
abl* or1c«a, 


150-128- tg4 ACHtTHl* AV93. * 


TOPfl mjo-vom] and rppalirf. Upniolvtorlac 4B4 

allp 6o*tto twit awri, modarata prloea. 



IVTjL4g^ J » 


TIUS ond monthly Joana orFotlartfl on real t** 
Tate Hacm S13 Atlahta Natloaal Book olajt 


2 00O ACRES Hear Da.*BOTi O*. Hall imprared, 
railroad ntalitrp on prwparty will °"tr"[i for 
Atlanta r*al estate 




PUiPLSS blarlrbeadij 

hanfaJiHiI by using Puritan Foce Craam "guar 
unwed absolutely puts For particular* vrit« 
iaagltr Cltr Sp*cla]ty ^■p^l!>an>■ F O Sci J&fl 
Bjrmiu&iam, AlA 23 


..afprtjjagip L(wru qn R^al ElMapa 

WE CA2> prot rou S p6r ^uat i+ai; a D 
Unta property Cal qt wtU* 


ann ifl Tbira Vj? asr^ 01 ij; iry siS3 


TODAY— The entire con- 
tents of a Forrest avenue 
home, consisting of brass 
bed, mahogany chifforobe, 
mahoganj rocker, center ta- 

Ilmo wlta aafHtj H bfl^ Ho o^ual Price ?1 por tliePS. lTLLSSlOll 0111111? TOOIlH 
bo* poKnald J t Gault Uiamlcul Co 701 ' "" lA ^& J - vwu * 

iinin*r, wort reasonaiiR. I suit, bird s-eve maple and 

a W11T!a<iuc j-rT-A*t trim 1 " J - 

WE MAECR *wHcho» ftom Combings f] DO e»cb 

T0% F«aAhtrtM>- ftlrcot. Hia, AH1« Qillfthti Call 

1-gy lOflft-J ^ 

FOR WOMEN rt In cleatiilas coaling and noa 
frrit&ziag utn be used a& a 4ouo?ie at atiT 


ANYONE "wiah log olci 

call on Mra JTaddox 23 Wllflania fctreer trtTn 

*-lv~^h^.v3 NT acraou* nr7^rti~^ET5cd oa ^ bedroom suits, odd 

flj DctrenB m«tcl Hr acrmm hardwood Hoora ' 
V«Q«l&tt blind* m«tal weatber atrJp» fumisbad 
aJOTi»tiai» In th« south Wrlto o* pphcros W R 
Calla-nrajt Manager 1403 Fourth Natlwul Bank 
huUdlnf Atbmta Oa. Ktitt 5310 


02 N Prior at Boll Phono 4203 Jny 


P'OJt SAl^E — RHhulll reipalntfl4 locomoolle " 9li- 
cyl?nd«r 4*t iKwao power *! panHtng^r touring 
enf parieci «itiaitlnn pnrrj'ns 1&14 ^uaraateo 
Incrory branch aervlce ijtn:omobil« Uompajarj at 
Ain«-lca 40° P*achtree 

SAVH your tiro trocblaR and eipen»9 by tba 
aaaa o; Puncture Cty-e tVo fcaop th# af» 

ntld abated. ponctUres jmlvmatLaaLly up to- 30 poimj 
aplkea whlob a»T«s rim anri» 4^0 bloi? tnlt* by 
hallos ii* nfr 
40 Auburn Ah Atlanta, anij BaloHriatft, rj*. 



Factory Atlanta and Ba1nfer1tf£C Ga Watck 

Cot TrJds rrtat-a a P C Don t b« tooiaa. pric*. 

ji 30 p«r wheal Jio 00 per car Phono I*j 






A I L. K.I-\D1 
Si nAJtNT^Tl ITR.?!,? _ PHOVE MAIN 3013 
PAJLTTf liavliia- tliren light auto tnwlia auTtablo 
fbr Brnnnt-y or ot&or [Ifiti-t deltTerleB w£ll anH 
at rcuHijiiftitu pficO NBv«r bo«D naed AddreBB 
24 Filers alrnet 30 

TWO f'^iJ^U'lfH. BABTT^AXWrTLL "in splendid 
<.-anrll Jon Prlt4 JloO Addrntbi R. B. Mc 

Kleroy R P D 4 tony era Qa 30 

VvlL»L trade my Mitchell aeren p-aHKenpar aiitO 

miJblle norfrci rtvndlaJdn a au aji unuaually ipjoii 
car fur a >uic and lut «ir <xiat j_ wo and etlll 
ler ffnnriintw n-JI? eichajipB at reasonable 
pric* C A BeaUCbaiUT> flS N Broad 3c Ivy 
SIS 20 


£ H^fferd Co 
: < ft P Bo. 




Dronipt ad oil 

JjO-, r Man laj 

Fairs' T ri sin *t ■ 
212 lirt 

h 'C I __y 


lie about 3 1L> 

or Jttst outbid' 

ri *l ■, ie l h irViir wll, jlBaau raluro 4 ' 

i_lta dQliin_pull Una li 

.■w.-eti Th rrl Sail cnl Hank tmUdirn; and 
ranrtlpr hullllnt; a t'. tut card case Mala 
55; Atlanta *i_1 ro*4rd 1 

LOST — Dor oil \uhont aienuu ueir Coirtlanil 
deSirrl^fl a* *-ntl ^* I on Torrlfir rritLl* an 
Llrsly i.hi * v. tli c lorfe ^scc arowrra lo oaitiu ol 
"Tip LlV-rjl r-.mrtrj |^ je7,t"«d to Southaro 
KaprPHB i] til pa : i _ 1 

\\ I A I JULt, Uti J p- 

yv v ^ 1 ^"_Jt* LV^JJJJJ^Jr^ ^^ L,tj 

>■ e. *vh Lc northern uien and t/itf 
pta e &s cool; and pii^'jy oooit i n ^un ti l* 
r^rwrt notal T'My ran. t b* b^nt Addn*& 

DUftn B^i 02 Plntllia Park FLa 4 

tj»JI(_^AJJ ;; — l^Alt US. 

V, A V. Vi KPS il \ Aiuuna. j cnu* A.tlitoL 

ii> Li (".« rpLa Jarn * i j:J p p^rtle-. *antr>| IJ 
SI- M \TYb M ar. «* nn Marietta car linu at pta 
I ort halt mllo b^ond river 10 roCm iiouie 
nc* ali nul:m-usc« lawn gan T-ater difcken 
h u*ft baru 930 f^t *rGiH pn electric rcr liae 
aujUMiiobila road V. & A railroad and ataboari 
railrnni Adireas 71<> Tlia G ran J Hldg 

30 am 7 10 pro I Wujcxoaa '7 30 am 10 13 tnA 

t riiaEwlcb 

Fullman eloc-piig o^ra tin night train? between. 
Atlanta ajm TnoinaU»lIl*. 

HO n- 1 

Add eats ' 

•vlLa Ixn yoara tspc J .o:n 

it July 1 H,*.fare n& ; 

A H*i ry i_ «ii Ui.1 

:t»J j 









b\tjl iAJ.1'. — A n 

ud^rn 7 

room ^iinga 


In A 

NO ArrfT* From- 
S Augrata P5 *m 

» C<a Irurton 7 30 ana 
»3 Pnlou Pt_ & On am 
1 Augusta 1 30 pna 

•50 L'.thoala 2 10 pm 

*7 S** Yotlc and 

AugUfitt 8 2a pm 

Gcureln yaallrmnd 

Osgood-Tumer Auto Repair Co. 


Hear 4^ A^ J^ ^rIl Ato i^j- 63]Q, g) 

Q-ElARa of all aladu i\»l, uuta aplndlaa puuiu - 

ractu-ur mucbtntry of alt JflTjrJfl repaired. 

6alJUlc^n Auto aad Eqtilpm^al Co 02 3 Wot 

eyXh otreflt flj 

Nn Depart 

* AuKUGfa. IS 10 n t 
Z AufuKa and 

New Yori 7 30 A m 

K LUlionla 10 So am 

2ft AuBTiirta B 2& pm ! i Y 

IH Union Ft S 0O pm 

1\> COvlaetDu 6 10 pm 

ir f,f*T i: a-*. flJvert PlPpi 
t Iul-Ij iJt. fn F*a 1^ aaril 
!iruLg.-r 4il Kldcr build 


V. \NTtl Three ot I 

*oJlca' r«, ^ r c-ltj" ■» 
J nat Cor ^dvartlaluE 

Iuje _ 2 

W^NTrD^-^iyert st I oerapl ^r ^ "-ltli BOitta 

know eiijfl [ ^Oolfn ? ! II "s, Apply Lo 

roraopU* < j-t pan -iljU i a tur^e 2 

TV^VTrTD — Eiperi Iwokk-- [t an I asr. er Ap 
_tly Lflfl o nobil* i o unj tlUI 1 *.i atr?* 3 

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InKL "ni« Dixie Lotton 5 iiool * Sow Ur^aana 
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'Bias, at tbo T*rmlaal Uotel pool Parlor 
We B*ll 33c In cb wka £or j.j^ s^^^ cuee, ioaJ 
taaKa and, goo d »*f*it*_ o* ratflir^ ajio»e4 2 
WANTED FOpfT ~3~ ~A R^nT— a rjl#hrjaLaa uuT" 

maTT-lad men hitn^en 3,£e* uf Id anj 33 «ItI 
bona dI C^llad St* tee of good bara-ter and 
lampn-alu TjatltK ario an. ^pflnM read iind writ* 

bt.HO >Tj wanud prlnoipil tiir>c yP-flru 

a"|^ e coJI«£o cduc«LJoji Aii-Jrasti P Jj. G 
MuaiimllLe Oa 4 

TWO juuBir n;ui -"an blcujp roi'm and hoard a}: 

fonvcrrlcnc^i JJW W P^autlTr^i- iTy GOO^ J 7 
LiAKtit frxnt ro'jm apd hma I roQTVi rurrii&hcd 

prlua^o hortJr 1 ■caehtre* aLri-et Ivy 17"T0 I 7 
TVANTED — 1 Odltlou. try eiper lanced inile K-.onu 

Era p "ri*r I ve f«i:tD<** fu^nlaneu Addroos 1 Ji 

caro_ Coiiaillullo-i \ 

J'OblTlQN In (.t y by youas man 24 year* oM 

Dae had l^-O i.oftr3 ^^.p^rLoD-o Id booh, axa now 

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^nn j nrk'i- fuu-tii 
ifn hi Cos SC 'XiD 

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large cloGUte 

in ^nta qiiir^ 

P O B<.x 

tUil SALr- 

»fl Clairmout avenue 

JLouLavHle nnd Nas-Iivllle ttallroqd 

Effectl^o Dfr-enibw 1 1612 
Cincinnati lioulsvljle 
ChJtiaa-o ailtl Norihw«t 
Clnclnrtall and Lau^tI1L« 
KnoivlUs 'la- B1o« M^* 
KnoaTtllc via Cartcra^IUi 

Decatur |4 i.* alsu an* at Jfl la"X> Syranaore Kiiua*ili& fla Carteraville 



Pcaraon 422 At JJlya ttjd^ft accommodation 


, Arriye. 

I 12ai»| 50 pm, 
X J* ajn, , l_ pen 
. 12 amj DflOpra 
fi 10 pm 1] Ma m 
4 40 pmlO 05 a m 


as. van 

nRST C7^AS^ mal^ ha5blfo*p«r 1TeaIl^; , * po^KScti. 
n n eau; eaperjt-lice a^pd 30 Box 14.1 arf 
I on t iitl-.jn 


t>Ti,\t> 0OOKli.Fr PER yoUag man lO yisiiTa am 

Kie fair an.lhnlari'gH Spa^ilaft now e.rtJ^Jlo^«d, In. 

£\ rca lu make a ci^inge Criol o rar« Coijat-ltij 

3^ STF-NorRArHER Ore yenr^ experlonc^ 

c%cnti&a at^er 7 u rUi k terms rwatuna^le 

ar*a»t F«p*-rr ^Jirj CallPtlCuI Qu 


thfl Ens'lsh lansuaca 
BecrultiQC Offi^*r FaftLl 
AttiTlta. ^r 413 Cherry 

incormatlo-ii apply to LiIHL 
a an! lurajth flta „„ 

SI rl. SLTaO'S* 

TWO -colored 



301S t«nfjr 


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or ^al-.n^a Will ag and oblih lit 
luntatn (ilrl J24 ManLford ive^ue 

W A\ rfc,U^ V^fcJSTS 


^Ork tor 

Ij/ TDU play pooi aaJ ^an: aCod table* <r4«a 

and aarvlct drop aroij^J and sy# Hh.J £11 Ott 

2*i^i Decatur corpir f nur upitnlra. 3 

WA2iT"Fil> — DrUl inrD LTam ners anj laborer^ ror 

underground "fork £ 111 Jiian aatn $1 3d to 
^3 per day laborers aam Jl ifl ld SJ 5 p^t 
dny board 5K*oo tu JiS CO pec mcati iitad 1 ! 
-aura pa la&or troubles only white m*n tvaatod 
TaanesBea Copper Cntnpany DmrklLrv. n Tuns 2 
WANTJfiD'^- Barters to k^O'n' W0 carry [u!l 

Una ItitUfeS »fld HUpplJdS lU alOck in A: 
lanta. Wrlco tor cataLosue JUni«« £ 

.L vely Atlanta q g ^ 

\E8— ^C y»*l atk^» two- nanda PrOt Q O BJ-annini 

*111 t*ach j<m Hi* barbar Irade. <1; a easy t 
■ft* rncti in ane-bmlr lim time of eU?er ^cJI^e**- 
CeDTtpJetu tffui** and po-WJnfl. in Ouf aatip phIi 
K3U. Wliy pay tnon T ThaoaandS qE «Ur gfadu 
oLM ruDnUIB auupa Of maJstna Bflod vaaea At 
lard^_Bari>ec_Cal^S*^10_KaSt Jlltcacdl 3L_ 2 
FULL.MAV portffrft wanled. For taimnicijou «rit« . „ = t , 

Furuar F Q Box WH, Atlanta, Q a, ^2 rnlums LatnloB'Jti und yM.nipL-p TrM 

■w'O.Tiji>— Two ynalu* m«0 w&fl hara ft a a ex riari Hp*cJaltj Company Bojf y 

perlenqe- aoHCillog for nriAsailnw newopajmrs \* _ _ 

or ad*»rtlaFuc to CTairtil Wltlr crew ka\l n& here AT»"V ER.T13J\-G q \142e\I£>\ Ti aMSa>— One 

W\NTLU — 0wf 
Anewnr quli It 

t\ t; wtUit dentil lo OeLl Quf new book Horrors 
of Tcrnart.i Fltwrt an \ Flr« R-ijch TlHtte^i 

lb in '.-PL flo irln*! lit U'WUS ftiid rlcb bt lam tli. 
Jl^srJ ia- Jn a;he to t^_( f.u;« and la d If-^in r 
watlfl ActP ot her Isn en- f aL-rlflco in Inli 
t>i ey* ^Itrwasea JnO ikkiu muj lllua^rat!nrj5 
1 r i-c SI 00 Cr»atC«t OPiicnuT- :y t- Il^e T|lanl 
O-itfl ^ «ent frf** on r^ce pt c' 1 > eenia Tni L po- a; 
age Ce#t teriue itct at onc-(t En nTrut in fl#Cf3 
Orxler Garni rrom lisareai; otflce Ph II Ed* Bzytl 
lubllsbtis to Atlauta ija Dallii, 1\x L. t 
le Ko k Ark __ 6 

H4\TrU->Ua yalesmcu wb,o can work. ' '*I|jhT 

^riou i>St PeCfri Inib^lrg (or Lan^atun 

VEW ilnt ol ape tuHI«b $5 a riuj e-u%] t^tHe 

profits valuable pre 

■Write J t> 


T^Q JlOOil louoo o 

Puono IJ54 Prl p 
FOft 1\f E-— 7 r in r [ 11_ frumky utrci?: 

I iK lar^-ili ii. $.1 A »[• .\y ritltvc t*rma J J5 
ni k r riaotn Mai; iO-B _ j u 

Dt.l.ATVR iJui'EiIgw u.i;A 

hojuLliully rb 1 it 

eaiij [ ern]y Look ai 1 1 naii ma^tf- <no 

ao o;itr WHS Kamllton tiOittUr Phono 

rxi^Atui 413 15 

1? if i= r^al esialc you it&tit to buy or soil It 

-ri III ;iay ] ou, la bee ma A Gta*** 24 LlaaL 
Hunier St 13 


wort Qtj q L r ai1t i | uu; a: lLlH Hn j ^-j, lhe owa(sr 

Al - and t>ui o hirgi 11 ale FflOnls complete saw 

_ _j -Ind lOdt-rn [ r! soil terms to eult pusrchflS^r ! 
,- — a, k s il3 4 1S A y fiL! >l| Rld g Phuiifc Main 
li IV si H id V Ja- 

I WII L h I J n-t 1 ^ni£3 on. <-a£^ Irrms lp one 

t ;I p uil «u uriaj j I III uiw in -iTjatir* Al 
lr_p «. ^ 3 H ^ j H City ]j> 

L 11 V\ j it. r n 1 1.0 ato-r> .S room dwelling- 1 

t" 1 ? U jii 1. wi -i t-iij wutur and *■-! I 

! I tgliU i *.ir>p -Li f+c.»nt 
t*rmi, W .f-. il ( e.I{* Ow^Oi 
1 jnm Uh k rut till f 
IF IT Ja5 a -[ot j*.u wani 
ion _^ true re building 
FUJI ^L? SI OANtH -SilTr^Ornl 
batii In tjuaiii.lj-,ii Oimewoad Par"* 
Tru t: Fko I n t ■* lit vK cll-illt CFlI" berv ta 
ci j on^trt p^.rri. -nilhaut r.lfv tax«= built lir 
a notr-iTinr »Hj Tyok prlile ia li.s job Dt>»bla 
. r Joorc vlarzii i,hastii } etc Lot ^OxlT^ Fl'^ 
r r qijl k b.tL<? SJ j|> nur'Ji $1 tfOO to 54 JtIO 
uaii} t-rrns Itfsldni e phono Mala 211') J 
Ir, J--3 ivj 1 IJO c \ h. ytMr cwuer dy U^l 

S«ail>0Eird Air tin, 

1 fTi-TTiTe April 
^rflvp Frcrft— * ** 

n Inrh fl JO am 

•ii 20 ,tm. 
(I J0 am 
a alu 
■10 Tarn 
2 4(1 pm 
,. JO rm 

ir RoJlTva.T 

l r -l" 


li ^ 

31 Si rfolk 
IT Wjianlnf! n. 
1 * For'uiS h 
17 i"L;bo - "? C 
T Vemplila 
(^ Ilirmlaie in 
2J Blrminjr nl 
-- no-* Yorli 

b WV'hlTVR Tl 

T, NoTtolir 
Por*Mti tn 
tj? Bfrmfne m 
JJ MonrOfl 

rt To 



!> S r > pin 
S Of) pm 

Il Firming m 

11 He , 1 1 ^ n sU am 

-JO Vomw - Qy 

flWabUnB-rt IS ^0 pm 
« Vert .alfe 12 rt |>Tn 

^fl Portamn h 12 ,0 pm 

— lE-r-min^-vr? 4 i 1 i.m 
7-fii-inlrrft ti\ 
5 Mrrnpl ia 

18 Abba b S C 

12 N* w Turk 

12 Forbain h 

O.i pru 
+ 00 pm 
ft V* pm 

a^ 5.1 pm 

Cil> Ticket «tUt CCl ?«* Jr*«aubtrra> St " 

ttritcru and Atlantic ftullroad 

Nfl ArrtT* Prom — [ \o Dflpart To— 

3 N-sBhTlI1e 7 10 atp [ JH Chlpaa» 9 On am 

7T Rome 10 20 htm 2 ^tlahrlUm 8 -?a aS 

fltf ^asnvllle ll4B«ui ni -flasTiTllta 4 HO ntn 

1 Nfcanviih T 35 Pflo I 72 Itom* sifiSm 

Q 1 ; rtjieaso _ 7 SO pm | A VajJi^Ua S BO pm 

Voxali la tiia 

tnzgalaw ind 


Belle Isle 

I\y 5190. Atlanta 1598. 

1 :\ 


lea lug .il] 
E>-> lo Uiiiu i"-Jtr3 

IvOT 1a Oaktnnd cen*ctory 

del! streiiT 

rhjka Analey Park; lota. 
■\\lil sell uaedflc* EfTloc 

at a bargain 12 Wad 


BluLX. I'HCNT M *4fl A T]L S00 


Cramer Foray t hi > 

■\A\CV HAUi l*r-rf Porto Rico yamn uotato- 

ellpt, $1 Bo P^r 1 000 _Zk- pe^ 10 i&, f M 

3rf> tomatn p:aEua all "-ari*tl^3 Ijc d<iierj pep 

per and u££ pl*litif 30c dozen ColeUs aalTlns, 

■ii 5* all ccck 1 

6 Ii j HOSd J 

1 *s will sell <»n t^nns 

two Story ^rbenaa p*, 



50t doz< 





J "3 «sch 


next «« tt Aps» dflT Ajatol_l _jUdg ^ 


lite or calfndare 

mouHi Write IpHTjedUwly *ar Inlormatlmi 
FtuilIlD tnatlwiA D^t afi-C. ftoch««r Ne^ JJ* *«, - 
yauk 2 j 

ooi-cien loiJi :o sell 1 
■ &fi 4ud aitc-j]alt H .0<i 
:1 a * me tjusinos^ 


FOtt iiOMi-i and baUdlog ot£ In Co Hose P.vk 

'bu inosi <e 5 '.rri.t-lf.- suDujyo -or At]ama «ee [ C 

3^et:ra y ^_ 13 

aary . 

siatj Bt oitt In rentrel Ofareia 

appeals lo sJ? n^ipoiffl^Ja cljrw^H a! 

coroar lc- 

rt. venue near CIbbuTtH? 

^ 1I6O fiO iw atrrOaa raar 
iH Oftfg Cnna-t tilting 

OHlcKLEN FtEn of all klacls and tlia prloo and 

quality will suit you How about lice pow 
Ham ilquldft 1 " Rcnflemn*r wo tBrry Conkey a 
idU liBf Piiaits nrlie w eeutt We deliver in 

protected pwjittona a « 5 service TbousaaJd 
rf vacancies avery year Tnere is a blij cbanca 
heru fear rou sere and. sornirouB pay ljiotime up , 
amplrrymant. Jt»3t o«X tor Dfl^et T 10S ao ob- Com 

EflJ i Hopkins wy gagtjg^p^c^fl ^^-^-^ flijpi?]y 

mitlliEi.-nT hTiHtl n E AJittaaian 
moTie^ -with our I low It trin imy ; 
todny Sales Mg^ Zvularnazwa' 

pany Kali 

for under- j 

cuoed Etilpgniao Ba^ 14<1 

e tl \t 
it. ike 




muDl ha™ fljtperl 

ire rone it: uti on G 


WANTEia--Tramnitrs aij laborera »r unaei^ h v(wm CJ1 .^ liWJ 

JTSiTS'-JSr ^^^-r^V'Sr'S; HN«ciAE-.-i-.«. .i^d .«», „ „„« 
fJhS^.^ »(to a -man jn- moalh. CO- ua tr.n«i furnl.h.J thj 
i™J?T™mni«ra %iflm JtM ta 12 75 |Kr d«J Alfia ' will atitlKli Hu » It)J>Hul Ion r,» Alt Smjp y 

ttf- eontaracL WCO-ft, loadlttg ejhl UHl^iatlinfe raiirnad , WAMTEt> — Clovpr erln^at.^ri w«ll cire#eed ug 
on at-whlcls O-VBT $2 0O per do? can be earned. preswlva niall Owr SO hard wnrkwr to mj 

Tl*naesa^e- Cop peE tJnnipany. Darj&taa Tl. T a jm 3 | HclC husiacd- men In small towns tdncatlo-ial 

FO^ a ALrB^^OTie ffuad Wftm dirt trasOn and and hand plnTnna $100 anit up 
harness. Ch-eap "" — T " " " "~ - — 

GOOD one horw 

Trultt £. Sa-n. 

GOOD Lvd horse Oray tor oala cheap 

Tratfr ^ Sa-n 

en cap 

WB HE\T ijood pianos $3 par mo-ata up. -07* 
sell gijod pittHOe fi pet month up Qood js»o- 


107 10ft TOP TtinnpIO Court Bldyj Main 007 tfl- 
SECOND tJAhD raodern eoda fountain J]% w-ctiT" 
lng order ^he-aj A!ao apl-andld iap h carbo^ii 

M i"jr/ jip» iiu.1 Tunn; 

Truitt ^ ''nni 


1 *lrt 

^ a 1. 1 j— ~» t- El u 



ST<>1> t 







CO fop: 

luppllEo, Address p t 

aaro CocatL 

Salary JU Thtakly 

ft> I fllfltt, 

linniac.tttota*~J3«i*- «-d' »CMlP9rt-T» It X* » A- G- BiKntuim, *,«*; Klmtiall HcU.1 q^ica 

SSotnt iSS*5 TftndWS P S^Grt ThrSu^ »ranS> | abm^ w^ f?S ^_? tl 7..J? .. ri ^ lt _ ma ^ te « 

k h MT ON SICPI3 ais-njnea mt qoalllj 

J -*- LL '- L> 4^ :KBP - t _ 1 ^ f ' P' Co * 2G% P^acht ree Sl 

^t ■ CI R "RlTiUl nB "' w efl eTorjrwher*: F 

__IJ [ V^ ^- Q» J L1U4J1JJ fi__L ! oj an i C* Atlanta. 

Ft clffElt SEE&3 and danllOE Tret to all that i CttJSOBOTE ataioo In all coJarfl in-^e^r^ifciai 
Kcnd pnatfljn Addreaa Mra N C 3t5ht>p \ i a S p«cisl arders Jnelrfg nnd oatfffde. Addrras 

llapla gprtUBK >_C __[ I C F Binder _ BoiU Ediowood etatloji. Atl_n«, 

SWtBT POTATO plana- Furto Hlco yftjna jj/bh 7 \ Gfl - **5 » ;a ^_ J jj 

Se« j I-laTi and Itad T^n>vl____a %\ _0 per 1,000 fob 

tl { LakelaJiit, Pia G L Bryn__ 

_t -Burlap Bags 

Can A Col. 

r a. t_a- 


RADIATORS Jajnpe iendcrs repaired _j ifood 

ind n«w Mlffrt all tlndfl Bricet n_4tol Wart 

ft artic l, 3 b ott Ke UI C <i 243 Bdgowoofl 20 

rllQhT CL-AM ^nlcanla'.aij: ^>jS^ tire Wtroaderi 

PS 10 Luba repairs _■>. up SouttierTt Rdbbof 

CO 02 S Fof Byth 3t _a 

O-Vfc, TON iranliUa trnch newly painted new 
l.lrc_ all „rOo:rid cust $2 400 new Far aulclc 
I* win ufce (WO Stnn_ari_ Auto Co Pharw 

^eachlrBe SI 2r> 

F\£nfel-/SGu_R- _0 _orao po^*P auto In ffood 
cnndUifan new tir w will ejrxliaage 

CPialo or Koll rof S.V0O jlIwi uaraga coet J80 
will aell Tor S2A Call Ivy ^JJj4 Ko fl^T 
Cstidlor Willi ins 2Q 

We Repair Automobiles 

TOI do It rlftbt. W* _. It dulck. b-_t njmlta 

for t_e least money No Job tan bis for _■ 


Ivy 48 W. 3ft Jama St. _d Floor 


PEoUPT attention g v*o „Dme a^ipmoRt* 

Hanrjara Spey-r VuIco_i_rIiij_ Company JQO B[>rl_i 

St Atliiota Qa. 20 

\V_: ha 7e l_.e tollowtie: u_ed earn all in Al 

condition- tn offflT at T*ry atttnctlTB prl.«» 

FRESJlEft 5-PA3^_.^G_R 40 H. P 


F Q L, HOAtraTER 40 Ft P 

REQAJL 201 H. P 


It will bo CO yuiir Intvr«_t in aea _iea_ rj_ra 

bctoro purcbaalng ^laJicr a ntw or nae_ «oJf 

Can bo _eeJl at C-oHler _ _ar_c« C-Zla *rn] 

Jarnea ttrarrto jrj 


BUILrD cleBn rwpnlr ana _hnrj_a vehicles auidj 

apark battihTiefl Ben repair and 1 natal] 

charging plant- Oompieta all wnrk gUoTiantaad, 


TEftS - CD. 
__*.__.. ^^ _^ L Jft ^ 3 - 1 " Ivy 5E6_. 




IVY 5&J8 aa 

dressers, wash stands, 
springs, mattrcbses, gilt and 
enamel beds, bt>d linens, 
— -j cooking utensils, rugs, art 
squares, and, m fact, other 
AiS™MrS" lt]r 1Io ' Ul, ™'' , » ""'' a *** 1 goods too numerous to men- 
tion. Sale &tarts promptly 
(at 10 a m. 

102 Edgowood Ave. 


THE BSST work la town both fn cl0Ai.Llu.eaa 

nnd; llrjliih alTB oa ei «at All wora anjar 

autwed. Jay Hoeji B8 W«it Faachtreij St. At 

lAatq phone B33 j( 


I l<1 VfllT 1^ hCK>F LHAK3 call H* jC D + ; ' 
JJTJLVIJXV W B Pam*tt Mala 714 BJ 

SWBBT attractlre joune ikdy d63li-ca lo set 

married at once. Hiiihand muat ba iMe j 
keep the rlica off Prtca A Thomas aorseaa nrlH 
do 63 N Prrw rt. Ftojuo lv? 42 QB 23 

LiETT HACK sharpen your safety raeor bledei at 

Tumlin Brtn M N Broad ctnet, every- Triad* 

iruaraatBea tp be a harp 23 

Auction Sale of Furniture 

WWUATESTDAY9 10 m Satardaya J p m 
sale* room 115 Souiii Fora>t a 8t a 
Ht#wjirL Prop J T Garner Auctioneer 

TO aGREfilK 1 000 noilflea aduh KtLoe KwaLlty 

door uno* window fir Krwuj. *?« ouj priced 

Kane Bilnd and. Bcroen Co Main fti G B Et«- 

roafl 4S0 3ou:h Boulernrd 23 

ae 90 S Fryor ^. iT| buj or fHI voor hirn tn e 
honaehrtlfl yc^-ia or p^aTt^ Phone Be 1 M S3 'ft W 

Oakland City Repair Works 

PLY irCttEE.-srS MADET TO ORJJKR — Csrpenter it id 
ciblnet vark a ajjeclaitr Call Wt*t S4J L 
AtUnta pho-Bo !12B C- F Dl cJcey alp- £) 

MAIIt ON THE FACE — Dubnrry IJeplMtary poa-'l 
tlxelj removea £UporflaoTJa fiftlr trOui tae !aco 
arms ejfid bust Liberal sample try Dlatl a woo 
darfql dlscoTery Write now Add re** Modun Ou 
blfry Meditill LJfJtupauy 20S Haat iTjaearatras 5t 
■Canton Otilo nept 10 23 


b'iMONDSON 8 Tanay P^anyTOTa^maS^CaT 

tott Hoot l*llli3 a salft and rallahle f_r*ntn»nt 

fnr IiTeEularltlefl Trial bOi ij mall » ccata. 

Frenlf SdmonJwn £ Brrra manu^aernrfpc cftarn^ 

late 11 *Jonh gruci] 3t AUarjie. Oa 


The Myatle 
VhVKti. A FOblTZVb. Oly-ASAWrEE. 
t^VELOPS pereonnl mAjnetiftni and peyCula 
gtrtu ty whlCli y-our great eM wlari ^an poel- 
tlvelj be roailaed Help aid. advice camcerntTiE 
jnur moat isecrei and tmpartarjt affalra Cott'Iac— 
lag WaiS W «ver> c»IJf ndniCfi dtileS and facta. 

. _ _ Consultation $1 00 no higher Ha lee onteea jaa 

1K"T ONE wlahluK a gaai eiparleTiBed flfat clftsa are told uaO-ctlP wo*t you Wlall to know Cnrtoaa 
brufber and DreflBer [Or faalp in tattorlTUj In. or or frlvfjloua ppraaue aot dealretl at any prlca. 
out ot cttj write T TJap^l E^q S? DeKelb ove linu mnn; be tLriLcre My woffli La my iBltgion 

MArEnfflTT SAVITARITIM — ?Pr1var* rrfuad. 

aamellke 'United number ot patten la- cared fan- I 
Harnea pTavIdad for [nbauts liifnDla (ot adop- , 
lion Km M T Mitchell M Wladaof at. y_l ' CfTtiBultatloi 

HirliH'Ooia Atlanta. Oa 

aa BrtnK tJalP 




. R °tl?£'^ air P ress pg Parlors j grMMO.VS "PLATI N G "WORKS 


MAXirUKrNG Cor ledlog and Bantlamen chil j 

dren a halT cut tins and ftoinlDU mado to ordflr 
beat worlt In fll# dtr 4*1% Wblteball Main 8523 

AUTO FAETS brass heda aijd: 
■clairy IS^ 5 Fryer 3tre*L 

iHTariTaTe a ape- 
alaJa 1100 8t 



At GwlDEla Alio* Shojp 6 T^ac&la 3t 
Chypcoi-ie Pledmo-nt Hotel Both Pnouea, 


Bell ppape 


ero^ai rloor a>|uitabL« bulLdlaa; 

Mftiil M20 



G ' T- "Sl'CtJ RD Y\ 



WS are cloalna; out bankrupt e:ock tnt-onviblLe 

ncir«>aflari*« and abppiioa at groaLly redntred 

prlceft for coat iSaaofaSa Temple auUdJn E , 2^0 | 

t J aachtree 34 I 



W J Baker Company Bell pbrrna Ivy ftM. 
No S3? Empire L»^ nidJT AtLmf Oa_ 

Arttats SupplJefi Pictures 

31 NaTta Pryoi- 9t- ley SBB1. 

FOit SALE — Up 10-da.tB drue; rjualrjaaa pvyiaj; | k »w 


DniBO 3qx -a 

a- _ _ „_"* 

WaKTIQD IDEAS — Wrlto (or prlaiea and; JLat'of 

IptbthIowj nmaied by uianufacturer* Pour 

booka fr^Q Haniolph A Co Patent Attorneys 

Washington H C 24 


PARTIES wanting large- la«ia on baaln/i** p*3p- 

efiy. or mOoey alo buiLd, buBlneaa bouBBtq od 

central property pleaee come In to see ear Tba 

MATcbonta and Macura-eLurei-A' 1 Bun^inp 4nd t^ooo 

aog Brant bldj _TplapbOTip I^y S341 ^0 



Rcaa the Help Wanted col 
urnns on theae papeo dlllErcnt- 
iy And at the same time iti- 
aett a want ad telling what 
you can do 


The Constitution s ClAsslfied 
offers many splendid homes, 
rooma ami apartments every 
day Surely you can find what 
>qu want here 


Used motor cars &re adver- 
tised fcteadily In The Constitu- 
tion s Classified. — and sold lit 
you don t find the Jrind of car 
you want — ASK FOB IT 
through a little want ad here 


Stenographer'' Chauffeur*' 

Money''* Se^ln.]^ Ma- 
ohlo« - ' It doean t matLer what 
yrm Waiat r or whBn Yoli can 
eet It through an ad in The 
Constitution's ClasElfled Thou- 
sands of eyes are on these ! 
pag«s every day Place your 
wants before them I 

PHONJ5 MAIJf £000 

Pin Tour tfafth to The Constitution's 
Cltt&aUled and it Will Produce for You 

LOAJ4B — Money to lood. oa Atlanta real estate 

auma or (2 OOD to (5 000 4 per cent |2 ffOO 
at T per ^ent and $.2 O00 to $2 5u0 m 6 pt/ cePt 
Vfa buy fapcnaae mOAay Datev alBQ thinsqn *> 

Say 4QQ EC gui, table HIj j 2B 

LOANS o\ Atlanta retl oatate one to fin yaara 

lotveat ratea Jeto.n Cirey 2 WuLtehnll atraet. 

flaroaania Sa^ ngj Banfc 

CaII ua 'or tiCidc repal a and ouppllea, lfai» 
13B0 or Atlanta 14S6 _ flj 

PUR ROrnetSlBg "to e*C , "phc-ne""*fTy^^c2^ajId 'S'Hl 
Camp OroCerJ Company 3-i6 rescfatrae ateeet, 
A ctmipLete Una or tar-cy jrrocerlSB and fnab 
rrieaiB We make a spevlalt," at ire&b. Tojataoie* 
and ;rult I O T ..CAMTP Marmgar 


TO IjFJMD on Atlanta OtFtne or bMa|ae«A prep* 
trty at lowaEt ritw Mon^y 4dT*&c*d. to traUd- 
era Write of- cau. 


ConrfllACTOH amj builder. 


ALL. liinds at It's *ork COtii Hodlann areiiqa 
andPetgru gtraet. Main UH Atlanta. 110Q 1* 

^ ^^ HATTLll^ „,„,„ 

"^liVuV ^sasnid tleis OeflacVVnl'aiiapTy'^'aK 
Qeii'ju PauaOna Data cLeanei and ahapad, 7Ac 
With new bapd and* a«eai $X 00 
Solt aPd alia faULa Cleaned reanaued, SOc 
Band evieats or braidings Mc eocli extra. 
Strav hftta blf-Aeued atad preased fi^c. 
Oot ot town ordaTf. glr«n atteataan 
Bc\L Haiti 2ffBI— Fhc-nea — Aalanta, MS- 

I w . 




€04-10 T&lrfl National Bank aide 

lTy 21fil 

BRIDGE J91/IL.1j£.:H.5 

"au siW~bro sT 

STF-m, MATaitA-L 



Tl-IE%^)l^^V^ , ""&f , " Flnwcrdom*""Com+*i~ lo*ltie*SS3 
Kjvjw* w-rbln 20 iHJnat^tf Ua *(r«r£ odar I* un 

-Mtnllenl frlt-e ij rellia a liver or atarrjps Th* 

AABON HAAS SON fc HQWaTU* f R^bin^on full*r Company 101ft Atlauta. Natlop»l 
LOANS on real «tate. We buy purra-aae metier ' Bank Atlanta. Gl 11 

BG.Ua QuioJc aerrlca 75^-734 CaDdler build- — — 

2ft I 

lag Phone igy J dgg 


FARM LOANS — We place loans Jn any aJMuot Pfett.TAELH^ClL'Gaa SIqto^ makoa ^Voa^fTnEcT k#T0^ 

MOVKY lo le&d. on Imprnvrf real estate 
acQenee Jr a2i^I25 Etna ifn building. 

QeOTfla. The 
Q euld ^alldlnx 


OPJ fmproavd eltr propertj tDall expeaaa 
nn eima lest loan earres^oDdenta for cb* 


Second Floor Umpire Bids. 3 

H#ni> burn* tiKMeetj hutixs one gallon „ 
■"leh nmoks Or «"ior coakLae and beatlajc. Call 
of paeae to eee ta«m B D K*nrj EQi Whlte- 
hall Blreet F&c-m Mala 6.iftB and Atl 2S06 Sl 

L^^JF^LLAS^VVbot^aualj* ^Jind Retail* 

"Taylor-Made" ' Umbrellas 

BTTT from maltera all prlcee anij atyiaa «co*» 
ertag nnd re; alflag every omcrella "tent ba 
repair free Plioue for salesman prompt aerv- 

116a WbttanaU_ St, ft 

riKKFJbtUUr S»fl>itA€aE. 

WE rco-ra JioiiMliolu. foods and pianos. Office 
* and. Wamuaaaw 230 41 ^dgaerood RTtOua. Ivy 
HOST Jnbn J Woodald> Storage Ccanpanj 

^HJVE^AJjJJlJj^^t. a±El'A4JUJtf(, 

DAN, THE tfl X KB 

Stoves aj«d ftE^RiGEHAratL aBPAiRKEia, 

W* aall aecoDd band, gaq aLofe& 

We awetip ctilmacT^ ^ 

AtlPPta Fbone g23r> B*Tl Pfcon* aCjain. SflK* 

PLENTY of 6 and 7 per cent 

mon/iy to lend on improv- 

ed property, either straight 1-^^^^^lr^^^feSftw 
or monthly plan. Also for BJtCEMIOil ^K^w «^,., 
purchase money notes. Fos- ^"S^f^ "^^1^ ^Sgg: 
ter & Robson, 11 Edgewoodi^tZgZ^JSS? BhSSST ^S£ 
Avenue. j *™° a ■»«■«•' b» it iwq. pum. *» 4Kn.j 


i^i|^ B _ BB _||i 





1 L 


A tMHINl?ECT3^T"d^^winr^a ,rt iBWTnlcWB; d«^ 

atroya all Inskta,. The Ftwpolfjifl ■.Jfiiiiif jrinrtng 

CorapaJiy. IM-A TMpewwd tvebuo. attain MIT. 

or AUan-j ---- ■■ 


FiraNlSHfeD HDOJI3 far yotuiB men or couplo lar 

Itgt tt aongg^eepJnT. 177 %iy ■ tr^et- 34 

rVK^JTSHED and uufarrdalifrd rooms, 14 minutes' 

Mralk; refe^gacea. 23a Wood ward. 34 

FURNISHED room Cor rent, clpu In] M, 5185. : 

16fi TrtalLy aTemw. ^i 

BfiFIKJSHJarG .Fl. f HNf'Tl^frfi, v 

"fiKtlHfai-llon euttrttas^cd. K. Mil: Atlanta 53.VD : F. 

j £"UELNi&E£EI> roonifl ami iKtafd. 

H per week. 


COME i« 

M:n-eii. our Kjldlqg ner-wtL. ontw bcetw.. 
will jay 7OU. td »*w our fiood* and eel price* 
217 JClBBr Bide. Main 1319. Portar Scr*«D Com- 
pany. J J. gr&wfofd. Afl*TH. ,1 

HOOiL3, nJwJT lurnlfllifld. prIValo turns. All 
CQttveQlea cf ; pew bungalo w, Catl Ivy 2S2&-J. &4 

DETjIOHTTTT*. 1ai-£o front room™ prtT^tt parti ; 
all convwaiencea: 5 minuteo ts tmfx US Gar- 

nclt. 14 

u.«. r «« »„ n-uM™.., i "ggjL.jrsa-y ja. -# E ^r E 'r.r- 

ELEGANT tsoms, BOc aid up per (Ur. (£.51) 

and up per *eafc Hn-t and cold hatha fre* 

Gate fity Hr>t.-I, 108^, fl B-qrayth St 8* 


3 V^arJu^ E J Ugg hrtiioen.-'PearAtrgg and Broa-1 

KjJHREM— tftiKij*tJSISflJilJ kuuh^. 


^ aiG.NSL ,„ .„ „ 


THrLKE nLcfa imfarnLehvd roonia, nith Owner; no 

ChJlflnMi; e*«ry eanTtntatiM, 40 f>mfl etrwt. 

if OR J nice bcuBBkaepCng tmitu Jn prlvaib lining. 

J vr _306C-J. K 

2 art 3 itouBBliettBiug tooflrf. Close Inn 55 w 

fTa! n Jitrpflt. 


TH KEE nle* »nfnra] 4 I)cd KKITIS, with ownm-; bo 

TKL.NKS. UAliS AND BVITCASE3 , __ rtlildrBn - * v *r? eon veniet iKB. J6 Orirw St. 55 

BKTAII1;D A^ll_I*RP4IIlE1>._ w ^_1 CA_*v ateommtKtftLa four p**>plw with room and 

""^"'"wTaiTBjiALLr j bflftxrf, Jl*ar Candler bulldtiiff. £0 East Gain. 

BT&EET. j 5i£.*: B . l : ** 

Maltl^ I37*V Atlanta ISM. t FOUR nicely unfurnished rooms, all convBnlKtwra, 

pJtig; privBin ba.Ltk. il9 



L- 1 C: HT1 >K; JP I X T tl RES 

ELfATIilL - and gn» ri«iiTM; all n«w 

low™* prlc«. tjuccn M*i«?r1 and TUo Co., 
^ Mi'jhi-n iur*^t Phong M. (Wl. 



■ THKEK 1 

ml till ud rooma, ~d«alrabt« location. 222 

^° j ^Central tvgnm. ^ 3; 

^^ j FOR JjUHTT hDU3*air«pin;g. titar largo, unlurnish 
I at. jnud*rQ rooirifl, ... - 


"£X s rFA kT"iiATT kcaB " * hhlv fcl" v at ing^ fni c to * i 

new bti 1 u;:lfl-ilBtp; moderate pj-Icm; B i Te hj 
ft. 'rial JifkMn & Orr Cgmpafly. MeanB flireftt ' O'NF: t>B TWO onrnplcUs Jiouae keep lug roo-m! 
-T[ rt w A A railroad Rftth phona. 33 " < T onrtlB.P i <jl i glrwL ?*Ti9ne Ivy B9M. 

ni)JI Honr. h ni and f*ld 
with hath; gaa ran^t' cuaaoc^'.fl. Nu «hll- 
a.cfcr*aCus_fliL-hanK«il. Ivy TIIHH-J. 3?> 

co.MRAtT i*AijrTfnro ajsd 

WALL T|?fT|?ffi- 

" , ""' ^^" JV V A."}o'HNSQN. , " ■'"■"•" , 

WrSTJNU na-J w-i-! tlnilns of nil Irlnds. Be 
ph.-nn ffwit 12-SA-J. I 


'"kixg"sh'eetTieYal l co" 

Ti^ wh^ghiiH SirMt. Main SSfi. ! 

^P- J ^^^V>jf yiJ^iS H EP HOliEa 

fOH IL&NT — HOTlirts, Btanas and »partmenta. 

Call, write or pkcritf for Oiir BtkUello. B^lll 
phones t4i>6._ fl^» rgg F. 31aorc T 10 Aaba rn A t*. 

hi>umj *uh ™.il«r, iiiiLh aod ell c.'nveaicncLia; 
!■>! QqaJCiJ. Apply 715 Th« Orond. Ivy 161W-Jh 


" EC LI PS 1 E b1"& ' L FV CO." ' 

ITi-l S- rVysr ?'.wm. Mnli) I4B1. 

FOR KENT — NO. 31 IrwJu bIt^kI. m^a«;-n, S-room 

buue« ; Kood loL and arahl* ; ta r*]ln.hla tenant 

nwc«r Will miLke UlrttUvu prlc* no leaaa ilp- 

<; K V E K AL r»l S KTH L UTLU N 

KiiEHY cONa-rnLVTraN towpant. 

■ 7-*i ^ btilJd >uu u SolW?." 

C A Ii l s wrltB or plion* for our rWll bllUeUa. Vi"» 
'" cfl-ro a lar£* Iji. »r nouses tur reuL aalfii 

O. Cochran, 74-70 FeaclLirflA sere"; 

SI iJX-ROOJl COTTAGE, "85 Crew "alrocU Apyly 

«. ^^ ! 3la Ca'pltu: Ave. fhonfl Main 3Ry5- 37 

" *»I1K_. 1 j-," — - — — " 



APARTKEJJT at two HWD1». hot and COM "timOa. 

dl«* In, prl« Hfc cnipla praternd. B&9 
WhlMfcatl. "™ 


—^ =— j- j- . POULTRY FARM. 

menm 7n«t, sot water. *»» bio™, tuo batn. tnn j JUST THE VERY THJNG for you. Two sprtTigB, 4-room house. Notntni; 
jnijSt, aiacpias mr«. s™ o»w. lis ret™; better to be found for raising poultry. Owner wrrald take other prop- 
Sra5fifeSl^^rSiiSr^=l=n5iK «Jy J; «"*«» « you want a real eood tW»8 for your money, taolt at 

ment. mo**rn *onTeni*SCt*. at a reduced rflntal- thlB Wltb US. 
Phon. Main 18TB-J. 3S , 

MODEHN 9-room aaprtraant la Bcotl BTata, WHPt j S-ROOM RESIOE3NCB. 

EaUer. al Pea e hcrae, Tghg llliiiia ITT 8338 . 88 I SPLlENDID 9-t»OItl rfiBifienCe On lot 50l210, III IjGSt 8BOtfOn Ot West Had, 

^ = ~ - " ' "" """ " Just oft Gordon street. Price, $4,T§0, $1,000 cash, balance $35 per month. 

Will be elad to sbow yon thla. 



WANTED — To Aub- lem* an unfumLolral -l-i 

UpartnurLiC. All mod«rn cuaVunleftcia. ApL. H.. 
312 RawFon Btrfett. Fhonft H, M-TR -J. jjR 

BR Wwl 

TDN ROOMS, thr^fl hatha, cDrnplrtefy furAlahed. 
T>1ano t all rOoma light, ftlry. all alent elOTHinr 
&arv!>re. teltphOPft, ftff* 1 rtrer tt»w, Stay 15 to 
O^rnhpr; rait snlno an uatuvalBlmd, Lrt, 72^ 
hiveraldo DrWe. New York Citj. SS 

IJJ the Herher-. 24d Counland Htx^at, cloae in 'in 
north aide, *ii nwiDB and bath, Jront and buck 
parch e« T eCeaai h«W, hot *iW, Janitor aerrice. 
renC 142. SO; reference required. Apply Herbert 
Ktlaar, 411 Atlanta National Baa* hJdff. Pbanrjj^^ 

Main 27B nr Janltnr on p ramiaaa. yi^ir 

NIC^F .'urnlanad norla aid* apfl.rtm.enl Jor aun.,- 
mor. will Tent two rooms to AeMtmbte partita. 

f all i Ty 2IIfl. . 3« 

T-HEBB-ROOM apartrnant w|th KttehiMiatt*, flnaa 

in. PoBseSaloa May 1. Call BeJl phono ivy 

4SS. BS 


1 HfrVP two apartm«nt3 oE 3 and 4 rotmu), Steam 
beattid. with all modem conTenlanifva. Prlcem 
$30 and %SZ.ii0. Thla apartment houao>4^ ,^ltti- 
fl[«l comar Hurt B*ro«t and Poplar Clrcta.-:" tha 
Tflry Iwat pari 0( Tninan Parle. AM the apartTnanra 
face tbo rront, and aro very dtifilrafcle for Bum- 
mer jnomtifc. 


icis cA^Di^rnL, mjiq. as 

tTee ttis Want Ada when you lo&« 
somethlnE — getting 1 Into q.uSck toucu 
with Lh& finder. 


TO RB>j"T — Snlllvana Island, front heach, -jOi- 

taje -containing six riwmfl. Itltchoi. and ftorvuni'^ 

rwoia -7aiiJf>iet#ly fnTniihafl. Apply C. T*. Jjaasr- 

lon. Chnrjuscnn, S. t;. nfl^ 

$2o — yixrrcwni house, T« Crew fltrtset, In apod 
CF-lr. fSL-i Atlanta KaU Bank blilu- Main iC3: 
i IV. f;. 'Colbert. j 

&]^ Fn 

-h Nat'oniti Batih. Mit'n l4iW 

B4 Dflrs^n. 


i! "p. k ? ,s n r rahV 



31 j ^H 

:- a^ ■ ^_— _^^ ■■__ ; £'J|J. _ _ _ _ 

AS A.Ml PAHASl'Jlj.S (MfsJ ouRvMtJr not Hat glr«i Kill " d'eacrtptlan " ar 
^"\Mid"u"t"p"laT-e!"iuih*6iij0' ^Fiii4 I ***rytbin;.f for rent Call Tor onn of l»t Tia 
5 and rr-.-ftvpriPK a ape^Laltr. 31 ' milU " to y uu, , Poirwt i Oeora;» Adaie\ 


BUST equipTn*Ot In 


— , &BT our Weekly Blent Bulletin. We mQre t*n- 
anta ranting J 12, 50 And tip irR]£E. 3&e' notice. 
John J. Woodald*, the Renting Aficat. 12 An- 
™ ' burn 

iBt prlnto 

■ cIoIIj. _- 

nla. (la. E'hsnu ' Ct'R KENT 113t rt€Hcrlt« 

31 j Call, write <w pfanno 

TV. !_.. LONSFOHO 4 CO. 
SATISFACTION suarinteod. M. Sill; 

J i: 

everything' Tor real. 

r ana Ivy HE BO. 

Itv Comptnj. 2^ Walinn. 

THREE HANDSDaE new otoTea and lotla at' 

.Sos. L&4, 136 and 13S WWtehall «troet: *lao 

Nn. B3 Honth Broad utrert. Oeorga W. Elclplo. 

Phoned 303- Wn. IB Bdar-wood aranue. 3& 

TWO flHHlxably- located etored, »ne on Chetry 

slre^T- fl!)d ana dh J'oplajr atrooL. CJty Bualty 

Co.. aiaooii. On. 


T iA-RGB earafja for rant. g3 par month. M. l&oa-l j- 


FIVE and flavan-paaaansw car*. Qarafj*. 113 E«[ 

Pllla e tret! L. Call Bull phono Ivy 24_flL day: 
MniTl 435-'. n?ght. ^ M 


IF SO, IxBT US SHOW YOU one on West Peachfcree 
street, between Eleventh and. Twelfth streets; 9 
rooms, 2 stories, furnace heat, hardwood floors, tile 
bath, garage, servant's house, etc. Owner is leaving. 
This is a bargain, the price is low and the terms easy. 

IF YOU LIKE, Piedmont Avenue, we can suit you. 
Nine rooms, 2-story, steam heat, 2 baths, large lot, 
garage, two servant's rooms, concrete drive, etc. Price 
low and terms easy. 


W. L. & JOHN 0. DuPREE 





The moat desirable COAL. TARD 
in Atlanta.; very close in; on W. 
Sc A. R- B~ tracks, iwlth one at the 
lonfi-pHt and beat treaties in city 
for unloading. Office and ae_Les 
will ^-o In leaae. 3e*j ua for renta-1 
price. Gretna Realty Company, 
Sit Empire Side- Flionen 15S9. 33 

FOR REST — CNFinSlSHED HOUSES twtl Iti: PVT^l.1 >ll''l r R3flSHKl» BoUSIl* 


WITHIN THE CITY we have large frontage on leading 
thoroughfare, less than 10 minutes of center of city 

by trolley. Street graded, water and sewer already down. 
This is a good opportunity for profit, but owner prefers to 

sell or exchange for investment property. Must be han- 

"Zt^T^'^^H^Tt^^f. died at onee to get the price we have authorized. 




TJirnn to Dftn Mo*s St Co. 

FOR RENT — Very desirable of- 
fices, single or en suite, outside 
exposure, steam heat, electric 
lights, elevator service. Entire 
building; recently remodeled. 
Constitution building, corner Al- 
abama and Forsyth. See Mr- 
Knight at Constitution. 33 | 


273 and 275 BELLWOOD avenue, near Ashby street, two 
new cottages, 5 rooms each; River and English avenue 
cars pass doors. $12.60 each. 

I_ I E B M A N 





WE HAVE ample connections whereby we can make loans or* 
desirable real estate in the city. Anyone wishing to have 
a loan made quickly will please see us. We can place the applica- 
tion without any unnecessary delay. 

r'udjier t-uildtne- 
FOR FltCNT" Sr.7ra>ri' 
;>l\ iu nitt Wfrl M.i 

h'm.i/' ,if ..-ratf wit 

at* nt ml r» phone. 

i-hamtlM*. -AP- 
<• Main (SSI, M 


Ma-in I3ri1r>. 

Pl'flNlriKEIJ r:wniH hi private tHMne"" aJl con- 

vriniTL-ifi. 1& KijBt tUrrla. Ivy H340-J. 34 

Kji'K.'^V rxii'iil^hod room ;or ns-nr. 1'2-i Ew.$i Fitlr. 

__A! liinla_;f^Tt:. 34 

UNti 111 idy fui-nishi'Li 'runt nniii. ?frnlr;mcn only; 

XT'-kl.V furr ^.hc.\ fr,-,m nmiii wltLi board. JI9 


74-6 peXchtree street. 







i>*:t:.4Tl r \CHEAn-r: — On ^undl^r air«<i in :ho «iy 
Ira.-t of lan.l for ^S r 730; ?1.0*H! *-is,Ji, tal inoe 
ri-finrn»!.t> ami Mil f-vL ™> UailJ^r street. Buy tills 
iris-kH' jjur AC -villi paj-ir.-rnt. 

■ C Decatur - , w« oFTet 
. % anil 3 yearn, 
ud you will double 

a luagnltintnl:, Jl-acrr 
This ha*i two fltro*t 
'Ojr l;10tU;y bc^jra yuu 

■ N(tIlT>l s*"!!)!-; .M'AHTMR.NT- 



li^hcd roi 

, Jn jrlvaio faini]^. 
1U Kb,- I "J^Sn slrn-r-t. 

L'lo^ip ill on on* or t^i* hunt north alrlc fllrp^-tp, wp have n brlcli 

rer.llnff for $\L,T-'J<) ii^i" ii-s.r. We will st>]\ ;hl« apa-. ■tnivtit tor $18.-* 

. rjifi.w Thl^ i^= .1 $i?i.-0(1O [fj.-re or r ^opH' r !y j,n ! H t Mm above 

JT yriu »r« [lokinK Tnr pond thlA It l^ip pLauf for yOu . 

(►X sOrTJi f>STOH i?T,^.Vortli <j/ (jtvjreJj. sTii 
will S--H-1 E fur a rjul.-k arrle |flr ffi.fllK': Ifil.OClO i 

jj<" we- fiiTfl an lm,proM!il 

ush. b^iao^o ?;;H.Oti pi-r mouth. 

lot thac we 

Main '1ZW, -l'<0 

i d i^. jur. for ¥2, 

f 11 hriMP- -in fcUfi 

5-l> per ii,. 

iLSt. for Hie t>iilJi] 

s rvinilr-n 6-rooTri cri^tnK^. cxtrft 
;<i umi jiaying- renl T-hop 


THi'im. 35d+- T lediit-d 

■.■l::^ i-niL»t-vv:=. nleirLrlizlLj ; er- 

jTHLli>iii .nrtale n.-i-o**. ylr^T. Ivy 121i4-J. 34 

JsfcELr - PURN1SHKU roomi for rent; reas&aa&LT 

3411 Hetirh^ee S:. T|4 

■" ~~~ ROOMS." 

" 1 T7°f :i i r i™™T! I BARGAIN — Choice, large building lot, east front, elevated 
and «hady, in Poneo de Leon, Highland, Moreland ave. 
and Uruid Hill section. Special until Fiiday at $2,100. 




WE Tinv« Jiiit Sad pla«d lb our Iwmda frn- asle dtio of the tot ham*B tji mman Park. Th1i 
is an S-rOOtn iiaiisu, evBrytliliis complete. BV Nt tor a hutnu by tn» awiier who Is now Icbv- 
tpR the city anfl litaiructcfl lis to *ell th1» b&aultful place. They don't build any mJCh liomB 
Lhcae days ats this. Thin huusa ts two y6Are old otj a corner Int BOalflO nr 17ft feet — iwifii 
tnou^Ti fnr anot3icr house faclnp other Hlraet. To «ee tild la to It. "Wfl cjui jlva t*rnw 
on this place. 

WE hawo Igr anle h twaaLI!uI B-foom> on WnsblnetotL Btrwjt. In the nvlghbOttinndj of 
neorgli. Bv-enue, nullt Tit- nwner Tor iorn-B And wirn fur^aAe i*at. One pr U14 pTfltUmit 

rc-ttaec* on tho 9Lr«eL. ttio Int le flOiSW) tool. In RUlendld condition. Tha owner turn been of- 
fered $fi0 per month rmt rcr fhta place, bat btt nuU to h«11 It. Tau can buy til* nn tmrjom. 

W & ^^n hb]1 you ihJB IrfJUtlr ul ^n ttaj ft for _ J 6, nOO, 

WE have a ^ arant lot en V/aEhiagLon street right at lta#e street. Th« let Is 4) or 4.3XZW 
test with shade, 'fro'h nrlglnal and p^aniape trs*a. We can Sell tlslB tut tor about 
*60 prr Trent loot. It la Ihe ctienpeet llilllR 911 the atrtart. E^ryllilns In ttw nelshboThond 
Ifi e&kltiff tW> «nri jyo per frnnt fiiut. The owner rriiiflt liarf) aomo TlTOTlW Rn'l h& ti&Q instniflt" 
ad hk to ocll cheap ao ha can realise on IC We can glvo terrafl on pail of It. 





SOUTH PRYOR, between Mltcbett and Trinity, 105x185 to an alley; will 
subdivide to bull Price, 5750 per foot. 

for HMHT^pirt'tnairaMnEp ■■nmmi njgAi. estate— for SAT.BA ]vi>XEaT ^ 



BdlFbctDW 1031-1033. 11 EDGEWOOD AVm AUanta Phoria Ifflfe:- 

_... TF YOU SEE IT IN ODR AD. IT'S SO." ' " , .- ' : ?,j*V 







BO. O0 



*t B.. «B B. Bvln «, .,---, dOO.00 

IS-r. b.. IT E. Karui tn. 1O0.00 

I2-r. h.. in s. l«lw A 

i»^. lu. «n> Hmnm &n 

13-r. t. SSJJ a^rini u 

12-r. b., 170 ImcU* at«w«: fnn>Ub*4... 
11-1. b.. tDS Ofrton tL. 

h,. 44 94K E]ad mm........ 

fa.. $4 KwHOUd kieoa* 

b., ClLfntioig »»onn«. 94MUT. . . 

h. r ST hwmli ctrvlfl: furnlflhea... 

flat, lMtt P«ton, «tw«t 33.« 

10-r. fiat, I1S-SO Wnitelull It »».OCl 

0^. fa., 106 Biviu st. 

U-r- A.. 44 WUUum stmt 42.80 

0-r. fa.. B^nlvtwd Dvkalfa Asd. Hardin. 

OoUegB Par* , 3B.00 

9^. h., 103 w. HUTU 80.90 

0-r. fa.. 11 Hcttttd at. KtrkwoDd. Qa.... S5.0O 

Wfl b*Y* a Ions ll«t of am*ll«r bua«a and a 
■WJd Hat of tnulnAsa taaoaac. Vfs Ban ai]tonil>- 
biles and aorrln and bU2Al« for tbo tntnww cr 
abowlnK oqT proDeHy aad alwaya taka plcaaurw 
la dalag ao. Com« to aoe u*. 



ON PRTOR STOEETT. Ih Uw wctlms wJt*r* ,»«t' i 

ttcfl oro Jupaplnx. >M not *a* tram. HattC&ftlV;^ 

Btrwit. a UK at *K» ft foot. "Wai tjmialde^ ttl^r: 

■ aplondld InTfgtinem. S-w 3af. Oltlng^. ..-..- 7 

A mom naw buojjalow, tntar tuia Dmiq .^aci- i.^ 

■Htftni. Camplito la *wry ^it»y. Etsjr tHtttULr -] 
Prtcfc ^5.000. 5w> Mr-. Cohon. * <•.'"■ '■ 

SOME NICE, hat*, levri 6nll4lps itttf. 

TWO OW Virginia .Tmiic, frUMP oHfl <Sl<jQ^r 

(voir deep), - -|SiB».i; L ^ 

ON LE.E S5TtLEET T n*ar Gordon. » S-atOTTr, %■%■', 

room "bTlfjit rfys1denc# that la a fcood 'bBT-'-.H't - ,J 

S7. BOO. ton name thn ttrmfl, S«« Mr. .WbWfc £ 

~W13 HAVE on 'n'h.Jtnnall .tract a place ot DTQ>P* .' 
«rty inonj UHn 200 teftt floorp to uHroia, «t- 
a tliat 1b aheolutely rlfiht- WtH WlW ta" J 
0* trade abuui ja.OOfl- 1n p?K>d i-buHob prttwrtT*,^: 
No InForrnatlcn o ver pfaonO . 8<> o Mr. Brada*!* ■■V 
aEVBTFtAt. doAlrabaO TacaTlt lnti, wIBi all .pity 

linproTflmont*, rtuiglmr Id ptLoh EraTD $l»O00 . 
to $2,000. Qrant Park, Weat End aod. ItUIMIl 
PftTb toctiona. Sea Mr. tVtiitfl. "■ 

EEJCTY-nVHT ACRES umkr L»TtffWH>cifl. *Jwut flKf«*. ': 
hlOokfl [rom tfte oar line, 100 foct Ctf tB*cad»m> ' 
Jred road ft-ulttagto. ¥+0"> P*»r ■««■ Oiio-BQrirtli 
casjj,, beLaaicH to aULiti Thl* la a, mm 
Sen Mr. Whilt. 


CEO. P. MOORE .'-m 


Hills and just opposite Mr. Geo. Adair's fine home,/ 
we offer an ideal home site for $77.50 per front foot. 
Property in this hloek has been selling from $100.00 
to $125.00 per front foot. This is a bargain, and is £he 
cheapest thing out there. Around $2,000.00 cash pay- 
ment will handle the lot. 

Pace's Ferry road for sale, and cheaper than the; 
adjoining property sold for over a year ago. This is 
a beautiful home site, or is suitable to cut up into 
small tracts. This is the only tract out there that has ' 
not been traded on. Present owners have been in pos-" 
session for 50 years. There are 28 acres, all together^ 
and it is on the cool side of the street, between the 
Maddox home and Howell Mill road. 



close In on the north side, 200x225; double Btreet front; good paved 
street, and very accessible. Price, J3,500. 

J. R. 

J. H. 




ATL. 2865. 





WEST PEACHTREE corner lot, within one Wock of North avenue. 
Excellent apartment site, fronting 190 feet on W. Peachtree.' 
Bargain at $185 per front foot. Terms can be arranged. 

NORTHEAST CORNER Alexander and Williams, 55x100. just two 
blocks from West Peachtree, where values are $81)0 per foot. This 
corner will make some one a fine profit. It la ready for stores NOW. Price, 
$125 per front foot. $1,1)00 cash will handle. 

HOUSTON STREET, running through to Elite, at price less than anything 
In the block; B 0-foot front. 

IVY 37S0. 

II. W. TJEWS, Sales Manager. 

MS K. !■»!,. S4 ) 

IVITIL ! t.|- «■ I h 

pi>, n*««k. privity 

ov>: rni'Bij' r.jmitih'' 

11W-! for and nr tw 

li y ^JS. 

Twij n Lc*ir f-jTn1sh«rI room, with Mard. IB! 

South PrJOJ. n\c**? In. 34 


irj, ll!5. 137 SPRING STREET— ru ml shod 
rjoniB and CuIrx.lSin.-iJ 3-". yorn ip^rtmrnt.1, cliv-ri 
Iti. nirlh ciiie-. t.:-fls.m LickL. eioctrlc llRhi., l>ath 
on e\ i>ry COsr Call oti proitiiies, Of pLon e I ■■ y 
W.VUJ. _ 34 , 

THREE b*autiluMv fcrrrn-h^d. ConTie^tiTls? r«Or.ia. 
pr-va.:n 1mm*, 3atep kil:*h^ii: all cnn^-?r.l^nir-^. ' 

lAy JHL-a-.I. ^4 

s-Ri viN : r>->L.OOR room. 

FA^IVO »-a* alda oa|jl:ol. nl^f fUrlllStipd rrtnU 
inij tward: nil coni-fialt»nc*B. -H Capital nir^nuB. 

Ri^M^^i'ih uk« al Lelpchoae. tiot biLiia. rerar ir:. 
Mrs. U. H. XThk*. 11 Coup. , S4 






HKRW AP.K 9o-n? &iJ<*o[>i.l aff^rLnsH thaL are certain moncy-makftra: 
iil'i'.UWOOI) AVENTF, i-lo.ui! In, 60 fppt [ronlage. at $3oU per front foot 
W'KST MITCHELL ST.. 55 fpst frontaKP, nrar Ilayiwa street, at $135 per foot. 
JIABUITTA STREET, close in. corner kit. 5SilE5. Pries Tor a few days of 5325 
pc-r front foot. This is an extra sood bargain. Th1a Is worth ?5Q0 per foot. 


W. D. HOYT, Sales Manager. 

PHONT5 MAIN 2627. 



FOR RENT- -In Tn<ni*rn lioutfl. with owr 

c=>-jple without o^|ldrf>n. iwtj ennD^tlns 
fio^iil-Elplv Curnlsh^d far llghL boUsektiipLc 
ir*iicea rJqtil r-BJ. tra i l 100 W- H ^frb 3u 
liTROE. iiTcbIj (uralshcd room with p r J .-*Ble 

bath. 61 Forreei arUnu*. ^£4 

NEWTjT and nnally furnlsbtd rooda wltlj or ■ 

wlthoux bn_rd; S.11 nrndpm cr>nvBQl*n^t«. 141-A j 
W_Rh i ctRLOn *^^ftl- Phonp Main 51JIS-J. 34 i 

NliTE. large Toom, with balb. Id rviuad. pe-rrn,{i» 1 

nunc coupt* or gentlemen, clos« in, FeaclttrtBg | 

hom.!. Cal l m prnlnaa. Ivy HXf>g. 34 

X7CELA' rnmithed ro<irn In private hamD, with 

Or wlLhoui boari, la walking distance from ! 

city. 147 rtort l. J^^_^__L v y___=-j-: 3* 

tfUaxlSftED room Tor rant M«? ldt. Apply *a 

A pan in *s nt 1, Oglochorpe. UK> f\T atreat. 

mil* TeEA'ri:- 
Frtce. Sift) wr*. 

'ji, (icres. two 6- room housee. near Cliamblte. 

5HK' 3 rw_ _ 

53 — arTVs. n-roam h^inR, fl nil'.tn OjL. bdvuiiS 

Drulrt IlLU*. 0U vVllllarna Mill road, 54.Ii0lJ. 

ISO acres, #pII improved 
lilllti anii ChamM*ft. Pr 

140 act 
an J 

n T totwaen Dmld 
Pr ice. |5Q acre. 

!s. 6-r&oin Jigufle, 14 mlleg B t ALlania, 
finscn's Fprrj- roafl. D«?a.r glider Luke. 
STiJ a n ac r e. 

u-Toom ho use, near Ch&mhle^. $,TS acr*. 

3-."0Oiri house, npnr Cliflmtlee. 5M Hera. 


ADJ01NJNG the Thrower huildine, also adjoining the lot that's heing 
cleared by Mr. Alters for a 5-story building, to be occupied by Dough- 
erty-Little-Redwine Co.. we offer a lot 45x14(1, to alley, for 3662 a foot; 
only 94 feet from Mitchell street. Now, this price haa aimply gone Tray 
below the bottom; we feel that there is nothing else to be said, only we 
can't do this every day in the jear. 



MADISON AVENUE — Lot ioSxioo feet, for $24,000. Located in- 
a growing business section. Property has sold at $5,000 per 
foot within three blocks of this, and we are offering this at $225 
per foot. It looks unreasonable, but we can deliver the property 
and make terms at this price. ' 



LOT ON ABBOTT STREET; lies well, 50x150 feet If yon want a"1i<J«Be 
on this we will build tt for you. This is a good chance to get a home 
easy, reaaonahle and close In. Good neighborhood. 

Fulton County Home Builders 

W^'IaL FINANCE your building- Idea. We'll help you Bceure or pay for th* 
lot you select; -we'll draw your plans; we'll buLld tlie house. We'll then 
meet your reasonable re-qulr-ernente' for repayment We are building for acorcn 
of others- — why not for you? 

"W : AHli BUILDING all classes of houaea, small and large bungalows and 
palatial r&sldences. Our different Inspectors, with their r&flpMtlve fore- 
man and mechanics are each qualified tor their special class of building- Let 
u-. Bhaw yOTl. 

Fulton County Home Builders 

E. C. CALLAWAY. President. J. W. WILLS, Secretary 

BENJ. PADGETT, JR., Superintendent of Construction. 


CORNER MILLS STREET— Lot 50x80, house renting- for $25, 
Price, 3150 p er foot. $1,000 cash, balance 1. 2 and 3 years. 


NICEL.Y furnished ra 
41 1 3d siaG'l* rooms. 

uia tor light injUfrfkeeplnp. j 
H3 Bprlns-__lvy JiVU'2-L,. 
JJTCE. Jlffht rooma: private ramilj-: hot bathd. - 

clo&a in. 151" Spring. Ivy PW Q-J. 34 

FtLEt*,-tSTOSD Or tDl urn failed moms tar IlBtt , 
Ti rub flk eeptng; an children wanted. 2S5 C«n- * 
tral avenue. 34 

. 37 E..FAIR ST. 

KICTElaT f nraiflluMi .rQQJPS with or_without board, 

NICELY Jurniaiied ■■"fiiaela'" room la b*aurlfQl 

□wCtl 6ld* apartatent. Flmn« It/ S47-J- -ti 



BKYOND IN'MAS TARK — Resldonce; owners home; collateral and borrower 
good — 3 or 5 years. 




MICBLT tnraiabed Tt,i>ni. 
reasonable. lij S91j-J. 


cLdiffi Jn 


G. R. MOORE & CO. 


FURNISHED room fur a. j-quTig dan. ctose a. \ 
deairalila IncaUon. Atlania 3;i54. $i \ 

3FQHL 'EtEJirT — rTbtre* ccmaecUDg rooms, comploialr 
famlaliod lor hatUKkeflplng?* all ennvmaimiefcS. 

retcrancag r*qalrB<1. 3M _5pjjps_3j^t ; _Iirj_C£lP-J. 

OWE doTihtts reom for two yotmg rhcn or Iidle*; 
•Slectric TlahtD, h*at wtiar. overrUilBF ecmnai- 

tt i- aWJauUfl rowila. Ivy 1295. 358 FeichUB*. 

FOR RENT — Two S-room apartments. Xortla Avenue, 550 each. Two 
8-raom. apartments, Washington Street. $40 each. No. 20 Morgan Street, 
S22.50 per month. Twelve beautiful homes furnisiied complete from $35 
to $1 00 per montn. - - 

i We have what you want, so call us if you do not see it. 


FIFTY FEET fronting Whitehall, running back to railroad, ad- 
joining property — $350. Our price for few days $250 per foot. 
$2,500 will handle it. 





TVT S308. 


A MOST COMFORTABLE 2-story, 8-room dwelling. Just vacated by Mir. 
. c. B. Bldwell, and across the street from the beautifo! Hoi-Inn home. 
Large corner lot, stable, chicken house, flowers, one block from car and 
school. Cost owner over $6,500, but can sell for $5,500. Terms, 31,875 cash 
and assume mortgage oE 33,625, or would arrange smaller cash payment if 

FOR SALE — Beautiful bungalow in Ansley Park, close to car line, at f 6,500. 
Terms to surL It's a gem. 

We hare plenty of apartment sites for sale. Call ua. 


j JUST BELOW TVT ST., where values are going up fa#ter than any otber 
spot In Atlanta; 4&\&xl50, at the price of 41S0 foot. Cash payment and 




AN APARTMENT HOUSE, centrally located, on north side, whiofc can bo 
bought at a reasonable price, or can be exchanged for north aide 
acreage at the same price. 

ON EDGEWOOD AVENUE, near North Boulevard, 60 feet, which can be 
bought much below the property value of this section. 
J. O. PALMER, Salesman. 


$6,000 — PROMINENT STREET; new, and never occupied, O-room 
bungalow; hardwood floors and furnace-heated. Something 
real nice. Easy terms^ • 

$3,750 — RIGHT OFF of North Boulevard. A splendid bargain, ia 
a 6-room cottage. Easy terms can be made to right party. : 


JOHN S. SCOTT, Salesman. ::- 



FRONTS HOWARD ST., 47^ feet with 10-foot private alley on the aide. 
Splendidly built. 9-room, sjate roof hones. Good rental. Can give price 
and terms making this the biggest bargain on the north side. H. C- Biaku, 

Main 314S. Atlanta National Bank building. 




PHONE rVT 4331. 





ON THIS thoronghfare we harve 50 feet, with a good depth, for ?llnS5S) r 
that is a sure money-maker, and if you will call on ua we can convince"" 
you. that it is the cheapest frontage on the street Can make good term3j'.-V r 



ON FEAjCHTREE, SQUtfc of Currier street, vacant lot, *S0O per front taatlm. 

tban adJoinlBff property. Se.e us tor reason and terms. No question*;. 
&H6wcrea "by phono. Qflt dar price, then S-ou will buy. 
ON "WB-ST ?EACHTR££l; very clone In, wh*rc Increased values are already^' 

a#0ar«d. -w« nave HOzlfiO fodt, well Improved, $100 front foot cheaper than 
other property In name bloclc Thtv Jt) tlw best buy In Atlanta. Aet qalcfc. ,.;;• 



803 kmkrh;' LIFffl BUtLDJNa 

! 3® 


TBJIEfi bfick stores in heart Ql' northeast eeetlan; 

month, New, iip-to-dat**. $li;&00. 




;:TiIE , •:UUiVfSXJ. , l>LI:'riiMtf - ■' ; . M'H K'TW2^$iia& -^aEHL«tJ^M*S!k^>r ? f^^'i 

I senate tomorrow, of Qeorffe W. Gnth- ( COUNCIL, OF GRIFFIN 

I £*"£. ^SfUSr i"?S«SI*i w row:with mayor 

1 npd is the dfcOlberatle elate chairman J Grlttin* Oa., April 3&<—( Special)— 

o£ Pennsylvania. ; Again the city council of Grit fln la In 

Senator Bryan, of Florida, aiao was • th« midst Of one OC the hottest rawft 

summoned by Che president to talk experienced in many .a moon, «-n dagaln 

■ aboat appoirrtmenta, hut the names t ae councllmen hax'e put on their war- 

.„ — ,™, ^ ir _ i considered ware not divtflB&fi- A laJ*£e paint and declared their independence 

n -j „ urn t> j t ^ r^, rj , : iisi oC Tjostma*ters is to he sent to t n defying the wishes of Mayor J. j£L 

JtT*eSldent W )H bpend lwoJJay$ ^ flfinfl ; te toTr , or i:ow. 'Smith. For two botir* at the last 

! -The president talked with SecreteryJ meeting they induleed In a free-for-slt 
; McAd.90 about the ootlectorahlp **£ thu word scrap, out of which the maror 
port of New York, hut no intimation came ilmping 1 - 

r^ame as tg whether Frahfc K. Polk. Mr. I Some weeks aeo the council vested 
' MoAdoo's candidate, bad be*n wlLh- ] (0 fhc Hyht, waler and sewerage eom- 

1 mission the sum of J4.D0O Cor Improve- 


£11 New Jersey — Many Nomi- 
nations F.xpected Today. 

WashlTlffton, April 30 — FresitleTVt Wii-j 
sun today put Jn one of the httrdwt ; ■■£»"■ p IM ld™t JuJ B Jinirer ments In those departments o£ the 

^ S hi T " -I Jl£d "th"is««™ »'■ ««> Mrs - FraQlt P " Gla » 3 ' clt >' a Properties. Treasurer E. C. 
the wtiltc &ou,e. rle taltert w.tli a Blrmlnrtam. Ala. Mr. GlaJas wan Hmlth. of the commission, learned from 

ereawr number of call*™ than '^er j ^ ^^ j^ prirl< . etuI1 d . urlne &e prea . Clty Tl . eaBurer Brlds . ra that he had 'n 
In order 'to Udem's L-ollego days. ihana 512.000 of the city's coin. Treaa- 

J urer Smith then asked ftsr the remain. 

'• d^r of the $t,00O voted by the commis- 
sion, and Treasurer Bridges handed U 



Many Towns Are Being Inun- 
dated and There Is Much 

; poawaft Kb4- mcccedea In' setting free, 
l^'on i*t» r 'iijjm2tTxffit wiBUScesetnTlir *»* 
j get It -fpbm L A republican^ 'T^itya^.fVtfi 
r means conrortttees- < 

: Wnen Representative A:> J\ Krelder, 

a n.eitf republican member ;£rom Ponn- 

sylvanltt,'. ottered ml amehdntsnt to- 

ntsht to- nut hoots and eyas used In 
■ ahoe manufacture on tho free list be 

ar-unea crttloimo «rom Rspre^ntoalye «» »£„"=»*££, ^ ^'j&SS-fTeSSi 



D^TYinr-ral-ir- T rnApr Predicts A - MltofteU Palmer, who" oficlarod Mr, mrren f weA . 

House Will Finish With the ^.g-SSi. " SZJISS?" ShM ** 



before anil dispa: 
for "he week as posdlblc 
prevent hie departure for N*w J-;r- I 
sev fomorrrtw on a- two-day ap*-ak!ns. 
Drtp from l.itertf rtnr with national : 
Ijusintse. Uefore he lcav«a in mar row . 

h« will have a thrR^hour c^ n rnrrr.r^ j ThfS aJindal cotnmr-nceTnent exercise^ 
s-rfth ^vcaterii ae:Latora nbout th^ tanrri^ Ml# , c^oj-^j^ CoUese of Eclectic >fed^ 
For thf* most pstr-t t.h*? day was sp^nt ! j: .; llfv rtIld gur^fry will he h^M thia 
in talking wiih members of con- | ^. v '^, llnw ' yt s o"' clock in the Atlant Hthe- 
gre^w a'uaiit p: L ntfTK-ottv« Jipp^ln t men ts | ^^i- " Furty-fo^r ^rafluatfts from 
through Iht preBidint also was busy j f (>11] .' iPHn diffi-rpnt ata.te& will receive 
on the. Japaaose sl:y«*-ioi^ i lh( , lr .^e^osklns from tlie hands o^. 

! ft>ui-tpf n diff(-r*>nt ata.te& 
t h-ei r Khf^pskins from t 

1 rJi-. Horai-n M. IJiiBose. of th^ Flnst 
! Met hod 1st church, will pronnunCH the 

over and loolc receipt, 
i Then came in the kick frum council, 
and the demand was made that the 
money b** returned to ihe city treasury. 
Thereby h«ng3 aUkand Griffin citi- 
zens are wondering if trie fire engine 
scrap of an earlier date this yeaf has 
anything to do with this rumpus. 
; When thf counoilmrn raine to bat with 
i their vuteu they knocked the mayor 
out oE the box, get a home rttn and 
made the score 1 to in favor trf the 

ftenatnr Poind extT. of WasninKtdn, 
ha«I the mosL cxtf-iidct! ronference, 
Many runnns of pj-u^pr-cti vt- itppointfrea 
wrtt •♦ubrnlttr-t) t-v ihc .^c nit tor "r*y the 
president. th-= de-in-ijrrH i i-- organization 
of Wit5hlnst'«in havlns l^t It he known 
tnat itlthn-Jprh th'- s^n;it'.>r w:,« a pro- 
grrepKi vt- rej-iuMi'-an, h 1^ j;!^^^*?!!! an 
matters Of .ipi-ioimrrvnt* ^MHild be ac- 

Senators l«tf rrll--»i :<* KtiA ^tti-ptiensoT:. 
of Wisc"nsJ:i. vl.,-t'' juji^-d if thoy hu.d 

on> ojjr-ftnm i« .t ^'i'";" w i »T ^ Dlnk"Vra*I-r a in>toriu« character here, so that when the flre engine is dellv 

" ' nTttimes arrested and tried upon ered thsy can pay for it. 

:;h!ire-<"S °^ vlnlatlng thf Htate ETOhi- | _ 

j htttnn liiws. wrs prsced !n ja3l this aft- : 

, em.on. *™*%£™£™^Z[£ ™ \ FIRE DAMAGES PLANT 


|nvoca.tIf>n. and deliver tlie ffreuluatltie 1 ; eouticllmf n or the return of the mo^ey. 
addi-e»B to the c|a«» of T l I. &0 it ta _ e n | ty treasury has in it 

The ajmual addren^ will b^- made hy ?l2 (Jfl0i and taxpayers aTe wondering 
Hon, Je?se M. Wood and the reports whal ^ s ttf btr d on e with it. They re- 
of fhe d^.-irt will oe rea't by !>.-. Kliaie ( fif e truck _ AnJ: nCDW - t . he (m eB ti(, n i s 
B. Thomas. j mayor In regard to the piirohase of a 

, ^~ I r^~^i j [ tire truck. And now the quest'* is 

Dmk Frazier Jailed. whether or not the councllmen are ±ry- 

Amerlcus, fla., April 30. — (Special.)— ,io« to hold tliat mo/jfiy In the treasury 


Josep-ii K. I *i 
Btrr^tary jf 
rommiU '"!'■. a.s cimiin^.sn 
raLiona. .V>j Ol'jrc f in:is 

Thn prt-sldeni td;k ; ,'- i-h 
nf Courtrsv of S-,-i:-lI ijr; 
l*i'f:rrisp. i»f f^ - . nnsvl'. H. !< 
tlie nora-T'i i l'*i'. '-*. p^'T-i 

jfivitif natli'n;i.I ! 
tun^r uf fOrpo- | 

A-.-r-- rfrxird^d. 
:n- usual in(|niry 

Oliver and 
ro to tni-- 


proxlniiUely ?&,000. wlthdi-ew and. Frx- j 

^ir-r's tnr-ar^e ration resulted. 




WE WILL SELL to the highest bidder before the _ Courthouse 

door, on Mav CI, the property and equity of Moise DeLeon, ' 
bankrupt, located' at 241-243 Whitehall street, being 53 1-3 feet on 
Whitehall street, with an average depth of 225 feet through to 
i-'or.-yth street and fronting thereon 107 j4 feet, being known as 
Xos. 210-214 Suiitii street. j 

At the .■iainc lime anil place, we will sell an undivided one- 
third interest 111 an equity in house and lot on the northwest corner 
of Forsyth ;ind Lastleberry streets, known as 305 South Forsyth 
street and fronting 70.6 feet on Forsyth street, with ;m average 
depth of 85 feet. 

Roth of these pieees of property are in the section 
of the Whitehall itrect repfrariing and improvements. 

Plats and full particulars regarding terms, titles, etc., to be 
had in our otiice. 




1-Tlre from an unknown cause caused 
BRvcrutl hundred dollars d'ama&e in 
t-hr- pl;int of the Soott Manufacturing - 
i-omlfiftny, 22 Forsyth .stresit, at ID 
oVlor-k last night. 

Somf pa-E5erby noticed the smoke 
and called chemical company No. 1. 
The flrewup under control after a 
]?ttlft while, with no larerc damage 
d"ue. ^xt:--pt 'oy yiitDke. whli.-h went 
into \inr- Keystone fnunry i>uildlrtSi 2-* 
E'NjrKyth. ' 

After ihv fire a number Of curFOTafl 
^atherrvl ground Iho National Pencil 
foniliany'g plant, a few doo-ra a"Way. 
wherfilUtlc"- Mary PiiuSUn ivas mur- 
dore^l- pS lar^e. did the crowd be- 
cottii- \}h^t U necessary for the 
vol t-L-Ptcr drive It av.-a.j-. 

Vlflalla. I-a., April SD + — Blood water 
rrom the crevasse near Gibson's Land- 
ing has covered Harriabur^, a t4wn of 
500 .nhabUants. hut the rise la stow. | 
The gap Is no - * 2,500 feet wide, accord- 
ing; to a report by Captain C. O. Sher- j 
rill. United States engineer, who in- j 
?pected th? brealt today* 1 t>y Saturday night, 1 

Government tu^s, bwrgfts and the Lender Underwood tonight, 
>>i/ Orleans ,and "SorthWestetn rail- ail-day de-bate on the Iron and steel 
road took hundreds of refugees to sCne ^ u le. 

N'atche^: today. The United States tugs. Tbe metal schedule *s only the third 
HflrenKO- and Tunica alone transported p tne fourteen aehedules Which are 
750 persons and 1,500 head of stock. followed by the free Het with technl- 

The watei- is encroaehins upon the c alltlea of the administrative proTia- 
rleh plantations on the river front, ,o na an ^ the Income tax plan 
hut la not In sight from Vidalia or the many of the members of the house 
Natcjiez bluffs. Them La an open ■ ar& prepared to see the debate atretch 
stretch back of Vldalta upgrade, eo j nto nBatl week. 

that the water can he aeen approaching U.epresentatLTR (Sardner, of Masaa- 
the town. 1 chuaettB. one Ot the republican mem- 

The Associated Charities Is attempt- L herg D f t he ways and means commlt- 
lng to care f/-r the f]pod sufferers, but tQCr «gTired on tha of the 
its funds ate limited- Many homes revision measure about next TueHday 
have heen opened to the sufferers, and ' n ight. "But Mr. Underwood,, smiling 
the hotels have reduced their rates, and confident, saw nothing to disturb 
one offering: half rates. ■ the plan for shifting the 

Th* toTTii of Ferrlday, which la an the tariff battle to the a«nate with 
Important railroad junction, with a the opening- of nest week. 
population at 1,000, Is covered with] Bowled Over Amendment*. 

two to five feet of water, hut there la] The democratic leader does not bo- 
no current In the water there and the lieve a t^peclal rule will be necessary 
residents .are riding about the streets f pu t the bill through. The plan Is 
In skiffs, worrying 1 very little about to have the measure adopted within 
the water The bank at Ferrlday has an hour after the reading for atnend- 
■yeen temporarily moved to a second merits has beer, eonciuded. 
floor and merchandise In the stores ^ ^jj ^ ay an d aKfl [n tonight demo- 
has been placed on. s^afloIdliiB about crats bowled over amendments pro- 
four feet above the floot-e. posed by republicans and progressives, 

"Ruck water from the orevssse has The ways and means eommJttee. how- 
spread thirteen mllea north and Is Ln aver, had ready a.ncl carried a numbei 

Good ftctim, «VO to LOW, 
U*4±um to jood sLmrs. 

13 to 

» to **, 

. wnniin \a tooq BLtnrrs. VOO- tO 850 1 . 

Tariff Bill by Saturday , ™ ^k^ u pat m ° ney M ° * i^^^ 

Night—Hot Exchanges. ,, Mlnorlty ^ft"^'-^ !S3!.S ^TT«<™:'^%£, '££ 

^__-^_^— If members Were to be thus criticised tD ^-^ 

1 thtii"fc we'll ' -donEresflmen from the farms would ha rjw Bbovs jnprw^nts nillns prtcw of ffow! 


Good butcher tiujrs, 1*9 In ]G0. JS,T5 to W- 
Qofrd tmtafcpr plgsi, ]flO is- HO, tS.23 ta fS-TJ. 
UbIU p1fi». 3& i'J TOO, Jfl.21 to $9.00. 
H««vj rogb hojta. 200 to HO, fS.2S ta (S.TTL 
AbOT-s qiicrLatiojis apply tu com-fml Tioqa; puit 
"t M^Titit-iatienerS "hogs lo to t^c under. 

Washington April 30.— x "J'"^ »- " prDll i hited from aiseusslne ra,teB>. l^tarlor ^ui 'bhr tno 

tinteh with <h e tariff ^""^^X Hb SBr l cu ltwat schedule. Mr. Mann »»>"= '"-«. 

alter a.n alao feferred to the fact that Majority . x„ai unl to common ik»k. H at 600 to WO, 
Leader tJn<ie^'« J ■ood , , author of the £j t c js.ts. 

tariff bill was e**K36ed in the iron Wodfutti Ut neiiaon own, If he. Too t« SM> 
Bn a steel 'bnalneaB. He said that Mt •*!» » ^^^ „, (o ^ (<j 

Undet-wood need not apologize to Itie ! ^^^ butcior buiu. j.tmi m SIM. ' 

house Cor that nor to ex-plain It, that > Prime hosa. 190 >.c 20o avongn, JJ5.00 ^v> 

he meant, no refloetlon thereby, hut ^.25- 

Mr. Underwood answered with a| 
vlgrorouB statement. 

"If I could not represent my con- 1 
stRuencjr and at tbe same time the. 
people of the United States without'! 
Involving myself aa a speeutf pleader 

for interests In my district I would' he' f„. t i., r^r,i D ta u^it . mtrttet ge6ot*llj aootM 
untrorthy Of my position In this etetdr ua=h«lKed. nxcapt Uib% v*A tiaarr 
h<yUfl«- - ' caws ar. pce.|bl0 3vlgh*r OT 1^ lo f,D. TarJa 

"I contend that when W-«enta-l w£ r *Pj* s _^*»4 «* ^ a^x and ««d 
tived of the people stand in this house I T^ic^er Byoj.. 3aiid«*Tin»), cj«., had a good 
"»i exerclslnE" the jHvn-er to tax people o-f|mij«d load nr cxiti* und tioe* t™ th* m*rt*t. tM« 
s*ene or t country that It is at least unbe- . ^"k. *'H!J» ^. J. e^iml af rort v*Ji«r. o*- 

mis counuy, iPH i , selfish wtB • l1m in " 5rltl1 iw ° '*»** « **«" t™n in- 

coming lor them to display a aeiiisn. ( , wd lota 

interest In these matters. The time' snipper* in ihin immrdl*.t« tflrrttorj- wporl 

has passed when the laws !>£ this f**l lot sutpij nbotii Fxti.L-mt*ii, 

country will be written lor s-pecia] in- h°ii r«-rtpt H hrti« man a-wl. ■Mkvrtot wn^ 

terests; when men can come end mk 5 rh i rJlff0 ApTll 2y — H rtjp: — ^celpts. IO.00O, 

for leKtslation to convert doJiars iot„cT; bulii di «i«. s^aeS-M; n«hi, W-^SS^ 

from the poeketa of the masses into"* — 

their own that they may &ro* rich." 


the streets of "Waterproof, but tho 
t:ltl3ens of that place are not alarmed 
as they do not expect the water tD 
reach a dangerous depth. 

The Silver River. 

(On*** FillGT Nnrtgu T hi thft Mm Atlantic) 
FarewoIL. t oaL>I. #w»s*t msadow RraiUi; 
Puf^walL, T l*t the IJ^bL islnrl paps; 
I -wMt^-ti tlie eirtdowB. one "h? on«: 
P(treir»l3, rho-u fold alo» - -*tttJi>S sun, 
] ffD wltbln Had fold PT "hnndB. 
Oh. wopdToiM W* *li£i flar'« tvrls'nt lanaa 
Atid #vfmlng*E relja of roe*wte hem, 
lint dearer ao«. - tpt dr^nmii nf l^xem. 
The aUrs I know creep to the sVy; 
llio fflDOQ hi 111 flJflm. tw *wlmmLaj hlE^i.: 
O Hrfht-flllAj pnols Riifl Bllvcr atream"! 
n Htlver rlv-er of mj drCsiTiwI 


We HAVE on the ivinti hi;]" 1 a brji.-k venerred homri that Is just belne com- 
pleted: has *jV'jr> Mr.\ u l iiicrce tliat wuea to make a home coiufortahl*! as 
well as hpautiful. Tills pla*-.' has hardwood (hi'-ir*. coiiibtns.Uon Jjxtures, and 
ts as prt'i" ty msidr as xn> thln^ we'vr* g^en in a lonjr tiim*; on a iil^-e. lar^e tot f 
facing oaut: ron^-riii-iit in far line, itntl with a view that cannot be aurpaased. 
Thin hii'.tgf lins ten ii^rriK, ; h r<*.? bnLli¥. onp bedroom and one hathrOOm dt>WEJ- 
ttairs. Tin? [irlue 13 r^iiuanabie. 



PHONES 759. 


I 00x1 a hi 
^.\ th str^F-t, 
h*-rr-. Kkirc 



f»t reta,li lncatloit On the ^ti>H>f, 
■:m buy it now for $'Am) ii"r font, 
i rfnluiE at for S8R per ' 

\\ 1 1 it 1 :i 1 v 1 .1 . st rf ::i :T t <>i . 

ni_M .it Ji.t' Ll -ti.-n of I'm-: 
v|*'t Wi-it . wniu. 1.1^: |ii-Ohr. 
ttii'iiHi '!'•■ -;-.i^ k- snii yo» _ _ r _ _ ' 

"U* f. ri"i':i l ,\ I-iLj STIIKKT ,.nfl UAlLROAD ironiiLK 1 '. Thls~lrt unof h*.-r real tiar- 

^.iin ;nii.! >l :uir.' nmri ■■ v -inakor. It t'*k Whitehall street 1T[> fc«t. 1H1 fopt | 
d-f jj nib If Hirijiii : 'H-s. -Ji).' ffi-L .LI riLllr Jinl. fit :t prii.'-.-. l^w ilityf* only. $110 pf-v • 
foi>! !:";»>> Li-ni.s. _ i 

l\Y sTJf BIOT* tv ■ , rt."V Kit ^t ~'"oij i*im-' ff.nji* This i« th-> only cornej" on tht- strrt'-t j 

Mt thl> ficuiv Ti'rms ti. h u i t ;■. ,"i. It lias :.l1 t^ct of Lrantape, 
Sa^fliH/ |ii-"tit her.' within ,|1 ' 1 ikiys. Don't wait. It will bf fiOnO, 


Of Your Future 

Depends upon your personal reserves. 

If it is necessary for a Bank to keep a 
reserve fund* tow much more essential 
it is that an individual should. 

Git a permanent oeneiit iroTn your 
present prosperity. 

Store away some of tfce ■fruits ot 
your labor, today and every day. 

Build your Stronghold in tfcia Bank. 

4*?» Interest 

100% Safety 

total ftotife & Stwot <ff0tprati0tt 

Capital $1,000,000 Resources Over $5,000,000 


Branch: Corner Mitchell and Forsyth Streets 

'rhcri.' le 

rildX'K lv> 


per cent invrMiiicm. <.).V UXK Ol- THE BEST RESIDENT' 
STREETS IX ATi..\. v T.\. EASY TERMS; $j,ooo cash and as-' 
sniiic a loan if S^oo. balance S^o p er mt>tttli. This prnpertv rents 
for $75 a nioiiih. "'rliis house is bl-iU ii.r TWO TEXAX't'S; STEAM ■ 
■HEAT; tvili alwavs slav retned. nr vuu can ocetipv one apartment \ 
vottrself and the k-i:t from the ullicr APAKTMEXT WILE PAY | 
YOI'R .MOXTIU.V NOT!'.. This tirr .posit will not STAY] 
LOXG OX THIC M ARKI'VE. Sec tis at once. 


jn EMPIRE BLIK", HELL M. 208, ATL. 3437. 

ltiJ!llLiJi'JLIElJl.U.J^JlUJUliULJiiimiJJ.i g5 

of Its owd amendments, all of a mi- 
nor character and designed to perfect 

■class! CI cations. 

The Jron. and utsed schedule was thn 
particular target o£ attack, and Rep- 
resentatl\*e Palmer, of Pennsylvania, 
In charige ot that RQhedulo for the 
■Wfiya and meaha committee, *&» -fre- 
quently reminded from the republican 
Side of the fact that the Bethlehem 
Steel company was in tils district. 

Representative Mann, of Illinois, the 
republican leader, and others charged 
that tho duty on f^rro matigraneea was 
distinctly In th e Interest of tHe- United 
SlateH Sited ccfrporatian, and that the 
«nl.ancBment of the value oC lerra 
tnangaiieae In this co-untry, under the 
proposed advaneo In rate, should l>e 
gufCLclent to ■warrant the Pennftylva- 
tila raember'B indefinite continuance ln 

Won't PrOlons 1 Aroiit. 
Sfr. Mann declared, however, that 
while he thought tlie pendtag- bill 
would be very Injurious to the coun- 
trs 1 . he did not believe In "proloiiffins 
the asony" unnec esearily and aujf- 
fleated "that a« t^g are to have thn 
passage In the present form the 
sooner the bette.r." 

Perflonalltlea wera tndulff&d In Sev- 
eral Ulries during- the day, particular- 
ly during- the discussion oT th«s United 
States Steel corpoaUon holdings in 
the Minnesota minea, when ttepresen- 

. tatlves Stanley, of tCentucfcy, and Mil- 
ler, of Minnesota, engaged In a bitter 
exchange. Representative Underwood 
also replied vigorously to statements 

I by Mr. Stanley corj'CernlnET Alabama 

j ii^on and steel companies. 

j Representative Miller, of Minnesota, 

■ hotly ri-aented what he. characterised 
as "th^ habitual looseness of speech," 
ijniulg&a In by Mr. Stanley- Mr. Stan- 
ley retorted that Miller's remarks 
were "hald and impudent." 

Mr. itfiller retorted by rldiculine- the 
Stanley committee's ateel trust In- 

TtppireHpntatlve Stanley, of Kcn- 
tut-ktii^ iiiousod Chairman Underwood 
with a atsittil-ient that convict la.bor 
was amployerl in the steel mills of 
Alabama: that conviets were worked 
In the mines- and that In same In- 
aruund police stationa to plclc up per- 
sons arrested for minor offenses and! 
stancra corporations? had runnera 
KAiid them to the mines 

"T want to Bay." Mr. Underwood de- 
clared, jtijnplnK to his feet, "that T 
voted to put Iron ore on the free list, 
thus nffecting my own business, but 
I can't ntnnd here and listen to a 
slander on my own constituency." He 
emphatically denLod Mr. Stanley'o 

Representative Austin, of Tennea- 




h f"tnrt-Ua.v. Ll.<? a 

li?VR p^ln r-H. tnna.Tl\n% r 

nny \wva [Ji*> aifiif- 

thf irr»u.\.n>t cfsniIOr 

11 bj?. 




tjfipptlc pawcler. tl to- 
K'-lKHr. Tiervoiar. fr-flt, onrt 
hji wt < , orns and buHEOcti 

Elberton, Ga.. April 30- — (Bneclnl.) — 
The 4-year-old child of G, L, Wallace, 
at Bowman, in this county, crawled 
Into a barn next to the warehouse 
in Bowman this morning, sot fire In 
some way to the building and was 

Until its crisp body was found It was 
not Icnown the child was In the oarn. 
When found It had the Iron rims of 
a barrell around \t, into which it had 

id trying- to l 
fire. By heroic etforts thn warehouse 
waa saved- 


6.WJ: miwfl. W.2.W*.M; h*i,v», *J5. HUB'S ,5fl; 
roiifih. S* lO^S.ES; pip), t6.4ftff-3.6fl. 

Ca-.tld — Hcc^fpf*. 2.M0: dull Kt y«lto^dllJ , ** 
diK-Un*. tM4TH, *7.20@a.OO; Torv «»rB t Sfl"0 
©7.73: stacker* *rd r«ilarB. JJG. 10*S*.OO; coifl 
nad tiptfeTc Sa.U0^8.2A; calT^a. ^2S^S,2!>^ 

SlH!*P — HBe*tDtH. ]3,(X>0; 5®l0c lower Lbxtl 
>PBt«riiaj"e i'l.ob->; aaL^e, $5_D03J>7.]fi,' yewllH*»* 
ja.40S'T.B5: UmljB. Utttl-mj. J&.JJO&a.TO, 

Civlneton, Ga., AprM 30. — (Special.) 
J. Sdwln Taylor, editor ot The Cov- 
injirtfjn Wbwu and one ot the beat- 
known y»>ung men of this city, died at 
his. home thie mornin^C. after only one 
day's lllnssa. He waa 33 years of age. 

Mr, Taylor wau born in Covington 
and lived here nearly all bis life here, 
and lived here nearly all hjs life 
with The Sandersviile Herald at 
Sandersi'ille, and five years ago re- 
turned to 'CovlnRton and entered the 
newspaper business. 

During this time he made friends 
from every section of the county and 
waa respected and loved by everybody 
her«. The funeral will tahe paacc 
Thursday morning: at S.39 o'clock frfm 
the home- Resides his wife he le sur- 
vived by his father and two brothers, 
all of this city, and other relatives. 



Continued From Page Twelve. 

MAGNTEK'E.VE Atisiev Park Home. H;is large reception hall, 
living; room and dining room, aH with quarter-sawed oak floors. 
Five bedrooms, throe tile hathroums, sewing room, etc. Handsome 
veneered brick building, with asphalt slate sliin^lc roof ami wide 
'porch at front and -.ide. Eastern exposure. Convenient to ear line. 
Sets tip ltifjli on a line lot. $15,000 on easy terms will secure this. 




521 empire phone m--\[\- 41144 

NEAR FOREST PAHK. just below HRueville, and dose to railroad s;a[iou, 
u-e taTa T- acres or ivfll-improved farm land, with good buildings' 
tiiat we can Gichaiii;e for a residence on south side or West End. Price, 
JS5 per acre. 

FOUR" VACANT LOTS on South Moreland A Venue7~FisEt~ near ~i~ar '. i n bT 
tile walks, chert, sewer, water, etc. Will exchange these !or a resi'- 
deoce or renciji^ prut>ert.v. Prk-r, S-.nOii, 
. 5tARTETTA~ST.." SuxlQti. will" enchaiige'for north sTdebtiiiifllow.' Prfie" S5.000! 


;;/ WE HAVE JUST FINISHED some nice new bungalows of 6 rooms and 
:,.,.. bath, with every modern convenience, situated in the beautiful and 

ii-Y .f; comlnE section of Murray Hill, in North KIrkwood, on the Dec^rtnr ear 
: Ti .Iitie, with a E-tntimte schedule. We can sell you these bnnsalowe for 
?*?■: $3,380 and J3.50Q, on easy termB. Go out and look these over, and we feel 
^.X'ifciire they will appeai to you ae a home. It Is a pleasure to show them. 
'^■-viisA will be glad to s° out with yon at any time. 


?4l?fc KELSON STEEBT. ' ' PHom M4TW asm 

swsfaferM CHIVE® — ™ 

"The greatest results in life are usually obtained by simple 
means and the exercise of ordinary qualities. These may. for the 
most part, be summed In common sense and perseverance." — 
Owen Feltham. 

We hate proof <>l' Hi is on <'vcry side. Success is 
seldom to tlic Mwift. Thf sincere mau plugging' 
aSoiig with one end in view and using the mental 
faculties his Maker gave Slim writes a, book that is 
read through the eenturies: builds a railroad for 
millions; paints a picture prized by kingM, or builds 
a business that becomes known the world around. 

In the commercial world, a little shoemaker becomes 
the manufacturer of mill ions of pairs of shoes each year. 

Two brothers, makers of varnishes, establish a won- 
derful industry. 

A baker becomes the president of an enormous bakery 
erected to produce his biscuit. 

An exile from bis homeland becomes the foremost 
maker of men's clothes in the world. 

Slowly, surely, thev pinned alony with faith in them- 
selves and in the goods they made. Just using common- 
sense Atu\ persevering, Hut — 

They didn't hide their light beneath a basket. From 
the start, they advertised their products, and as demand 
trreiv so- grew their advertising. 

Liack ol every successful business we find the light of 
publicity, and no business can hope to succeed today with- 
out use of this power. 

There are bakers, shoemakers, clothiers and others in 
Atfanta with honest goods to se!I. They are persevering, 
and possess common-sense — but 

They do not use ft to the greatest advantage. Instead 
of spending a certain sum each month in advertising in 
the papers, they wait for the people to come to them. Just 
so long as they continue hiding their light, just so much 
longer must their road oE toi! be. No man -with goods tor 
service to offer should hesitate one instant in telling the 
public what he has, .where he 'has it -and what it cbsts. 
Phone Maiti 5000 tor the- Advertising Manager. 

II la i L-i-rtHM] relict [nr fc»Mtfnfi. caltniit., 
;n. tlr^.1. Afhlns terl. Alwujra ti^s it lu Break 
In w»- Hhrt^jf. Trv IP TOOAV. Sn]4 PTerywht-rL-, 
Lin it*. DOX T Art.VfclFT ANV firnHTlTTTK. Fur 
KH1CK trial pack&Er- aildl>.39 Allen 3. OttT.sttad. 
I... H..J. N T . V. 



per foot, tntal |].05O. 

Lot 6, 60x201, E- X- Hushing, SIB per 
foot, total *7 80. 

Lot 7. llOxl&O, fc. N. Rushing, »11 
per foot, total J1.310. 

The follow. iie 1 lots were sold In 
Mack 9: 

Lot 3. 7& 7-10x256. W. R. Bean. 435 
per foot, total *t. 892-50. 

Lot IS. 68x^50, W. H. Adfclna, ?23 
ppr foot, total $1,504, 

Lot 21, e&x2&0. TV." R. Be^n. 535 per 
fout. total 1*1. S5Q. 

Lota 1 and '£ in block 4, with a, total 
frontage ot 24*8-10 feet, were sola to 
W. H. Adktnp. at. $15 per toot, or a 
total ot S3, "32. 

At the close: of tli^ «al« }ust before 
dark Mr. Rivers sjiatc.d that, the prop 
orty hod brought unu-sually low 
iprlt^en and that he had no question 
tiiat every purchaser would make a 
handsome TvroMt wHtliin a compftra- 
iive-ly Rhort 1linf. 




(COTTC~?t*3 ty Fidelity Fmlt mil Prtrfnca Com- 
uaity. 37 Soutb Broad St.> 
MurkaL ijuo'.ftLlorLs on ("nuntrr Produce: 

APFL.E5. Paney. hni . . . T , T ^,QQ®2.Z& 

U»rr«I *3„-MJqltf.M 

pi:NEAPPr,BS. red spanwii ia.snfl-*.** 

AhiakiP $a.n04r2.I5 

FtiCmrD.l OR ANtBS. rincj- S4.0O34 - 75 

FASOT oiupe frvtt * 

3EA>'S + eng^p. di-rrjn - - j?,7.1^'1. 00 

Wai tl.B0OS.iA 

OXIOS, red. *40k J2-t» 

whlt* h bu«h*l tl -M> 

r'ABnAQE:, Florida, rrato S1.T3 

CEUERT, -fsxra (1 .00 


KJTATOB3, TBila, bnshal BOt 

ih#, btmh<-l ....... . + r . . ,.,..., + .. 90^ 

LEMONS. box (fl .00 

sor, PLANT, crat* . ... S3 . £- r n33 . -*> 

'fUMATOEe, fancj, cr»t*. FT*. «»cfc <3-2.'H&3 ■ ■ v > 

thOl™ M.!M> 

CU CTTa rHFTRH (2.*<» 

Li'ETn T CflC, Jniffl T .. .j'J.OO 

Squash. y*iiow f 2 . sfhST'3 ■ ( o 

T-Titrr . , JB_sr«B2.7ri 

S*EP1*ER, e-bnahrt cmt« i$Z.TjQ 

OKELA. crato t^ritlcr .. T ,. <3.00 


TUJ1KETS. live,. ]8e; flr«»m3 22>4B>4"'0 

"HESCSTB. 1It« p l£<* pound; dT«Md . .. ..,17tSJfic 

rTSlKHS. Htk. £Oc pemad; Areafldd STU,c 

TiUOKS. tacb Wc 

EGGS, tMMh 17®lSc 


CaiTMLed. by TSTiito PtqtIbIOh" CD. 

Cornfield lift me. JO tp 12 bvrt*cb ...IBtt 

Cornfiflia hum, 12 Lo 14 »T*rw* 1&% 

Cdrnaeld cktnnwl hima. 16 to IS a*»rag».ltl't& 

CornfleM Plcnrc h«m». ff *o ■; *Terti*a IS-\4 

Camflcld bresiraat tncon .,.., ....24^ 

drocwu atyl* bacon. fwW« and natrrciw). -IB^t 
CarnflBjd rraaK pord *aofl»4-3 r II ok or 

tmlll In 55-llu boekrt* .1214 

CornfleJd PraBttorr-. HMb- W»*a« 33 

Comfleld bolDETia. HnJBago In 25-lb. biw«fl..l3tt 
Cornfeld Itmc-Tiwii bam, M-IS. h«wi....l3^ 
CnrnBeld erno^Bd link BiiiBajo, 25-lb. lOx*0 14 
torllflelj smoked llnlc WHIMS* *n plcbln 

In C*-Ib. cax» $5-00 

Cornfield rmnifartB in piitltl* lfl-lb. kitta.. 1*7Q 
Cnrafleld pure lard. tlerCw b**lfl ......... 12% 

Coanrrtji wrl* jiure .*ia, tUVlb. tlna oalj 12"i4 

fompouod lard, tier** baflb Ali 

D. fi. KbH J 234 

D. S. r.b belrlOit. tnadftira ar^rtft-a. ....... lfl\i 

D- H. rib trelllee, lljbt ■.Taraxa 13^ 



Sn. 1 miTiid OBbJ ...,..<. 

CII»P&f oar* 

H. n. ob.[« (.Ufrwf . . 


Cortrmaaad maaJ 

No. 2 mlddllBS WCton. .... 


Br y*n nhorts ......,,..,.,, 

TfTni*Kae« rn*al 

G«Qrsl«. rne'l ...,......■-■■.. 

,.. — -fci/ii 


.. M.ort 

.. 1.7S 

.. 1.40 

.. 1.S3 

.. I.S3 





□Cildf grtiiPi €3T flflt*OTUllieE3 t 

10o. a ESp, and EOa. 

New York, April 30.— The city Qf Nev\- 
York ttnia.y began a ault aE^.inst AVU- 
liam R. Hearst to racovdr J30.0QO ".s 
cover damages otiLalned from thv city 
by Mrs. Wan^aret Shay for the death 
of lier husband, a policeman, who was 
[ killed by an explosion of fireworks 
during a celebration, on the stre^ra 
ten years ago. The corporation coun 
ael holds that the fireworkJi wtrn be- 
ing set olT under the direction of p. po- 
litical organisation controllert hy Mr 
Hearst, and that Hearot and not tliu 
«lty was responeltile for the pollcemiia's 


Was Hit by Auto Driven by 
Mrs. W. K. Hagler. 

1 Au^ruata, Ga., April 30. — Mlsa ErnfeH- 
C. April i tinfl I. Eater, who tt^s run over by an 

W*tftr Supply Vu/t — Fon Coawall. N, . . . LJ1J „ ^. „^-„. -., _.^. „^ „. 

M ',,"^ l— s "*^ IT "J!a™ 1 ,"„,? n T ™»'" a v ' 1 "»i automobile drivsn bv Mrs, W. K. Hs.g- 
opened, for lolloping iirolect.. tlildora l*l.ia 


intends to aeiotjt dou wtiich it wJil dac.iK 'ipja r r»ever r^Galned! oonst!ousn^6s &i*(er the 

accident. Miss Ratty had a 15-month- 
old haby' In her arms at the time of 
the accident and it was not Injured. 

The deceased was a nit-'ce of Mrs. 
Ai?a G. handler, of Atlanta, and waa 
promliientl;- connected here. 

lnr<>7Tri*q t-hat. Trom ti«»« projecta th« tJoY»rarriBnt 
eada Lo fieioct dou ntKch It wJil dac.iK up^i 
b4lu{. the "bewt (or tha pyrposft: 1. r^JEBlnicT. 
1^£ an K-'ncti water rj.a.ln, pump huuH, q«>h- 
inry machinery ati^ po-wer i^aaarnrajiica iln^ ; ?_ . 
i^onsLrutiHriK ftn S-lnch water main to Sautipnr: | 
*:dj> of j-JvCr. ubd J"uraiflhJn^ frfttei- Lo South port ; 
c:iU *f jtvaln; 3. For all (.he irtaLerLjil. Itbor, hj-i- ' 
i-Jllnery and ac:ejhnrita aC^aaasa.T tu install, a oa.n- ■ 
pLelu dlslHltPfi P-dil prcU:iilna;y wat'jr ^if^ulL*: '. 
Lilun!., ipcLludtng briclt or rsinforctrdi eor.nreta hnild- j 
Ing, wllji fIiLo roof, uiil '.he noct^.ary boiler. Uink.i-, 
n-lpkigf and AfoeA^QrfEH E.eril«l La fllvniah not Ipse 
ihiri ;[,H» B&.ionjs per baur, or 7ll,f>KJ tailona 
an.11^. ot garrf pacabl* dl&iJUed Wfltar; btudO'4 
laust Submit cornploti! p-Lins ana npnciQ cations, 
tnd mu&t s;aja in bids Lho gQPtr,iilLy wilh Drop^.- 1 
aacurft? that Ni«y will fiirwi&h ca^arlna tie dan- 
bll'tj and opera tin is nf Ihn nppsralua; wnt$r i*Lil 
be Loh^ii by iTie plapt from a *&H W4WT ailttljn 
ulj|» ttj be IcwtallKl fcy the save ram-Hit. Plans 
end BpeclJlcatliSna far prajertp 1 And £ Eurn.JBh">d 
an tlOpt'Sil i>f'f1tf l& gu\rant,-Hf T*f*rp_ Tor Jp- 
Cuiination »pS flH pefftSRary papers a.rj>ty to Ja.a. 
EL CftTHl)l>*ll, CunHtmcrtlnE t}nartermaatur. i 

l&y Monday nie^ht, dLed «.t a local hoo 
pita, ait Hr30 o'clock today. 5b e 

EMtrvoJi' — Fori caairtll, JH. C, April -*Q. 1S.^.- 
Boated propoe*l& will b& received Ij^rft until 2 
p.. LB.. Mj*J -0. lS*iy. i-isfl then -public. r op^naiV, 
(AT construc.ijiE a. ^UO.OOl-gafJon concretd* r«aer- 
TOlr. Flurw anfl *p*Hnea<lotis rumlahftd en 3«- 
pp#it of J5 tri jEMHrantoc return. Prw InCoT-mtLLoa 
and ail UeUtSijurj pa per a apply tfl J*fl + H- Cftflflp- 
t«H, CnnPtryftting d-juvt. 

rbe city oi AmBrJcuB, oe&rs^a. off*ra flor «*la 
J85.000 of public j&rhoo.l bopAs mj flO.flW MW- 
^i"a£v «t*ms-ico tmndfl. aH bearing 5 per c«ot and 
run For thirty yvars. Bide win b* reoalTqd up 
to and luctudlng J4ay 2S. lOSS. at 8:00 tfclook 
p. m. Vhe mayor and city council Tttacrv^ UM 
,-tght to reject OJIJ" and all bid*, and 10 per cent 
dapDalt mqudred --to accompany c*fltl bW. Fee 
xoTitwr information oddTds Law Allen, 
pinanc* Coi 



Tha fol.owlns Is a list of tbe wtt- 
neasea examined, at both aeaelona of 
the coroner's Inquest. They eomo 
in the order in wnlch they were 

Policeman W. V. Anderson. 

Sergeant K. J. Erowp. 

Sergeant L- B. Dobba, 

Newt Liee. negro auspect. 

J. C. Spier, Carte navJiie. 

Edgar L. SentelU 

PollcftTflan H, 4t. LftBseter. 

R_ P. Barrett, machlniHnt. 

P. M. Berry, handnrrJting 1 eKpert. 

J, M. 9ta.rn.ea, detectivb. 

E. .E!. Sohaiict, merchant. 

J. I.. Watkina, bladCaraitn. 

MIeb Pearl" BoblTLfion, auap-jcted 
man's srweetheajrt. 

G. "W, Uppa, boy chum of vlcttiri- 

J. M. Gantt. aUHpaCt ptlso-ner. 

E, 3. Stopper. 224fe F«tera struct. 

J. W. Coleman, stepfathor cf slain 

(COTrecLed by Oftl^S-jy dwoery Company. 1 

An le tlreann --niamond, $1 .78 ; tin. 1 UlCa, 
*S.Jf): Mn. 2 Mica. M.K. 

liei Rock Ginger A!« — Quarta, $8.00, plnl*, 
f 10,00; Red Syrup. SI. SO P»e b*Upt.- 

(.Tii?**i# — j\.il«rnfl7, Z0r. 

Candy — Sto-k, 7; iTlllrf. 7^; eTioCClflM. 12. 

;sslt h lOO-lt baan, .lOr: 1w crfram, St.OO; 
Ideal. |l,flr>: No. 3 ba*rclp. S3.*". 

Ami and Hamnf*r 3orta — $S.i53; tftfl aola, Sr, 

HiJilji.f phnici- - KuftiJwL ?2 .'jW; R&^al, No. 1, 
*4 .*Hl . tin. 2. ■■LOO : HafBfani-*. W. ^ : Good 
7^i ck. W.7S: Kur-sm.; iinuah Aider, Si.W>: 
bwmii iclllt, S3. 2.': Magic Yeait, HOc. 

Bear*— LI »:a , 7 ^ ; Safj, £3.30. 
Hoar- ^.ea-BB.1. f7.50: Diamond. Jfl.7r<: SoT- 
ine, M0. TO; MoTioj^mm^ ^5.W: ''arn^rlon, 
(5-7S: Ooiden Grain. «*.■%: Blue Blbboti, «-,S^: 


I^ard and roTitpouad — Onttoleiw.. S7-20: Snn«". 
(frlfL cfifwa, $9.00. Flake ^flttn, 9. Loaf. 12 

In It — Pa r rra t*. Jl . 20 . 

intoi-nallOna] S">ck PowJer, $4.00. 

j.,1i y — gft. ib. pails. *l.aa; CM«. 4-OE.. 13-00. 

SpaehtLtJ. T^-. 

Honey, ^1. SO. 

Lrfather — ■Wblta Dak, 4*r. 

Mlnr* Ural -Blue Ribbon. J2.M. 

EVpp«r — Crated. lSc; Bmtinn, 20r. 

Rtc'- — tc to 7c: cries. JiflO. 

Snur Qrn-rkJna — Per craw. "l.SO; Itr-gB, $\2*& 
l^i>0: fl»ect mlxod. kefiB. £1.7B; d11t«. LWk- lo 
5-4.80 per rtoxim.. l . 

axira«B — lOu Sood*JTl. LWc Oef doxan ; SSc 
BomA«ra, $2.00 jwr rtnaen. 

E. C ftarch. 9%* r OllltioJd atarth. *2.2fl; 
Area Htarpli, S5V;. 

Be»( a. r— Granular «d. $S.B6; light brovn, Sr; 
dark brnvn, 4r; dom'Tio, 9c. 

Soap— ttrVagoH. $4.C0; F«la Naptha, fl.OO 
Ivftry, S400: I^wt. V3~e. Pulo. f2.W, R#d 
IVrappw. .51.M; Herl LettaT. SI. BO; Gold Mln#. 
SI 00: Fa'Try. i-4-00; Grandma. (B.S.V Hw**t- 

SnQlI -Oil pouinn Railroad Macaboy, +fic; JQc 
Ttftl lro*d Macaboy, 56- ID : Be Railroad. Uam.bcy, 
J.1.O0; lev Bio* Eibhon, JG. ]0; Extra FT«h. 
acocrfi. fft-lfi: Bfhwti. *6-10: Damtai, VS. jo 
Eott*r ryp, JS.70; Hot 5cqv:1l. 1Q.0G; R*u Flag, 
$3-70: DeVoSe'fl Jo.W. 

Smoiilnjc Tiotfl'~^o — D«l»"# Mixture, prr proms, 
ifl..SS,- 5rrII Ducitam. $5-95: TIcwrT- *5.7n 
QUeell Quality. SG.OO; S*roj*tlQH, SB.OQ. 

Chewing TnSarcn — Rich and Waxr. StV: Eaprt* 
54c; Star TiS<T, 43c; Corker. S2c; Battle ai. 
S?c: GruTBlr. 4-Sc- oubla Itsgle, 31c: Scbbappa, 
JIc; gw»jepiLjik*fl. 3783*;; Jt-J-IE, 47c; EroTfl'* 
Mul*. 34c. 

Franklin Claart, S3S.O0 : Old VtrEinla CherOola, 
$I2.00: Trt'O OrphiairP. J15.0O; Old Glory, (14.00. 

3yrjp — Qeorg-.n Gana. per ffallon. 3Sc: 111- lb. 
Elk, Sfi.fifi: 5-lt. Elk. f3.TH: barrala. BlQe ftlb- 
ban. J3.C0: 10-lb. Karn. ^.10 : BO-lb.. *2.W. 

CbewlnK fium — Tally Tain. Jarn. 42175: Juicy 
Trult. 45 7-5; Spwrmlnt, $2.15; Adaxna 1 Papula, 

Cotton Seed Oih 

Sew York. ApTl. 20.— Cotton 8»rj oil wu ftrni 
early on uemaa4 From ahoi'td and Iw^al «pi»("!- 
lallv* buyloE on lb,*? lardj AdfanM, hat the list 
eased o9 later. aD'Iwr frrparLa of |ow«r Crude 
mitrlteta. poow cxmanmBU-Tts demand and B catter*n 
llquldaLlon. CIotIUb PTlcea nn steady wlGb old 
crop montnV. 1 to S blphtr and n«w crop poal- 
tiOnfl iwt nnchans«t. Sareff, 13. TOO. 

Pj-lma crude. S.W. DAtttLnal; ifc, gurnmir r*l* 
low, opor, 7.00^7.06: Maj-, 7.00; Jmia. I 02; 
JulT, 7.O.V. AU»Taat. T.aOr -gpptemtrer. T.OD; Oe- 
tnber, 6.7T; NoTembw. -ffifll; DtMirnit>#T. fl.40; 
prime ir*ni»r TiHow, T r 33(i?7.S0: da. auranan* 

*a«#., 7.i<ysa.o&. 
Fut-atwE ra&Bed ai; rnilam: 

OpealttB- Claalng. 

Mw 7.0*37.0fl 7.00^7.02 

Juna T.00®7.05 7.05^7.03 

July .. -- T. 04dJtf -fl» T.OF^J.Oa 

August , T.oirsyr.ia 7 t io@T.n 

SeB-tamber. ,- ,: .- -- fi.TT«ia.TS T.OOeff.sJ 

October .. ,. S-flllffi8.M Q.TT1&QJ1 

HoTBiubn- .. .- .. -- •- e.40BJaV-»S 6.SUSS-52J 
Closad steady; b*I*3 Ifl^TOQ t*rralt 
M', ^ April 20- — Cotton Seed, practa 
prime njusis- Ou,.iU.a; maalf fST.Mi 




Best Point Reached in L-te 
Trading — Old Crops Sole' 
Higher. ', 

■" New Torlc. April SO. — The Cotton 
' market ae«med to be tiervoua ir an- 
rattled today, but an opening 'decline 
was followed by rallies ana ■?« close 
was steady net 2 points hi^jer to ) 
points iflwcr; new crops ' bflfriff rela- 
tively easy. 

The openlns was barely s-ea3y at a 
decline at 6 to 8 points. wl(l July ana 
later deliveries making nit* low rec- 
ords lor the movement undj-r- overnlent 
Beijing- orders, easy X-lverpioI cables, a 
favorable weather map && continued 
unesfliness regarding prjitical condi- 
tions hi Burone. There' wis a good 
demand at the initial figures, however, 
and in addition to reafizins by old 
nhorts, there geelnod to be considerable 
buying by reactlonlMta. while Liverpool 
bouses and trade Inli-resta supported 
July. The decline was checked In con- 
gefiuence. In split! to tavorable weath- 
er forecasts prices s.ion beftan to Im- 

Demand slackened somewhat after 
the close of Liverpool and the rally 
seemed to meet increased offerings 
rrom houses with mmlierii connections' 
which caused mow fir less Irregular- 
ity, but the best roll t was reached In 
the late trading, whin old crop posi- 
tions sold about 3 to 5 points net 
higher, and the :.ew crop recovered to 
Practioally the 'loflnB Ilffures of last 
night. Closins prices were within 3 
or 3 points of tin' highest. 

Private cables uttrlbuted tc easy rul- 
ing ot Liverpool to American and con- 
tinental selling and the latter was 
supposed to be partly due to fear of 
ooffipllcatlons In the Balkans. Latest 
Information secured in the trade to- 
day Indicates that houses with Liver- 
pool ccnectlons took up fully 60.000 
bales In the shape of May notlc*as- 



nuot closed quifrt: middling 
11.80; do. &ult 1U.05; H^lea. 

400 bales 

Dry Goods. 

Naw York 
Inrffr nrpe 
End price* 

TalUrW. Cu 
bought mnr 
for K0-luch 
ably q-ilel. 
an. uccvual 

■.ptll StO. — The awiinri J4T of the 

end ruK aurll<;a wria very active, 

are utiil abov* inr level O? auction 

Unn ffnndH fur c-virHrtlnH am b^lng 

r- Mb^raly on a Dm-I? ol 5 "A cento 

eSxTE'R. Job&Lrs trauH lx sraaon- 

SlOrfca ol flilka are muth broken 

of tie prolonged sLrlke. 

Cotton Region Bulletin, 

Atlanta, ApTll 30. — S"nr *n# 24 bo a re enrt- 
InH fl j. m,. T5Hi meridian Hmt: 


■ ATLANTA, clear. . 
IxClmttanOOefl. claar 
I Columbus. cl*isr . 
■Gainesville. tl«J*r^ , 
■Gre^nv-l)**. . clear 
■Grlt&n. cleor . - - 
^kK*:jcei, dear . . 

M»n£le*H«» clwar. 

[exN<swT14P . **l*ar. , . 
_ Rnma, rlear. - 

Spartan S^rr-. c-U*ar . 

ToC-C-'-J. ■ l-ear. 
fffp. FVtut. rleUP . 

Tuna Jtslnfs.ll— None. Mlenlns:: Auatln 
lake. Marble Falls. Valley jtliujaltno. 

o t 



I rrn& 


f *fj 

f~ n ~ 
5 g ™ 




! to 








■ ii 










■Ui . . . . 

: li 

iloMIe . 



Stfecnphla * ■ . - - ■ 

■ IS 


New Orkane , . . - 

i 1,! 


1 1^ 

Hcruattia . ■ . . . 



I is 

* Bria(il>lHL«ni tr»mperalurM «u* for 15 fcaur b*""1«1 

1 urftnff « i ». m ihl* 4o- tfl - ti-H.*&jlTeci Uto. 
1 (h)t include J 111 avoraiei Ji- FTiahMt yestjorAaj. 
\ KR-l«ow«Mt for ?4 lic-urs end lag S ■. OL T&tii 
t tucrldUn Him. 

V SOTE — Th* avnrige hlffbc^T *,n4 lowwflt Mm- 
\ avrvtixXca *rc inAds up a.t «ach center [rom th* 
\«cfillJ nntnlJBr sr reD«rtf r^*^'"il. »nd ^he *«r- 
J«*"- precipitation tram tir DUmitr at autlC-IV 
^reportlaB 10 Intb ot reiore TIib ' atat* ol 

i"- ^iBteftth^r 1 " la that prqvalltoc at time ol abe«rTfe- 


ijV'^'ni* v^ather continue ralr tin o«ftli"Ut tli« belt, 
■'^ r T«UUJ r *raiun:.H a/e aomi-^hit hleh^r in -.h* central 
3""ltE.d nn-gtr?rn p rtlona, 

:' ., -■- " r, P, vun iiiiKH-HA^^. 

->;-^.. .^rtltwi Director W.-nther Bureau. 

New Orleans Cotton. 

N«fv Ori.-.r.-i April 30. — TIia cOLt^ti market 
3iep.i.T«d >^'iif lanaency to react from tke rts- 
cnl^e , ;0'tay. Jalllah EOJWl? "as to tlia eflf^t 
ttiat Hi*> mnrkr: vis fcaclTy iiV0TB0li3 an3 sjcM cur. 
B»»r3 HVi^'arvd ra lm iafllM!nr*(i a Rreat dpil by 
CdJd ^i•TSl^f^ ^;l k ttad covflTHti ,h«a»JlIy. At Use 
p»niw (i:*i". !■ -t.. was pLflQt.Y (?f Mtton far t 
»nd t&e rriark-f '.tS nit 5t*=piay &ny real 1)Uj-lns 
power. ^ :*f«nn - r>r ilia flay was Uin rpport Lltat 

._-, . „.._.. k . vlafi cojitrttrtt, partlOUlaTly t|iQ 

*■ * AppaaroJ IC tw little »pem]: 

Vo lane account. 

^ ;he tone was steady unfl prlc* 1 * 

:■■ ita dawn an poor cables, wjr 

Lba nirtBsr fall In Pren^h 

•ho Stuart hUb Called a. vei^y 

- -nap. BBlle points out t^R-t, 

i-O low aQtl aprtad Ihruuph 1Jib 

1 ■: .T»mB rrom ttc belt wijlch 

■.-■i:i^ cotton wafl not gruwintj rur 

In the Q&rly traaitis thero 

■i:i ■[!! b"'3 prices reacted 3 tr 

:i iter rril ort again., striding 

■ i" 1 :r ytStftlay'a clcBe around 

IT- was Uie tow k V^I 

: r ^ tl*s buy in ir ' - 

^■^ Cte In* !'■-: ^ 

■■■'"; \r*nj fl *c ' ^ r- 1 ' 

^■-^■^■filar^rfrtn^ K-.i i/. 
TflOt" ftiV ^' . 

tiVoraTii* c-.i:- - 

market — ,i- . 
.tfafcnwJ !' r. v.-i 
l*fit flT -.. ■ :■■ ■ 
was e ?■<■; i .v i. 
pfl[nt»r i: 1 *■ h 
S to 11 ^ -:■_, . 

-in* midd,-' 

oC the up- 

nspertu of ■ ■ ^ ■ 
■ that tlt& 

■arftt-k iw: 
■■ TKWa In* T i ■ ■ 

npv' C*Tnps "■ 

The cltwa ^ =i ■ 
, r»t. ■ 

Spot COT- - 

" 12 3-lfl; S*W -■ 

, IBS; XV* r *""j-. 

"• toed mld«::i K . 

dHllE ttttr '" 
'.l-lS'iS-lft, n '■■'■.:v.. i 
■'. 05*. 

ncTOoWiJi efipeciHily on Ita 

'Tmiated to aflme extent t>y 

.:]<!ea La Mtcvlfel^i}! and fear 

In the north w*at would 

rotton bolt In the attur- 

■ -4 UDClianKed Tfi 3 puVnta 

' ,* last DriWB O? r^tarday. 

►Ints up to 1 point down,' 

1 unchanged; tnlddllaa'. 

dptrt. 3l ttalea: to an-lTB, 

iH-l^JA. BBmliui; ordimiy. 

:r-i; "dtrJct a«>'3 ordinarr, 

h ,^: strict to-w middi ne. 

Strict mJdd3lJie. JZ%\ 

"• '■'■ strict Bond mldtiJlac 

3 3-lfl. nomitiaJ; mldl- 

' I 9- 16. nominal; fair, 

>* ™ !jk. 3. 833 ; aiDcli, 81,- 

-' ' '^ Yfl wrpcHJ- 

■.'tiQfljaesa dao^ 
■=:jBobd; testdaiiin, 

'inclBfllna: 2W 

> AssriT - 

■■- Aprft-atay ,- - 

:-j Jane-July » - - 

■L^AiiiEL-SepL -- ■ 


Liverpool Cotton. 

11 - 'atton, EpaL, moderate 
-J'-'-ir; mWdlinB fair. TlS; 
rr'.MIiDff, S.5S; low rnld;- 

■t;,i-. S-H1-; nrdlntuT, 3-7BL 

;-| :i:-iB SOU far 6 peculation 
-^nii-i Icaj). Iteceipts, 7.WW, 

■fl-i Futures openodi, aaBior 

^a« Wp53. Claw?. 

11 ■'-' -*31*a B.2S^ &S* 
! > « -431 6.2SW *■« 


AtJanla. , 

lljenn ,,, ,._ , .^ 

Athena .,.,.. „, ,„„ 3„ Btradj 

Ttl arietta ... .,, »,, ,.,4Caa4T 

Galv«ataii ,. , , d . . . .. . .Oatel 

N«t» Ortaana ., .* <lo5rt 

iloblt# T+ .. ., , t SaaT 

Sftvannali ,, ,, ,, ,.St*aflj 

Charl^atOD * . . . .Quiet 

Wilmington .. , Momli^l 

SoTfrfk » Qulat 

Baltimore .. .-. ., , , ... ^^rfffmlnft? 

N*w Torh .. .. „ quiet 

BooOtn .. .. rr , . ., ., , .Quiet 


T#xa* Cttjr , 

TtaBtv Htfloins, 

Narxiloal 11% 









II. so 

son FrahcLsci 
TacoTiia + . 











dO. 4 407B 

da. 4lac* 0K>4>mtHr 

Eiportfl — To KjDtlaent, 
i: rroro Boston. 43. Total, 8.331. _^ ^ , «, 

ConfilwiM — Msv Orlfl4DH, M: Vatill*. Tfl^ B* rannah, 564: Norfnft. l.Sftlj rrt* Toft. l.SIL 

To Japan — From San SVaB^lBco. 13,374; rrom Taoama, 4,8BB. Total. 1B.MJ7, 


57. naT . ■ 

.. ..0,240,925 '-■ 

from ctarr«loB F T. S02; froHr 1 - Sew Orl««». WW: rram S**mnnan. 

MAEBTETa — Ton*. 

HousLon . . . . . .AteAdy 

AlifiilMa .. .. .. - Btead; 

MoiTSphla ... ...Quiet 

£t. LflUla .. .. .. Dull 










SI. 800 
23, SIS 

S.702 B22.90T 



fill "^^1 
[Open'mH-h] J»w] 3xJa| 

A MR. 




.'l1.Iftjl2.21 11.13 
■lOaillO.lM 10.P4 
[lO !>4 lO.SO 10.H1 
|i;.H5hl>.!ilJ 10 Wfl'J 02 
10.S4 10.SS|ll>.Sl|lll.fiS 

. Jio. &o io.aojiawi|io.ixi 

IT. 10 
10 04 

11. is- is 

in, 90- 95 


10.HB KJ|H>.95-U7 

Cloned ateadj. 

RANGE 1*1 KEW OKtiDA-Nfl C»TT0». 


.311. BO 

. 11. HH. 
.| 11.01 




11 H4-86 11.S2-S4 
_ _ '11.10-12 

ii.r> r iB.Ewfio,&e-OT!iiOft-w"i 

ll.OOflO.W 11. 0OBO.fl*-ll [11.00 

May , 

June . 

■luly . 

Aug. . 

Sep*. . 

Oct. t 

Mch.- . -i I I lii.m-ooui.oB-w 

U.2T-, lyasn 

ill.01 ll-Oljlf-OljlI.C 

»- u 111.0 
3-03 U-E 

C1aa«4 Ptoa^tT, 


r. a. ref. 2*, rmlaterafl., ,, .« ,, .. ..lOOtt 

no. 2a. cOilpom 4. » -1WP4* 

do. 4*. rcaliiierafl ., .. T . .. ,,1U2» 

Col flu, «tLpOO * -v ^j* 

flo, *B rvclaurad.. 


La, bid.. 

, - .101 
■ .11* 

-- 8&% 

Pdr-n-tua. 3s, taupon .. .. 
AH^-€tiAlJuora 1st 5a .. 
American Asrlci}lnirfll Nh 
Alnerlcaa Tei. and T«;. ct. 
Am«rkaii Tobacco fls, ilU 
Araiour and Co. 4^, ^>ld.. .. 
AnlilrSflft g^n. ^ u _. 

d«. ct. 4*: CH1H0J - - .. .. T OR^i 

ilo, ;v. us 80^ 

AiJa.Ttlc C^anai L-mJ 1st ia - <■ ... 80?a 

Qihlniijrv iuid L>hln *a ,. . . . D2 

d^ a^6 , t . Bfl^ 

BrooJclrD Trarutlt fr 4a , , . 87 "4 

Central o( tlMFTB-la 6a „.1{KV4 

CentriLl L-sjaUiflr 5fl-, - .. .. » t .. 05 7^ 

&bc3apaak« and Ohio 4^a.„ . . ,. ., .. „ . &IJ 

ilo «iq.t_ 41-ja S7^4 

Cl.lcigD and Altnn 3^u ,, i4 .. B7'6 

Ch!<iRBu. 3. and Q-jl&cy Joint 4a g^l ^ 

A£rjalEQnlAt«d Copijar. 

American AsrlcuLtaraL 

, ^lldli . Aajerlcau Boot Hujar, 

. .11 8W J American Can. . . , 

..Hii^i \ do. pid. . . . ". 

I Amerltjan Cair and 




R- 1. 


rf B . 4s. . 

rol. 4a. , 

HJsb- law. Cloae. Clort 

- life TQK, Tl 709. 
48& 4tt 

, 2Jt ia^i 28 £3 

. 3d SI aiife 3*)tt 

- #1% "Hi ei=* Bi«, 

1 4Tii 4?^ 

4 i3^ 4Jioi 4KV6 13 ' 

31 S3 Si! 



Market _ Closed Higher After a 

Weak Opening' — Corn 


■ Chicago, April 3*. — CoverltJ^ by Mar 
ahoi-tB today er&ire irtrength to ^flicat > 

alter a weak opening. A net tiptnrn 
of a eliadtf ot 3 SigH-2 Trao made. Corn ■ 
made a. net ealri oC 3-S, and oa-tB flt|- 
EsJLetJ 1-5 to B-4@7-S up. FrovlsioDH 1 
cJosecl unchflJtg'e^l to 12 l*ac@15c 
hLffher. { 

Const rldrable activity waa displayed 
by siiorta In wflies-t trtio weire ccvet- ' 
ln« before the first day of the Mky I 
aett!«jnent tomorrow. The efismlnw up- i 
turn In vaJuea tpuo aided by milUnffi 
sa^Ai4 of rather large proportions- There j 
v$« alqo consn^eat-le n*w inveHtmen-t j 
burins' of all nvorrths, "Weaknesg waa ■ 
shown at the Hlart on reports pJacing 
the probable crop In Kansas a-t 129.- 
SSO.OOfl huaHelB. ' and declaring' that 
nnu«h of the cbfneh l^uijj talk lately 
prevalent affected oriy certain sectlona 
rrf the state where the wheat appease 
was small. Liower cables aJeo had a 
depress i«e" effect at _ the start,, th^ 
trade abroad Beemlngly .ffnorlnff th^ 
'uns&ttl'ed European polltioal outlook. 
When the hul^e oame later, the fliaT- 
k«t Itad befifjm*) "wealL and nervous. At 
the finish July WM l-4c hlgGier than 
Sday, the ehort Interest In the laot 
naintd month having apparently T>e*n 
p^eEty weJ.1 tak&n care of. Prlrnary 
recetfita o( whoari: today were UKi.&Od 
bUKihels, last year 329,000 bmsfhela. Sea- 
board cleanarneee of whMJt and flourr 
equaled 152,000 bfisfhelij- 

I>ecreaae In offerln^ra and e^on^ldeira- 
ble buying- by laa?flre hau-uea lifted com. 
The marlt&t showed .stubborn otren«th 
alt day. Increased HtHnB"enoy In state 
Krain ln*rp*ctloa eamaed ahotrt buylns 
that lifted oata, 

StreaerUi En prices at the yaTds and 
the ffcrmnesB of the gTraln list helped 

Wtif]trmlw*t mere Out q,uiit*tlan* an the CblCKfa 


Btit About Thirty Stocks Touch* 

cd New Low Levels 

for Year, 


Colorado nnd S. lef. H3<f *irt. 4\»j*. bid. 

D«lB.™-arfl an?l Hildeori cv. 4e *. ., 

tH^rjver and Rio tirande r*f. 5a 

!}[*Ti|l0rs 5s , + 

Krla prlnr |ltm 4fl _. ,,, 

CO. gen. 4s.. ., , , . 

do. utt. 4a, BerlDs H , «« ., 

Ilkanlw CwiItji! l^t r*f. is. bl4. . .. iH 

rnfftfrjCfftUEo M*t_ 4lria , .. 

Enter Mflrn. Marine t^fl . . . . . * . * . . 

JatJAh 4^b 

KAnaaa citr HoutfceTn ref- Be 

I/alte Store deb. 4a Jlft31> 

LJUitavine flnd N:fl.?li^l]le an. 4b 

MijifvoTiTl, KiTifUB and Tarns 'tat 4h + Mfl. 

io g#a. 4 "r^J 

Mlfscurl. PaeJItfl 4fl . . . . . . , . , . ^ , , 

do. tooif'N Ss k. 

^Tallrtnal Tips, q( Mexico +"-'j&. ofd. . . , 
Xew York Cb^ItiI pen. 3^3, llld. . ■ • 

dn. JiJh. 4a. ^Id 

.X- T.. M, H. nnd HiTlCord cv. 3\ie. . . 
Xnrfolrt and Wiwiarn lot con. 4a + , ., ,. 

Northern Pae!fl<j 4s T + ... ., Tl , 
rin. rta 

OM-EOh Sbsrt Line rfdg, is 

Fonn ?r. 3'/4a {ipifl), 

dn. mn. 4a. Ta!rt. hid 

Rt l sH;rip Ben. 4a .-. T 

&t, Lviulri nnd San Franrlsro gep. 

St, "Loula aoutli-wesifni ifl. t>ld. ■ 

K«hruirn Air t-lno fldj. 5b 

tr-ern ^aclflo col. 4a... .. „* 

Ajn*rluLa Out tap Oil. 
jLmetlcaa Ice SecurlUed 
American Lina*ed . . . 
AmerlcaTj L>o<:gujUtLv«. 
Amar. Bm«2L and K*- 

flaJne W% «3% 05% 65W 

do. pCd. - . . , . .101 HMJ94 lOO^i WH 

Anwrlcan Stiaar Kaflnlns.lll 111 HW 110% 

Araetlean Tvil. and Tol.,litS^, r^SK \2H% lES^fi 

American Tcrfjncco 221 UM 

Anacuada. Mining Co. . . Sft^i 30 30% £0% 
Aublaoi. , , 99% M% OS 100^ 

da. pfd se% aflji 00% sen; 

AU-annic Coaat Lroe. . .120^ 120% i^n 120^ 
Ilaltln)or& .and Ohio. . , OT^i 07'^ »7 W, Oa 
Betnlolium Steel. . . . 82% U2% JMft 82.% 
Brooltlyii Hapld Tranalt. 88% H7^ PTli ( S7?4 

Canadian PmIBo. . , .338^ 2*.% 335 2U3V* 
..lOliffi Central ]>J*tolM , . . . . 22Tfl ^.1^ 2^ 22i>{, 

flo,iv <3iMH.noai*i nnd. Ofrlo. . ti4J£ U3% *3 ^ 03 '6 
54 I CnlcngO Orcnt WinSarn. . It n 13% 14 

OO-jfc Chinas, Mil. and flt 

0634 PbuI 106^ 1051^ 105.V4 lOflf* 

77jk Cliloaffo and Nortalfreat- 

S4 I «™ 128% 12T14 12S 127^ 

g 2 iA CaJwoa* Pud end Iroa. fllii SI' H B014 

« A I rvir,Hniiri B r»ri «** .12T^127 1271^ 1ST*, 

72 Cnrjanlldated Onfi 
^ 0314 I Cum PrndlHcte, H . . 
..8O 1 . T>*lBTarfl auu tJiidann. 
. m 743^ H«rv«r and Illo Grtuiite. 
. 03X nn - Pfd 

Heft. ' D-lotllleta enenrltlw. . 
.. e7Ta Kr' ' 

.. ea% 


do 1st rnf. -in. 
inuthOn tl^llway 

ilo. per.- 4s. . . . 
Julnn FtfClfli: 4e . 


4^. til-rt. . 

t'lhiyT P'ltft. Ruhher ft* . . .. 
r-i'fd E.;st*3 B:^l 2d ^^ - 
Virclnla-f'nro'lns Cn^nilr*! Jis. 
W^ifIi 3f( and *xt. 4b.. .. 
w^pt*PR MfrrVlTrd 4^.. , 

Wlarraisilti Onfral 4h . . 

. 61* 

. 84 

. &i% 

. Kl^ 

. S7H 

. 7R5* 

. aa^ 


. &4L* 

. fift 

. S&'4 

. o«-* 

. ?s 

. G4'£ 

. T3*V t 

. 77*-., 

. 7- 1 * 

. T2 

. P714 

. MH 

. 7n^ 

,. OfiTi, 

. o*v^ 

. 01 
liil **. 
.10*1 1 1 

. on 

. ^n*, 

low 10 "> 10^ 

1M 1R7 

SO 10% Ifflfc 20 

94 34 33^r 33 

ISM. I5T4 js^j js^ 

. , „ ... 27% 27^ 27 27% 

an. ^a pfd 5a% 88% 35U sa|4 

.H. fl ^ te l* :-.'•■- 31£ 81H 31 31 

-114^ 114 J1891 114 
-14% 14 14 14%i 14 'i 
- fil ' 48% 18% 00% 
10IH Iftfti^ 


njluoia Centxal 
InbHrtMroujfl, M*t 

tfo. (rfd. . . . r ~ f 
IM*? Harvdstar. . 
Int&r Marine p fiA. , . 
tirlftmaMoasi p ftp#r , t 
Intumatlnn*! 'F^jnp 
KinflHB Cltj- aouEhmn". " 
L-ioli^de o«h + . 
Lrfileh Valley. 
LoulsTlir* and NHHhrtijn 
Minn., st. p. aJld g Bult 

"'"win p.dnc. . . . a8 ^ |:g ££« r?* 

™K£r !t - - ■ ■!!■■ "^iSwiS* 

a T * 

















■ and v fan- 

Comparative Port Receipts, 

Fnr.nwing 'wore use rnrFiphj: *t tnft pGrLB dU 
i-dn*tday. April :IO. roirpirnl wltt ttl03tr On :h* 

]fl]3, 1H12. 

.lvf«l«t.. .. - 2-4EH 2,927 

■ w Oltans. , 3.SS3 1.415^ 

»wifl -h .- .- - a'w ii'i 

„ wl iflah 43» 01« 






rharlwilr^ , 

W! 1 m!sipL0ii- 

., 1.02T 

V- Or HbT 

Va Inus 


H^jnpJila. . .. 

St. Lunula * 











■eptimatft^ anrEirr?; TiiurcSDAT. 

llRlvei'tor'-. 2..STMI T<i 3 h fl00 r aealtiot 3.512 l*it 

jfPTf 0rlu*nri. Sl» to 1.2flE\ BE&lti3t DOS lust 


iihr. if.12. ion. 

n*-*!piF IB.fWft 22.K^» lO.nirt 

shirjtientf - ■ . 2n ?n" a.-.s^o 29.4 r:i 

B'or/V S41).Sirr 2*2.822 240. 845 

Country Produce. 

ApHJ 30. — Bntter firm : cnAtlitrhri. 

2J.".'i;'i ciSea : stock on 
[si*s (JurinR iBBt tretjlE. At 
IT^lf.; frtbh. IS: oriii- 


V.gE* fl*"™ ^ rnrelpte 
hall'l rlijerMMd 19 210 
rnarlL, caseii 
Bun- flrstfi. 17: first*, la 

rotittjpj uflrhanirern ; T*r*lp*H. BO cHra: MLch'Eac, 
4£rr?4-"i; M*ne*fl0ta. 3T f r2--43 : Wttcnnsln. *OnHii- 

Pnnltrr. hve, gteady ; chicks as aisA ciprlnij^i 

rh^se iu*er: d&Efil*". 14^0164^: t*lnn, iB^I? 
1S^ ; pouns Amcric-a unfl long: hirTiP. 13^®13^i. 

X«rw Turk. April 3Q. — Buttnr Steady, unchanged; 
rl-fflpts. ",S54 talw. 

r^Mye yttr&iy: rucnln^, 3,4^il ^aTes: ttat-s 
ift-Titil-- 1 mltH; held, mhlle or eulored sjMjciiila. 17 

E&fca firm; receipts. 33.402 caeca; fresh ualh- 
er^'l cnectiF. 12^815- 

KmsEri CKy. April 30.— Bulter, irtamcry, 30: 
flfBta. 2S1; wscuQdfl. 23. packing stceli, S3^@S4. 

Efb&. flrsts. HVsi MCDEii. 14. 

Pouitr> - . hens. 14: roosters. 9: dorirjs. IB. 

St. U,| aSl April 30— Ptouttrr, ebicfaana, 14; 
spring?. SS; tn^keya. 15: dtKlts. IS; Reea«. 7. 

IlattW. CHarnerr. 26VSM11- 

ESKS, 17. 

■ 20^ 2^% 2fti^ K) 

■ 1[H^ ltH% ioj^ lf v| j 

Wfirth AmpririG 
>Torfl,ern Po^JBr. 
P'^lfl^ MbII . . 
FV^plp'n Gi, a " 

^Irt^biiris, " ■ - ■ 

Louis. , 
PlftAhurrr roal ' T ' ■ J":; 9"^ ftn^ 

3S>^?Ji f - : : jP ss » w sr* 

R. 0U bl°r Iro „ i„i i.^-'S* ^ J S" IWK 

npfl gt 

114 liflti lia^ I1S1; 

2-IV: 23 22 ^ -T) 

"■Hi "4« H4H ntv, 

msvj lnmi jcoii toBi4 

and St*el. 53 



2(1 pfd. 

Se-> hnn M j, 


1 Shu PTftn 







42?4 42% J2 

Anthem Pft4-inr. ' eny 

"«• pfa : ^3 

Tunjiweco rvmp4r XI Tt 

Tcio. «^3 p.riOr. . ' ' 1T ,7 
X"nio= Famine. . 

00. fH. ..." 
ITfthrfl Rfflt^B ftc.ifv 
i""Hm ni.tsj. B„M, fr . 
rnlf»d Stal M Ktwt 


2.-514 2fl»i 241* 

rr.y, -ray, Tri ,^ 

S.T4 3SH «■!« 

.;i.; 17li Ifl ... ifl 

14. ^ 14R54 14051 14RT. 

S.H4 RS!^ B.1,4 fl!1 

<^K m<K (B«i IK!K 

fV»% Btiu, m% flfiju 

.j «.. .■;-.-. ; :,%% ,W £% t 5«> 



w^ii»B , h. 

*n. nfd. . ." ' 
■n? rtr ii>rn V-- H^nd 
■W-^^^i-n T'n^in. .... HXV 

'W^'^MriE' »nrt T^(f- tv<*' Tisi 
Tntnl rtatr- ■— ■ 



31^ ntl* 

MIA nfl 


wflrtln* *filM or IdOOO on! mom 

4 in- 1 Tarn, -I*,! r 
VTseoin'l Pnrffli 


r/nrk Tj-I^t-^ 

C "1|I>HT; T'B.^frf., , 

Tr n iOn PrlBf. . . . 
rjnltM 9t,itt^ Sli»^3 

'DW ,. ..2(1 3nn 

■ ■ ■ + . Ifl Rlllr 

- n4 L?tn 

> - - - » . < . . . . . .'ain- 

i . .in nnn 

{,? 20r> 

- . . . . , . . . .Oi.OfK. 

Gibert & Clay. 

Haw Yora. Apiil 30, — WTitto buslbasB today 
Wan 1st Brooller rolunie than recently, aflerlnas 
during tne morlilTiK werxr rather hea-vy qpd prlee» 
cletrllned ten points bntnre they -vers fully al>- 
sorbefl. Th* fa-rtjrnDle nropwfft at <be new 
crop, coupled: nltn uoaJittl«d cnmnrnrdal cnnrll- 

tlonsH batn n«rn ana in Bnrope. *Ticoiirnce Itqal- 

daLllDn and eliort erflltta:, trblcn Continue, (JbipltH _ . . „ . 

tbfs flHTBrt decilOf. Invoatmtrnt bnrylus; te lim- f points^ HP And; Octpber tnJVC ptAoiJL daWD 
Etod and ton flteadlnraH qjf th« BlnKfcot frtKB tinj& dtMn Was ateAdr. 

to-ittaie "* 

Hubbard Erds. dr Co, 

New Tork. April 30. — All Are auxpflecd at the 
aoiDUQt or tenders: S^.OOO tmlBa nape been tahan 
by tii* vnrlrniK hDi|i«B ©f the trafle. all by acat 
lured idttfeaLa wlit> were nut «s par ted to recelvi 
cotton. Shipmnnt of this cttzton to Europe inttg 
CC pi men CUd, some Ot the deliveries, having haah 
atiUcipatHd. UiouBh no on* hmnre he y^t just 
how hnuc-a will be Chipped. EstlhaJltes rang* 
from 40.000 to 70.000 bales. Ehfluld it reacn. 
the lattor emdllnt. Ihla tnarint 1b pMLCtlcaJIy 
denned *f stnnl. Splnnera p^ botne ind abroad 
bare bseU drawiuu; nn thalr rasBiTB inipplJ** Trrr 
several months past, mi* has mcre^ed. the 
bear-Ian aentlment in unrl op( of tha trad# at a 
time tt^en tne eflindlefl avcrrm-hem, except In 
Anetria. are running full tfrne. At the opening, 
thle poarts> feeling- wae In full fiwlnj, but ui 
the duv passed tnu truyltlB; of JuJj &? Europe 
sn™ Btrenff-Ji to" <be mflrtet. Keff crops »eni 
undi-r preafiufH ktl day. The <aopt IntBrCBt" li 
probably larger t&M at aDy lirtM Ihla deaanti. 
Sumo comptaJuta of alow germination are coming 
from ther scratn. 

John F, Black & Co. 

New York, April SO. — Thera was good snirtrart 
or July aaaiQ todaj-. but it le olill as p»putuc 
as «v«r Id iiol] Dcnr ernpa. IT raero should be 
but bad wentner In the belt, thare- would be a 

Btamiiede or /»ew unjpi aliorts^.bul tie mark43t 
sesiBE- la be] lev* tbai there is. (plna; -tq- .be bq 
bad vr«qtber thir, year. Many oC UKafe *hn are 
buylpB July ora aoJiing October .as., a hefliee* 
and t!ie reenit |q that again .badar ajll -ihQ 

■Cninph Wes In. the ttAqra. July ulosaH tWOT. 

and tbe steadiness qS tc« Biarhat Crom. tlnjo cltaie Was ataau?. . 

iftie is due to-^^hiplt BpmiM^.bjp. the ' lirj»-' -.?' VrtrBwl ta doe to ci 

come"-! ■i^'l^j-iW' 

J^iVe firtx^t. 

^ . 


May. . . . 
July. . . , 

Qp«n. HtHl. IrCnc. 

Uay. . 
July. . 



Mar. . . 

July. , . 

Sept j: . , 

July. > . 
Sept. . . 

May. . . 
July. ■ . 
Sept. . . 

May." . , , .11. ST 

" 1y 11.00 

Sept. . . , .10.85 


■ K7 




.10 97 


10. S7 

11. ST 





10. so 


.02^ -02^ 

.82% .02 % 

■02^ -01% 

-B5% .05% 

.00% .55% 

,0fl% .0«a-j 

.3S% -34?4 

.30 .34% 

.33 .3415 

1&.4T 19.47 

18.00 10. BS 

10.40 IS. -JO 

10.« I00O 

10.S2 10.fi2 

10.84 10.82 

J 1.85 11.57 

11. 0O 10.01 

10.85 lO.W 


ArtltOea, TWlay. IterUDiYOw. 

Wlieat, narp 4Q 30 

Cora* «*ra.. .. ,. .. .. ,, .. 12ft 147 

Oaia. wra., r . i 15D 140 

KtO«s. head. ,, ,.51.000 10*000 

VlHlBliE BUPPfcT. 

Wheat! neeelpta, 081,000, flaniinrt 3W.000 l^rt 

Shlpmenla. 730,000, airaTrrat 404*000 last yew. 

Cora: Rwjelpta, A34,000 P axalnst 783,0(00 Laat 

EMprativts. 043.000, agalnnt OfJn.OOO [ant year. 

New York. April 36. — Irregular 
morrementa markea tha course" of to- 
day's) , etock marlcet- The leBidtat? ia- 
ernes were inclined to Improve. At 
the BEune time more than thirty atocka 
touched noTF low levels for the year. 
Most of these stoclcs were of second- 
ary Importance, althoug-b the list in~ 
eluded Southern Pacific New Haven 
and Baltimore and Ohio. Taken aa a 
whole, the movement waa uncertain 
and confusing- Although Readinec. I*" 
high. Union Pacific, Amalgamated ana 
a number of other prominent Issued 
ruled a point or more higher at tlmea, 
thta improvement could be said to re- 
flect a growth In confidence or buy 
infer power The demand seemed to 
arise chiefly from short covering, and 
whenever stacks were offered other 
than the speculative favorites in which 
there has been heavy aGllInff recently. 
it was necessary to make sharp pon- 
cessiona to find a- market. 

After a weals of Incessant selling?, 
it waa regarded aa natural that there 
should be a reaction. An upturn waa 
Indicated hy the sharp advance of 
American etockg In London, prior to 
the opening- here, although first prices 
in this market did not follow the im- 
provement abroad to its full extcisjj^ 
Early European advices reerarding^ tiiV£ 
international political aituatlon. w^re 
more cheerful, and London bought 
about 15,000 shares here on halance. 

'WTiatever help waa derived from this 
source, however, .was minimised by 
the perHiatent weakness of a long Hat 
of stocks. Southern Pacific sold OfT> 
2 points to 05 S-a on the adverse de- 
cision of the lower court in the Ore- 
*on-Cailfornia land grant cases. 
New Haven broke- over * points to 
10* an the hisrhly unfavorable March 
statement, disclosing a decrease in net 
revenue of fB09 T 000. Some other rail- 
roads also reported shrinkages in 
March earnings. Reading's net earn- 
ings from all companies decreased $1,- 
s46 f O0Q. Easing off in the demand 

for steel products and a growing 
spirit of caution on the part of h-uy- 
er# -tfere reported in the weekly trade 
reviews, In spite of thlB. tendency 
and the somewhat dieappointlns" quar- 
terly re-port of the Etee! corporation. 
Steel was held up well, there belnft 
a fairly- consistent demand for this 
stock from the shorts.' 

The bond market showed a aaggraK 
tendency. Total fcelea, par value. %%.• 
17G-,000. United States bonds were un- 
changed on call. 

Chicago, Ajirll MO.— Hor3r>-fl«celpt«. . 20,000; 
blgbef; bnli ot aalHB, $&9«3b.t0; lliht, la-nOfi 
MO; ehIjupL fSJO^HJa^i. Hwrj^. +ft«h»>i.4 J i 
loafta, £h0Ogi£.Ifi; prap, |tt£SO(^s.dia. -. 

Uattle — ftdtoipta, 10 r -W0; steadyi bevrw* 9i,'M1& 
S.W; - ToUi Steers, (fl.70ttp7-l!i; atockera. «nd. 
(nedwB. J(t0O®8.(J0i cowe *ad CDUBTav ji-OUiff 
a.10; aalTca^ Jtt.£a4p*4.£ii. 

Sheep — Jtooelptii, 14+000; Atnmc. to 10c hlgb.«;' 
natlvev *i0uw^.2B; >earUnm. *<t40®74B : ; 
ImrabB, nattn, JtkM^H.SSi. 

iCanaa* Cttr, AprU <U>.— Cattle^^UloelptBr, 5,000. 
iPClUulnej JL.WJ0 aouthaxtu; etrons; natim steaha, 
in.26«rj.1»; aoutbem ateerfc ^u-SQULlklj tuttiS- 
ern COWS uud. uelleDB, j4.2fi^.7fi- 

Hoks — ■Recelpia. 0,0u0j luabeT: bulk, ^i30@ 
8.40: heavy, fa.2^£(^aSj h*ht, a^jrfXaia-45; p+ia. 

Bboep— BaceLpta, fi.OOO; etTong; nuttton*, (5.00 
Sf6,T0: Colorado lamba, *7.2B®s.7fi; rang-e ^atn- 
ara and yaarUnsS, fH.£ii^Wi-75, 

SL lAUlfi, AprH 30. — Uattia — Regalnta. 2,300, 
lucludlns TOO T«xbh»l auady; nalirq bead 
steera, f5.73@0.00^ Cows end b,elf«ra, JtiOdJ 
a. To; Teaxa and! ladjlaxi eteers. i50.25SS.B0: com 
dad belfalfl. $4.00fi^7.OO^ talv-sa Jn carload lots. 

" Hogfi— Rwefpta, B.000; blKnw; pKa and tl*hta. 
f7.OOw.i5. 70: sood Heavy, J8.45i3a.ea. 

SlreBp — EhebIpLs, 3,fl(H>; steady: uAtl-n nauUona, 
C5.00i97.25-, ttuu!bt. f7.0Oe&7A. 

■UmiaT-HJe, April 30. — Catlla — Hecalpta, 50; 
4ui0t; range, 42.50 tn »8.2j. 

Host — Elertipts. 2.000; aLcady to Oo higher; 
raufio, $4.fiQ to (S.ffO, 

Sheep— Receipts, 50; Iambs, 7^o donTii nhnp J 
&?ic d4wn ; aprt^gDi-fl;, 7®0e, 

London Stock Market. 

Loudon, .Aprll-30, — Arnertcan aecnntlea opened 
steady and. about uncbanged. Caaadtaxk Pmeifla 
aJvauceii aoj pnlirta op Berlin buying 
tbe (OTciioon. Tbo rust of the llat.Enlnfld Crmu 
9a to l^fi nointa <jn pcrarlna. 

Couflolfl lor money, 74 S-lfl; do, tvr acMunt. 

nilnolfl Cantral, lift. 
LoulBvllIe and KaflhvilTi*, IEH. 

Southern Railway, Zfiifi. 

Bar Bllvtp quiet at 27 l&-lfld per onuec. 

Money, SQT^Vi par cent, 

Dleiwunt raiea. abort btlJa ajnl tbno raoatha' 
bllbJ. 3% pur cent. 


Culwips, April 30. — Ciaalnc CaJIfa arala: Wheal, 
Stt. 2 Hi. fl. 04^^1.07^: M*>. 2 bard, OaBttS: 
Nn. 1 northam, 03H(ff*4fl«I Nn. 2 o>., OS^® 
9B\£: No. 2 aprtns. O2®03t tsItbI cbaK, 86©04; 
durum, 96*JiflD. 

Corn. Wo, 2. 50?r4[p>H8; Ni S white, 0S^i3«0; 
Ne. 2 yellow. 5fi94®ri744. 

Onts no. S white. S7ig«71i ; abandard. 30^. ■ 

Ry*. No.^2. OS. 

Eartor, *6i^70. 

Timothy. f2.S5VSS.3n. 

Clover. EI7.OOgt32.0O. - J 

St. LrfJuifc, April SO. — Rash vb«at. No, ST rod, 
fl.lO^.lS-. Nn. ? harfl. 93Sffl5 1 A. 

Corn. MO. 2, hT^^SS, No. 2 whlta, aO^oflrJ. 

Oats. oN. 2, fin; No. 2 White. 37. 

St. Louis. April SO. — Civs: Wheat, May, 95lk~, 
jT>Pj h 00, 

Com, May, Pn.l£ [j^STr^ ; July, 56, 

Oats. May. 34^: Ittl?, 34^. 

Kanass City. April 30.— tiaab: Wheal, Ho. 2 
hard, SS^Ol ; No. 2 red. $l.«0@l-03. 

Oata. No, 2, 35: So. 2 white, S7- 

r>atB. No. 2 whit*, 35^36: Ko. 2 mlied, 

Kanaas Cltj r April 30. — Close: Wiaat, May, 
$8V4; July. SOU- 

Cam, May. tlfl: July, SH%. 

Data. May, 3.1^: Jnly. 35^, 

Cotton Seed Oil. 

New Torit, At>fil SO. — Cotton seed all «IU uflflT 
under acat*wed UnufdaHon by timid longs, iu- 

duped tw lreer otterloaw of nc« crop ctuflu. tha 

Culling nff in connumptlTB demand and lack o' 
butt ffupjWTX. Cloelnf prlcee v/eva ft to, 8 potnta 
net lower. Balae, 1 1,200 barreiaL 

PTinaa crude. 5.04. nominal; do. euninier yel- 
low, OJrOt. e.00@T.09;^ May, O.Ol; Juna," 6.SS; 
-JulT, 0.0ft: August and Soptcmbcr, 7.03: 00- 
tobflr. S-70; Nnirambar, 6^54: December, 0.3A 
Ertm* winter y*"llo*, 7.0O@7.G0; do. aumm«r 
while, 7.10®7.7&. 

mturea Gauged *a eoUotTBl 

rj Opening. CtoHlna;. 

MMy-L. .. .. ,. ... ., fcg0@7.00 C-Oliafl-ff 2 

Jun ,. .. .. T.02@i7.0T 0. 0306.00 

July , 7.05®7.07 O.eS^.09 

A'lguit 7.00(p?T.\0 7.03@7 05 

Sept&mber a.OHtgfl.OP 7.CJ©T.04 

■October .. ,. .. ,, .. .. O-Td^O-TS 0.7o®a.73 
Novenpbar fl.GD@6.51 6.45i3fi.40 

Closed Btflady : eaten, 11,200 barrola. 

Memphis. April 30— <!otton setd prodttcts, 
pMnrw baelfl: Oil, 6.10: ttaal, f2T.0D; linterw. 

Naval Stores. 

BaTantlah T Ga. .- April 30. — aplrlta turp«nt1n« 
flrm at no^3ni4. Rosin firm; B. 34.50; D, $4.50; 
<£, £4.40; F, *4.0O; H. $4.70; 1, $4.80; K. ffB.Oi?: 
M. £5.50: N. $0 00 j wlBdOW elaau, $6.25; waier 
white, eft CO. 

WllmlnfrtDD, N. C. April BO.— SpiriLs turpefi- 
tlne steady at 35V& ; fscctptfl, A caaJtB. Rosin 
ntftsdy, nnCbsnijfld; receipts. 32 barj'ela. Tfyt 
Orm at 92.20: receipta. 4 barreiau Crude ror- 
iwntlna Br mat $2-75. J3.75 and $1.00. 

Foreign Finances, 

Bsrtm, April 30. — ExcrunirFa on aVmdon. 20 
marks .71^ pfenlgn lor ohecl^a. Money for the 
settlement, par cent. Private rate of dJuoount, 
4.% par cent, 

London. April 30. — Bullion amounUng Co 
f]BS,000 -wns tolc<?n; into the Bauh^or EnB/land, 
t&day and $110,000 waa withdrawn tar Inaia. 

Paris, Ajirfl 30. — Three per cent rentes. B5 
ttuncs, 37 $i ceDtlm4^a for the account. tSxcbange 
on l-ondou. 23 rcanta 20 ceutlmna for che^fta. 
PrtTftw rate of dlso^ant. 4 per cent. 

1 Liverpool Grain. 

Tjondon. April BO.^ — Whaat, apnt BrtEaay: Wo. 3 
Manitoba, T» 04*d; Nn. 3 Manitoba, 7a lOd. = 
jnuturea wany: Mny. 7b 0%d : July, 7a 0%fl: 
October. 7h 4 ^4d. Com, spot flrm ; AnaeHcau 
mlrtd', new, 5s 9id; Amerfcou mlaed, new, fclln- i 
dried, 5a l^d; Araeric&Ji mixed, mid, 0s, .imerl 
can tnlw^l. old. v \a. GalveeiTDTi. 5fi S^&d. 'Pn.turBa 
steady; "May, Anwrlcan, rolsed. 5a %rt; Jt)ty, ■ 
In Ftalu, E» l%d. i 


Duln-th. April 30,— Linaeed. cash, $1.S3^S 
1.33% ; May. 81,33: July, $l-3£%, Mlied; Sep- 
tember. 41.3SW. askBdl; October. Jl.aft^. *al!ed. 


New TorTr, April 30.— doffee tntprea opened, 
steady, at an advance of 4 to polnU,. On cot- 
erlns and to. sympathy with rutlinr twtbpr Etirop- 
M.n cables than axp«oteq, Tbefe waw no slr- 
frreBslTe flemand. and pric™ eased off soyeral 
nulnla during the mtddel ot the day, nudsr re- 
trbwed liquidation, or local presegre. which inay 
barn ' bnra encouraged by nuartiled "Bni-or-e^B 
poUtirs. oat tbe marica* rallied again In ine 
late traains, on rsports of a atnady appt BitPfl- 
tlon, and reaowed COrerlna;. The trlcse was 
ateHily, at a net advance Ot 5 tn ft point*. 

Spot ataafly. HJe Aavsna, HVj; SaJitcai rnurs, 

Mild unltt: Ctaracrva, 14^(&JlT, nominal. 

Karre. ^A^i franc lower. Hamburg unchana;- 

ed to % pfennig Ichtbt. Rio SO rwi» lower, at 
S1T50. 3»otos, 100; rels lower; foura €#800' 
ae^-tinfl. 51800. 

BraiHIari port re«!pta, 7,000, aoajnet 22 OOO- 
(sat yeer. .■ 

Juodiahy receipts, 4.000, agaJnst B,W» last 

Today's special cafcle reported tbe marast 
quiet aJfid anchangnit. 

Sao. Paula recelpte 5.000. against 6.000 'yea- 

Futuwa ranged aa follows: 

January , , „ ,„ .. n.S4f311.27 

yecruary 11.24^11.27 

■Maren .+ .. ., 

May 10.ft5 

June .. ... ... .. .. -lo.oo 

July , .. io.m 

August 11.10 

Safrtember 11.23 

totoner,. 11.24 

JTovemhar ,, 112J 

Ddember W.'aiS 

Closed steady; aale*, 75.000 bajpa. 

Dress Poultry 

We are the largest handlers of Dress 
Poultry in city. Only firm that does 
it own dressing — Try Us. 

McMillan produce co. 

77 S. Broad Street 

Closing 1 . 
11. 24® U. 25 
1O.9.%@1O T 0Q: 
It. 12*011,33 
11.23Q511 24 


Chicago, April B0.— Vc-Th. 11S.47U. - TJrd: 
510.05. Rfb«, $11.13 ^11,75. 

St. Louis. April 30y— For*, lard, dry salt 
meals and bacon ljnrn stiffed. 

. Cinci-onnM. April 30.— Buffe moatfl, bacan a^d 
lard steady. 


R*M*t, Spld 4l«a C^irrlea ou M«rv4^ t 

Orders executed Tor any amount 
rrom one share upward. 

Writs for Bfloklnt TO. 

"Walt- 9*w« Wsjtu".' 

Weetely Review sent upon request. 

Address* abitiutlcal Department Tor 
Inforrruitloii upon sectgHtfes In nrlilob 
you may i>e luterested; ^ 
Ifrdeis •Wlltt to QOHne* ssnrtttes. 


■m aim 




for handling accounts in 
a prompt and reliable ; 
manner — this bank solic- 
its the business of cor- 
porations, firms and indi- 

If yob have need for a 
satisfactory banking ser- 
vice — we cab fill it. 


Moveinent of Grain. 

3t. Loute, April 30— Rfrcwlpts: Flcajr, 10.000- 
wheat, TO.nOQ: com. iOO.OOO; oata, 44 000 ship- 
ments: Flour, 28,000: wheat, 00,000; com, 1O0 - 
000; aala, 71,000. 

Money and Exchange*^ 

New Yrjrlc .'April 30^ — UnaXry on C-J^lrtMBj 
£ttS3 par cant; rnlihg rO». £%i cIoMllS^. 
2tt; mtetea at 2%. A >=-, 

TtmO luaua fltTOilger; 00 Attfl 80> dJafatl:*)^ 
cent: an patmtbs. 4\L®ift. ^' - i-:'";j: 

Prime' mercantile paper, 5/05% 'par wn£. - 

StBttint tucbang*' ateady. witb r actaal ^'*rifl»lheal 
In baalcerB* bills at W.S3S0 for 40-day bllla aal 
at 44-8&0S far demand. ' . ~\ 

CaiKimexclit bllin. $4.S3. 

Bar ollTer, 00%. 

Moiiteoa dollars. 4B. 

QnT*miment bonds steady; railroad- JrQOd* ItHT] 

Treasnry Statement, ■£$&} 

WaabtnElon, April '30. — 'The oondpUolff ct^"^.. 
T?n»«d SSlaliw treaeUry aJ; th« baxIHnjBB , "of hB]([i] 
EtCaa today was: / 

Working balajic*", S72.T01.I03. J 

In banfcfi and Philippine treaBnry^ $i3,B38,SsKlJ 

Total of generaJ luafl. $141.02.V2nO. ' ~" 

Rtcelptft y«rt«rday were 52.004.051. 

□ iBborxcmetLla. $1,236,023. - L I . 

TTta mrrpltte tMb OsaaI year la $a,75ft, 702.7' ia|t:1 

acalnst a denclt of (13.777.043. last year'. '^* ■ t T-;l 

The figure* for recetpte. dlsbulenBdantn, a4Tg)1u <i''J 

and deceit exclude Panama, canal and. ■ nphUfj^j 

a^t tnumattiona. 


SL Ijoule, April 60. — Flour arm. 
Now Tort. April E0- — Ploar flnjaer far tap 
Cincinnati, April 30. — Flour q.niet. 

Heavy Fall of Snow. 

Winnipeg, Man., April 30. — A heavy 
fall <?t anow wa^ general throug-hout 
Alberta pi-ovince todar- Seventy -five 
per cent, ot th e »prlns" wheat In aoulb- 
ern Alberta, Is above the ground* 


& Power Cd 

2nd Pfd. 


'- >■-'! 


Third National BanV Bldo^ 

Wanted 25 Shares 

J. H. Hllsman Sc Ci 



C.J. MET^.G. P. A„ President. V 

627-613 Candler Bu'ldtng. ATLANTA. 


Members New York Cotton Eaxhmnum from ita organization 
Members JVtnv Fort Coffee Exchaaa* 

We toiicit orders ia Canon. C&fee, Grata *nd Prtrotstons 
E:t=-Kt9EEIM*3aE— The .Corn Bxcliaags Baaic. wtfb wbom 
we have bad an account for farty-aix tbwi. 

EatabUsned IS»I ■ - 


Members- J*eif lor* Canon lxcfwrrx*,fretc Or lemur Cotton Exehirtii 
Associate A imttTJ Liverpo*. Cotton Association 

21 S. KllllantSt, hewYerk. 822 firirttr »., Kiw Qrlint 

OrdcTH awllcftcd for pvrebue or sal* «t *74ttuai far furtuo dvl^nrT^ t/Utwrajl 
hdvm.Or>N mndr ob frpwt rfiffna' far < 'I t(ry. Co i i * a pciotl«*n** ,atwt(e>4,- 

HUBBARD BROS. *5 CO., Cotton Merchan!il 


Members NeV York Cotton BKchHiri$e, New Orleans Cotton Exchange,'' 
New Y/ork Pro-duce Exchange: aeBoclate members Liverpool Cotton Asbo-..- 
ciatlon. Orders solicited for the pur chase and. sale of cotton and cotton.^ 
Heed oil for future delivery. SpeciaJ attention and liberal terrns given, f^^^■'' , 
consignments of tfpot cotton tor delivery. Correspondence: lev.ted. !."--;:. 1 " 



Absolutely Reliable 

the recognized correct rules of legiti- 
mate commercial banking, and confining its 
investments to the kind that are easily , 
converted into cash, the ATLANTA NA- 
TIONAL BANK, located in the very heart 
of the business district, continues to offer 
to conservative business men the advan- 
tages and facilities developed and perfected 
by nearly half a century of elose personal 
relations with a constantly growing list of 

Every effort is made, by courteous per- . 
sonal attention, to give each patron prompt 
1 and efficient treatment. n -■*'. 

We respectfully solicit your account, 

. \ .-- - ■ -"'■-■ ■■ f >;;^ ■■'' 

At*attt:feN^^ Bank 

^M«MS^S«ilS«JlSS«S»»^lSH}';'J. "'■■-*.-■ ."■ ■"-.«'-, 

: - -- ':■ ..- v' ■■ j-s;^s , '" -. :■-'■-. , ■- -.i'-i.. " ■■"' -; "•■" '■■''->'.."...-;.*;. 



fcgreement With Destructor 

^Company Galls for Electric 
Feature by July, Declares 
Alderman Nutting. 

■Aldermaoi James Tt. Nutting: says thd.t 
ho city hfis contra.- led with the Em- 
tructor company for the erection of a 
fe"ii ejja. ting 1 pi am in ^unnection with the 
Fnow j:{76.300 crematory. He- says that 
the comjia. ny has until J uly, 191 -S, ti 
'toni[l<ste the electric feature of the 

One of the agreements in the con- 
tract lu that in addition tu burning 1 2 U 
tans of g-arba.«« J^lly. the plant shail 
generate 3S,0\H> kllowats oZ cLectrlc cur^ 
rent p«r days. 

Alderman MuttluK calls utt^ntlon t? 
the fact that the cUy has ample apac+* 
for thp erection of tha plant or, th; 
same aite of tiro crematory, Kfi'I should 
H becoTne necessary to hav« 1110^ 
ground than tht; city owns on the crem- 
atory Hitf nrniier. a part of ths- stab its 
on Huls+jy strict can ftp uhpcI. 

AldPrman Xutfln^'n Card. 
■'So much misinformation has teen 
'li ^admljiatL-d In ref^rpiiCf ti> tli« a - crfrna.- 
t'nry contract ami Hiich xnneriU mieun- 
'J'-rstandlngr ^hdih tt> e*!st as tr» th" 
i't ■'Visions OF the? r-t-ntract fnvr-rlng Ih..' 
*l-atHc Breneratin^ plant, iVuit a short 
-■■'Cement tou«_hln# ihc matter may not 
in- out of oi-iirT- A con i rue 1 wax rn- 
f-: ;d Into by the city with the Hp- 
K'r'jttor company covfrlnn not nnly the 
■ r. itiatory proper, but alao c^vc-rin^ thu 


2 FOR 25 CTS. 

MAKKTifl Or rnovs fikst PRODUCT. 

erection □£ an electric sen crating 
plant in 'connection with tfte cremator* , 
but the company was given tEH July j 
1314. to complete the electric ffener- 

a ting 1 plant, 

"There aeetns to be an impression 
that tbe cl.ty Biraptr has ttw option at" 

adding the electrtc SeJ»eratJne P^ant, 
and. tnis^ impression. ( w&fi probably 
Etrwigtbened by your news story on 
th e subject in last Sunday's lastie, but 
lh point of ¥ fact- the original con-. 
tract specifically provides for the elec- 
tric generating 1 plant aa well *a for 
the crematory- 

"On basis of the burning- of 25*3 tons 
at garbage dally, the contract guar- 
antees that there shall be generated 
36.0GQ K. W. hoora of electricity p«r 
day, this being a considerably great- 
er amount of electric current than la 
used fur all at the city Jleb ting" and 
othtr muni^ipsJ purpose at the pres- 
ent Slm«. 

Tb^rr In Ample Spjifie* 

"Furthermore, there Is ample space 
on the crematory site for the com- 
pleted pi»nt. Including 1 the electric 
generating 1 plant, and If extensions in 
the future become necessary, thtj city 
could make such extensions by util- 
ising the space now occupied by the 
Hta.ii\iie vt the sanitary department. 
There wuuld be no AifClc-nlty lit h»- 
cui-lnR' other conveniently located 
properly for the slabte», and by uaLns 
thi> present stable site for eitcnalona 
to the crematory -plant, there woulo 
he sufficient spacf for generating cur- 
rent for a c.!ty,nf a million popula- 
tion oc iiiore. The crematory site la 
hlsa! In everp reepect. belnff only a, 
short <?*5*;ince from the: ei-nter r>f (he 
city, anl SLiJl w^ll removed from stores 
i>f reBl*.1* fc Tice property." 

Women of Atlanta to ^Assist 
In Entertaining Presbyterians; 
Many\ Homes Offered Delegates 


Albany, IS', y,. April 30. — Despite the 
overwhelming 1 defeat in the senate to- 
day i>f his Etate--wlde direct prim-ar^ 
■ bUl. Governor Sulser will not oppose tha tarian, 
plan of the legislative Isadere to en-1 
the rcETUl.a.1- ai^asiun this week, provided 
ft prosram he outlined tonight 1b cbi 1 - 
riwl out. This i-Mis for the piissaee of 
H*»vi<ral bills atili pendLner. 

' TThe apirit rtf the Atlanta women, 
tried an<! proven ae It has been, since 
the days when Atlanta wa* Marthas- 
vlllo— tried da ring the days of the 
totifedeTacy — 'proven in the day^ o£ 
reoonstru'Ptlon and illumlnatini? every 
phase of civic life in Atlanta today, 
asserted itself eloquently yesterday, 
when a representative group of At- 
lanta women reapotuled to tne call to 
help the men of Atlanta look aftur 
the tremendous gathering of people 
who win assemble here at the Presfoy- 
teria^i convention In Hay. 

The occasion was a gathering of 
women at luncheon nt the Piedmont 
Driving club in response to a.n Invita- 
tion from. Mr, Samuel Inman and Mr. 
2. K. Orr for the purpose of- enlisting 
the co-operation of the wwmen of the 
city in securing hospitality In homes 
for the visiting- delegates to a con- 
vention whLc-h will be unique in the 
history of the Presbyterian church of 

The appeal at the luncheon U> the 
good women of the city who have at 
all times not merely complemented 
.the men. of 'the city In every effort 
they have made for public ujifoulld, but 
wtho have been an actual part of the 
great psychological some thins which 
has 1 bean called tho Atlanta spirit, 
-was an. appeal to them hs hom^ 
mAfcers and to e agents oi n h e real 
hospitality for which the south 19 

Eeiponiw Is Chanwrtcrlfftl*-, 

■Bho iresponse was cbaratterlalic f»( 
the HfpIrLt or Atlanta women, for on 
the list of hostesses which was read., 
even before the results <if tlie meet^ 
united sipltit every p*rt of the 
names of women from every denomina- 
tion — 'Methodist, Baptist, EJplacopaUan. 
Cong relational 1st. Christian. Unl- 
jew and Roman Catholic 
Verily buc*j is the spirit of the women 
of Atlanta — thiat spirit trle<1 ami 
proven since the days when the 
tej-mlnus was -marked an^ the site j£ 
the yity came to be. 

The wOiole aouthlantS kouwa the story 

No. 269 Juniper Strce 

A Desirable Home Near Tenth 

This is not a rented-out place; But a well-*ep( ho: 
occupied by the owner. It is a house that is new and m< 
ern hi ite appointmeiits, one that has been maintained in 
high state of efficiency. The location is the very best, 
Price, $9,000. Seasonable terms. ■ * ■ ' ■ 

Forrest & Gebrge Adair 

event of the conference amt their de- 
gire to asaint In entertaining. 

MSe3 Martha BoyntOn suggested -that 
each church appoint a central commit- , 
tee to afct In the interest of thj? conven- 
tion, and that the ladies of the Presby- 
terian church send a speaker to the 

meetings of the - ladles which take a . , _, ,_, , __—«.-— ■■ - ■ .. ,- _* «^w* ^-h. t% <r» -n.n.n.m«- 

pi- ««y Mo„a.y a ( t e mo n i. FOR RENT— CENTRAL STORE ROOM 

eV ^M.^™«L *^V™.\^ C L7;.«i At No. as LHCkia street. I m mediately In tfte rear of the *Wth theater. 

This suee«3ti<™ *as ravorably acted you wiI , flnlJ a Tery ^oirable; Is well llehted and ventilated; steam 
upon, and Mrs. Ai-ehlbald 3}»vls, who ti SB .t. attractive eftow windows: can mate a lease; will be vacant May 1. 




Chief asiong th^se measures are nln* t of thft forthcoming Presbyterian con- 
hllla pruvldlnp- fot- the r^torm of stock I ventian whith will hring- here In 

e^ehanp-o methoclfl. Thu governor 1b 
particularly interested in the measures 
providing for" the Incorporation of th-; 
N«jw York stock eTcchanjre and prohibit- 
ing dlnc-rimlnaiit>n In the printing 1 nr 
engraving of bor.ds or stock certlrl- 

The vote on th<^ primary bill was ! I 
a^aln^t to 8 favi>rJns" it- A lensthv 
dehate preceded the vot*;, during whh'h 
sevrral members of the democratic ma- 
jority, ph-kir.g up the gauntlet whfch 
the governor had thrown domi la^Jt 
Saturday vrhf.n he thfestened to drive 
fj-om the party any who opposed th*?' 
bin, hltterly arraigned 1 the executive 

"She Has Such 
Beautiful Teeth" 

"They are like-pearls 
— snowy white, firm 
and even. And when 
ahe smiles — " 

You have heard this 
compliment paid a 
woman whose teeth 
were a Joy to behold. 
Maybe they were not always 
so. But ehe has cared for 
them and consulted a dentist 
regularly, and now her teeth 
are even and attractive. 

Our Examinalion 
is FREE 

As thorough and painstak- 
ing as though you paid far 
it. When treatment is nec- 
essary we give you the best 
that years of experience and 
-"■■r moffances can fneure, 
- At a moderate price, too. 
Cleanliness Thru 

While Dental Rooms 

1001-2 Vyhitehall. Main 3211. 

i tho Rlauvpit prlanty law. Almost Im- 
i mediately afto-r the decisive vote' war I 
j announced. thi» tflauvelt bill. Blight! r 

rhaTiFTtfrt fro^i the form In which It was | 

vetoed, on the ground that It "Was ; 
I fraud" und a "nifat'rahle makeiihirt 1 J 

;arnler of (lutil naasap-e. 

Although he expressed his wllline 1 - 
1 nesg to allow the legislature to a3- 

Journ. Governor Sulxer makes no ef- 
I fort to conceal his purpose to call an 
I extraordinary session to reconsider the 
[bill. He 'has not Indicated the aat^, 

however. The tact that he intends to 

tour the state In an effort to arouse 
, sentiment for thft measure Is taken t.t 
■Indicate that the legislators may not 
| bf rera31«d WntJl late In the summer. 

One of the most severe critice of the 
| K-ovprnr>r In the dehate -ivaa Eenatar 
. Wajrr : er T the demofratlc floor leader. 

Tie assorted that although the ffovermr 
j was "fully cognizant" of the Prepara- 
jtEon of democratic plan.- for election rc- 
f forms, he had volunteered no sugges^ 

f "N r o T no. that would have heen un(n- 
i teres tin gr.*' he declared. ""In that way 
! hp mlpht not have received thfi lime- 
'llsht nt thr first page nor the puhH^- 
! ity that is accorded whfin you ^-et up 
I upon any proposition. It matters not 
■ what it is, and Oom<i out and say: "Tii2 
I hrjstpee are ftjeralnst me: Tm apainat the 

bosses and 1 am for this and the boES-;3 
(are afralh?t >rit-, and I am soln^ to mak.i 

Mie llsht of my life and I'm (Veins t> 
"d-fvc out or the part; T anyone who dares 

to rtlnairrec' with me.' Than mokt>s g-ool 
| loadlrtST-'^ 

united mpirlt every wart of he 
church's activities, every braneh of it, 
while the men and women who come 
as delefffttps and factors of the 
church's work represent the hest'ciii- 
Kenghlp oi the nation* — men not Alotie 
leaders in rellploua life, hut leadera 
In every pha*e ot life-mitklj>g for 
higher clvillaatl-on. 

The thbugands of people who have 
aipnlfiea their Intention of comlnc; 
have tried the hotela and hoarding 
hona^H- of the city In bant reservations 
have been made there to the utmost 
oa-pactty. The homes of the presiby- 
terlans of the city have taken afl that 

th-3 lanfruag-e ho used in vetoing t they can hold arid homes up to i«'ie 
— - hour Of 1 o'clock yesterday were re- 

quired for 500 more. 

Will Provide- for Deleprat*». 

But the assembly Of women called 

by >Ir. Inman and ilr. Orr pl^d^^d 

was reintroduced and advanced to tha I themselves to provide for the remalu- 

" " Inp deleE"ateE, and before Saturday at l 

o T cloeic r when the same commutes will 
meet agHJn^ it I-fj safe for the press to 
predict that everyone ol the 530 vis- 
itors will have the hospitality oC e. 
home provided. 

When response wag called for from 
the ladles pregjsnt, the first speaker 
was Mrs. Clarence. Johnson, who e.arn- 
eBtJy pledged her support to the enter- 
tainment committee and assured them 
that tha ladles of the Methodist rhurfh 
wovild do their part. Mrs. George IT In- 
man was the uen^t speaker, ehe a mem- 
ber <A the EpSscopsllan church, anil 
one who had siened to entertain twu 
delegates. Mrs. E3. I* ConnaUy re- 
sponded In behalf of the hoepitallty pf 
her home first, and then the hospitali- 
ty o£ har church. For the co-operation 
v£ the latfiefl of the Baptist crruryn, 
Mra. George McCarty, Mrs. William 
Percy and Mrs. W. R. Wlgg's also 

Mrs. C. *^ Wllmer made a mosi. im- 
presslvii address, atresslns the ftlfrnlfj- 
irstntf-e of the convention, and the fact 
that opportunity wa* afforded foi 
everybody to demonstrate their helief 
in and desire for the mitJOo </f all re- 
tigrloiift forces. 

iCru- Joseph M. Brown and Mm. Jolm 
Marahall ijlatun were aniniis those who 
expressed their interest I" the great 

presided at the informal ees^ion which Rent, (100 por month. 
Eollowed the luncheon, will appoint JC^H 

these speakers. \ mavA'PTn 

"Chairmen were also appointed to an- ] - REAJj KaTATS, 

point committees to interest the f PHONHS: B. 671 TVY^ A. 6IB. 
various* denominations. &)lra. Clarence f 

Johnaou was appointed chairman of ^ ^ ■"■ 
the Methodist ladles; Mrs. Ufiorge 
tVfcCarty, of the Baptiiat iadies; Mrs. C- 

B. Wlhner. for th^se of the Episcopal 
church,, while a large committee Is 
acting to Interest the lading ot the 
eity-at-larse In the forthcoming event. 

Preal»-terlan Women Al*L. 
A number of. Presbyterian present 
volunteered to assist these ladles In 
aiiy wjy that they could In securing 1 
thtati homea. The Preuhyterlan wo- | 
men volunteevlng 1 were: Mrs £- H. In- 
man, Mrs. W. T. Healey, "Mr& T Edward 
fjyle, Mrs. Doughty Man ley, Mrs. £J- 

C. Kontz, JUfs. Clyde King, >Irs. 3T. 
Q. .Mathesun, Mrs. "W. A- Speer, Mrs. 
John H. Miillln. Iffrs, George Brelten- 
hucher, Mrs. T. F. Hinman. Mrs. White- 
ford Russell, Mrs. C R. Win&hlp, Mrs. 
Goorp;e Harrison, Mrs. M- H, "Whitnor, 
Mrs. Arnold Broyles, :Mrs. J. D. Thomp- 
son. Mrs. George Brine, Mrs. Jacob 
Pattersun, Miss Najjei, Mrs. K. F. Ans- 
Icy. Sfrs, Hugh Ba. ticker, Mrs. W. D. 
Elkin, Mtk. S. T- Earnett, Mra. Emma 
BIyea, Mrs. ,i. A. IdtUe, Mra. If- M. 
Stokes. Mrs. Fcacock, Mrs. Wlltls Ev- 

Those Offering: HamM. 

The attached list, providing for 
commigel oners In all are tno homes we 
have ijeen offered Up to date in the 
other denominations. j 

First Baptist C hunch — Mr, and Mra." 
Wade H. r>avis. 2 commissioners; Mr, 
and Mrs. Beaumont Davislon, 2; iTrs. 
Mary. T. FiSc'ida, 1; Mr. and Mrs. J. S. ■ 
I H-, leet T 1 ; Mrs. Parn Jones, 1; Mrs. A. J. 
Orme, Sr., 2; Mr. y.nd Mra. J, R, Hvrjlth, 
2; Mi'. P. G. Trurner, 2 ; Mr. E. R, x 
Black, 2, j 

L'<i ncp. dn Leon OaiotLst — "Mr. and Mrs. j 
Geor^je M. Brown, 2 commis^iOnerg; % 
Mr. ami Mrs. FV J. Cooleil£re> 2; Mrs." 
1-jd.^ar Dutilap. 2; M.r». RrUtherford HjiS- i 
ooinb, 2; Mrsi. J. (P.X M'cC'ullyiua'b, 2: Ij, 
G. -VeaJ, 2. 1 

Second baptist — Mrs. Joseph M. r 
Brown, 2 (-ormniKSdorifirs; Mlsa Bally E. ■ 
Brown, S; K. L. (Toiitially, 2; Thomas J.' 
Utrsy. 2; ]3. D. E\-aJis, 2; J.| W. Jones, I 
2; Mrs. Alfred C. NewcLl. 2; Rev. John 
E. White, -; WiiJher Dunmn, 1. 

West Find Baptist — T\ r . Jf. Erlttain, 
1 comTTiiaai-uner; M. <]J. CampbeM, 3; A. 
Irt. Oolcord, 2; Mrs. W. C Cooper. '£; 
I>r. J. F. ruracr, 2 

Ciitholic^-iMrs. J. W. aiciArthur, 2 
comm iss 1 onorii. 

roh]<Fft^riLtJ4)nal — 5S«. I>- I. Ca-r^toii, t 
wminl^lunoi, Mrs. C- W. Gould, 2, 
Charles T. FV,ge, 2; Mrs, I* TV, Rogers, 
£\ Atrs. A. W. Fariinger. 4; ACrs. T. S.\ 
H tew art, 2; Charles R., 2. 

Jt-w^isti — J uiius Oelanftr, 1 commis 






Our People Are Always In the Market 

"quick «ation»N« ««d Tap*" 
Equitable BuHdlng Eatabllmhed 1S90 


A regular coTOmLanioBafltt' 
at Pttlton I»agw,. *ta.« 21*;tBVil 

si a, ac. win bo airtaM*K'th»4! 

Masonic Temple, „ ..(^w^wfr. 5 
■Peacbtroe and Cain fltr^ettr- 
on TbargdaT cvftoinar>M5i*-Si.^l 
id 13. at s; p. so. can4WH.t*v" 5| 
> ourniiriiUtiti WS11 pressnt" .tteiOT:^ 
The an tared a^prcntloe.- deffrfler-^l 
b« conferred. ' All duly qUuliflMfc'? 
en are cordially Invited. " ' S ^ : 4V°J 

SAMUEL A.. BOOrtSTIN. W. St-'."" 
S RICHARDSON, Sec ■■ ;< T J 

«. r. o. op emcs. ; ; i 

A res-u.lar eesslon of AtlM>-s> 
a Lodire, No. 78. B. P_-O.'ofc- 
EIltB. w-lll he held tbts (TblirB-'^. 
day) eve-nlns, S&iLy 1. 1SJS, af.^J 
i o'clock. Visiting brot^ra^" 
firft trivlted to meet wltOi iis.: ; 
FnaternaUy, '..^, 

T» ntJ.VN, Exalted Suler. , -^ 
MAST, aecrc-ta^y. ■ "r''?>'t 


Executors Sale of South Forsyth 
Street Property 

Before the Court Bouse Boor, Tuesday* May 6, 1913 

DORP — Tit friends and re!at(v«i at ■ 

Mra. PhlliADodiJ are Invite! to attend" 

her funeral Thursday, May 1, 131J. at.; 

10:30 o-clocV from the shape] ol H.-M.J.:«: 

Patterson «\ Son. Rev. Charles W.' !■;;-. 

Daniel will V'fa<.-la.te. Interment wlll'-VSi 

be In Oaklaijfl cemetery. The follow-^"-; 

tng named Ei-nCemen wUl please act as..'-'^, 

pallbaaret-d an8 asaemble at tne chapel *.'"'■ 

at 19:16 o'doXk: Mr. TV, H. Alten. Or;/;*.' 

. "W- C + Warren. Mr B. Frank Harrell, mp ' ; \"' 

1 C. E. Currier, Mr. W. W. Austell nn,5^-A 

"Mz. E. Rivera. Thf hnard of deaeonB <: : - 

| of the First riaiitlKt church will act ttB.?y* 

! honorary csi*i>rt and asswrtiblp at the ,.~^ 

} chapel at 10:15 o'clock. '?; 

^ . „ . „ . „ t , EAKEB— Trlaim of Mr, and Mrs. Al- , : 

lflS SghUi Forsytli Street, between Garnett and Brotherton Streets, frB<J &_ Baiter, sir. Ft. V Baker. Mr.'. 

53x203 to an alley, ' ' ' and Mrs. J. A. Alexander, or UB North " 

TERMS — One-third cash, the assumption of a loan now upon property jaeksq.n street, and Mr. charieg Bolcer-v 

of $2,000, aad the remainder in one and two years at 6 per cent. 

ROFF* SI1VIS _ _ _ . 


c. Schaef- 

Side by Side 

are keeping step — they't c the 
models appealing not only to 
Young Lively Steppers— but ; to 
Men of quiet taste -who're eager to 
get »w»y from the staid old styles 
of the past — 

By both freight and expre»s, we 
received this -week a magnificent 
range of fabrics and shades of these 
Two Favorite Styles — 

Come in today and see them for 
the first time — 

They're iff both quiet and 
novelty designs— and sell from 

$ 18 to $ 35 


37-39 Peae 


Atlanta, Ga. 


JjurEieran— Rev. William 
fur. 2 commissloiifliT-s. 

£t. LrUke's i.pis-wj-pal—P. Q. Hana- 
han, 2 tomimiHsloni:!^; George. B. Hln- 
ma:i. i: AStx W. SiniJth, 2; lVfra. S. B, 
Turni'HJi, 2; ifrs. S. T. Weyman, 2; Mrs. 
Joiin M, tiiaton f 2; 1&ve. George Tray-i 
!or, 2, Mrs. FrAnk Ha-inklna, 1. 

Bolton ireihudist — Thomas Moore, 1 
commission fj - 3. I-i-illa iletrhodist— J. G. Matli 
a«'B, I MiiimisHioiit 
^; -l<Jhn S. Can<li«r, 

I'^irst Methodist — CMrs. Ocorge "VVIn- 
shLp. ii con:inii3HiunoTH; Ki>bcrt Let 
Avjit^v, 2; Mr. and Mrs. C J. Ha den, 
S; C. D. Hurt., 1; John H. MkaCord. £; 
AITS. W. At. Nisun, 2 t C. 3. MwRae, 2 f 

St FrtiI^ .>leth< — J. it iDubstns, 
2 uortiniistiioiiera; JVlrs. Hooper, 1; W. H, 
CopiJfil^i:, 1. 

Uorcfon rttri'-f t jf^itt>tist — Mfei.rttf*l[us ) 

2 0f)mmtS6LunerKi Mrs. C, A. Jvhajstan. 
~2; Colonel \V. t. Tho-rtupeori, I; ilns. L. 
1^ BHrni-e-Lt, 2; Mrs. O. L. JernieB-n, 1- 
reu. 1; liii-or^r! iluiii-, 2. 
And^rs-ofi. - tyrnirnssroners. 

i\irlc s5croci Mlethodiat— John IL JVlc- 
Kanhwii, 2 ooiiimiayioniira; James W. 
Itoc-lt^y. -< ATra. Jnck t>. Hni-ea, i- 

St. J-oliri XJuptist — Mra. D. P. Brooks, 
2 {.:oniinlSrt - it»ner«p; C. V. Knig7i£ r «. 

^t, Marlfs Mflthojlgt- Mrs. Clax^ucf" 
Jo.liJis<jn.- ^ foinmIsa,iiiiiL'rs, Mrs. -F. O. 
ffvnne, i; Mrs. C L>. Hurt, a; Mre. t?. 
F., 1; C P. Horn?. 1 : Mra. H. 
1 T Mct'orcl, 2; t+eorg-e ilits^ 3; J^s^'prt 
M'DCord, 2; TV. L. P^cL 1; Lott War- 
ren, 1. 

Trinity, — l3r. Ciiarles K. BuynLOn, 2 
c;«>mml5si.ainjrs; >lr». M. h^ Boy n ton, 1; 
Af-rsj. E. M. Chapman, a; iJ, A. Jiartsoclc f 
Jwliw A Ma.nE'^t, 2. 

At-liiLrire — J- B. Glenn, 3 commission- 
ers: A. P- llorg-an, 3- H. E. Molley, 2; 
liev. G-eorgf* NiisJ?rn8Lnn> 1- 

tAikland City Baptist — 7- N. PLaffstfaic, 
J ciinimi^slon^rs. 

Ta.bema.cle — Mrs. ■ "WiggS, 2 commis- 

All Haints — Mrs. J. O. Matheson. 3 
oonirnlsslv>n*>uiH r Alra ,ft_ G. Blantoo, 2; 
ill^i. Cllfi.1 lea tirfplt, 1,; Mrs. Clifford 
Dretw, 2; Mm. Charles- A, Gonkllngr, 2; 
lira. R AL Walker, 2. 


Chair Comfort 

George Fitch says : "A chair is an elevated seat on 
four legs, enabling the ground to meet a man half way 
when he sinks Xf> rest." ' 

Milwaukee Chairs 

more than meet you half way when you' are looking for 
comfort, durability and style. Fit for a king, because they 
do fit. Visit our new furniture department, second floor, 
try them and you will be convinced. 


North Pryor St and Edgewood Ave, 
Phone Main 3026 

pfle Minute From Everywhere. 

I are Invited to att^nri the funeral *^ r ' 
Mr. Alfred A,' BaJ**0r this morning 1 it^ ; 
11 . o'clock frnin the Hacred Heart 5 !:'" 
church. Interment at West View. He^ 
malna \fI11 leave chjiptl ofP. J. Bl-oara- . > 
field company at 1C:40 a. m. : '<; 

HEl'BACH — Friends ot Mr. John H^J?§ 
bach, Mra. MaeEle, Hcyb&ch, Mr. F. J,^; 
Herba-ch, Mr. »nd Mra. C. A- Speer arid =■ 
JMr. and Mrs- Kug-ene B. Gary -a,rc in*:^ 
vited. to attend the funeral of S£r. John^ 
Heybach thla afternoon at 3:30 o'clocJ?-; 
from St. Anthony's church. Rev. Father-;; 
Jackson officiating. Interment fit,'.-. 
West View, The following pallbearer &'' 
will please m&it at t>(f]ce *f P- J.^ 
Bloomfield company at £ p. m.; HaBara.^; 
'William Van ilnuten, J^d-ward Wacheji-'. 
dorff r John Oven, Karl t ,v, 
Roy JonfiS. Tom O'Keefe and Jad£-'J. J ^ 
Hastings. r f: 

. EDMOVD30N — The relatives *and „-i 
frisnda of Mr. Huffh T. fidmondaonV-- 
, Mrs. Anna M. Eflrawidmjn, MJsa ,Ma.t-„ : ^ 
\ tie and Mary Edmondson, Mr. C J- Ed---! 
mondaon, Mr. J. M. Bd-nondsott atad Mu;\ 
;G. S, Efimondsorj arc Invited to atiendV- 
j the funeral of Mr. rluerh T. BAnuvid^ 
son ihla ( Thursday) morninE, May ifi^) 
1^12 r from the residence, 399 E$p3/J 
-tTerjrgia a venae, at 10 o'clock. Dr. JxLJ^jJ 
E "While will offlolate. The rolloTvitlgrJ 
n&roefl ^fuutltnueii will p]«aa6 ftct 
pa-Ubr-apera and meet a.t the chapel ftfl 
the Burkert-SlmmonB company, at 9";3irf 
a. m.: Mr. Charles O. SinKl^tfin*^iIr..^| 
L. Bond, Mr ^Valter; 1 . 1 :L M.ry r -3^lK| 
Bennett, Mr. Jos Bianton^^d^Kif^fci 
Brooke. Interment WecV'j'ariifR^; 



I M ^r B- SS> TT M fc- l^i ^T I Funeral Director*, are OOT^jloeBfiwi' fij 

half mllo ot Puce's Ferry road we have sixty-Seven and one- ' their new home, S4fl Ivy ' etrimjifiorfwi 
_ . _. . _ . . . . Hakw ,_ ^ - - 

Private ambuTanpei and% srlvato 

. . . BU. or E8 Mr front foot- tou can, or" ' r ' " '"'"' ■'"' 

W. i>. Tlio ingan, I double your money bere In ■ twelve znonzba. 


Within. _. _ __. ......... . _ _ . _ ... . 

half acres fronting Randall Mtll road and. Mount Ptrrlan road, sivlng" a. total 
frontas'e of flisty-gev«n hundred and fifty feeL This tract 1b all In original 
forest, plenty of good springs on, the property, and adjolnfl Mr. Chas. Crank* , 
shaw's beautiful country estate. Price $20,250, or fS per front foot. You can. i Chapel. 

Beil phoney Ivy 7Se-1«- Belt ' plfcnfis 
Wert 285; Atlanta phoiu ^'V rg%&4 

I h 

I 41 

FUNDS ON HAND for Mortgage Loans and Purchase Money Notes en 


410-12 Atlanta National Bank -Building. Phone Main 276. 






Near Candler Building 

Less than three blocks of Candler building, Grand -^££i/ n cnat : aTOrl ? E * ■p****^^"*^ 

a proclamation: 

GEORGIA— By Joaaph at- Brv*m, GOTWnjtf "5^e*la ! 

Klfttfl. * ; ".'.v.. >£-. :]C : h 

O.X. UilS 3*paTtjneni tllSI on the 2SA'J^:.iitj49^i.- 
1313. In the CoQnty or Fatten,,: Jpte^vtlflikflaiTO ' 
peraon ttllM aufl muraered MArjC^''^i!*^iiftr? isA 
ceoaprf. and Id tvav fucltiT« frotn^iillMf-'i'f 

I ha.Tfl thi prown tberotOHi^^'lriialk t^la 

my Pi*Qcl a amtl&n, h«PBby ntFBrtn*^V' ; TWir»rd ,-Of 
two fiuiwlrftd {$aflttWi dollura ftiT" t^WDprehep- 
sloix and delvferr ar said TraftnOflfnr-perwjii •Pith" 
^vidAnre pmfaclfliit to couTlct, to "Hub {Otatifr -of 
foJtDTi Cbunty una State. j : ". 'r-;,'. .^'^'f- ' ' 

And I do, moT*wer, efetpj* and' ^cqulM^adl of- 
Soerti lb thl* 31x1g, Clrll -ind r ^71107'. to' OS' 

person In ordor tiat jur'nut; 


between Courtland and Piedmont avenues, we offer a lot! t ^'^ h u ^^ A ^"l B ^■ iI ^* toto ' ,!l, "' 

Opera House and other large buildings, on Houston street, i jj.^ '" "™ o!r ™ i " ""'■^ '"■"** 

20x60 feet to alley, for only $225 front foot; $750 cash, 
1, 2 and 3 years, 6 per cent. It's a cheap lot and under 





Itittuiry Jiito conditions at tfi^ coun- 
ty Jail, which has titen the subject 
of &. Emnd Jury probe recently, was 
resumed yeHrftrday afternoon and a 
number of ^vitneaeejs were beard In 
regard to existing conditions, T"he- 
grand, Jurymen also paid a vlalt to 
the jail and partook of the facia, that 
Is ffiyen the prisoners. " 

"There appears to bft nothing 1 rai3i- 
CH.11y wi'ong -A'lth. affairs at the Jail," 
said Foreman. John S + Owens at the 
conclusion of the ^Vednestlay session, 
'"that has Ije^ri hroyerhL to yur notice, 
but It aeflriH that there is ne&d. for 
an- adjustm^tit of afEalrs down there, 
so tha.L th«;re may be better manago- 
ment of the Jail. "We a.w going to 
rPComTrifind a.s much In our formal re- 
port to tne superior court when we 
are discharged a.t the latter paft Of 
thla week." 

Wiittn thi- 31 robe was undertaken 
there were some tharges that th^- ne- 
groes hart not be-en given proper be4 
clothing In their tjella, and. that prla- 
Roberts. who Is employed there sxrlely 
as a warden to have charge Of the 
feeding". jp 




Prohibition epeecheB win goon be in 
evidence, for the mtorcoUegiate Pho- 
hlbitlon aasoelatlon, with a member- 
ship of 2fl3 colleses In 2t states, has 
just entered Georgia, prize laden, 

■ A braoeh of the association was 
toianded a few days ago at the Geor- 
gia School of Technology, twenty-flv* 
JhemberB enrolilrjg, with Charles a 
liammond. presldenti X X. Underwood. 
vice preslde-nt; F. p. Brool^ff. secretary 
treasurer, and J. W. Cox, reporter/ 

This aasDciation offers prtaeg for 
orations l»^ tocaJ, etat^i Interstate aad 
natJcmal cont^ta, f'OT the best ^ori-. 
ttona on p_rohJb|t!'Oil^ -The oWefrt o^g^^T ■' 
orEranlzatlon- iff to- 'teqijlp "cplleE^JBtofe^ 
dents 'dtaV4ee4eifi|£i£*lif tBielsettl^^B^ 
6r tHe .liquqir'.SpriillJsni', "" J " 


you can get in material for your new home. Our 
quality is high, our prices are reasonable, our deliv- 
eries are prompt. Let us figure with you. 

Willingham-Tift Lumber Co. 

Lee &t- and Centra] Ry. 

Atlanta, Georgia 

JOSEPH M. B^CJrW»/'.'GffFsniOT. 
By th.c Governor. --'-: ■:'." : J„._ ■ .--■-. 

FUTLIF . COOK, Secrataiyj'.ci^ - Pt'ttfr 


Albert Uawill, Jf. 


Ajiijar . Hbhuu' 

P- H. Bnwvter. 

BaCH *L Donu, _ 

Dsnegr, Bntntci, Baircll Jt "Mr? 

LODE Dlat&DCB T*lo»hon» ISJt. 1«I4 


■at Hnfti or at 5-m)t**tra, ^M-A.«m^i,Wn« a 

Ko«ebs B.Tcrr, Aoew 



G U N A R D 


The Fastest Steamers .in the World 

Mawretaoia Lositania 




CAIlMAIfIA JDSE 38, 10 A. M. 

* h*UBET*NU ■ JULY 2, I «, «. 

OAHPANIA .*UI,Y », 1 i. M ; 

CAHONIA .......... JULY W, no A. M. 

•u«a sat call >t (tueriutBtv,,, Kaatbvund. 



CjlllOSIA MAY. ID, M A. SI. 

CAHPASIA JtAT 14, 1 A. M, 


CAHMAJIIA ;..K4T 31, 1« A. M." 

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